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The Best Colored Pens for Note Taking for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Note-taking is among the most effective ways to retain and present information during our days back in school or current work. We often make a great effort in creating notes that highlight certain parts and focus on specific keywords.

best colored pens for note taking

To achieve such well-thought-out notes and have fun while doing so, we need the help of the Best Colored Pens For Note Taking. The presence of distinct colors helps in bringing out the essence information among numerous lines on our sheets.

Whether you are a “neat-freak” or not, creative and organized note-taking will surely improve your work. So, dig right into our list to gift yourself a great one among these widely-loved pen collections available.


<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

iBayam Journal


Top 2

Paper Mate Tip Pens


Top 3

Staedtler Fineliner Pens


Best Colored Pen for Note Taking Reviews

1. iBayam Journal Planner Colored Pens

When it comes to taking notes in vibrant shades, iBayam Journal Planner Colored Pens outshines many competing brands. I adore this collection because I can finally settle with non-bleeding pens for journaling after a long time of searching.

Each color in this 18-shade pack writes beautifully on standard paper without smearing in the least. You can try it on a thin-paper book or thicker planner and see for yourself those clear and clean lines. This is possible thanks to its water-based ink formula and porous point.

From what I see, its point also promotes ultimate smooth writing. In detail, the tip is made of metal clad with a dimension of 0.38 mm and labeled as superfine. Hence, this marker can be used to doodle, highlight, and color without issues, proving its versatility.

Due to such broad applications, people of all ages and jobs can make excellent use of this vibrant assortment. Small kids will indeed write fun and creative notes for their lessons, while office workers can better organize their tasks with well-arranged notes in their journals.

Regarding its package from inside out, I have no complaints. Its body pen is slim and comfortable to hold; meanwhile, its cap design is fashionable and convenient with a color code on the top. Best of all, you can pack all pieces neatly in a sleek case with a foldable snap button and bring them everywhere.

However, with much pressing, its fiber top might split after some time. So I suggest you handle it with care to enjoy its beauty and convenience for a long while.
  • Non-bleeding markers with a water-based formula
  • Superfine tip (0.38mm) with smooth ink flow
  • Versatile use: coloring, dodding, and highlighting
  • A vibrant collection of 18 colors for work and study
  • Features slim body pen, color-coded cap, and sleek storage case
  • Requires care and gentle pressure to avoid splitting its tip
Overall, workers and students can benefit a lot from this affordable colored pen set brought by iBayam, as it works well on various papers and tasks.

2. Paper Mate Flair Felt Tip Pens

This assortment of Flair Felt Tip Pens is indeed the best school supply yet from Paper Mate. All users can have a blast when exploring this product’s smooth and vibrant ink on their notebooks.

What surprises me is its smooth and solid tip, measuring 0.7 mm. It is rated as a medium felt point, which is bold enough to highlight specific ideas. Furthermore, after a while of frequent writings with this collection, I saw no pen showing signs of a fraying tip. According to the brand, they adopt point-guard technology to ensure this feature.

You will surely love how this medium-tip pen does not bleed through different paper kinds. Its water-based formula also promotes no smear and smudge on your notes, thus avoiding ruining your work in the process.

When choosing the number of pens required for my writings, a pack of 36 or 24 pieces seems redundant, yet eight colors might not suffice. So, I went with its 12-piece pack that includes all exotic pastel shades such as cranberry, salted caramel, olive, etc. The differences between these colors are very subtle, and they shine brightly yet not glaring.

Plus, Paper Mate makes sure you have a proper case to store your pens. They are in partnership with Box Tops to prepare a suitable package for your purchase, so remember to inform them how many colors you pick.

Just a heads up, this assortment has around 30 unique colors, so if you buy more than that, there will be duplicates.
  • Medium-tip pen (0.7mm) for creating bold lines
  • Adopts point-guard technology for a non-fraying tip
  • Does not smear, smudge and bleed through thin paper
  • Comes in various packs of varying amount: 8, 12, 24, or 36
  • Exotic pastel shades such as cranberry, salted caramel, or olive, etc
  • Provides Box Tops case for carrying and storing
  • Has around 30 colors, so there will be duplicates
Overall, once you test this set and find out how great its colored pens for writing are, you might no longer need to adventure out for replacements.

3. Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens

If fine-tip writing pens are your favorite, check out these Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens. They are popular among office workers and artists for comfortable and smooth usage.

Most users often worry about their notes being smeared or spotted when using colored pens. Many products are marketed to deliver no bleeding yet ended up ruining people’s work. Luckily, this quality collection from Staedtler is true to its promise. In fact, you can confidently use its superfine point of 0.3 mm on thin Bible pages.

Another great feature that we can expect from these pens is their gorgeous and bright colors. You can see all the distinct points that are written in different bold shades. Such vivid lines will help us to recognize and remember our notes better. My favorite color is red with a bit of orange hue.

It is also vital that we pick a pen design that offers us comfort while holding it. It seems like a trivial thing but owning an ergonomic triangle marker indeed reduces our hand fatigue. For me, I can relax my wrist and write smoothly when holding these pens for hours.

If you forget to close its cap for some hours, even days, its ink will not dry like typical water-based pigments. Due to its dry-safe formula, forgetful people like me can utilize this colored assortment for a long time.

However, its yellow shade is deemed to be too bright for visibility on white paper. Thus, you might want to use it for coloring or highlighting, but not writing important ideas.
  • Delivers no bleeding and smearing on thin paper
  • Superfine tip (0.3 mm) for writing and highlighting
  • Comes in gorgeous and bright colors
  • Comfortable design with a triangle shape
  • Dry-safe formula prevents ink drying up when left unclosed
  • Its yellow color might be too bright for writing important notes
I am sure that for some workers and students, this vibrant collection from Staedtler is the best colored pens for notes they have used.

4. STABILO Point 88 Fineliner Pens

The STABILO Point 88 Fineliner Pens are wonderful companions for those who want to turn their important knowledge into memorable notes. I was convinced to try them after seeing such incredible ratings and compliments that old users left.

It is incredible that the brand offers 30 colors in this pack that helps us arrange our information better. Some of us might think about how we can possibly resort to all the shades. But after exploring the product, you will see all of them are beautiful for writing, drawing, highlighting, and even coloring.

Surprisingly, what leaves a deep impression among buyers is this product’s adorable design. Many of them seem delighted with how these hexagonal pens are similar to old-fashioned pencils. I share the same sentiment when seeing this assortment and feel satisfied with its comfortable hold.

At 0.4 mm, this colored pen is classified as a fine tip that writes thin and intricate lines. That is why students can use this pen to draw geometry shapes when solving math problems. Plus, you can rely on its metal-clad tip for durable and robust use.

As expected from a STABILO pack of colored pens, its quality is shown in its dry-safe ink. That means even when you forget to close the pen cap for some time, it will not become dry and hard to write.

Although these pieces work fine on thick sheets, you should not press too hard when noting down on thin paper to prevent minor bleeding.
  • Includes 30 bright colors for writing, drawing, highlighting & coloring
  • Adorable and comfortable hexagonal design
  • Offers a fine tip (0.4 mm) for thin and intricate writings
  • Durable and firm metal-clad tip
  • Dry-safe ink that preserves its flow even when left uncapped
  • Requires gentle pressing to avoid minor bleeding on thin paper
If your journals or notebooks contain thick sheets, there is no worry about smearing and bleeding. Furthermore, its versatile collection benefits lots of users, including math and art students.

5. Taotree 24 Fineliner Color Pens Set

Designed journals are the norm since they come with sorted spaces for your daily or weekly plan. And to fill those small areas with notes, we need the Taotree 24 Fineliner Color Pens Set.

Coming with 0.38mm-point, each pen of this collection can write small lines without smearing your notebook paper. This fine-liner can ensure little to no bleeding on sheets when used with the right pressure. Also, due to such a fine tip capable of drawing details, the collection is widely loved by designers, artists, besides students.

