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The Best Pens for Planners for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Planners and journals never go out of style, no matter how huge the impacts of technological advancements are. Nowadays, not only does a simple notebook carry your daily schedules or to-do lists but it also becomes an avenue to preserve your life experiences.

best pens for planners

However, jotting down anything will not be complete without a reliable pen. Writing a journal needs a pen that makes your notes look enticing. Moreover, your planner entries must have a neat and beautiful finish. To achieve this, I have compiled 12 of the best pens for planners on any budget and the reasons why I think they are the best.


Best Planner Pen Reviews

1. Ibayam Journal Planner Pens

If you are interested in various forms of drawing and writing intricate and delicate patterns, I think you will love this set.

There are 18 unique colors that come with the Ibayam planner pens. With a 0.38mm ultra-fine tip, I am sure that these best colored pens for planners with assorted colors are perfect for journals and planners. Also, these superfine markers with metal-clad tips give a beautiful performance in writing, drawing, and coloring as it is easy and comfortable to use.

It is a great chance for you to show your ingenuity and imagination. I prefer using these markers as they write bold and expressive lines that are suitable for my editing documents, drawing, and scribbling on any paper.

Don’t worry about ruining the next page while using these pens. I can attest to the cleanliness and distinctiveness of output this brand offers. This writing instrument has a point guard technology that acts to protect the felt tip and the water-based ink to avoid bleeding through paper.

One more thing that makes me love this set is that it is ideal for any writing task due to the comfortable feelings its slim body offers. Even teachers and professors use it to write on students’ papers while grading them. Office workers use it to edit and leave notes on essential documents.

I also like the fact that it is well-packaged in a plastic case with a fold-over snap seal. Therefore, I can take my favorite pens anywhere and put the set inside my bag without the fear of losing or misplacing my pens.

The only aspect that concerns me about this is the pens are quite hard to uncap as the manufacturer wants to ensure that the ink doesn’t dry out quickly.
  • Some pens are difficult to open
If you want to express and convey your true self in style or show your creativity, then you’ve found the most suitable planner pens for you. I personally enjoyed endless hours writing on my planner using this set.

2. Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens

Next on my list is Paper Mate InkJoy Gel Pens. I love it because I can write the entire day and won’t feel any strain on my fingers and hands. The textured ergonomic and cushy grip that wraps around the whole pen lets me hold each pen comfortably.

Most gel pens are known to smear and smudge as you write. But I don’t have to worry about this problem when using this product as it dries three times faster than most gel pens from other brands. Hence, I can focus more on writing while I do my work.

These planner pens are ideal for long note-taking, updating your journals and planners, and other creative activities. The gel ink is very reliable. It does not smear, smudge, nor skip.

This set has 14 vibrant colors. They are very bold and perfect for color-coding notes and other paperwork. I like the yellow and lime green pens because they are very distinct and easily understandable; unlike in some brands, these colors come out too bright and barely legible.

The thing I like most about this set is its 0.7mm fine point flows smoothly on paper. Additionally, I don’t have to refill my pens as these gel pens not only write thicker but can be used for a longer time.

However, some of you may find the 0.7mm fine tip a tad thick. Not to worry, this company also carries 0.5mm extra fine tip markers for a more detailed and thinner stroke.
  • Ergonomic wrap-around grip for comfort
  • 14 distinct and bright colors
  • Smooth for writing with gel ink
  • Dries three times faster
  • 0.7mm is too thick for some
Overall, this set is especially ideal for left-handed people. Gone are the days when writing notes means having colored palms after class. It is a great gel pen for anyone who likes writing using gel pens in school, home, or the office. This product is one of the top-rated pens for note-taking.

3. Mr. Pen No-Bleed Pens

If you like color-code your notes, I believe this set is suitable for you. I really love it as these gel pens are a handy and convenient set that comes in a pack of six non-bleed 0.7mm fine point pens. The colors include black, green, orange, pink, blue, and purple.

