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The Best Metallic Colored Pencils for Artists of All Skills, Levels & Ages

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

best metallic colored pencils

Metallic colored pencil sets are among the most interesting forms of colored pencil kits. Although a standard bundle of pencils will have a vast array of uses and color options, the best metallic colored pencils offer unique and artistic results.

A metallic color pencil is a unique form of colored pencil composed of wax and incorporates a few metal particles. They can create vibrant, startling metallic effects, especially on dark paper or canvas. They can deliver excellent clarity and striking accents to your drawing projects.

You might agree that high-quality metallic coloring pencils allow you to achieve well-designed and remarkable art projects. However, if you depend on low-quality metallic pens, working on various writing or drawing tasks could be a big hassle. How can you choose the right metallic colored pencil for you? Here are a few pointers:

  • If you are browsing for the right metallic colored pencils, you have to make sure they have deep pigments. They should give that “metallic” effect you desire. However, they are normally more vibrant than conventional pencils, but if you prefer a genuinely metallic style, it is vital to test out a few diverse sets and see which performs well.
  • Typical metallic colored pencil sets have very limited color options. Hence, some of your preferred colors may not be present in a certain set. You can consider buying a larger set with a wider color selection as a piece of advice.
  • The structure of the metallic colored pencil’s barrel matters as well. You may opt for a hexagonal shape for enhanced comfort and to keep it from rolling off the table.

While these factors help you select the ideal metallic colored pencil sets, knowing your goals and preferences is also critical in determining the right option.

In this article, I will show you the detailed reviews of the top metallic colored pencils sets on the market. Aside from that, I will walk you through some helpful tips to find the highest-quality metallic colored pencils for your needs and preferences.

<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Faber-Castell FC9120412


Top 2

Crayola 68-3708


Top 3



Top 7 Metallic Colored Pencil Set Reviews

1. Faber-Castell FC9120412 Metallic Colored Ecopencils

The most favorite metallic colored pencil set in this list is the Faber-Castell 12 Count Metallic Colored EcoPencil, giving you a fundamental set of genuine metallic pencils. These colored pencils for hyperrealism are professionally designed, allowing you to present artistic drawings and art projects.

The color distribution of these metallic pens is intense and vibrant, especially on dark paper surfaces. These metallic colored pencils have exceptionally pigmented leads for a wonderful coloring lay-down.

The color spectrum includes all essential metallic shades, including copper, gold, gray, and teal. I am pretty amazed by this set as I can blend any color seamlessly. This is quite possible because these Faber Castell metallic colored pencils feature a proprietary formulation that combines well and does not crumble.

Aside from that, another feature that distinguishes this set is its longevity. The whole length of the barrel of these metallic colored pencils is well-bonded. Thus, it is easy to sharpen without breaking the leads. I love how they stay sharp and do not easily break even when you accidentally drop them.

Moreover, I love the ergonomic structure of this metallic pencil, providing better control and comfort while drawing. Plus, the hexagon-shaped barrel keeps it from rolling off the table.

Apart from that, these metallic pencils are acid-free and non-toxic. I must say that this set is completely safe for children who love to exhibit their creativity and artistic skills.

The only minor drawback of this set is its limited color selection. I just wish that there were more color options in this amazing set.
  • Professionally designed pencils for hyperrealism
  • Very intense and vibrant pigment
  • Colors are quite blendable
  • Incredible longevity; durable leads
  • Acid-free and non-toxic
  • Limited color selection
Therefore, these are among the top-rated metallic colored pencils one must have. It has a promising capability of making your artworks look more gorgeous and vibrant. The metallic effect it produces is striking, making it ideal for creating intricate art details.

2. Crayola 68-3708 Metallic Colored Pencils

This Crayola metallic colored pencils set is a smart selection, particularly for individuals on a tight budget. This metallic colored pencil set exhibits outstanding glittery elements. This is primarily designed for school-related activities, making it an excellent starter package for children.

As we delve into the set, it features vivid colors that can handle all of your artistic needs in coloring, embellishing, and producing metallic colored pencil accents. The pigment is pretty noticeable, and it produces that desirable and shimmering finish on my drawings.

In terms of the performance of these pencils, I must say these colored pencils provide a terrific drawing experience. Since they are all pre-sharpened, you can use them immediately and conveniently.

They do glide easily on the surface. I am also impressed by the tip as it does not break quickly even when you apply more pressure to it.

One other thing, I find this set a practical option because of its affordable price. With that said, it does not compromise the quality of pencils. Plus, these pencils are environmentally friendly since they are made out of reforested wood.

Furthermore, this metallic colored pencil pack is 100% non-toxic and acid-free. You can allow your children to use this set with confidence.

