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The Best No Bleed Pens for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Finding the best no bleed pens can at times appear like an impossible task. This is particularly true if you’re searching for a pen to use on thin or sensitive papers or if you are an artist.

The good news is that there are uncountable, top-quality, and reasonably-priced no-bleed pens out there that would best suit different requirements. I am glad to have read some customer reviews before buying the no-bleed pens I now use to journal.

best no bleed pens

Let me share some of the best options that I have already tried and tested for my journaling and other writing-related activities. I hope you’ll also find a reliable no bleed pen that can serve as your companion that can assist you in your writing work.

Carefully go over my product reviews. Check out the important features, advantages, and disadvantages. Be sure to look into the valuable buying guide, too, so that you can purchase with more confidence.


<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

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Benicci Watercolor Pens


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DecoSpark Brush Pens


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Ohuhu Brush Pens


Best No Bleed Pen Reviews

1. Mr. Pen- Bible Pens

If you want to invest in pens that don’t bleed through thin paper, this option is a must-try. I use these pens whenever I need to highlight some stuff on sensitive and thin types of paper. This set is available in assorted vibrant colors that seem perfect for my journaling needs and preference.

What is more, these pens are highly recommended for journaling, color coding, and when highlighting verses in the Bible. I am very particular with smears and smudges; fortunately, these pens did not disappoint me so far. The ink comes with a fast-drying feature and does not leave very messy taints or stain on the paper where I used it.

Since I prefer brightly colored no-bleed pens, these pens’ colors are the best match for my requirements. They are comfortable to hold. I don’t need to suffer from heavy writing since they can write sleekly. Such pens write effortlessly on several distinct types of papers.

I also find them reliable when lettering and drawing. They allow me to enjoy skip-free lines, sleek drawing, consistent and crisp lettering experience. For the price, these options are sold at a surprisingly affordable price tag. Their quality and performance are dependable.

Be that as it may, I noticed that there are times when the ink does not easily flow when I begin writing. So, what I do is to scribble a bit just to get the ink going. Luckily, the pen functions well after that.
  • Ensures no bleed through sensitive and thin papers
  • Ideal option for journaling, color coding, and Bible
  • Available in assorted vibrant colors
  • Allows skip-free lines, sleek drawing, and consistent/crisp lettering
  • Dries fast with no smear and smudge
  • The ink does not always flow right away when I begin writing.
In a nutshell, I always adore these pens that don’t bleed through paper. They seem precisely designed to satisfy my journaling expectations.

2. Blieve 01 Gel Pens

I decided to purchase these gel pens that don’t bleed because they allow me to work on my journals in a more creative, organized, and colorful approach. These items are also ideal whenever I read the Bible and highlight the verses that I love to memorize. In fact, these gel pens are specifically designed as Bible-friendly.

What is more, they are of premium quality; so I think they could serve and perform well for an extended time. These pens dry fast. Hence, they don’t create a mess on the next page of the paper. I don’t have to worry about bleed-through problems, luckily!

Since these pens are useful for various school and office tasks, I also choose them whenever I need to give someone a gift. For me, it is better to give valuable items to loved ones and friends instead of something that is only meant for “display” purposes. So, I don’t buy stuff toys but gel pens!

I consider these gel pens as practical planner supplies. They help me enjoy my craft even more and keep me updated with important notes. These items are my go-to whenever I need to deal with my journaling projects and daily writing.

I also make sure that they are inside my pouch whenever I travel, just in case inspiration strikes somewhere.

One downside I have observed on these gel pens is that they begin to crystallize once the pens are used. When opened again, they usually come with a gritty texture and won’t highlight as sleekly as before. I need to wipe off the crystals first to allow the pens to highlight well.
  • Allows users to journal in a more creative, organized, and colorful method
  • Premium quality, no bleed and dries fast
  • Ideal gift to give away on different occasions
  • Specifically designed as Bible-friendly
  • Practical to use for calendars, planners, office and school work
  • Does not bleed through, but they crystallize
Ultimately, these no bleed gel pens are the real deal. When it comes to quality and superb performance, they are incomparable.

