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The Best Spray Paints for Shoes for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

At some point of owning a pair of shoes for a long while, we might want to give it a new look but are intimidated by the task. It seems daunting to think about mixing unmatching shades, spray paints cracking after drying, and other multiple things that can go wrong.

best spray paint for shoes

Yet, we should not give in to the fear because everything has its process, and we can start by picking the best spray paint for shoes. We can then be confident to explore the required methods and steps, such as sketching our designs, preparing the shoe conditions, etc.

First thing first, let’s take a look at some widely-used spray paints for shoes available.


<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Moneysworth & Best


Top 2

Tulip ColorShot


Top 3

Krylon K05160202


Best Spray Paint for Shoes Reviews

1. Moneysworth & Best Brillo Renew Spray

The Nu-Life Color Renew Spray is, in some users’ words, magical touch to their old leather shoes and sofas. Such rave reviews tempted me to try the product, and I am amazed by its paint formula.

The brand offers a huge collection from basic to bright, vibrant, pastel, and exotic shades. You can utilize and mix them to create nearly every color under the sun. Just look up its color chart and pick those best pieces that work for your current shoes. Then, make sure you test it on an unnoticeable area first before applying.

What’s satisfying about this spray paint is that once dried, it does not peel off. The paint formula is upgraded to bind with leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces to give your shoes a few more years of wear.

Furthermore, this spray paint also works as a protective coating that preserves your shoe or boot condition. It blocks water intrusion, ensuring worry-free use in wet areas. Also, dirt such as soil cannot stick on its surface, so it takes less time and effort to clean afterward.

The brand also tests the level of volatile organic compounds in the spray paint formula. Thus, you can rest assured about such an important safety factor when purchasing this product since it meets California VOC requirements.

Just a heads up, you might need multiple layers of spray paint to entirely cover your shoes and even more for bigger projects like your sofas.
  • Various color choices from bright, vibrant, pastel to exotic shades
  • Does not peel off due to upgraded formula
  • Binds well with leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces
  • Forms a protective coat against water and dirt
  • Safe formula meeting California VOC requirements
  • Requires multiple layers to cover completely
Although the application can be longer than expected, once it’s finished, the long-lasting and beautiful coat on your shoes will shine.

2. Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color

The Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color is a big hit among first-timers due to its straightforward use. If you seek a product that takes little time to handle, this one can be among your best bets.

There are brief tips included in the packaging; make sure you read them first. As this dye comes with a spray bottle, you can cover the designated area on your shoes with some bursts. I managed to finish the task within 30 minutes since the adjustable spray nozzle works well and the paint dries quickly.

I am pleasantly surprised by the result after such an effortless application. The paint does not drip or splatter all over the place, resulting in smooth coverage. I do not have to retouch by any other tool to achieve such an even paint layer.

What also makes this product stand out is the unique color assortment. Besides the commonly-used black and white, the brand has in store other picks such as bubblegum pink, neon orange, rose gold shimmer, etc. Plus, you can blend different shades directly on the shoe fabric while spraying.

Finally, this paint stays permanent on your shoes despite abuse over time. And the resilient layer allows both hand and machine wash, meaning little trouble for you when cleaning.

You should also know that the product is recommended for use on fabric such as cotton, polyester, wool, but not leather.
  • Straightforward use with brief tips available
  • Paint dries quickly, and the adjustable spray nozzle works well
  • Offers a smooth layer without dripping and splattering
  • Unique color assortment: bubblegum pink, neon orange, rose gold shimmer, etc
  • Stays permanent and allows machine wash
  • Not a paint spray for leather shoes
All in all, I felt excited when trying this easy-to-use spray paint for the first time. And the result does not disappoint as the Coral shade looks gorgeous on my little one’s pair.

3. Krylon K05160202 ColorMaster Paint

Formulated for indoor and outdoor uses, the Krylon K05160202 ColorMaster Paint is my favorite pick when it comes to longevity and versatile use.

I bought several shades of this spray paint not originally for my shoes but my old wicker chairs and wooden cupboard. Later, I found out that the product is applicable on fabric, so I got one more to revive my old boots. That’s how the pair has the current flat black sheen to it.