Keeping a neat journal while using these pens is a breeze with smooth, skip-free, and crisp lines and consistent letterings. Writing in my diary is more fun when I get to write about anything under the sun without the ink bleeding through the next page. With its ink as smooth as a gel pen alongside a ballpoint ink pen’s winning qualities, it is a win-win situation.

Mr.Pen No-Bleed Pens believes that education is one of the most important things a child could achieve. Their main objective is to serve the schools in their community by lending real solutions and meeting their challenges. Their company contributes and donates a portion of the proceeds from this product to their schools and foundations.

It is always good to know the intentions behind every item we purchase. And their cause is something I like about this gel pen.

As a somewhat new-comer in the industry, they are bound to run into some hiccups along the way. That said, unfortunately, some pens have ink that pools up when I write a certain way. It just takes a little bit of getting used to when writing using these pens for the first time.

Test it on different types of paper and check if they bleed through them or not. A fragile and thin paper might show some ink on the other side.
  • Ideal for color-coding notes
  • Handy six-pack set
  • A portion of earning goes to charity
  • Ink blotting
  • Will bleed through fragile paper
All in all, I see this product as a two-in-one pen. The ink uses gel with ballpoint pens qualities. If you like smooth and hassle-free writing, you can give this gel pen a try.

4. MyLifeUNIT Pen

If you are seeking a pen set that produces crisp, fresh, and invigorating colorful drawings with great detail and precision, I believe you will love MyLifeUNIT Fineliner Color Pen Set. It is one of the most affordable colored pens for planners on the market nowadays.

This product has a 0.4mm extra fine tip that helps you draw the most intricate details. Also, the slender body of the pen houses a felt tip that is durable and dependable. With this pen, I can write and draw as much as I want.

Its metal-coated fine tip excels and shines in all areas of writing. You can also create your bucket list, draw comic strip illustrations, and design and edit blueprints using these bullet journal pens that fit perfectly in your hand.

The way it writes remains smooth and effortless. I’m pleased that the ink dries quickly making the colored pen non-smearing. Besides, it is convenient for me as this set comes in a plastic storage bag making it easy to store and carry anywhere my favorite pens.

I’m sure to say that these are great pens for bullet journals because they don’t bleed through paper, and the water-based ink does not smudge, making your planners look immaculate and organized all the time.

There are two things I’m concerned about: the colors and the length. The blue, dark blue, and purple pens look very similar to each other. However, they are great for blending and creating a gradient effect. These pens are quite long compared to the standard American size. But this set comes with 6.25 inches pens, this is a great advantage.
  • Extra fine tip for details
  • The shape fits the hand well
  • Come in a plastic case
  • Some colors look very similar
  • The length is long
Overall, I think this pen set is ideal for you if you want to make colorful drawings with intricate details.

5. Staedtler Triplus Pens

Suppose you are looking for the perfect set for precision writing tasks that ask for color, look no further, the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens are made for detailed artworks. With a 0.3 mm porous tip and a sturdy metal-clad clip, you can write and draw lines so exact that you’ll even amaze yourself.

I can write fatigue-free with the ergonomic triangular barrel body all day. The pen houses a ventilated cap per ISO 11540 making it safe to use. Made with polypropylene for long-lasting durability, the pen with the barrel and cap is great for the environment.

As for the pen’s casing, I rest assured that no dangerous chemicals are used for the plastic body’s coloring. The water-based ink is also non-toxic and does not have xylene and toluene. The dry-safe ink increases this product’s life cycle. I’m impressed that I can leave the pen uncapped for two days, and the ink still stays as good as new.

There are ten bright colors in this set that you can match to create a beautiful variety of shades. The ink washes out easily on most textiles if any minor accidents occur.

Inspiration can strike anywhere and anytime, so it is convenient to have your materials with you. Luckily, this set comes in a handy, portable, and well-designed stand-up Staedtler box. It is light and compact so that it won’t take a lot of space in your bag.

