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The Best Washable Markers for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

If you are bothered by making unwanted mistakes while using a permanent marker, I might have an optimal solution to work things out better. There are markers on the market that their ink can be washed away over time only with plain water and extra detergents. They are known as a package of washable markers.

best washable markers

As their targeted user range varies from children to grownups, the markers are always made to be safe and non-toxic art supplies with particular standards. The marker tips are flexible to create lines in diverse widths. They will mainly be provided in a bundle of markers with assorted shades of ink colors.

Personally, I have always enjoyed using washable markers due to their great application to all sorts of art activities such as drawing, writing and coloring at home and school. One single marker package could boost your wildest creativity. Let’s dive into this article about the best washable markers right away!


<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Crayola Ultra Clean Markers


Top 2

RoseArt Washable Markers 


Top 3

Mr. Sketch 1924061


Top 12 Washable Marker Reviews of 2021

1. Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers

There is an obvious reason why these broad line washable Crayola markers are named Ultra Clean, is because their ink is washed away at ease from the skin, most types of clothing and painted walls. The washable markers are also made safe and completely non-toxic for at least 3 year-old or above children to use.

The markers are highly recommended for the ease to hold while using and the convenience to bring along on travel trips. I am interested in the Color Max Ink quality in each marker stick to produce vibrant and bold colors easily without bleeding through pages. There are 12 basic ink shades in total for a complete kit.

Aside from coloring large areas on washable surfaces, kids can make use of their conical tips to draw thinner lines or tapering from thick to thin. The broad line markers are flexible to help children get as creative as possible. Without a doubt, the 12-count washable marker package is ideal for classroom and art projects.

The most noticeable flaw in their design is probably how people could not click to close these marker caps in a gentle way, in my opinion. A kid had to try her best to secure the washable markers but she was unable so the ink inevitably dried out. I expect this famous brand to consider and improve this major issue.
  • Easily wiped away from the skin, clothes, etc.
  • Completely safe and non-toxic for kids’ use.
  • Comfortable to hold and carry along on trips.
  • High-quality Color Max Ink of long-lasting ink.
  • Flexible conical tips to draw thick & thin lines.
  • The hard-to-close caps cause the ink to dry.
When little children encounter any art projects at school, this set of 12 Crayola washable broad line markers will help them achieve wonderful work with basic but vibrant ink shades. I am glad that the markers do not bleed through pages whether you draw washable thin or thick lines on your skin, clothes and walls, etc.

2. RoseArt SuperTip Washable Markers 

At first sight, I am quite overwhelmed by the number of 100 washable markers in this single RoseArt box and wonder how users can store them properly in use. Then its Pull ‘n’ Pop strikes me as a brilliant measure because this pack is able to grant you quick access to all of these colorful markers and put them back.

With their current selling price on shopping websites, I think most people will agree with me that these 100 SuperTip washable markers for babies are valuable for the money. Their pigmented hues are assessed to be long-lasting and bleed-proof on surfaces. These markers have been certified for no hazards.

Unfortunately, this large quantity of washable markers might result in repeated ink shades problems. There seem to be around 5 repeated colors of the same kind, especially grey and yellow, with 4 to 5 markers in the exact same hue. I know that a lot of users expect to have a wide variety of colors, so this is quite unpleasant.
  • A large quantity of 100 counts per package.
  • Pull ‘n’ Pop box design allows quick access
  • Worth a try thanks to low price.
  • Long-lasting, washable and bleed-proof ink.
  • Repeated colors with up to 5 similar markers.
Because of the mass number of 100 SuperArt SuperTip washable markers, I feel great that the brand has managed to provide a brilliant way for storage. Your little kids are certain to never lose their washable pens anymore as they are aware of the Pull ‘n’ Pop box. You can own the kit quickly at a reasonable price.

3. Mr. Sketch 1924061 Washable Markers

You probably have never heard or experienced coloring markers that go with certain fruit scents but it is amazing that the brand Mr. Sketch has brought the idea to life. These stimulating scents like raspberry, cinnamon, mint, apple, plum, etc. stay on even after their ink has dried out, so kids can keep smelling.

I would love to claim these 1924061 washable scented markers of 14 counts as the best markers for toddlers because the chisel tip is versatile to create 3 different line widths. This tip is sturdy and durable to maintain its shape over extended uses. Their large cylinder design is beneficial for children to hold at ease.

Their water-based ink is specially formulated and does not bleed through pages at all. The 14 chisel tip washable markers are entirely safe for kids from 3 years due to their AP non-toxic certification. As long as the applied surfaces can be laundered (the skin, clothes…), you can use them to draw.

