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The Best Caricature Markers for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

We need to invest in premium quality caricature tools when working on various art projects. Whether we are still a beginner or already an experienced artist, it is a must to use the best caricature markers to obtain the desired outcome. But, do you have enough information when it comes to the appropriate art marker for your requirements?

best caricature markers

The kind of caricature marker that we use could either make or break whatever artwork we work on. This is why we must research before buying one. There are countless options out there, but we can’t just pick any of these without checking each of them.

I sincerely wish to help you find the right caricature marker to satisfy your expectations. Hopefully, this page can offer you some substantial information, particularly if you’re starting in different artworks like a caricature.

<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Crayola 58-7700-051


Top 2

Prismacolor 14171


Top 3

Copic Marker SM-100S


Best Caricature Marker Reviews

1. Crayola 58-7700-051 Black Markers

Are you planning to buy some caricature artist supplies? If yes, these markers are great buys to consider. These items are ideal for decorating, drawing, and coloring. Adults and kids would find these markers useful for various artworks.

I originally got these markers for my younger sibling; then, I found them useful in my art class too. So, I got one for me as they help me accomplish my art projects with much enthusiasm and creativeness. I have a very sensitive sense of smell, so I picked this option because they don’t produce any annoying marker or paint smell.

Indeed, I have no worries even if my youngest sibling plays with them because these markers are made using safe and non-toxic materials. Luckily, these are surprisingly affordable, which is perfect for buyers with a limited budget. I especially adore them because they seem to last for long-lasting use.

In my opinion, these markers will make great gift ideas for kids age 4 and above. These black markers will certainly help young kids enhance their creativity and love for art. If you’re into designing, these items will also work as your great partner. You can use them for various art crafts, summer camps, and preschools.

On the other hand, while these caricature markers are undoubtedly ideal alternatives for artistic kids and adults who love to draw and color a lot, it would have been better if they were designed with a slimmer style. Sometimes, my hands get tired because they’re a bit thick and fat.
  • Highly recommended for decorating, drawing, and coloring
  • Does not produce irking marker or paint smell
  • Manufactured using safe and non-toxic materials
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Can last a while
  • Excellent gift ideas for kids age 4 and above
  • Not designed with slimmer style
Overall, what I like most about these markers is that they seem to last a while. They aren’t prone to causing any marker or paint smell, which is a plus for people with a sensitive sense of smell like me.

2. Prismacolor 14171 Illustration Markers

For buyers searching for premium quality caricature supplies, you can have a closer look at these illustration markers. As you can see, they come in several tip sizes that will help users create the right mark.

I think these illustration markers are a wise purchase because they are manufactured with top-quality ink that can guarantee excellent color consistency. If you’re like me who do not wish to deal with serious bleed-through and smearing problems, these options will make a great companion for your artworks.

Moreover, what makes these markers one of the most chosen items is that they are ideal for novices and professional artists. If you need to work on technical applications and crisp details, these markers won’t fail you in that aspect. These items are a good value for the money since the kit already contains five black illustration markers.

If you prefer markers designed with fine tips, these are one of the best bets on the market nowadays. These items are compatible with 005, 01, 03, 05, and 08 fine tips. For buyers who frequently work on drafting projects, these alternatives are worth considering for your requirements.

In my case, these products are reliable because I often work on adult drawing projects. I am amazed at the richly pigmented ink, and the color of these illustration markers is not prone to fading. They allow me to draw precise details without any problem, and forming razor-sharp outlines becomes a cinch for me to accomplish.

However, see to it not to touch the ink immediately after laying it down. Allow it to completely dry first if you want to ensure minimal issues with smearing or bleed through.
  • Contains premium quality ink with exceptional color consistency
  • Not prone to bleed-through or smearing
  • A great option for beginners and experienced artists
  • Made with several tip sizes
  • Guarantees fade-resistant color
  • Not advisable to touch the ink immediately
In a nutshell, these illustration markers are worthwhile investments. Drawing the appropriate marks for every task is easy for even beginners like me.

3. Copic Marker SM-100S Sketch Markers

Choosing the right caricature tools can be challenging for first-timers. So, it is a must to pick products made by trusted brands. Fortunately, these sketch markers are made of excellent quality, which is why they could guarantee superb performance. I chose them because they are manufactured as double-ended, fast-drying, and non-toxic.

Built with replaceable and easy-to-refill cartridges, these options are ideal for ensuring artistry and flexibility. With a total of 358 colors to select from and 3 nib alternatives, these markers can satisfy your requirements. The sturdy nibs can be easily interchanged and ready for use in 9 distinct styles and weights.