One problem I have noticed is that some ink takes a while to dry than others. So some smudges may occur if you are not careful. I suggest you check all the planner pens before working on an important drawing.
  • Ergonomic triangular body
  • Vivid colors you can mix and match
  • Comes with a handy box
  • Ink takes a while to dry
They say beauty is in the details, and these pens will give your planners the splash of colors you are looking for. This environmentally friendly planner pen set will last longer than most writing instruments from other brands—a great buy.

6. Pilot FriXion Marker Pens

If you are like me who is afraid of messing up your planners and journals with erasures and mistakes, Pilot FriXion Fineliners Erasable pens are here to make your day. I can write and create boldly and fearlessly with these reliable erasable pens for planners.

I really love it as I can make infinite adjustments and corrections without the fear of damaging my paper and other documents. The eraser attached to the pen’s cap is sturdy and will not wear down or leave scrapings. No one will notice that you have made several mistakes.

These planner pens are available in six different color inks for all types of lists, essays, and diary entries. The tip comes in various sizes, giving your entries some personality.

Scientists from Pilot wanted to create a new kind of ink. It’s an ink that indeed writes smooth lines and erases cleanly. So, I believe that this new product is a new way of writing such as note-taking, editing, finishing your schoolwork, or toiling with some office work. The pen’s smooth, even, and mistake-free writing are very useful and convenient for teachers, students, employees, hobbyists, and professional artists alike.

Since the ink used in these erasable pens are thermo-sensitive, if your hand becomes warm, and you accidentally place it on the paper, you might end up erasing some words. And just like any other pens, always close the cap and store properly when not in use because some ink might end up drying.
  • Thermo-sensitive erasable ink
  • Comes in six different colors
  • Trusted brand
  • The heat from the palms might accidentally erase words
  • Ink dries when the cap is off
You should focus on writing and decorating your journals freely rather than nervously drawing and hoping not to make any mistakes. Because with these erasable pens, you can make all the errors you want and still have a great looking and eye-catching planner in the end.

7. PaperMate Flair Felt Tip Pens

If you love smudge-free notes and water-based ink, I would recommend these PaperMate Flair Felt Tip pens. This set can have your favorite planner pens as it is ideal for journaling, taking notes, and any writing activity to help you express your creativity.

One thing I would love to talk about is that the 0.7mm medium-point tip can write striking, bold, and jazzy lines. The flair pens feature a point guard technology to prevent the tip from fraying and jamming to help extend the pens’ life. The possibilities are endless when you use these pens.

Writing about one’s feelings is a touching activity. When sharing our feelings, you may push down and hold your planner pens tightly while jotting down your sentiments. There is no need to worry that the ink stains your paper because it won’t blot when you accidentally press down too hard on the paper.

I like how I can also use these felt pens for shading. I can fill-in complicated and detailed corners without any problems. The color selection is also worth it because the carefully selected colors look lovely, especially on coloring books.

When storing the pens, you have to put them with the cap up to avoid the ink from spilling out its barrel. But other than that, there is nothing you have to worry about. Just enjoy writing and have a lot of fun.
  • Non-smear ink
  • Technology to avoid tip-fraying
  • Beautiful colors
  • Ink occasionally spills
As a whole, this product is an excellent value for your money. With its firm and long-lasting tips, you might run out of paper before you say goodbye to these pens.

8. Taotree Fineliner Color Pens

If you want to have a pen set with a lot of colors for your planner, then this one is the right choice for you. The Taotree Fineliner color pens pack has 24 vivid and distinct colors, so you can write, color, or sketch without having to repeat using a color. With a 0.38mm extra-fine point, these pens are also ideal for drawing and lining the smallest and the most intricate patterns.

The smooth and continuous writing is thanks to the fine tip marker set that comes with superfine, metal-clad tips for an impressive and outstanding performance in all writing styles, coloring, and drawing.