It appeared to me that the container box of these washable markers is not so reliable. There have been multiple times when users had to receive packages with fallen off and mixed up markers, including myself. It is wholly related to the loosen marker box that is not capable of holding and keeping the pens in place.
  • Different fascinating fruit scents for each one.
  • The chisel tip creates 3 versatile line widths.
  • Includes a large cylinder to handle and use.
  • Specially made, non-toxic, water-based ink.
  • Freely applicable to most washable surfaces.
  • The container box cannot hold them in place.
The variation of fruit scents on these markers can stimulate kids’ creativity and excitement while doing artwork and coloring books at school or home. That is why I believe this Mr. Sketch 1924061 chisel tip washable marker kit would be the most perfect gift to give your child on their birthdays or holidays.

4. Crayola Pip Squeaks Washable Markers

The reputable brand Crayola has manufactured this set of 25 washable pens to be carried neatly inside a lightweight plastic travel case with 40 other paper sheets. I can guarantee that not many brands are this thoughtful to prepare extra paper sheets in their marker cases for kids to always be ready to make art.

Their nibs are highly recommended for the sturdiness that resists crushing for a long time and the chunky barrel is simple to hold. Their name Pip Squeaks represents this kid-friendly shorter barrel so children can still feel comfortable handling these markers in their little hands. The kit is suitable for both boys & girls.

I see that the 25 washable ink shades they have here go far beyond traditional colors. They are extremely useful in helping kids express themselves or connect with other friends. This marker ink is completely washable from most surfaces such as the skin and fabrics by using a damp sponge or hand soap.

It might sound hard to believe but these washable markers actually grew mold on their tips after some time of use in completely normal room temperature. A lot of previous users and I were certainly dissatisfied with this case because we had strived to store the marker case properly. This matter is unacceptable.
  • A travel case to store markers & 40 papers.
  • Sturdy crush-resistant nibs for longer uses.
  • Shorter barrel for children to handle easier.
  • Simply washed away from skin and fabrics.
  • These markers may grow mold on their tips.
The 25 Crayola Pip Squeaks markers for toddlers special paper are stored in position in a portable travel case with 40 paper sheets, which is a wonderful measure that most other brands do not focus on now. This small case can fit a child’s bag to help them carry the markers along and start drawing anywhere possible.

5. Do A Dot Art! Washable Paint Markers

If you are currently searching for mess free markers for your small kids to do their art projects at school, I will suggest trying out 6 washable paint markers from Do A Dot Art. Their patented big sponge tip has been designed to never make a mess while children are layering and blending different hues on paper.

I like the fact that these washable markers are entirely gluten and latex free so parents can be more assured to allow their toddlers to play with them. The ink is certified for safety without any harmful contaminants inside, which is why being manufactured in the USA is so important and people will prefer such products.

More than the easiness to remove their bold ink from particular surfaces, a majority of kids are happy to use and hold the 6 paint markers since they are incredibly comfortable. The ink is contained inside no-spill, no splash bottles of 2.5 ounces and this amount of colors is really generous compared to other dot markers.

However, I had experienced a disappointing situation when a daubing sponge pad ripped out and shredded apart on one marker tip. I noticed that it was too thin and flimsy to hang on tight in the long run after several extended uses. It was impossible to replace these tops and I wish the brand would change this material.
  • The sponge tips do not make a mess in use.
  • Made in the USA, non-toxic, no latex & gluten.
  • Extremely simple to remove, use and handle.
  • 6 generous no-spill 2.5-ounce paint bottles.
  • The daubing pad on their tips can fall apart.
I think that large pigmented dots of versatile paint shades like the ones from these washable markers are ideal for decoration. Small kids are able to make colorful dots all day long without adults worrying about hazardous ink material. The 2.5-ounce amount of ink in these Do A Dot Art bottles is generous for long application.

6. Cameron Frank Products Washable Markers

This pack of 8 Cameron Frank Products dauber dot markers promises to bring joy and encourage creativity for many children, especially when they paint or play bingo with friends. These multi-color dots are created by non-toxic ink for kids to play around all day long and the good news is that it does not spill and leak.

Not only is their marker ink washable, but it also dries up quickly on an applied surface to avoid making a mess afterward. I am in love with the small daubers that are super easy to grip as they are slender enough for little hands. At the same time, each marker includes full 3 ounces of paint ink in 8 different colors.