When taking notes quickly, we need a pen with a smooth glide and a stable ink flow. Luckily, such functions are incorporated in these colored writing pens. Each point is made of clad metal for reliable use in all situations.

Of all the great features from this set, I love its color variations the most. Such vibrant shades from 24 unique colors allow me to create a beautiful planner. If you do not like dark-tone colors from some collections of Staedtler, then this bright assortment might be your favorite.

Furthermore, the included plastic case allows us to pack all these pens neatly. Bringing them to a library or coffee shop to finish our notes is a breeze. But what surprises me the most is the price tag. If you are on a tight budget, this is the perfect pick among others.

Remember to check all the pieces upon arrival to see if any already dries up. You can contact the brand for exchange if such a defect happens to your assortment.
  • Features 0.38mm-point that writes/draw small lines and details
  • Ensures no smearing and bleeding when used with the right pressure
  • Smooth glide and stable ink flow with clad-metal point
  • Comes with 24 unique bright colors
  • Plastic case packs all the colored pens neatly
  • A budget-friendly assortment
  • Requires checking if any pen dries upon arrival
All in all, this set of fine point colored pens will support us in writing and arranging our notes in the most effective way.

6. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

The Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens receive rave reviews from users for their ergonomic design that allows a comfortable grip. After trying the set out of curiosity about its hype, I admit that it is a worthy writing instrument.

As the brand claims, these coloured pens for writing indeed “spread joy instead of smears”. They seem to put much effort into formulating a fast-drying ink that outshines numerous competing products. Due to this feature, these pens afford quick noting on different paper kinds without smudging and bleeding through.

If you intend to find a colorful assortment to make your new-year resolution, this set of 14 cheerful shades will suit your needs. When testing this pen on my journal paper, I realized the distinct differences between its hue and the basic colors.

These are made brighter and more transparent; you can pick that up from their names: ink pop, luscious green, wild perry, or charming purple, etc. Even the yellow and limelight are visible on white paper, unlike the ones of other sets.

More importantly, they write smoothly without spotting, scratching, or skipping. Measuring 0.7 mm, its medium point can create bold lines to show key ideas on our sheets.

It is not an exaggeration to say this pen is among the best at offering a comfortable hold. The ergonomic wrap around its body allows us to feel more at ease while writing for hours.

However, these pens might run out of ink a little sooner than expected if you use them frequently.
  • Fast-drying pigment for no smudges, smear and bleed on paper
  • 14 cheerful shades that are bright and transparent
  • Adorable names: ink pop, luscious green, wild perry, etc
  • Smooth ink flow without spotting, scratching, and skipping
  • 7 mm medium point writes bold lines
  • Features an ergonomic wrap for a comfortable hold
  • Less ink capacity than expected
For office workers and students who look for nice colored pens for note-taking, give them a try, and you will not regret the decision.

7. PILOT G2 Premium Rolling Ball Gel Pens

Convenience and quality roll into one in this assortment of PILOT G2 Premium Gel Pens. It is yet the best model from a decade-old brand that continuously offers handy school and office stationeries.

When mentioning this gel pen, people often emphasize how long-lasting it is, both its written lines on paper, and its life span. You can easily preserve your work’s vibrancy and clarity after months and years. Meanwhile, this pen can last longer than most colorful pens and pencils, giving great value to our purchase.

This one looks like your standard rolling gel pen, yet it provides some convenient features. For instance, it is retractable with a tail click. And once the ink runs out, you can refill it with the same-color ink cartridge from the brand.

You should also know that these pens come with different point types for you to choose from. It can be ultra-fine (0.38 mm) that marks intricate details, or extra-fine (0.5 mm) and medium-fine (0.7mm) to display different levels of information. Whichever one you choose, its barrel will offer a comfortable grip with its rubber wrap.

Regarding its ink color, you will get a pack of eight pieces with unique shades. This assorted set includes commonly-used colors like black, blue, red, and others for highlighting like purple, turquoise, burgundy, green, or pink.