I’m pleased that this set houses high-quality water-based ink with minimal to almost no bleed through. These fiber-tipped pens also produce extra fine lines, shapes, and deep water-based colors. The colors shine exceptionally well when used for writing, coloring, and bullet journaling.

Most users complain about other pens that are not comfortable to hold. But you don’t have to worry about this when using these planner pens. The company made them sit comfortably in your hand. They also made the caps easy to remove.

I also like it as the set comes in a soft transparent bag with a fold-over snap enclosure to help keep the markers safely while inside my backpack.

An aspect that concerns me about this is when writing on thin papers, some ink may bleed through. Therefore, you should check them before writing or drawing on fragile paper. And although the caps are easy to remove and put back, I think that this product is missing a clip on the lid.
  • Plenty of colors
  • Extra fine tip for drawing intricate patterns
  • Comes with a plastic case
  • Missing a cap clip
  • May bleed through some papers
If you are looking for the right pens for Happy Planner, this is the set for you. Others have said that it’s as if this set is made for the Happy Planners and its paper.

9. BIC Intensity Fineliner Marker Pen

What I like about it is I can add intensity and passion for anything I’m writing on with the BIC Intensity Fineliner Point Marker Pens. It comes with a plastic case to conveniently store and take all ten colored pens when I’m on the move. Colors include green, blue, light green, light blue, purple, red, orange, gray, black, and pink.

I believe this product is perfect for writing journals, note-taking, drawing, and coloring adult coloring books. It’s 1mm medium tip creates bold lines and shows colors that make anything you write on paper leap and stand out.

It is convenient for me that the clip on the cap allows me to attach my planner pens on my notebooks and planners while taking a break. Therefore, I will never forget to bring my favorite pens wherever I go. When inspiration and creativity hits, a pen will always be close at hand to help you. Also, these pens are ideal for coloring, writing, and drawing casually.

The markers house a non-bleed water-based ink making it great writing pens for any paper. But just like any other felt markers, results may still vary based on the papers’ quality and characteristics. I have found that the dark-colored ones bleed through copy paper.
  • Combination of marker and pen
  • Shows bold colors
  • Comes with a convenient clip
  • Bleeds through copy paper
Overall, I like how it stayed true to its name, and all the colors that I used showed intense and bold colors. This set could easily be one of the most trusted markers for planners.

10. Zebra Pen Double Ended Highlighter

If you enjoy seeing your notes neat and color-coded, the Zebra Double Ended Highlighter pens are a great set I would like to recommend. This set has multipurpose pens that feature a broad and comprehensive chisel-tip on one side and a fine and thin bullet on the other.

These double-ended highlighters house a chisel tip made for drawing thick and bold strokes while the fine bullet tip gives consistent and steady lines. So, I believe this product is great for highlighting, note-taking, underlining, and decorating.

Another thing that impressed me is each highlighter bears water-resistant, translucent, and quick-drying ink that comes in 15 unique soft colors. The set comes in colors like vermilion, gold, magenta, and smoke blue, to name a few. These soft colors are great for shading, layering, and blending.

The pen’s caps indicate the pen’s color, so it is easier for me to find and choose when doing an art project. Another useful feature these highlighters have is its convenient and reliable pocket clip with its striking minimal, and clean design. Just attach it to the side of your notebook and you are good to go.

Some people say that some colors look too similar to each other. But if you blend or layer the colors together, you will see the difference.
  • Double-ended tips
  • Colors are soft and cute
  • Can be used for various artistic activities
  • Some colors look quite similar
This product works excellent on planners and journals. You may even call this set happy planner pens. Try it on your planner today, and see your creativity overflow on the paper.

11. Honsing Journal Planner Pens

One more brand of planner pens that I would like to tell you is Honsing. These pens boast a non-bleed ink technology that keeps my notebooks clean and neat.