The durable Covermax technology that Krylon adopts for this solution results in the longevity of its layer. You can trust the paint to stay well on your shoes for several months at least, without peeling or scratching.

Furthermore, the paint appears smooth and even on sprayed surfaces. My boots look like a brand-new one, thanks to this effective paint. Other than the K05160202 model I picked, which offers the flat effect, you can go for satin, semi-gloss, or matte colors, depending on your preferences.

Another great thing about this paint is its quick-drying feature. In truth, every coat takes about 10 minutes to dry, so you can apply the next layer right after that. Make sure not to spray too much on the second and third burst to avoid dripping, and you are good to go.

I have not experienced any issue of the paint quality degrading overtime. Yet, some other uses suggest not applying it on areas where bugs splatter can damage its clarity.
  • Works well on wicker, wooden, and fabric surfaces
  • Adopts durable Covermax technology for enhanced longevity
  • Offers a smooth and even coating
  • Versatile effects with satin, semi-gloss, or matte options
  • The quick-drying formula for easy layering
  • Can be affected by bug splattering
Such a minor drawback should not prevent you from enjoying this long-lasting spray paint for sneakers and many other home furniture.

4. Rust-Oleum 249087 Spray Paint

My daughter and I planned to repaint our sneakers together, so I wanted to opt for a product that does not smell too harsh. Luckily, I came across the Rust-Oleum 249087 Spray Paint.

If heavy-smell paints often irritate you or, even worse, trigger allergic reactions, an odor-free product like this one will be a sensible choice. The reason behind its appeal is the oil-based formula that emits little to no unpleasant scents, unlike alcohol or solvent-based samples.

Although this product does not come with many shades, its available options are ideal for various styles. You can find some rich colors like the evening navy or deep teal, or a vibrant one like the desert rose. On my part, I was mesmerized by the look of matte-clear shade on my sneakers.

Notably, the whole application is not as time-consuming as I expected. Like the brand claim, this paint indeed provides faster coverage than most ordinary products in the market. After applying the first layer, I just waited for some minutes to spray it with a second one.

What might come as a surprise for you is the great use of this versatile paint on furniture and appliances around the house. You cannot only revive your old shoes but spray paint will also bring back the smooth surfaces of your scratched wooden chairs or metal table legs.

As the spray is pretty strong, you should not aim its nozzle too close to the shoes and burst too much on one spot. Or else, there can be a paint pool on the surface, which is tricky to smoothen afterward.
  • No-odor oil-based spray paint
  • Available in rich and vibrant colors: evening navy, deep teal, etc
  • Quick application with faster coverage
  • Versatile spray paints for shoes and household furniture
  • Avoids aiming the nozzle too close or spray on one spot too much
I had a great time repainting our sneakers with my little one. Luckily, she was excited from start to end and not irritated by this shoe color spray paint.

5. pedag Suede Color Restorer

The next piece that is worthy of your consideration is the pedag Suede and Textile Color Restorer. It can paint a new look on an old scratched pair within an hour or two.

For your information, this product works wonders on fabric, suede, and nubuck leather shoes. It can be tricky to revive nubuck pairs’ velvet-like surfaces, but this spray paint comes close.

We can find colors like beige, dark brown, or medium brown that are ideal for leather models. And other popular shades such as black, navy blue, red, or neutral will make a difference to our old pairs.

As our shoes are regularly exposed to moisture and dust, they require a coating to minimize deterioration. Luckily, the paint can form a shield against those elements, making sure our shoes are both new-looking and well-protected. In truth, this German-made color restorer can offer optimal protection once bound to the textile.

The product quality also shows in its hi-tech membranes for long-lasting utilization. If you still have some left after your first application, it is safe for use next time since the paint will not clog its spray nozzle. Such a feature is highly appreciated since we do not always use up the product in one go.

However, you should be careful when opening the bottle since shipping issues might lead to some leaking at first.
  • Compatible with fabric, suede, and nubuck leather shoes
  • Beautiful shades for leather: beige, dark brown, medium brown, etc
  • Available colors for fabric pairs: black, navy blue, red, or neutral shade
  • Shields shoe surfaces against moisture and dirt
  • Formulated with hi-tech membranes for no clogging and long-lasting use
  • There might be shipping issues that lead to leaking when first opened
Overall, if you are in search of a leather spray paint for shoes, especially suede and nubuck pairs, this one will pleasantly surprise you.