Just a side note, this ink pen will take longer to dry on glossy paper. So you might want to be careful about this specific use to avoid smearing.
  • Ensures long-lasting note clarity and pen’s life span
  • Retractable pen with a tail click
  • Allows refilling with ink cartridge from the brand
  • Different point sizes available: 0.38, 0.5 and 0.7 mm
  • Comfortable grip with rubber-wrap barrel
  • Comes in multiple shades
  • Might smear on glossy paper
As the well-established brand states: “Pens are not one size fit all”; they deliver a wide range of options, from colors, point size to designs. For me, this particular 8-piece collection of premium ball pens can be everyone’s partner in working and studying.

8. Zebra Pen Mildliner and Highlighter

For fans of double-end colored pens, this set of Zebra Pen Mildliner and Highlighter can be their best bud in writing and taking notes.

In one purchase, we can have two types of points for multiple applications. One fine tip does wonder for bullet note-taking and journaling. Meanwhile, the chisel tip on the other end is flexible in creating both intricate and bold lines, ideal for coloring and highlighting.

This Zebra Pen assortment’s versatility also presents in its beautiful hues. With a total of 25 pastel and translucent colors, we can create different calligraphy styles or arrange and decorate our notes. You can choose a pack of 10, 15, or explore all 25 shades of its dreamy color chart.

However, some of its light and bright shades might not be legible when written together on white paper. So, you should be aware of its pros and cons to combining its colors better.

When using these colored pens on various paper sheets, users can rest assured that it does not bleed through the other side of the next page. Notably, once dried, the pigment can resist water, thus protecting our important notes from smearing when in contact with moisture.

The convenient pen design is among the appealing points of this collection. Since it comes with a durable and thin barrel, it is easy to hold and glide smoothly. Also, its cap features the pen’s color for us to quickly take the one we want for writing.
  • Double-ended markers, one chisel, and one fine tip
  • Flexible use for writing, note-taking, coloring, etc
  • A total of 25 pastel and translucent shades in a pack of 10, 15, or 25
  • Does not bleed through paper
  • Water-resistant pigment once dried
  • Durable and thin barrel for easy writing
  • Some hues might not be legible when written together
In my opinion, these pieces are beautiful inside and out, from the pastel shades to the slim design. If such hues suit your taste, these colored pens for planners and journals can be perfect for long-lasting use.

9. Mr. Pen No Bleed Pens

These Mr. Pen No Bleed Pens are marketed as Bible pens since they can write consistently and smoothly on thin Bible paper without smears and smudges. If you want such a quality pack, look no further than this collection.

These pens can be everyone’s companion as it is handy and breezy to use. Its simple and somewhat low-profile design has great durability. Plus, each piece is retractable with a clicking end and refillable with a new cartridge when the ink runs out. This piece is basically the convenient and compact ball pen in our houses.

The difference between this model and usual pens is its color variations. You can enjoy an array of commonly-used shades, including black, blue, purple, orange, green, and pink, for note-taking. These colors are rich and vibrant, ensuring excellent clarity on the white sheets of your books.

Nothing is more frustrating and disheartening than scratchy writing due to unstable ink flow. Fortunately, I have never encountered such issues with this quality collection. Still, you might want to be cautious about its ink pooling a bit at the tip after left hanging for a while.

Best of all, its formula prevents bleeding, even on thinner paper. Its fast-drying formula is the main contribution to this excellent feature of the colored pen. Hence, you can use it to leave your important notes on different types of designed journals without worry.
  • Convenient design with durable and compact barrel
  • Retractable and refillable colored pens
  • Features six commonly-used rich shades
  • Stable ink flow for smooth writing
  • Prevents bleeding and smearing due to fast-drying pigment
  • Its ink might pool at the tip after left hanging for a while
Despite the minor flaw, these fine-tip colored pens are ideal for taking notes on different paper kinds. You can rely on them to have clear and well-arranged notes in vibrant colors.

10. Pentel R.S.V.P. Ballpoint Pen

With the Pentel R.S.V.P. Ballpoint Pen, we can say goodbye to unorganized and plain notes. This wonderful assortment packs everything we need to brighten our journals with colorful touches.