3. iBayam Journal Planner Pens

Well-arranged in a soft transparent vinyl bag, these non bleeding pens are great to have for people like me who are into journaling and other writing-related tasks. If you are worried about leaking through thin papers, these pens won’t give you a nightmare. This set comes with a total of 18 appealing colors.

Likewise, I give these pens a higher rating for their ability to offer a sleek and comfortable writing experience. They never fail to allow me to unleash my imagination and creativity whenever I work on my journals.

I picked these markers because they can compose expressive and bold lines required for my drawing, editing, and scribbling activities.

I also like them because they are comfortable to hold. Hence, my hands don’t feel easily tired, even when I write or scribble for a long time. I understand now why many other users recommend this brand. These are absolutely must-have journaling and planner supplies for everyone, especially students, artists, office workers, and educators.

Best of all, these markers are manufactured with point guard technology. Such a feature acts to safeguard the felt tip and the water-based ink to prevent leaking through papers. For people like me who frequently need to do some editing work and leave notes on important documents, these markers are truly a savior.

Nonetheless, while it is appealing that these pens do not leak through thick papers, they appear a bit noticeable through thin papers.
  • Comes with appealing color variants
  • Allows smooth and comfortable writing experience
  • Comfortable to hold for a long duration
  • Does not leak through thin papers due to the point guard technology
  • Highly recommended journaling and planner supplies
  • These pens appear slightly noticeable through thin papers.
By and large, if you are engrossed in different forms of crafting delicate and intricate patterns and drawing, these colored pens that don’t bleed through paper will surely satisfy your expectations.

4. Sharpie 2096159 S-Gel

Sharpie pens no bleed options are an excellent choice. With no bleed and no smear technology features, these items are sure investments. I personally like their extremely bold gel ink colors since these are ideal for vivid writing. The set includes a total of 12 black gel ink pens that don’t fail me when working on my writing projects.

With a contoured rubber grip, these gel pens do not cause any discomfort even when I use them for a long time. These items are available in several different barrel finishes, multiple point sizes, and gel ink colors.

Their overall appearance looks professional, and as for their performance, these pens are definitely a dependable partner for people like me who love to write and journal.

Not to mention, these gel pens appear to dry fairly quickly. Thus, I don’t need to feel anxious about tainting my notes with messy ink or leaks. Since they look specifically intended for formal and professional use, I always bring them with me during important office meetings. They blend well with my corporate attire too.

I can’t say anything unpleasant about the ink’s quality since the color seems dark and well-defined. However, the ink is slightly drenched for my preference, so it leaks through a bit on the other side of the paper. Luckily, the bleed-through is merely minimal.
  • Designed with no bleed and no smear technology
  • Allows a more comfortable grip due to the contoured rubber grip feature
  • Looks professional and superbly high-performance
  • Comes with bold gel ink colors to ensure a more vivid writing experience
  • A must-have supply for homes, offices, and schools
  • Slightly bleeds on the other side of the page
In general, these gel ink pens are a smart purchase for buyers who prefer a sleek writing experience. These options are ideal for offices, schools, and all people of different walks of life.

5. Mr. Pen- Black Fineliners

I am surprised to uncover how affordable these fade resistant pens are. They function brilliantly to what they were designed for, yet they do not create a big hole in my pocket.

I generally use them for sketching, underlining, drafting, as well as Bible journaling. These items are easy to store, so I don’t have problems carrying them with me all the time.

Since Bibles have very delicate and thin papers, I am very particular with the fine point pens for highlighting something. The good news is that these fine liners do not in any way damage or taint the pages in my Bible. I have the peace of mind that my Bible remains clean and readable even when I continuously underscore some verses.