6. Krylon K02732007 Spray Paint

Speaking of the biggest names that produce spray paints, Krylon is among the first to come to mind. In my opinion, their K02732007 Fusion Spray Paint can prove such a reputation.

The smooth matte black was the shade I had in mind when planning to rejuvenate my old boots. You know how hard it is to get precisely what you picture with a DIY project like this. But guess what? The paint left an even coverage on my boots without pooling. I could not be happier!

Krylon labels their product “all-in-one” since it eliminates the need to use sanding or priming products before application. That means you can cut those unnecessary preparation steps, just clean the shoes and start spraying right away.

Not to mention, the application is effortless with its functional nozzle. The design allows us to spray in all directions, even upside down, without paint dripping and running. After 20 minutes, the layer will be dry and ready for the next light coating. Please keep in mind that it takes around 48 hours to cure fully.

When the whole project is finished, we have a beautiful new look for our sneakers that can last for years. Due to its state-of-the-art adhesion and durability, issues like surface scratches and peeling are unlikely to happen.
  • Comes from a well-established brand for spray paints
  • Provides a smooth matte black surface
  • All-in-one product requiring no sanding and priming beforehand
  • Functional nozzle spraying in all directions
  • Offers state-of-the-art adhesion and durability
  • Cures longer than usual (up to 48 hours)
This premium black spray paint for shoes might take a little longer than usual to cure, yet its final look on your shoes will definitely worth the wait.

7. Meltonian Nu-Life Color Spray

With the Meltonian Nu-Life Color Spray, we can say goodbye to blotchy and uneven coverage of liquid pigment that is also tiresome to apply. It is a real life-saver for old boots, sneakers, and sofas.

This spray is a no-nonsense product that gives an effective result on your first try. It adheres well on the fabric surfaces, ensuring no pooling or running that requires troublesome retouch afterward.

Furthermore, the formed coating dries more quickly than expected, taking under 10 minutes to be ready for the next layer. That means you may only need to spend around half an hour to finish the application with smooth coverage.

What I like about this paint is its non-sticky and low-odor formula. Both features make my DIY task more enjoyable. Yet, I still recommend you handle it in an open or ventilated area if you are sensitive to paint smells.

To make sure you are purchasing the right product, it’s essential to know that it works on vinyl, leather, and plastic surfaces yet not suitable for suede or nubuck shoes. On the compatible material, this paint will leave a beautiful and natural dark brown coating.

Here’s another critical warning, please keep this product away from your kids’ reach as its formula is not safe for use around them.
  • Ideal for old boots, sneakers, and sofa
  • Adheres well without paint pooling and running
  • Quick-drying paint for effortless application
  • Low-odor and non-sticky formula
  • Works on vinyl, leather, and plastic surfaces
  • Leaves a beautiful and natural dark-brown coating
  • Not ideal for suede or nubuck shoes
  • Should not be used around kids
All in all, your adventure to find a natural dark brown cover for your scratchy boots can end with this powerful spray paint. My personal experience with this product shows that it is such a great spray paint for boots.

8. TRG Super Color Spray

Suppose other paints’ limited color chart does not give you enough options for your creative projects. You can look for a solution in TRG the One’s extensive collection to mix and match.

The brand introduces a color palette that spreads from basic shades to unique ones such as russet, antique silver, etc. I purchased one cordovan bottle for my leather boots, and now they are ready to accompany me to every party in town.

It is such a pity to throw your expensive vinyl or leather shoes away just because of some minor scratches and wrinkles. In such cases, this product comes for the rescue, as it is formulated to effectively enhance the color and smoothen the surfaces of said materials.

You can add to your pairs a new look after two or three light coats with this spray. Since each layer takes some minutes to dry, make sure you wait a bit before applying the next one. Notably, the perfect shine will stick on your shoes for a long time despite frequent use, so you can rest assured that this product is of excellent value.