One distinct feature of Pental pens must be their latex-free wrap barrel. Since the brand aims to provide writing instruments with a comfortable hold, we can expect less hand fatigue when using these best colored pens for note taking.

If those fine tips measuring 0.7 mm are not enough for highlighting your notes, this 1mm-point can make a difference. It creates clear and medium lines with distinct colors, allowing the main contents to stand out.

Furthermore, we can enjoy this set’s excellent performance in the long haul. Take its stainless-steel tip, for example; the robust part will stay unaffected even if we press harder than usual. Also, its ink cartridge contains more pigment than standard colored pens and allows replacement when used up.

If all the convenient and reliable features of these ballpoint pens are sufficient for your needs, the only thing left is to choose your ideal set of colors. It is available in a package of 2, 5, or 8 pieces among these saturated and vivid shades of black, red, blue, sky blue, violet ink, pink, orange, and green.

The only thing I would change about this is its ink leaking when kept unused for so long. You might want to test on a piece of paper first before writing in your journal to prevent smears.
  • Latex-free warp barrel for a comfortable hold
  • 1mm- point for creating clear and bold lines
  • Comes with durable stainless-steel that withstand pressing
  • Replaceable ink cartridge for long-lasting use
  • Available in a package of 2, 5, or 8 saturated and rich color
  • Might leak after left unused for too long
This pack of rainbow pens is indeed a winner of school and office supplies. Its functional design and long-lasting use will benefit us in note-taking, journaling, making plans for our new year, and more.

11. Crayola Colored Gel Pens

We might be familiar with Crayola – the well-trusted brand for colorful writing instruments. According to the company, they produce virtually any colors under the sun for users to express themselves. And they do not disappoint with this collection of gel pens for revision notes.

From the way each color is named, we know that our kids will have much fun writing and doodling with it. Check out this assortment of berry pretty, summer sunset, twilight sky, and more, as it can support their study and creative tasks. Just like their names, these colors appear vividly and beautifully on all kinds of paper.

Furthermore, it comes with non-toxic ink formula, ensuring that your little ones are safe when playing with it all day. We should not worry about the pigment staining their clothes when caught up while creating, since it is washable.

Besides its perfect match for kids, adults can benefit from this Crayola gel pen, as well. In detail, its convenient designs, such as the retractable cartridge or ergonomic body, allow us to work with ease. Rest assured that you can avoid streaked or spotted lines when writing with this comfortable pen.

Still, I use these collections quite often, especially the black shade, and they run out of ink faster than expected. Other than that, it is a wonderful on-the-move set for workers, artists, and small kids alike.
  • Comes from a well-trusted brand: Crayola
  • Vivid and beautiful color collection with adorable names
  • Ideal for kids due to non-toxic and washable ink
  • Convenient design: retractable cartridge and ergonomic body
  • Writes smoothly without leaving streaks and spots
  • Might run out of ink faster than expected
Although the pens’ ink capacity is not that impressive, other features, especially its colors and design, win users’ hearts. So, these pieces can be good colored pens that highlight your notes.

12. Kaco Retractable Gel Pens

This final pick of best colorful pens for note taking is not any less appealing than the abovementioned picks. In truth, these Kaco Retractable Gel Pens are widely loved among students for their easy holding design and beautiful packaging.

Such a smooth pen shape from Kaco is simplicity at its finest. Each piece in the assortment is made in the color of its ink content, preventing any confusion when writing. Plus, this design boats of classic gel pens that never go out of style.

Upon purchasing this set at a reasonable price, we have a total of 20 unique colors for writing. From what I experience, its pigment is pretty true to the outer barrel color. Thus, you can arrange your notes and draw graphics illustrations to make them more memorable with such wide color variations.

More importantly, this is a smudge-free colored pen that ensures clean and legible writing for users. I have never encountered ink leaking or scratching problems thanks to the smooth flow and high-quality point.

Also, if you love extra-fine tips that create intricate lines, you are at the right place. This 0.5mm-pen is ideal for writing in small spaces, such as bullet journals or designed notebooks.