I am so impressed that the company created a non-toxic and odor-free ink that is safe for both children and adults. Moreover, the 12 bright colors included in the pack are beautiful and will stand out on paper. I love using these pens as my end products always look aesthetically pleasing.

Also, its fine tip helps me write detailed and thin lines easier. Another thing I like is this set comes relatively cheaper than the rest of the brands mentioned on this list.

If you have enjoyed writing on your planner daily, then these are great pens for panda planners. I have to say that this product and the panda planner are a perfect combination.

One minor thing I have found about these planner pens is that caps sometimes do not attach instantly when putting it back on. I have to move it around to close the cap.
  • Product is cheaper than other brands
  • Colors are bright and vibrant
  • Safe for children
  • Caps are hard to attach
All in all, these pens are cheap but high-quality products. They are also comfortable to hold and very durable, which gives you a wonderful experience when using.

12. Sharpie Art Pens

Sharpie Art Pen is a great product that I want to put on my list. This company has been in the pen business for more than 50 years, so you will be getting a great product developed throughout the years.

Sharpie Art Pens is a perfect set for journaling. I really like this product as it allows me to freely create striking and brilliant hand lettering without worrying that the ink will bleed through paper. Also, its quick-drying and acid-free ink is water-based that is resistant to fading and smudging.

Moreover, the fine point helps me make intricate and precise lines for snazzy lettering, drawings, and coloring pages. There are 12 vivid and snappy colors, including turquoise, clover, coral, and hot pink, to name a few. Hence, you can boldly express yourself and your feelings with these fine-point pens.

I love the hard case that comes with this set. It is easy for me to store and take it everywhere. The feature I like most is that this case can serve as an easel for quick access.

One downside I have found about this product is the thin nibs, so they’re not great for me to color.
  • The set comes from a reputable brand
  • Fade and smear-resistant
  • The hard case turns into an easel
  • Nibs are too thin
A bold and flashy color palette with fine tip points for extra control while writing and chemical-free ink. I believe this Sharpie pen for planners is the perfect set for you. Even as an amateur, you will feel like a pro when using these pens.

What to Look for When Buying Pens for Planners


With a wide array of brands to choose, it is sometimes confusing to decide which pens and markers to get for your planner. Choosing the perfect set of planner pens can be a little tricky. Let’s explore certain factors to help you purchase the right one.

Here are some key features to consider:

Color Options

It is great to have plenty of colors to choose when you are decorating and designing. If you are a visual learner, it always helps to color coordinate your notes. Adding a pop of color here and there will make anything dull look inviting and exciting.


Your pens’ ink is a crucial factor to consider when getting your pens. Some inks don’t write well on a particular paper. Check what type of material your planners and journals are made of before getting a whole new set of planner pens. If you will be writing with your children, it is best to get markers with non-toxic and odorless ink to ensure your child’s safety.


You don’t automatically have to get the most expensive pack on this list to make sure you’re getting the best one. Each item on this list has its pros and cons, depending on your personal needs and required fields. There are cheaper ones on this list that could be perfect for your planner.

If you are just starting, get the set that you think is the most appealing for you. As long as you can decorate, design, draw, and, most significantly, express yourself through words using these planner pens, it has done its job right.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a pen for planners?

Pens used for paper planners are products that help your planners and journals look vibrant and colorful. These planner pens are a charming and lovely way to brighten up your planner pages and a superb artistic expression.

These handy pens contain special ink, so it does not bleed through your planner’s pages. You must get to use all the pages and end up having neat and legible work. These pens are not only for writing but also for sketching and drawing.

How does it work?

Pens and markers made for planners and journals work like a normal pen. Using these tools, you can see that it writes consistently on different paper types. Apply a certain force, the outcome becomes different.

Who is this for?

These pens are ideal for people who enjoy writing journals and planners every day as they are reliable and durable tools. Children will love using these planner pens because they produce bright and colorful images. They are also favored by a lot of students when taking notes during class hours.