Not to mention, since they are electronically produced, these products ensure output and color consistency. Such sketch markers are compatible with the Copic airbrush system too. They come with a comfortable grip, so they are not prone to rolling away whenever I use them.

To guarantee immediate color selection, these markers were designed with a positive and accurate capping system. If you’re after outstanding colors and long-lasting markers, these items are worth buying.

I find these items are high-quality markers. The color is intense, and since these are designed as alcohol-based, they dry instantly, and I do not have to deal with smudge issues. They work well for thin strokes and larger areas as well.

Nonetheless, if you plan to draw some caricatures, I highly suggest that you bring several refill cartridges with you, especially if you’re on the go. This is to ensure that you won’t run out of ink while you’re too focused on finishing your artwork.
  • Designed as double-ended, fast-drying, and non-toxic
  • Made with replaceable nibs and easy-to-refill markers
  • Comes with 3 nib alternatives and a total of 358 colors
  • Built with a comfortable grip
  • Features positive and accurate colored capping system
  • Might require multiple refill cartridges when drawing caricatures
To conclude, these sketch markers are practical to have for artwork lovers like me. The replaceable nibs and refillable markers are what set these options apart from the other products out there.

4. Tombow 56621 Pen Art Markers

Unquestionably, these caricature drawing pens are smart investments for every art fanatic. Made with a top-quality, flexible, and resilient brush tip and fine tip, these drawing markers won’t disappoint you as you work on your art projects.

Additionally, these drawing pens allow me to blend colors more easily by utilizing the blender pen. Forming subtle washes through dipping the tip into the water is less complicated too. What I like best about these pens is that they are made using water-based ink. This ink produces no irking smell and very little to no bleed-through.

I discovered that these pens are one of the top-notch options used for professional fine art and crafts. So, I always make sure that I have them with me whenever I attend my art class. Having the right drawing pens helps me finish my art projects with more creativity, excellence, and accuracy.

Meanwhile, the fine tip allows me to create consistent lines whenever I need to. Besides, the sturdy nylon brush tip helps me come up with bold, medium, and fine strokes. Best of all, I am impressed at how the tips self-clean after blending.

You could pick from a total of 96 dynamic colors ready for use in a practical kit of 6 markers. Loaded with useful features, I think these drawing markers are one of the best options even though they are priced more expensively than other available products on the market today.
  • Allows users to blend colors more easily
  • Ensures no irking marker smell and little to no bleed-through
  • Highly recommended for professional fine art and crafts
  • Designed with water-based ink, flexible brush tip, and fine tip
  • Tips self-clean after blending
  • 96 dynamic colors for choosing in a 6-marker kit
  • Not considered as one of the budget-friendly alternatives
As a whole, these drawing pens are excellent alternatives even though you’ll need to spend a bit more at first. Built with beneficial features, you’ll have nothing to regret in the end.

5. Dyvicl Hand Lettering Pens

If you do not wish to worry about breaking the pen tips due to picking the wrong caricature paper texture, this set of pens is worth a try. These options are reliable for decorating any product’s surface and can be used for several types of art projects.

Whether you are into calligraphy, art drawing, lettering design, and other sorts of artwork, these pens are definitely a must-have. They are also manufactured with a flexible brush, and the tip can form fine medium or extra-fine strokes by a change in brush pressure.

As they come with a multiliner tip, they are practical for different drawing and lettering techniques. Particularly, they allow me to work on different strokes without any hassle. Also, since these calligraphy pens are lightweight, they are comfortable to use.

I bought these hand lettering markers because the ink is waterproof, non-bleeding, non-toxic, and fade-proof. They are adept at matching perfectly with watercolor markers for drawing and brush lettering. The ink comes smoothly and dries instantly, so I don’t encounter any serious smudges or bleed through.

If you are looking for marker pens that could help you deal with drawing lines and details, then there is no need for you to search elsewhere. Plus, each pen comes with a coded pocket clip cap, which is useful for greeting cards, art drawings, signatures, and illustrations.

Nevertheless, I suggest that you handle these calligraphy pens with extra care. I observed that they could be susceptible to drying quickly, especially if left capless for a long time. Make sure to store them properly when not in use.
  • Great to use for different types of art projects
  • Features multiliner tip for distinct drawing and lettering techniques
  • Lightweight and allows users to work on different strokes easily
  • Waterproof, non-bleeding, non-toxic, and fade-proof
  • Ink comes smoothly and dries fast
  • Each pen comes with a coded pocket clip cap
  • Might be prone to drying too fast when left capless
I highly recommend these hand lettering pens for beginners or for those who are practicing to learn modern calligraphy. This set of pens will work precisely for your requirements.