One more reason that makes me love to bring these colored pens to my workplace is their neat packaging. The included case is simple yet convenient, wrapping all 20 pens nicely to take little room in your handbag.

The only minor drawback of this pen is its screwable end for refilling can come loose sometimes. Just make sure to tighten it a bit before writing, then you will be fine.
  • Simple and classic design with colored barrel matching the ink content
  • Comes in 20 unique colors
  • Smudge-free writing with smooth ink flow and high-quality point
  • Extra-fine tip (0.5mm) for creating intricate lines
  • Neat packaging with a simple and compact case
  • The end might get loose upon frequent unscrewing
All in all, purchasing such a wide-ranging and colorful collection can ensure your notes to be well-arranged and beautiful.

What to Look for When Buying Colored Pens for Note Taking


Shopping for stationeries can be super fun, as we love looking at colorful pens and markers with unique designs and shades. However, it can be time-consuming to decide which one is a better choice for our needs among the numerous options available. Thus, you should consider some factors when purchasing the best colored pens for note-taking.

Colors – If you intend to use these pens for writing simple notes, a pack of 3 or 5 saturated colors will suffice. Meanwhile, many assortments are available in 12, 20, 25, or even 36 colors for people who love to decorate their notes for easy teaching or presenting. Make sure that the brand offers that many unique shades, or else you might get duplicates of those same colors.

Depending on different brands, the hue collection can vary. Some pieces can be very intense and glaring, standing out from a white paper. On the other hand, many models are made in a pastel shade, a little lighter and brighter than standard colors. Such sets might be best for coloring and decorating notes.

If you purchase a set for your kids, make sure all colors are vibrant and transparent. They will be engaged in creating beautiful shades with adorable names, too. I notice many brands name their colors after flowers, plants, or other cute creatures around.

Point type – Suppose you want to write small lines to fit into your designed journals’ tiny space; it is best to go with a superfine tip. Such pens often measure 0.3 to 0.38 mm, allowing users to write beautiful calligraphy, too.

Furthermore, pens with slightly bigger tips, measuring 0.5 to 0.7mm, are rated as medium-fine models. These are excellent choices for writing bullet notebooks, as they create lines that are legible from a distance. Also, you can pick pens that feature a 1mm point for thicker strokes. Rest assured that they are not too large or glaring.

In some cases, people love chisel tips that are of versatile use. This type of colored pens produce lines of varying thickness, as they can be thick or thin due to the angle we title the tip. You might want such products for coloring and highlighting important notes on the sheets.

Ink-quality – If you often work with thick paper, ink bleeding might not be a problem for you. But that’s not usually the case for all of us as we deal with various paper types. Hence, choosing a pen that prevents printing through thin sheets is a must. Most water-based ink can ensure little to no bleeding, so you can rely on such products.

Choosing pens with a fast-drying formula is advisable, as it minimizes our chances of smearing and smudging our work by accidentally brushing through the written lines. However, some pens might leak and pool their ink after being left unused for too long, but that might not be a severe issue if you are cautious.

Quality – For long-lasting use, the pen should be made durable and comfortable to hold. We cannot write hours on end with a poorly-designed barrel; thus, choosing the one with rubber wrap can be ideal. Also, the pen tip should be solid enough to endure pressure.

Packaging – If our chosen pack contains only two or three colored pens, we might not need a case to keep them. However, with a collection of 12 or up to 36 pieces, a robust package should be included by the brand. As a result, we can neatly pack the assortment and work at different places with ease.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a colored pen?

A colored pen is among the writing and drawing instruments that support different applications. It is often designed with numerous shades; some can be rich and vibrant, others are more transparent and pastel. In truth, its colors can vary significantly, depending on the brand’s intention and users’ requirements.

How does it work?

These pens come in different colors that are ideal for various purposes. It can write bold and thick lines for noting titles or thinner lines for usual content. The color used for specific messages will help you express your ideas better. Furthermore, the combination of colors makes the written content memorable. These pens can also create intricate lines or graphic illustrations to help with your memory.

