Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Palm Springs: Donald Wexler’s Desert Modernism

Aware of the extreme landscape and climate, Wexler tailored energy-efficient designs for the harsh desert, using mostly inorganic materials such as steel, glass and concrete.


A new monograph on the noted LA Abstractionist traces his evolving artistic practice.

dario robleto

Robleto continues the thread of ephemera with The Half-Life of Light vitrine of vintage embossed Mason jars encapsulating audiotape of the first and last musical recordings by various musicians...

Report: Denver

On its 40th anniversary, the Arvada Center looks both back and ahead at the state of Colorado Art.

Julia Haft-Candell

Julia Haft-Candell is casting an increasingly large shadow these days as a ceramic artist.

brian wills

In Kentucky, he was influenced by the minimalist aesthetic of Quaker villages, and his grandmother, whom he describes as “a master quilt-maker” and to whom he attributes his notable “sense of color.”


by Devon Britt-Darby

kimberly brooks

The paintings in “Technicolor Summer,” Kimberly Brooks’ latest solo show at Taylor de Cordoba, are shot through with vibrant bolts of color: jade, ultramarine and magenta course through the highlights and support the shadows in these paintings that feel like pages from a family album.

Critic’s Picks: Los Angeles

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f. berrini

Everyone remembers the cracked, peeling roller-blind wall maps from high school that presented “The World” with such commanding clarity.

Rachel Lachowicz

Feminist art is trending in a transgender era because new feminisms embrace more expansive definitions of gender— and once again, Rachel Lachowicz is driving...

REPORT: San Francisco

Modern and contemporary fiber arts are casting a wide web in the Bay Area.