Moreover, I decided to buy these pens because of their incredible and unique features. Unlike other similar pens, these are not prone to causing extreme bleed through papers. Their ink is capable of drying instantly as well. Their fade-resistant and waterproof attributes are also a plus why I did not hesitate to add them to my shopping cart.

Essentially, if you prefer high-quality pens that can guarantee consistent and crisp lettering, sleek drawing, and skip-free lines, these alternatives are your safest bets.

I am not a pro for writing, journaling, and other sorts of writing-related tasks, but these pens supported me all the way. I can deal with my journaling activities without creating an unsightly mess on my notes.

For all that, at first, I was surprised by how thin these pens are. In my opinion, these are not ideal for heavy writers. Even though these come with a slim appearance, they are functional for journaling, scheduling, and note-taking.
  • Highly recommended for sketching, underlining, drafting, and Bible journaling
  • Perfect for highlighting or underscoring Bible verses
  • Designed with quick-dry ink, non-bleed, fade-resistant, and waterproof features
  • A fair value for your hard-earned money
  • Guarantees consistent and crisp lettering, sleek drawing, and skip-free lines
  • Has a slim appearance
These best no bleed pens are super slim; nonetheless, they have lived up to my expectations. As for the quality, price, and performance, these options are worthwhile investments.

6. Taotree Fineliner Color Pens

For buyers searching for top-quality fine point pens that don’t bleed, you can give these options a shot.

I find them easy and comfortable to utilize whenever I sketch, journal, or deal with various writing-related projects. These are practical options because they are useful for several different purposes. Hence, they aren’t a waste of money to start with.

The set comes with a total of 24 dynamic colors, all of which are useful and visible enough when drawing, painting, and when I need to handle some intricate writing details.

These fine tip pens are also easy to store and carry around. They come in a plastic storage case that is designed with fold-over snap closure. This cool feature enables me to place these pens in my handbag effortlessly.

Furthermore, these color pens are my go-to whenever I need to draw some lines and sign. In fact, these products are highly recommended as planner pens, journal pens, and great for school and office work. So, if you are troubled about a smooth writing experience, you can rely on these fine liners.

Additionally, for buyers looking for ideal gift ideas, these color pens are great items to give away. Adults and kids will certainly find these school and office supplies useful and practical for many different projects and tasks. Sold at a budget-friendly price, this option can fit all types of budgets.

All the same, these fine point pens are surely reliable for various uses. In my case, I avoid going over the same spot several times when using these pens to avoid minimal leak through.
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Excellent for many different applications
  • Ideal option as functional journal planner pens
  • Set contains a total of 24 vivid colors in a plastic storage case
  • Solution for smooth and outstanding writing performance
  • Available at a budget-friendly price
  • Bleeds a little when going over the same spot several times
Lastly, these fine liner color pens set works outstandingly for my bullet journal. They help me solve some problems when dealing with different intricate sketching, writing, and journaling tasks.

7. Peter Pauper Press Color Pens

If you need peerless pens that don’t bleed when wet, you won’t regret getting these alternatives for your writing and highlighting requirements. Compared to other available options, these pens only produce minimal bleed-through. So, even if you use them on thin paper, they won’t create a hideous mess on your notes.

In like manner, I particularly bought these micro color pens because I need reliable options for my note-taking and Bible scribbling activities. I am glad to share that these pens work excellently for those purposes. The kit already contains a total of 8 colors, which are already adequate for color-coding applications.

Featuring archival-quality pigment-based ink, these micro-line color pens won’t cause any damage to my Bible. They are among the safest options for Bibles and documents printed in sensitive types of paper.

They don’t cause serious leaks on the underneath of my notes, so my papers remain readable and neat even though they’re filled with highlighted contents.

Meanwhile, fade-proof and waterproof features are also useful and convenient. Compared to other micro color pens available nowadays, these can guarantee skip-free lines and consistent writing forms. Besides journaling and highlighting the Bible, these pens are great for underlining, drawing, and dot journaling.

