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The Creative Expert Markers Review: Cheap Marker Finds

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

the creative expert markers review

If you happen to shop at Ross, perhaps you’ve already bumped into The Creative Expert dual tip markers. While their cheap price is certainly a bargain, does their quality truly hold up?

In this article, we are going to give a thorough The Creative Expert markers review. We will look into three types of their markers—alcohol, permanent, and brush coloring pens.

If you are fond of using cheap art supplies, come and join us in this fun review.

The Creative Expert Markers: What is It?


The Creative Expert Markers are budget-friendly dual-tip art markers made in China and sold under Wenzhou Bright Star Distribution Limited.

Under The Creative Expert brand, all markers are accompanied and secured in a semi-transparent plastic organizer, regardless of the pack size. Regarding coloring pen types, there are three variations:

While there’s no clear specification on the packaging as to what these markers’ formula contains, they are guaranteed to be acid- and toxic-free. As such, you can rest assured that these coloring pens will not negatively impact your health.

Alcohol Markers


These come in a white triangular barrel with a brush tip on one end and a fine tip on the other. There’s a small nib shape image on each side indicating the tip type. On the top of each end’s cap, there’s a 3-digit color code.

You can absolutely use The Creative Expert Markers for coloring and illustrations. As for the quality, they are quite decent, considering the price—they are blendable and not too streaky. I’d say these coloring pens are actually comparable to Ohuhu. The only downside is that some colors smell strong.

You can buy the 64-pack at Ross for $23 or $16.99 if on sale. They are also available in 24, 36, and 40-pack sizes. You can also get The Creative Expert 24 alcohol markers set for $11 at Ross. However, you’d have to buy the 48-pack on eBay, which is sold at $49.99 – rather pricey compared to the other options.

Permanent Markers

the-creative-expert-brandThe Creative Expert permanent markers’ barrel shape is rounded; they are a bit smaller than the first one. They are also white and dual-ended, but they have a chisel tip instead of a brush tip. Similar to their alcohol marker, they are also color coded.

Unlike the alcohol marker, the permanent coloring pens do not really blend and they come out streaky. However, this is quite understandable, considering permanent markers are usually not designed for blending.

We noticed that the colors can get very dark after drying—this could mean they are too pigmented or less controllable. That said, they’re still a great choice for lettering or decorating non-porous surfaces.

Formula-wise, these permanent markers are also alcohol-based.

The set with 36 alcohol markers is sold at Ross for $18 or $12.99 markdown price.

Brush Markers


Girth-wise, these brush markers are the smallest among the three types; they feature pen-like colored barrels with semi-transparent caps. On one end is a brush tip while the other has an extra fine tip. As the caps are see-through, there’s no need for an indication label for the tips.

While these are named “brush markers,” their tip doesn’t behave like a brush tip. They’re more of a bullet tip, but juicier. Unfortunately, they’re slightly hard to control and get the precise stroke, making them unsuitable for calligraphy or professional artwork. So I’d recommend these for journaling or scrapbooking only.

The 24-Pack Creative Expert brush marker set is available at $6. They are stored in a nice case and they look like candies from the outside.

How to Use It?

You can use them in the same way you use any regular art marker.

Each marker type has its strengths and weaknesses. For instance, The Creative Expert Alcohol Markers can be used for blending and layering techniques along with other alcohol coloring pens.

The permanent markers, meanwhile, are great for decorating non-porous surface, such as glass panels. As for the brush-type ones, they’re best for lettering, scrapbooking, journaling, and simple art or school projects.

  • Affordable price
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Has brush tip
  • Can work with other alcohol markers
  • Nifty containers
  • Bleeds
  • Has a bad smell
  • Not all markers are blendable

What is the Difference Between Copic and Creative Expert Markers?


Unlike Copic markers, which have professional quality ink and features, these Creative Expert markers are a better fit for beginners. The Chinese brand also offers a rather limited color range—I can’t even find a 100-pack set. In contrast, Copic covers up to 358 different colors. 

However, in the actual application, these markers are quite juicy. If anything, they can look even more vibrant than the Copic markers. However, this feature also causes it to bleed more compared to Copic.

Aside from those, the biggest difference would be the price. These markers would roughly cost $0.25 per piece while the cheapest Copics will cost you a whooping $4!

See now all of the factors to consider when choosing a Copic Markers via this review.


Overall, I would say that these markers are another marker that you can freely play with without hesitation. They are probably the cheapest art marker you can get.

Though you can’t compare them with Copics they are still fun to work with. Especially for beginners that are still practicing some skills. Moreover, because of their smell, we do not recommend them for kids.

Hope you enjoyed our version of The Creative Expert markers review. See you at our next marker review.

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