The only thing I did not like about this metallic colored pencil set was its round-shaped barrel. It is not as ergonomic as hexagonal-shaped pencils.
  • Excellent starter set for kids
  • Designed with durable leads that prevent breaking when being sharpened
  • Can produce vivid and shimmery metallic accents
  • Easily glides on the surface
  • Affordable price
  • Round-shaped barrel
Nonetheless, this affordable yet high-grade set of Crayola metallic colored pencil is an excellent option, specifically for children who wish to explore their artistic side. The quality is quite durable, allowing you to execute art projects with multiple metallic accents.

3. ROYAL BRUSH RTN-157 Metallic Color Pencil Set

This Royal & Langnickel metallic colored pencil 12-pack set provides superb quality pencils for artists of all skills, levels, and ages. The pencils offer maximum convenience and efficiency, letting you complete all of your art projects with stunning results.

These hexagonal wooden pencils have thick, smooth leads that deliver perfect control. Thus, you can present precision in your detailed work, whether you are shading or blending. The leads give adequate opacity for testing with tonal contrasts in sketching.

Additionally, I truly enjoy how versatile these pencils are. You can blend these metallic colored pencil colors to make thin lines, tone out hues, or increase the intensity of shades, and the vibrancy will not fade after the process.

My favorite colors in this set are green and pink as they give the most vibrant appearance. Plus, they do give that desirable metallic sheen. With their stunning visual effects, you can take delight in artistic and beautiful shimmers.

When it pertains to keeping them pointy using a sharpener, these metallic colored pencils are easy to maintain. You can either sharpen them with a regular sharpener, a knife, or a cutter without breaking the leads.

On the contrary, the white and red colors in the collection do not keep up with the performance and richness of the other colors. These colored pencils seem to look dull than they should.
  • Ideal for both beginners and experts
  • Slightly thick and smooth writing leads for better control and precision
  • Versatile performance; Can be used for shading and blending
  • Gives off a sparkling metallic sheen
  • Easy to sharpen and maintain sharpness
  • White and red colors look dull
Despite that minor issue, this metallic colored pencil set is still a great option. The majority of the colors in this set are vibrant and are ideal for various art applications. Whether you are a novice or professional, you will appreciate this set of metallic pencils drawing.

4. MXXGMYJ 4336946039 Metallic Colored Pencils

This metallic colored pencil set is among the ideal options for blending metallic colors. This set includes 12 blendable shades that all glide smoothly on the surface. They are beginner-friendly, allowing you to use them with shade or color sketches.

Each metallic pencil in this set is constructed entirely of repurposed black wood. Therefore, this makes them completely non-toxic and non-harmful to one’s health.

Furthermore, they are ideal for empowering creativity in adults and children. You can use the pencils for numerous art applications because of their vibrant and long-lasting metallic pigment.

Aside from that, this metallic pencil’s gentle resistance and opacity are particularly appealing. It offers a pleasant texture neither too harsh nor too soft, making it ideal for precisely accentuating various art details.

The cartridges used in these metallic pencils are quite durable. Even if I drop it on the ground, the tip will not shatter easily. Its lead has a seamless feel and a firm drive, and it also lasts longer and does not require recurrent sharpening.

While using this metallic colored pencil, you will not have to worry about getting hand fatigue. Moreover, these pencils feature an ergonomic hexagonal structure that minimizes hand fatigue. This promotes convenient and comfortable drawing and coloring. Additionally, it prevents it from rolling on your table.

The downside of this metallic colored pencil pack is that some light colors seem to have a drab appearance.
  • Ideal for blending metallic colors
  • Glides smoothly on the surface
  • Great for accentuating intricate details
  • Durable lead for long-lasting quality
  • Hexagonal-shaped barrel for added comfort
  • The light color options look slightly dull
This colored pencil set is a pretty decent option. Besides the unique and eco-friendly design, the pencils render impressive performance, particularly in blending colors and creating complex details.

5. Sargent Art (SARAD)‎ 22-7231 Metallic Colored Pencils

This collection is ideal for applying glimmering touches to your drawings and graphics. Sargent Art Metallic Colored Pencils incorporate high-grade metallic pigments for detailed and coherent coverage. The set has 12 colors housed in excellent wood enclosures that sharpen quickly.

Since these pencils are pretty sturdy, you do not have to fret about damaging them while delivering your usual pressure levels. Since I am fond of performing vigorous shading and coloring on my art projects, this set does not disappoint. The lead is quite durable and does not need constant sharpening.

Aside from that, these metallic colored pencils for professional artists seamlessly glide on the paper. The colors will shine out glamorously on dark paper. I personally love the colors silver and gold as they give artistic effects to my art projects.