Who is this for?

There is no limit to who can utilize these wide-ranging writing instruments. Everyone can benefit from colored pens, no matter what purposes.

For instance, a collection of cool colored pens is indeed in almost every student’s backpack. It helps them arrange and retain their knowledge learned at school. The well-written notes after class will allow them to digest information better, especially when preparing for exams.

Furthermore, office workers, in general, should have a pack of functional colored pens. It will make improvements in how they remember and arrange their daily events. For every one of us with a hectic lifestyle with multiple tasks to do in one day, these colored pens can help us sort out our priorities and handle things with much ease.

What are the different types of colored pens?

Regarding the pen point, multiple writing tools help us write better notes. You might contemplate between extra-fine, medium-fine, or bold tips that create texts with varying thickness. Some colored pens come with a chisel tip that allows us to produce different strokes with a slight tilting angle.

Besides, colored pens for note-taking can come in different forms, such as ball pens, gel pens, markers, or pencils. Every type features a pigmented formula that benefits specific tasks and has its unique charms. For example, colored gel pens will last much longer than other types and often come refillable and retractable.

Meanwhile, colored pencils will do wonders on thin testing paper and books. You can note different information on the page without running the other side of the sheet. Also, the marker can indeed create vivid and vibrant colors that are hard to forget. It will do best in decorating your main ideas.

Why do you need colored pens for notes?

If your notes are for presentation purposes, colored pens will produce creative and clear work that captures people’s attention. For personal use, these instruments make your written information more memorable. As we all know, colors are a powerful stimulus for our brands, allowing us to digest knowledge better.

As a result, it is easy to remember the well-arranged notes classified with different colors, presenting different levels of details. As a result, we learn quickly as our memory performances are enhanced with the presence of vibrant colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted colored pen brands?

The most famous names for school and office supplies must be STAEDTLER, STABILO, or Crayola. These brands offer high-quality and versatile stationeries for students and workers worldwide, so you can check out their collections for ideal colored pens.

If you want well-established pen markers, explore products from Mr. Pen, Paper Mate, or Pental. Also, there are many affordable brands with interesting options, such as Kaco or Taotree. Great-but-not-very-popular brands can be found on Reddit recommendations as well, so make sure you check it out for more information.

What color should you write notes in?

Colored pens can come in many shades, yet we should not use them all when writing notes. Yellow or pink pigment might not be ideal to note important information. We can stick with dark-shaded ones like black, blue, or purple for titles and use red to highlight certain parts. Meanwhile, other colors will do wonders for graphic illustrations.

How to use colored pens for notes?

There are many different ways to utilize your colorful pen collections to write memorable notes. Some common ideas are mapping, outlining, or charting methods. Whichever ways you choose, it is best to arrange the main point first, then start working on smaller details.

Take the mapping methods, for example, you can use one color for one brand of information after classifying what you want to present. Start spreading the lines, use the lighter shade for drawing and a darker shade of the same color for writing short conclusions. Add images related to the ideas if necessary; remember that you can easily draw those fine tips.

How to make colored pens?

I do not recommend making our own colored pens because such a task is very time-consuming and takes lots of effort. We can easily purchase beautiful assortments at an affordable price from many brands.

But we can create new colors from the same set of pens if their points are thick brush. You can blend them by pressing them together, yet such a thing might ruin your precious collection.

Can you use colored pens on envelopes/ checks/ inktober?

For checks, you should only use black or blue ink, not colorful gel pens. Inktober is all about simple sketching, so you might not want to add too many colors to the piece. Also, colored pens in dark shades are usable on envelopes as long as they write clear lines. But a colorful envelope might not be legible or even permitted.


We know the endless value that well-arranged notes offer our visual study and work. Thus, having the best colored pens for note taking is highly recommended for all of us. It helps clear out confusion, sort out tasks’ priorities, and highlight important ideas when we create and learn. So when you successfully purchase your ideal pack, make sure to explore the best method for note-taking. That way, you can make use of the tools and strive at your endeavors.

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