What are the different types of planner pens?

There are three main types of pens you can use for planners:

  • Gel or glitter pens: Gel type ink writes fluid and smooth lines. These pens usually have 0.7mm point tips that are great for writing bold and striking lines. Moreover, the ink does not bleed through the planner’s pages. If you are looking for good glitter pens for planners, InkJoy gel pens are great.
  • Permanent pens: These pens work best on glossy and vinyl type stickers. They write well on these types of surfaces because they do not smear and smudge. Their ink dries very quickly, so you won’t have any problems writing and drawing with these pens. Avoid using them on regular paper as they will bleed through the pages.
  • Felt-tip pens: Felt-tip pens are trendy nowadays. Because the sets come in a wide variety of colors, these pens write as smoothly as gel pens, and they also do not bleed through paper.

Why do you need pens for planners?

There are plenty of different planners on the market, and they don’t have the same materials. That is why you also need special pens for varied types of planners. In addition, planners are usually colorful and full of designs. Therefore, you have to use an excellent colored pen for planners with tips suitable for your planner’s pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted planner pen brands?

Known as the cultural icon of permanent pens and with over 50 years in the business, Sharpie is one of the most trusted and well-known pens in the industry. You are sure that when you purchase a product from their company, it is something made by seasoned professionals with years of practice and skill.

Their new line of planner pens and markers have displayed their passion by giving consumers the standout colors, the smooth inks, and a durable body

Staedtler fine liner pens are also one of the most trusted brands in the journaling world. Known for its non-dry ink technology when left uncapped for two days, it has become popular with hobbyists and writers.

This product lasts longer than the planner pens from other big-name brands on the market. Its unique case has caught plenty of consumers’ attention. It is also sturdy and useful.

What pens do you use in your Erin Condren planner?

The Erin Condren LifePlanner is known for its upgraded Mohawk paper. This planner is famous amongst people who habitually write on their planners and other enthusiasts.

Since its paper has a different texture, the company decided to produce their own pens. The Erin Condren colorful fine-tip markers are one of the best markers to use on this planner.

Besides, Paper Mate Flair felt-tip pens are perfect for adding decorations on your planners’ pages, jotting down homework assignments, and other date reminders.

Moreover, Staedtler pens are great for color-coding your monthly views. They write thin lines, and the colors that come with the set will make your planner’s aesthetic eye-catching. With this set, every page is unique because of the variety of colors you mix.

Should I use a pen or pencil in my planner?

If you are comfortable using pencils for sketching and doodling, then go for it. But, planner pens are the ideal writing instrument to utilize for journals.

Colored pens are a great way to jazz up and make lively drawings jump out of your pages as journals and planners are where you keep your feelings and aspirations.

It is also a great way to reminisce and see how far you’ve come. Whenever I go back to the pages of my journals and see the colorful, bright, and bold words of inspiration written in permanent colored pens, I feel empowered and inspired all over again.

Writing with pens and markers that cannot erase takes commitment. Not only will it make your planners aesthetically pleasing to look at, but on a deeper level, you are somewhat committing to the words written on those pages.

How to care and clean?

To make your planner pens last a long time, you must store them properly. If the set comes with a case, use it. Most pens require to be placed horizontally when not in use. This helps the ink balance inside its barrel. Always make sure that caps are tightly shut to prevent ink from leaking or drying.

If you have more than one set of pens, you shouldn’t put pens of different named brands together. Some planner pens have oil-based ink, and others have water-based ink. Some also have ink that contains chemicals.


Finding the best pens for planners can be daunting due to the number of different brands on the market. Choosing the best one for you may take trial and error.

Out of almost a hundred new brands coming out, I have narrowed it down to the 12 top-rated pens set you can use on your journals and planners. With this review, I hope it will be easier for you to choose the pens for your planners.

Keep expressing yourself through words and art, and try out some of the products I have recommended on my review.

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