Professional artists can use this reliable set to create intricate strokes, varied colors, and textures. As you produce more creative elements, you will be able to improve your techniques and abilities, specifically in color layering. Each pencil offers a smooth drawing experience that contributes to its superior quality.

Moreover, I let the kids in my house enjoy these metallic pencils whenever they have their art sessions since it is completely non-toxic and acid-free. They are not just ideal for children, but expert artists as well.

The only drawback of this metallic colored pencil round-shaped barrel. Although it is not quite a big deal, it does not feel comfortable to hold sometimes.
  • Can produce glimmering metallic details
  • Durable barrel and lead for long-lasting quality
  • Glides seamlessly on the paper
  • Good for creating intricate strokes
  • Non-toxic and acid-free
  • Uncomfortable round-shaped barrel
Nevertheless, the metallic qualities of these colored pencils can ramp up the creativity of your work. Each pencil has a durable barrel and lead, ideal for producing intricate strokes. I bet both beginners and professionals will appreciate this set.

6. Derwent DE2305599 Colored Pencils

These Derwent metallic colored pencils are excellent for creating intricate art projects. This 12-piece set has a vibrant array of colors you can use to produce either large strokes or fine details.

You can also rely on them whenever you draw precise lines to delineate your project’s outlines or to establish dramatic patterns and softer borders.

I appreciate how the colors blend or spread easily for softer, tinted, and more creative results. There is no trouble mixing the colors, making them suitable for layering and creating various colors.

Furthermore, I love how flawless and simple they are to use when drawing lines or filling in gaps and pictures in coloring workbooks and doodles.

Moreover, these metallic colored pencils have very vibrant and distinct colors. Depending on how thick you use it, it can produce bright and vivid hues according to your needs and preferences.

I am enthralled with the darker colors, primarily the metallic greens, blues, and browns. They flow onto the paper very seamlessly and generate vivid and striking statements. All of the colors in this set excel in blending and their waxy consistency makes them reliable for color layering.

Aside from that, each pencil has intensive metallic qualities and composition that enhance the color’s luster and shimmery pigments. It features a firm base that creates stunning clarity and lush color distribution. They are all versatile, making them ideal for various art applications and techniques.

The only slight pitfall of this colored pencil set is the hefty price tag.
  • Efficient in terms of producing intricate and complex details
  • Exceptionally blendable to produce seamless color combinations
  • Vibrant/ bright colors but not obtrusive
  • Suitable for layering colors
  • Great for different art techniques
  • Expensive
After reading this Derwent metallic pencils review, you have discovered that this colored pencil pack is primarily designed for professional artists who love to exhibit their skills using metallic pencils. Although it is pricey, these Derwent metallic colored pencils are worth every penny for their exceptional performance.

7. qianshan Metallic Colored Pencils

These metallic colored pencils from qianshan are probably what your art arsenal is missing for simple yet high-quality colors. Their vividness and performance can elevate distinct colors and features in your creative project.

This collection includes 12 metallic colors that you can use to create gleaming patterns and enhance the outlines in your artwork. These pencils are great for amateur and experienced artists, especially those who frequently design party invitations and greeting cards.

I like how versatile these pencils are, and I can use them on different surfaces, not just on regular paper. Each metallic pencil is suitable for black-background paper, poster boards, scrapbooks, and many more.

Another impressive aspect I discovered with these metallic colored pencils is their neat application. These metallic pencils perform very well, enhancing your project’s intricacies and diverse colors.

You do not have to worry about unsightly markings, especially when working on a colored surface. You can simply erase them should you ever make errors.

Moreover, you can let the kids enjoy this colored pencil pack as it is very safe to use. They are non-toxic and acid-free.

The only downside I experience with these metallic pencils is the quality of the lead, which is not that durable. Applying a slightly stronger pressure while using each pencil will make the lead break.
  • Offers great quality pencils for a beautiful metallic sheen
  • Glides seamlessly on the surface
  • Suitable for outlining and color layering
  • Easy to erase
  • Non-toxic
  • The lead is not durable
These metallic pencils will satisfy both novice and professional users. With their great color quality and performance, you can polish your artistic projects with appealing colors and a metallic finish.

What to Look for When Buying Metallic Colored Pencils


  • Genuine Metallic Finish

Certain metallic coloring pencils do not have that desirable metallic effect. Some might have a metallic luster only on particular surfaces. Metallic colored pencils would seem more vibrant on dark paper, although they might look faded out when applied on regular white paper.

You should select a metallic colored pencil with a genuine metallic finish that shines through regardless of what surface you are using. Aside from that, you can consider how a metallic colored pencil would present colors on dark paper or white paper. It should be capable of displaying its metallic luster whether you use it for painting rocks or for drawing on regular paper.