As you can see, they are reliable for different types of uses. So, having them inside your bag is a must. They are priced affordably. If you are short on a budget like me but still prefer high-quality pens, these are perfect for you too.

Notwithstanding, I am not fully satisfied with the orange and yellow colors because they appear too light and not as visible as I’d have preferred.
  • Comes with a fade-proof and waterproof design
  • Highly recommended for Bible scribbling and note-taking
  • Produces minimal leak-through
  • The set contains a total of 8 colors.
  • Features archival-quality pigment-based ink
  • The orange and yellow colors are light for my preference.
As a whole, these micro-line color pens are worth the money. I am amazed at their color-coded features as this helps exceptionally represent study themes in the Bible.

8. Aen Art Journal Planner Pens

Buying bullet journal pens that don’t bleed does not need to be vexing these days. This brand is one of the most reliable options since its pens are manufactured with decent quality and superior performance in mind.

What makes these markers a great alternative is that they can guarantee minimal bleed-through, no unsightly mess, and smudges for your writing tasks.

Besides, these items are safe options to choose from. They are manufactured using acid-free, water-based, and non-toxic ink formulation. Hence, it is safe to use for both adults and kids. I prefer these assorted and eye-catching coloring pens because they are practical to use for various applications.

Additionally, these are cost-effective because the set already has a total of 36 appealing coloring pens that are easy and comfortable to use. When it comes to dealing with fine lines, they help me achieve the desired result. I also bought some for my younger sibling, who is also into writing and journaling.

I am happy to share that my planner and journals remain clean and looking well-kept since these pens don’t leave a messy taint whenever I highlight some important notes.

These products are recommended for accurate details and ensuring a smooth writing experience. I also like the very durable metal-clad design that makes them reliable for extended usage.

One complaint I have on these fine tip marker pens is the black pen that is more of a dark gray shade than black. Anyhow, this does not affect the way these pens work for their purpose.
  • Acid-free, water-based, and toxic-free ink formulation
  • Set contains 36 assorted and attractive fine tip coloring pens
  • Useful for many different types of uses
  • Minimal bleed-through, no serious mess, and smudges
  • Features super sturdy metal-clad design for long-lasting use
  • The black pen is not quite black, and it’s more of a dark gray shade.
On the whole, these multifunctional fine line pens are the best bang for the money. You get more colors, benefit from practical features, and enjoy excellent writing performance, all for a very reasonable price.

9. Nicpro Bible Pens

You don’t need to spend lavishly on your writing projects if you pick these no bleed pens for Bible. The set contains eight pens that are Bible-safe, as well as eight pieces of lead refills. With an assortment of vivid colors, your journaling and other writing-related activities will surely be more fun-filled and worthwhile.

Although these pens are labeled as pens used for highlighting Bibles, I also use them for some other regular writing tasks. I adore the ergonomic silica grip design of these markers because they don’t skid and feel nice on my hands while writing. What makes these pens better options than others is that they come with replacement ink refills.

Likewise, I am in love with these markers’ precision fine point attribute because this feature allows me to write precisely even in tight areas. These items are smooth as a gel pen; however, they dry quicker and guarantee a mess-free writing experience.

If you need pens for color-coding, journaling, Bible use, and planners, you can count on these markers.

However, I encountered a minor problem when I used these pens at first. They appear to be sealed or something. So, I needed to scribble a little just to get these markers to function as designed. From then on, I luckily did not experience the same problem again. I suggest you store them properly when not in use.
  • Designed with anti-skid grip feature
  • Comes with replacement ink refills
  • Won’t cause extreme bleed-through
  • Sleek as a gel pen but comes with a quick-dry feature
  • Highly recommended for enjoying precision writing
  • Perfect option for planners, Bible, journal, and color-coding
  • Doesn’t work as expected at first use
To conclude, if you need fine point pens that are comfortable to use and are designed as ideal for smooth and precise writing, these products are worth purchasing.