So far, the best part when purchasing these washable dauber markers is that you also receive 3 additional activity books online for no charge, available in PDF files to print out. This means you can have some quality entertaining time with the kids through more than 100 creative pages with diverse activities to enjoy.

The cleanup, later on, is actually quite simple to do so it does not take much of your time. There are no brushes or spilled paints to deal with because the dots are already dried up quickly after the application. Furthermore, small children can definitely build up and strengthen their hand and eye coordination with the markers.

I am not pleased with the fact that certain hues tend to stain more than others on your skin and most surfaces. Blue, green and pink all stained while the rest of them seemed more effortlessly to get off during a hand wash. These marker colors are indeed pretty but I am afraid kids will have their hands and clothes stained.
  • Non-toxic ink colors that do not spill or leak.
  • Small daubers are slender for kids to hold.
  • 8 self-contained markers with 3 oz of paint.
  • Includes 3 printable activity books for free.
  • Improves both hand and eye coordination.
  • Several ink colors tend to stain on the skin.
My favorite feature when I purchase these 8 washable dauber dot markers from Cameron Frank Products is the 3 coloring eBooks of over 100 pages in printable PDF format. The brand has been so nice to offer their users with these extra coloring pages so you will not need to spend more for kids to have fun.

7. Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers

There is a total of 10 Super Tips washable markers for coloring to choose from in this Crayola package and they are suitable for both kids and adults. 10 classic ink shades work for all kinds of creative activities like coloring, drawing in your art projects. This type of ink is easily erasable when it is drawn on the skin.

This brand has long been famous for manufacturing markers with conical tips and they are much more flexible than you can ever imagine. From the point, they help you create thin lines while if the marker is held at an angle, thicker lines are produced. Children can practice hand lettering and DIY crafts with them.

I bet that it would be difficult to say no to these washable markers because the overall price cannot be more reasonable and they have great longevity. Also, they conform to the ASTM D-4236 qualification of non-toxic materials, which is an essential detail for parents to acknowledge beforehand and choose wisely.

Although the washable markers seemed to have a regular size and length with most other competitors on the market, I must sadly say that their internal ink was not much to use. This is quite awful because people would obviously expect to own as much washable ink with their markers as possible to be creative.
  • Perform well for both kids & adults to use.
  • Can be washed away at ease on the skin.
  • Conical tips allow drawing thick & thin lines.
  • Reasonably low price and great longevity.
  • ASTM D-4236 certified for being non-toxic.
  • There is not much ink inside each marker.
According to my experience, I will mostly prefer Crayola markers out of many other competitors because this brand has all of their products certified for no hazard. That way, little children and parents could have a quality playing time together with zero concern about inhaling or skin drawing the washable ink on.

8. U.S. Art Supply Marker Daubers

You might be a little concerned when you first know that these US Art Supply washable marker daubers are in a jumbo size, but they are actually the ideal shape for users of all ages. The cap pops out for you to get to work right away and their barrel design is smart enough to enable easy holding and gripping.

The mess-free daubing sponge tip has the responsibility to produce their bold ink that is water-based and acid-free onto your targeted surfaces. As far as I know, these 8 non toxic washable markers have already conformed to both of the ASTM D-4236 and EN71 standards to become completely safe for kids.

Personally, I have always admired the idea of designing such self-contained paint marker daubers because there are no ink bottles or messes to clean up. The dot dauber markers succeed in saving plenty of cleanup time for parents. Their sheerness in progress is a fantastic feature that not all markers achieve.

Even after all of the work to press and hold these washable markers down, in order to get their ink continued to flow, I needed to repeat the action several times again. They could only dot well for a little while and that was truly awful. I expect to have smooth and consistent ink flow coming out of these markers.
  • Has the ideal shape and size for all ages.
  • Simple holding and gripping with the barrel.
  • The ink is water-based, acid & toxic-free.
  • Conforms to the ASTM D-4236 and EN71.
  • Self-contained paint markers with no mess.
  • Enables amazing sheerness while in use.
  • Needs constant pressing for the ink to flow.
With this wonderful series of washable dot daubers in 8 traditional shades, I believe that your kids from 3 years of age would be extremely excited to test out the set. Their big size is also a great feature when it comes to finding them in different room corners. Plus, the safety qualifications are trustworthy to rely on.

9. Madisi Washable Broad Line Markers

Without a single doubt, I would definitely recommend buying these broad line markers in a massive bundle of 240 counts per package for a teacher to use in the classroom. In fact, only 10 assorted ink colors are available but each of them comes with 24 water markers for toddlers so it is indeed a major bulk.