Also, it is handy for multiple reviving applications on your car interiors, sofas, chairs. With such a wide range of colors and versatile uses, the product is a must-have item in every DIY-enthusiasts’ starter pack.

On the other hand, this spray paint is highly flammable, so it is advisable to apply it in well-ventilated areas and far away from fire sources. After a while, the flammable thinner and paint smell will go away.
  • A huge color palette with both basic and unique shades
  • Works wonders on vinyl and leather shoes
  • Requires only two or three light coats for a smooth look
  • Sticks on the surfaces for a long time
  • Ideal for reviving tasks for car interiors, sofas, chairs, etc
  • Highly-flammable paint requiring safe and well-ventilated space for applying
As long as you are careful when handling this spray paint, there is nothing but beautiful and shiny boots at the end of your project.

9. Aleene’s 26412 Spray Gloss Finish

The 26412 Spray Gloss Finish is among the sought-after products by Aleene’s. Most users love how shiny yet durable the coating this paint brings to their shoes.

Comes in a smaller size than most spray paints available; it offers you the right amount to repaint your old pairs and several small DIY projects. This 6-oz can make sure there is little paint that might be left unused then wasted.

The hassle-free application is among the main appeals of this paint and sealer product. It comes with a functional nozzle for quick spraying while ensuring no bubble or pooling issues.

After bursting the pigment on designated surfaces, you only have to wait for some minutes to see a glossy and smooth finish unraveling. Yet, what amazes me is how long it stays flawless, like the moment after application. In fact, we are guaranteed a protective coating that can withstand peeling and discoloration over time.

Best of all, using this spray paint means safety for both our health and the environment. In detail, it meets ASTM D4236 standard for posing no chronic health hazards to users. The paint formula also contains no CFCs – Chlorofluorocarbons known to cause harm to the protective ozone layer.

Still, this solution fresh out of its bottle might emit some unpleasant scent, so I suggest you repaint your shoes in an open area.
  • Small size (0.6 oz) – a sufficient and cost-effective amount
  • Hassle-free application with a functional nozzle
  • Quick-drying paint reveals a smooth and glossy finish
  • Protective coating that withstands peeling and discoloration
  • Meet ASTM D4236 standard for safe use
  • Contains no CFCs or hazards that cause harm to the protective ozone layer
  • Recommend to use in open areas to avoid unpleasant smell
All excellent features considered, this is one of the best spray paints for shoes can promise a long-lasting new coat for our old pairs.

10. Design Master Colortool Spray Paint

A bit less popular than some products in this list, but the Design Master Colortool Floral Spray Paint delights its users with a gorgeous satin coating. If you desire to paint such a hue on your shoes, there’s no need to hesitate.

First of all, it saves us time with a fast-drying formula that provides a satisfying result within half an hour. Since this product is among the top-of-the-line paints for textile surfaces, you can be sure that it adheres well on canvas shoes.

You would be surprised to know that this model is not initially made for boots and sneakers revival. In truth, it is a quality choice for spraying over decorative flowers. Maybe since the paint can offer a natural look on both fresh and silk flowers, it can offer a well-blended shade for my shoes, which amazes me beyond words.

Not all of us are fans of a carnation red that is vibrant and semi-transparent like this one. But if you are fond of the hue, it will definitely make your shoes stand out. It is such a terrific way to present your unique self to the world!

Furthermore, the paint can last for a long time without fading or discoloration. So you can rest assured that repainting is not necessary in a year or so.

Just a heads up, this spray paint might not work well on scratched vinyl boots as its pigment does not stick well on such material.
  • The fast-drying formula for quick application
  • The right spray paint for canvas shoes
  • Offers a natural and well-blended coverage
  • Comes in a unique and stand-out carnation red
  • Lasts for at least a year without the need for a redo
  • Might not work well on scratch vinyl surfaces
Overall, when it comes to spray paint canvas shoes, this product is my all-time favorite. It breathes a new life into the old pairs that lost their “spirit”.

What to Look for When Buying Spray Paints for Shoes


There are several methods to repaint your shoes, yet using a shoe spray paint kit remains the easiest and time-saving way. If you are new to this and expect to see some helpful information on what kind of paint to use on shoes, here are some critical factors to consider.