6. Dixon 87170 Permanent Markers

Since I prefer markers that are durable and can offer superior performance, I picked this option. These pens are manufactured with a 6-inch metal barrel that is ideal for tough work environments. I like them because they don’t break, melt, or crack easily.

If you’re going to inspect these permanent markers, you’ll uncover that they are manufactured with a seamless and leak-proof metal body. What is more, they come with a solid chisel felt-tip that features an anchored nib build. The package already contains a total of 12 black markers that you could reliably use for various artworks.

Fundamentally, the ink of these pens is designed as alcohol-based, permanent, and dries instantly. Aside from these, it is fade resistant to wood, glass, paper, plastic, cellophane, metals, and any non-porous and porous surface.

In my opinion, these items are manufactured with outstanding quality. The tight-fitting cap is quite advantageous because it helps keep the ink from drying out sooner than expected. I am also delighted that these markers can work like a charm even under extreme temperatures.

More importantly, I find these permanent markers easy to use. They are easy to carry around and store too. You can depend on them, and they’re not limited to artwork projects only. These markers are ideal gift ideas, too, because they are non-toxic and safe to use.

For all that, if you opt for less expensive permanent markers, this option might not be the perfect pick for your budget. Compared to other similar products, these pens are priced more expensively.
  • Designed with a super durable metal barrel
  • Chisel felt-tip that comes with anchored nib build
  • Kit contains a total of 12 black markers
  • Features permanent and quick-drying ink
  • Safe to use and non-toxic
  • Not ideal option for buyers with a limited budget
Ultimately, these permanent markers are unbeatable in terms of durability, reliability, and functionality. They’re slightly pricey but worth every single penny you spent on them.

7. TUYOART Hand Lettering Pens

Are you in the hunt for practical gift ideas? If yes, these black ink pens are the best caricature pens worth purchasing.

These art markers are fast-drying, bleed-free, and water-resistant. They can work excellently in terms of matching perfectly with watercolor markers for drawing and brush lettering. Their gas tightnesspoit feature allows the ink to glide sleekly. In other words, users can enjoy consistent free-flowing ink.

Likewise, these pens allow me to handle a broad array of applications. I can use them for writing, illustrations, drawing, bullet journaling, caricature, scrapbooking, etc. I find the rich pigment ink admirable because it is designed as acid-free and is not prone to fading sooner than expected.

Best of all, creating various types of strokes is no longer a problem for me. When it comes to coloring tiny complicated patterns and detailed drawings, these pens are reliable too. The flexible brush tip is useful for varied drawing and lettering techniques. Thankfully, this product is pocket-friendly.

Also, these alternatives are an impressive assortment of pens for second to none handwriting. My hands don’t tire easily because these pens are comfortable to use. They come in different sizes to match your needs too.

The only complaint I have is that the packaging of these art pens is not written in English. I think it would have been better if the manufacturer made some changes on this for everyone to understand what was exactly written there.
  • Fast-drying, bleed-free, and water-resistant
  • Built with gas tightnesspoit design
  • Guarantees consistent free-flowing ink
  • Perfect for many applications such as calligraphy or hand lettering
  • Can fit all types of budget
  • Comfortable to use and available in different sizes
  • The packaging is not written in English.
By and large, I think these art markers are practical purchases. They can guarantee a good range of thickness options and are versatile for what they are designed for.

What to Look for When Buying Caricature Markers


Before making the final purchasing decision for caricature markers, it is critical to look into the valuable features first. I also suggest that you compare various options to see their upsides and downsides.

When picking the best caricature markers for your needs, I advise that you consider the following buying guide:


Inspect of the marker is sturdy enough to withstand tough and frequent use. In other words, it should be something that could take a beating and does not break easily.


Check if the marker is built to last. It should be reliable to use, even in tough working environments. The ink should glide smoothly and does not run out instantly.

Line Variation

This refers to the capability of an art pen to vary from thick to thin.


Of course, always go for a trusted brand. It is essential to research the most credible caricature marker manufacturers that have been in the business for years.


Some art marker options utilize xylene-based ink that produces an irking odor. Some markers also produce fumes that could be dangerous to health. So, be sure to pick markers that do not produce paint or marker smell.


In summary, just like any job, we need to utilize the appropriate tools to get the desired outcome. The same goes for when working on various types of artworks. It is necessary to invest in the best caricature markers to make our art projects successful in the end.

I hope the different art marker options I have reviewed in this post can help you find the right alternative for your requirements. Check their features, upsides, and downsides carefully. Also, refer to the buying guide mentioned above to help you pick the right match for your art projects.

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