Their large storage box is helpful in collecting all of the markers and putting them in position. The popular conical tip has been chosen to be equipped on the broad line washable markers for bold lines with its side and finer strokes at the point. 240 washable markers are absolutely beneficial to be the classroom supplies.

In spite of being great for use in a classroom so far, I happened to notice that the yellow Madisi marker ink is shown as a neon shade rather than the true hue of classic yellow. I had to purchase another kit of normal yellow markers to supplement them. The brand needs to take into account in producing the right colors.
  • 24 markers for each of these 10 ink colors.
  • Comes with a large pack for neat storage.
  • The conical tip enables broad & thin lines.
  • The yellow ink color is not the correct hue.
Imagine having this Madisi broad line washable markers of 240 counts in the classroom for all of your small students to make use of with their art projects. Since they are entirely non-toxic and washable from the skin and most fabrics, the kids can wash their hands right after the playtime to remove the ink off of them.

10. Color Swell Washable Markers

In the beginning, I had to express my concern about this 36 bundle set of washable markers for skin from Color Swell because I thought it had a high price due to the marker quantity. However, if you split the cost for every single pen in this package, one reliable marker here only requires you to spend so little.

8 traditional ink shades are available in the washable marker bulk set but they are provided in 36 packages per purchase, as a result, you will receive a total of 288 vibrant markers. Considering the number of markers in the set, I think they would do a great job serving school art projects, parties and DIY crafts for children.

As all of the washable markers have conformed to the ASTM D-4236 standard for safe art materials, toddlers are free to play with them throughout the day without worrying about toxicity. The marker ink is easily washed away so kids can draw straight on their skin and wash their hands later on to remove this ink.

Sadly, these washable markers tend to break quite easily, which is annoying for me and a lot of other users. They actually felt cheaply made and the ends would snap off when its cap is placed on the end of this marker, causing the ink to slide right out and make a mess. This issue should be properly adjusted soon.
  • A fairly low price for each pen in the set.
  • 8 colors in 36 packages equal 288 counts.
  • Ideal for art projects, parties & DIY crafts.
  • Conforms to the ASTM D-4236 standard.
  • The ink is gone after a few hand washes.
  • The ends fall and cause the ink to bleed.
Similar to the previous washable marker packages with a huge quantity, this Color Swell 288-count marker bundle set should be used in classrooms for all students to make use of. In case you want to give them away as gifts on their birthdays, purchasing a bulk of markers like this can be useful for an entire year.

11. Shuttle Art 304 Washable Markers

If you ask me about one of the most thoughtful brands that produce the most suitable crayons for toddlers now, I will not hesitate to give a shout out to Shuttle Art. Where else can you find 12 extra caps in a washable marker bulk like this one? They will replace the original missing caps to secure the marker ink from drying.

Due to the description, I can see that there are 16 diverse ink colors in total along with 19 markers for each of these shades. To sum up, you will get 304 washable markers when purchasing this large bundle. They can perform well for all kinds of activities like writing, drawing, coloring as classroom supplies.

Because of the special conical tip design, kids are capable of creating both thin, fine lines and bolder strokes on the same surface. They are also made in a jumbo size that is perfect for children to grasp and handle well. These 304 broad line washable markers are guaranteed to last much longer than you anticipate.

I recently found a problem with the markers that could affect its overall quality in relation to the cap. Whenever I tried to place it on top of the marker while in use, the cap simply did not fit and stay on properly. I know that many people will reject buying washable markers just because of their poorly made caps.
  • 12 caps ready to replace the missing ones.
  • 16 different shades with 19 pens for each.
  • Works fine for all activities related to art.
  • The conical tip enables thin and thick lines.
  • A jumbo pen size for children to handle.
  • The pen cap does not fit well as it should.
By having these art supplies always ready in the classroom and at home, I can guarantee that teachers and parents will never have to worry about the lack of markers and caps. Your small children are allowed to get as creative as they want to make art on their skin and other surfaces then wash it off with ease.

12. Colorations 982561 Washable Markers

The last classroom pack of washable markers for toddlers is manufactured by the brand Colorations, which is coded 982561 and contains 256 counts in total. They are certainly an essential type of art supply in a big classroom with lots of students, these 16 pigmented shades would be there for all of their art projects.

The washable markers come in a large container box with separate slots for different ink colors so you can find your targeted pens easily and store them back. I like the bullet marker tip in medium size that enables kids to draw both thin and thick lines while holding the entire washable marker in their hands effortlessly.