  • Vast Color Selections

Lots of metallic colored pencil sets only include typical metallic colors such as gold, silver, and bronze. There are, however, several sets with greater color options.

Metallic gold, silver, and bronze markers are ideal for calligraphy applications, including lettering and creating wedding invitations. However, I would also recommend obtaining ones with white, red, blue, and black metallic pencils for more creative possibilities.

Nonetheless, you have to make sure you spend your money on a package that includes the colors you often use. Determine the usual scale of your work as well as your abilities and common methods for layering and creating colors. In this way, you can easily tell whether you need a huge set or a minimal selection of colors only

  • Ergonomic Design

Pick those metallic pencils that are easy to hold and comfortable to use. They are generally available in a variety of shapes and styles.

Metallic colored pencils with hexagonal shapes prevent the pen from rolling off the desk and provide an improved grasp for individuals with limited hand dexterity including kids. I would suggest not going with pencils with round-shaped barrels as they are not roll-proof.

  • Adaptability

If you work with a variety of art materials or media, you must take into account the adaptability of the metallic colored pencils you choose. Certain metallic colored pencils can blend with different creative media depending on the formulation and texture. This adaptability can enhance intricate details and highlights to elevate your work.

  • Blendability

Metallic colored pencils that allow you to combine colors indefinitely are ideal for creating smooth, professional, and creative shading. Assess the pigment to check whether it has strong blending properties, which implies it should not smudge and therefore should mix easily with other pigments without producing conspicuous streaks and partitions.

Moreover, some brands offer water soluble metallic pencils that can produce striking and vibrant effects as well as other artistic accents. You can go for the Derwent metallic range of colored pencils for this innovative feature. Moreover, The vibrant, shimmery textures and colors of Derwent metallic range are exceptionally beautiful on white paper, black paper or any dark surfaces.

  • High-Quality Yet Reasonable Price

Metallic colored pencils are available in a large diverse array of prices, which might vary depending on the availability of particular colors, sets, or brands. You can find inexpensive selections, but some brands and sets of pencils can be expensive due to the variety of colors provided.

If you are saving money, you may select metallic pencil sets with fewer color selections or student-quality pencils. However, prices may differ from one brand to another. Whether it is inexpensive or costly, be certain that you are not buying a set with shoddy quality.

How Do You Use Metallic Pencils


The way you handle your metallic colored pencils can have an impact on the appearance of your drawings or sketches. Hence, you must first decide what you intend to accomplish with it or how you want to add those metallic effects and details. You can try following these basic steps:

  • Step 1: Make sure to sharpen your metallic colored pencils before using them.
  • Step 2: You may use it just like a regular drawing pencil occasionally, particularly if you are working on designs or drawings for your portrait or pencil art.
  • Step 3: You can hold your metallic pencil just like you intend to pick it up, especially if you create intricate details on your artwork. You can consider using the side of the metallic pencil for strokes and outlines in this angle.
  • Step 4: You can apply the same angle when shading, but you can position your fingers closer to the tip for increased precision and more efficient layering.
  • Step 5: When working on complex details and intricate lines, choose metallic colored pencils with thinner leads or tips.
  • Step 6: If you intend to fill wider sections, you can use metallic colored pencils with thicker leads or larger tips. This might not be suitable for outlining and producing intricate lines. However, it will suffice, particularly if you want to expedite the shading or coloring process.

Is Faber Castell Better Than Prismacolor

The binder that holds the colors and resin to the graphite is the most significant difference between these pencil brands. Prismacolor often uses a wax-based binder, which is more common amongst color pencils and provides a commonly desirable appearance.

Faber-Castell, on the other hand, uses an oil-based binder. It is not frequently available, but it arguably has a higher quality and a more distinct impact than the standard wax-based colored pencil.

In a nutshell, if you want to draw cartoons, transition effects, or even intricate designs, Prismacolor metallic colored pencils will deliver the texture and vivid brilliance connected with those techniques.

Nevertheless, if you plan on drawing and coloring landscapes, portraits, abstract, or elaborately styled pieces in visual or contemporary art, the precision and blending of the Faber-Castell pencils will be more fulfilling to your art projects. So, I must say that these brands are excellent in their own ways.


To wrap it up, selecting the best metallic colored pencils is not just about the colors you prefer. They come in a myriad of textures, barrel shapes, blending capabilities, color options, lead sizes, and adaptability. Even though it might be difficult to search for the right metallic colored pencil set, I believe this review has addressed everything you need to understand before purchasing.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced artist, what matters most is your needs and preferences and how you intend to use your metallic colored pencils. With that in mind, you can easily narrow down your options and determine which set of metallic colored pencils perfectly matches your skills and personality.

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