Compatible materials – First of all, make sure you know the material of your pair of sneakers or boots, as each type of paint works well for specific fabrics. For instance, if yours are made of suede and nubuck, you might want to find the best spray paint for leather shoes.

Meanwhile, footwear made of cotton, nylon, or polyester requires the right type of pigment for textiles. It is essential for the paint to adhere well on such a surface without damaging the textures or peeling off too soon. You can check out the collection of brands like Meltonian, Pedag, Tulip, or Krylon to find out the best fabric paints for shoes.

In some cases, the paint is not originally formulated to work on canvas, or textile boots yet offers surprisingly excellent results. You can see such unexpected recommendations on Reddit, where I often search for interesting choices to try.

Colors- We spray our shoes for different purposes. Some want to revive an old pair with the exact same shade; meanwhile, others love creating a new look that presents their unique self. Based on specific requirements, we can choose the right brand and color palette to check out.

Some labels only offer basic ones such as black, brown, or white spray paint for shoes. Whereas brands such as Moneysworth & Best Brillo and TRG the One have a huge collection that might give buyers a thrilling yet somehow confusing shopping time. But that should not be a bad thing; you might find some unexpectedly exciting samples there that you want to mix and match.

Easy and safe application – Most spray paint cans are easy to use since they come with a nozzle that allows quick bursts by a gentle press. Some premium products also let you spray from all angles, even upside down, without paint running or pooling.

Whether your chosen paints come with an unpleasant or noticeable smell or not, you should wear masks and perform in ventilated areas. Also, if you handle your little DIY projects with your kids, make sure to choose toxic-free, low-odor, and safe spray paints.

Durability – For special occasions like Halloween, let’s say you only need the paint to stay for a couple of days. If so, the durability of the product chosen is not much of a concern. However, for everyday-use pairs, you should go for premium paints that last longer, a year at least.

If possible, choose the pigments that form a protective coating for your boots, ensuring no water or dirt can easily attack and harm the textile underneath. Also, discoloration is a common issue with subpar paints, so we should avoid purchasing such products to enjoy long-term beauty.

Can You Spray Paint Shoes

Yes, you can repaint your shoes with the necessary tools. Just be mindful of factors such as choosing the right type of paints for your shoe materials and following the instructions strictly.

What Kind of Spray Paints to Use on Shoes

Spray paints are formulated for use on specific kinds of materials. Such information will appear on the product description to make sure you go with the right one. For instance, paints that are compatible with leather will be best used for suede, vinyl, and even nubuck. Meanwhile, fabric paint is ideal for cloth, canvas boots, and sneakers.

How to Spray Paint Shoes


Spraying your shoes is not much of a challenge as long as you work out the steps to follow. Some products come with detailed or brief manuals for you to perform the tasks quickly. If you are still confused, here’re some helpful tips:

  • Sketch the design of your new desired look for the pair. If you only need to repaint the whole piece to a new color, this is not necessary.
  • Next, prepare your shoes by cleaning them and letting them dry. You should get rid of all the dirt, oil, or any waxy finish to ensure the cleanest surfaces for the paints to adhere well. With this step, some warm water, a cotton pad or a piece of cloth, and some soap will be helpful.
  • Then, you should stuff your shoes with newspaper to smoothen the outer surface. In case you need to hide the parts that do not need painting, use masking tapes that leave no sticky residues.
  • After that, it is time to spray the paint with quick and sweeping You can wait for some minutes (or more, depending on the specific paint formula) to add one more light coating or two. That way, you can ensure even coverage for all parts.
  • Finally, wait for it to dry entirely, which can take half an hour to an hour. Do not forget to remove the masking tape and leave the shoes in a dust-free space for it to cure entirely. I suggest you give it 24 hours or more.


Spraying shoes can be a fun DIY task that breathes new life into your old pairs. From my experience, it makes me love my accessories a little more, as they have a part of my creativity now. Other times, we do not need to repair a pair of saggy boots, as we just want to design something that shows our unique styles. Whichever purposes it might be for you, the best spray paint for shoes can always be a fantastic companion.

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