So far, this seems to be the only brand that produces refillable markers and I am truly excited because users do not have to purchase new pens if their ink runs out. Whoever has common allergies is safe with these markers since they are completely free from eggs, gluten, dairy, casein, peanuts, soy & tree nuts.

Nevertheless, I was awfully disappointed about how this brand designed the caps of their washable markers. They have a narrow part that if not carefully placed on, they would definitely destroy the marker tips. Small kids will hardly be able to cap these 256 washable markers in a careful way, therefore, this is a major drawback.
  • 256 pens are suitable for classroom use.
  • A large container box for optimal storage.
  • Medium-sized bullet tip for flexible lines.
  • Contains refillable ink in case it runs out.
  • Does not have common allergic materials.
  • The cap has a part that might ruin the tip.
There are so many talented young artists who would love to experience washable markers but they are allergic when exposed to certain materials. I feel lucky that 256 counts of these Colorations 982561 Washable Markers are free from those so users of all ages and health conditions can take advantage of.

What to Look for When Buying Washable Markers


Health certification – Washable markers are mainly produced for small kids from 3 so their specifications from inside out ought to meet appropriate health standards. The highest qualification for art tools and supplies to be rated safe for use so far is the AP (Approved Product) Seal of ACMI and here is how it works.

This seal is meant to qualify that the washable markers are entirely safe and certified to pass a toxicological evaluation by medical experts. These safe markers for toddlers do not contain any toxic or injurious materials that can threaten the health of their users, especially when they aim for small children.

If you spot a label of ASTM D-4236 on a washable marker package, it means it is the standard labeling of art materials for chronic health risks. The term “conforms to ASTM D-4236” is to ensure that all of the potentially hazardous components inside that art supply have been labeled clearly on the package.

Last but not least, EN71 labeling is a European standard that specifies safety requirements for toys. All washable pens for toddlers need to comply with this qualification because it is legally required for them to be sold in the European Union. These 3 health standards are common to be found when buying such markers.

Applicable surfaces – Because the compliance with safety standards above is a necessity for washable markers, they are not hazardous for users to apply directly onto their skin and wipe the ink off later. Of course, children will have to wash their hands a few times more for the ink to be wholly removed.

Aside from the direct application on your skin, there are several other surfaces that are suitable to use a washable marker with. Papers, walls and particular fabrics are the most targeted surfaces for toddlers to get creative with the help of a washable marker. They need to be launderable or else the ink will not go off.

Easy cap on and off – I bet that plenty of users do not pay attention to this feature when they first purchase a package of washable wall markers. That explains why a majority of them struggle with keeping the marker cap to stay on properly after being snapped. This is likely to lead to dry tips and vaporized ink.

A marker cap is an extremely important part since it enables good protection for the marker tips and their ink from vaporizing and drying out, in the long run. In case a washable marker has not been capped properly, I am 100% certain that sooner or later, the self-contained ink inside will run out and its tip will be dry.

I see that most marker caps have a simple design for children to use without any hassle. Remember about my warnings above about flawed caps for these washable markers. Some parents might decide to never purchase from a certain marker brand again if they see that the cap design is complicated and upsetting.

Also, there is a list of the top-rated markers for stamping I’ve used before. Furthermore, check my guide on markers for coloring mandalas if you need.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What are washable markers?

A washable marker is one of the most sought-after art supplies mainly due to the removable ink that allows you to make a few mistakes during the process. It often comes in bulk with assorted colors from 4 up to 300 counts per box. Most of these packages include classic shades for everyone to make use of easily.

In most cases, this washable marker has been qualified for being non-toxic and easy to erase from particular surfaces such as the skin or clothing fabrics. Global brands manufacture a washable marker with multiple different tip sizes and styles for the highest level of creativity, which makes it flexible for many purposes.

How does it work?

A washable marker is always self-contained with a certain amount of ink ready to use. It has to be a sealed stick to limit the chance of unwanted ink leakage and spillage. However, the marker cannot be refilled if this ink runs out so you will need to buy a new one or choose another color in the package.

Because it is filled with washable ink, consequently, there is less worry than permanent markers if you happen to an undesirable line on the fabric. This ink type can be removed from laundered surfaces and especially the skin after a few constant washes.

Who is this for?

The truth is that manufacturers produce washable pens for toddlers and adults regardless of their levels. Nearly all of which are currently on sale on the market have responded to the safety specifications I mentioned earlier. As a consequence, this product is completely safe and non-toxic for kids from 3.