10. COLNK Gel Pen

I consider these products as one of the best pens that don’t bleed. They are my go-to whenever I need to ensure a sleek and more comfortable writing experience. Their ink formulation is impressive in that it dries quickly, five times than other options. These items are recommended for heavy writers or left-handed people too.

Aside from these, these retractable liquid gel pens are not prone to stuttering or smearing. Best of all, they don’t cause extreme bleed-through on various types of paper. They don’t skid but only allow sleeker and more consistent writing for users. Such colored fine liner pens are easy to use with an anti-exhaustion comfort grip feature.

These retractable and refillable gel pens are excellent for journaling and coordinating. The assortment of colors allows me to express myself through color and classify my notes in a more creative and organized approach. I find them practical to use for calendars, illustration, adult coloring, graphics, and animation.

The anti-leak shield feature of these colored marker pens is advantageous. This helps keep the ink fresh and keep the gel ink from leaking before you remove the cap.

These pens also come with a beautiful white gift box that makes them the perfect gift option. Hence, you can give these pens as gifts to your loved ones, friends, or colleagues on any occasion.

Howbeit, these alternatives are not one of the most reasonably priced options sold on the market. If you want to ensure quality, a satisfying writing experience, and exceptional performance, it is just fine to spend a bit.
  • Guarantees a smooth writing experience
  • Ideal choice for journaling and coordinating
  • Made with 5x quick-dry feature
  • Designed with anti-leak protection attribute
  • Beneficial for a wide range of applications
  • Stored in a white gift-like box
  • Priced higher than other similar products
All in all, these planner pens are highly recommended to make a journaling planner. Undoubtedly, they are advantageous to use and easy to take with you everywhere you go.

What to Look for When Buying No Bleed Pens


Here are a few vital hints for buying a no bleed pen:

Bleeding Through Paper

It is crucial to opt for options that won’t bleed through very thin or sensitive papers, for example, the Bible.

A quick way to figure out whether the pen bleeds through or not can be done by inspecting if the underlined or marked areas aren’t visible when you flip to the next page.

It is essential to do some testing first on a standard thin paper because rough surfaces such as cartons and sandpaper are quite thick for actual qualitative testing.

Tip Size of the Pen

The tip size of the pen decides its primary function. For instance, users would use pens with large tips to fill in gaps in coloring books or underscore multiple lines. On the other hand, users will need to utilize a small tip size for lettering and detailed drawings.

Various pens are designed with different tip sizes. The minimum is generally 0.25 mm, while the maximum is roughly 0.7 mm. Take note that each tip size is suitable for a specific application.

Storage Casing

Choose no-bleed pens that come with a convenient storage case. This does not only help you in organizing your pens, but this also allows you to easily transport the pens even when you’re on the go.

Some storage cases are made using hard materials, while others are designed with soft plastic pouches. Indeed, they can have distinct closure like soft clips or snap buttons.

How Do You Make Paper Pens Not Bleed


A practical method to prevent pen bleeding is by ensuring that you are utilizing an appropriate combination of ink and paper. Pick premium quality and sleek papers. Fundamentally, you must utilize inks that are suitable with a dip pen.

It is also highly suggested that your pens be stored in a vertical position, properly capped, and retracted. Fortunately, these methods work for me. So far, I haven’t encountered significant pen bleeding problems yet.


I hope the product reviews and buying guide in this post can help you make a well-thought-of purchasing decision when picking the best no bleed pens for your needs.

As mentioned, it is critical to go over the features, advantages, and disadvantages of each product, so you can pick which one best matches your preference and requirements. Compare them, and don’t merely base your decision on the price. In the end, quality and performance are what matters.

The products I reviewed are some of the most trusted options that amateur and professional writers, illustrators, and educators use. So, you are guaranteed that whichever you choose, they can meet your requirements and satisfy your expectations.

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