What are the different types of washable markers?

The most two popular types of washable markers that I have known until now are different from each other by their tips. There are normal pen tips such as a chisel, super, conical tips to draw lines in different widths, from broad to thin. I like this flexible sort of tip as I can make bold strokes and fine lines with one marker.

While the second type would be a round daubing sponge pad attached on the tip to create multiple colorful dots. The ink is stored right inside this marker so you will not have to spend too much time for cleanup. You can go for any type of tip you want for your washable marker because both of them are fantastic.

Why do you need washable markers?

One of the most important reasons why you should buy a pack of washable markers for kids is to boost the creativity and self-expression of children ages 3 and above. They would help out a lot in developing hand and eye coordination for these small toddlers at the early age as well as encouraging them to be creative.

Another reason for getting washable markers is to keep the kids fascinated and occupied so parents and teachers can finish other important tasks. Washable markers can be applied for use of decoration, the classroom, at home, art projects, DIY crafting & coloring books, both for kids and adults.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted washable marker brands?

Among all brands that I have experienced up to now, there are only a few that I am satisfied with and continue to buy washable markers from them. Mr. Sketch, Crayola, Shuttle Art, Cameron Frank Products, RoseArt, Colorations, Do A Dot Art and Color Swell are the most trusted names for these washable markers.

I am impressed with these brands because they are all reputable names and have been manufacturing art supplies for a long time. I can see that most of their products go with a 100% satisfaction warranty. The washable marker price range is very reasonable.

Do washable markers wash out of your clothes?

Yes, the ink produced by washable markers could be washed out of your clothes, but only with certain fabrics. You can wash them promptly in a hot wash cycle, however, do not use prewash or chlorine bleach. Repeat laundering may be required if you wish for the ink to be completely gone.

In conclusion, any surfaces that are launderable are suitable to apply this type of washable ink on. Sooner or later after a few washes, your writing or drawing on the clothes is removed for good. All you need is to do is carefully pick the targeted fabric surface in the first place so you can wash the ink off it without stains.

How do you make washable markers permanent?

From my own perspective, there is no need to purchase permanent markers while you can use washable ones and turn their ink to a permanent condition. You might want to go over the previous washable ink with another layer on top of a permanent pen or embroider over it. That way, this washable ink will last longer.

Heat setting is another highly recommended method to keep the washable ink stays longer than it should be. Nonetheless, when that surface is laundered, especially with some detergent, the ink will wash out. Washable markers for walls are suitable for this purpose since you would rarely make the walls wet.

How to use it?

For your first use, remember to shake the entire marker well and twist off the cap from this pen. Press the tip onto a desirable surface until the color appears and start drawing thin, medium to thick lines as wished. In terms of the dauber dot marker, it requires one gentle press to make a big colored dot.

You can try to dip the marker tip into warm water for a few seconds if its ink has a sign to be dried up and does not deliver smooth lines anymore. This has been able to help me out in many similar situations. Always snap this cap back on again after use to prevent ink vaporization. Using this marker is that easy!

Where can I buy it?

In order to purchase the highest quality washable markers for kids on the current market, there are reputable addresses that I want to suggest you visit. They are both local chain stores and online websites that will guarantee the best service: Costco, Best Buy, Walmart, eBay, Home Depot, Amazon, Lowes, etc.

Based on my previous shopping experience, these names are highly reliable and the product range they offer is really wide. You can find a suitable pack of washable markers from all of the trusted brands above at different prices. I bet that you will feel the urge to visit them right now with many tempting markers await.

How take care and clean it?

Always check for the tightness of their closed caps after your children are done playing to avoid vaporized ink. Keep them capped whenever not in use because some marker tips are not sturdy and might fall apart. This small cap plays an important role in maintaining the highest quality condition of the ink.

Subsequently to the kids’ playtime at school or your home, put back all of the washable markers into their container or travel case to ensure neat storage and no missing colors. If the marker stick happens to get stains and dirt on, you should use a damp cloth with plain water to wipe them off and it will be as new.


As you can see, a bundle set of washable markers contain loads of amazing features for its users to discover, especially curious kids with a talent in art. Such markers are ideal classroom supplies and also giftable to both children from 3 or adults to use. I know for sure they will be delighted to receive this.

So what are your personal thoughts on this article about the best washable markers currently available? I hope you can find the most suitable package here and get them at the locations above. Share this with your friends and family via Facebook & Twitter for them to acknowledge as well. Thank you for reading.

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