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The Best Acrylic Paint Brushes for Novice & Experienced Acrylic Painters

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

best acrylic paint brushes

Whether you are a beginner or a professional artist working with acrylic paints, you would probably agree that paint brushes can make or break your art. With the overwhelming options of brush types and sizes, it can be intimidating to decide what the best acrylic paint brushes should be.

Challenging as it may seem, finding the best paint brushes for acrylic paint involves a comprehensive understanding of their features, primarily the bristle type, brush shape, and brush size. If you are a novice acrylic painter, it is hard to determine what goes under these key features. Therefore, let us dig deeper.

  • Between natural and synthetic brushes, the best brush for acrylic paint are the ones with synthetic bristles (nylon or polyester) because they can hold acrylics very well. Although natural bristle brushes have been a common choice for oil paint, they cannot handle acrylic paint as effectively as synthetic brushes can.
  • How about the brush shape? There is a vast array of shapes to choose from, though the main shapes can either be flat and rectangular or round and pointed. Your ideal brush shape depends on your painting techniques and precision level.
  • Lastly, acrylic paint brushes are available in various sizes: small for detail work, medium for versatile applications, and large for filling in vast areas or rendering washes. For beginners, it is better to start with medium-sized brushes for versatility and optimum control.

While these features are crucial in selecting paint brushes for acrylic painting, recognizing your skills and techniques are significant factors that can help you come up with the ultimate choice. Aside from that, you will find detailed guidelines and reviews in this article.acrylic-paint-brush-set

<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Benicci Brush Set


Top 2

BOSOBO -AC&S-18003


Top 3

Rosmax Brush Set


Top 12 Acrylic Paint Brush Reviews

1. Benicci Paint Nylon Brush Set

When looking for the best paint brushes for acrylics, this Benicci acrylic brush set is among the top-notch picks that are suitable for acrylic painting. First of all, these brushes are synthetic and made from premium quality nylon. Plus, they are affordable.

Although many consider nylon bristles flimsy, these brushes are the other way around. Impressively, this synthetic paint brush set includes nylon brushes that provide optimum softness. They are neither overly soft nor stiff, making them sturdy enough to keep the bristles intact at all times.

Besides the high-quality synthetic bristles, each brush renders optimum performance to pick up acrylic paint very well. The paint flows seamlessly, allowing you to create smooth and precise lines; and solid applications. When it is time to clean the brushes, I find no trouble tidying them up.

Aside from that, this set includes different brush shapes and sizes. Since the brush sizes range from small to large (½, ¾, #2 #4, and #8), you can work on varied line widths and strokes, whether thick or thin.

The brush shapes feature liner, filbert, fan, angular, comb, glaze, and flat brushes. Because of the diverse selection, you can showcase different acrylic painting techniques even when practicing or working for an art commission.

Aesthetically, the aluminum ferrules look sophisticated in bronze. While they enhance the features of brushes, they also keep the bristles from falling out. Besides that, it is quite a treat to have a palette knife, an organizing case, and sponge included in this set.

However, the drawback is that some of the bristles are sticking out.
  • A set of high-quality nylon brushes that can pick up acrylic paint efficiently
  • Includes different brush sizes and shapes for versatility
  • Delivers smooth paint applications and solid colors
  • Elegant ferrules that secure the bristles
  • Easy to clean
  • Some bristles are sticking out
Overall, this brush set is probably the best bang for your buck in terms of quality and performance. The variety of shapes and sizes as well as the durable nylon bristles allow you to indulge in a flexible painting experience.

2. BOSOBO BOSOBO-AC&S-18003 Paint Brushes Set

Working with acrylic paint usually takes effort, time, and different brush sizes and shapes. That is why this 20-piece set has more than just a synthetic brush for painting but an incredible treat when variety matters the most.

There is just so much to accomplish with these high-quality acrylic paint brushes, considering the shapes that vary from round (#2, #3, #5), flat (#2, #6, #⅝), filbert (#4, #8), and liner brushes (#2/0, #1).

This set can be considered professional paint brushes and each brush is intended for particular tasks that make acrylic painting much easier. For example, the round brushes are quite flexible and suitable for short and detailed strokes. When the art calls for intricate lines and strokes, liner brushes are the best for.

Aside from that, the high-grade nylon is what makes these professional acrylic brushes sturdy and versatile. For its price point, these brushes have soft and thick nylon hair that provides ample fluid retention.

Since the synthetic bristles are impressively flexible, they bounce back nicely, allowing them to return to their original shape after every stroke. This makes a lot of difference in acrylic painting, especially when you want to produce crips and neat strokes.

One more thing, the nickel ferrules are rust-resistant and double-crimped. This ensures durability and stability that keeps the bristles from shedding or falling out. Plus, these durable brushes look elegant in gold.

Apart from the striking blue color, the wooden handles are waterproof. This feature helps the handles become durable and resistant to peeling, much more so when you dip them frequently while painting.

I also noticed that the handles are short. Thus, they provide better precision and control when working on small details and fine lines. However, the short handle length could be a downside as well; this may not be suitable for easel work.
  • A collection of various brush sizes and shapes for versatility
  • Made of premium quality nylon bristles
  • Offers optimum fluid retention and flexibility
  • Designed with short handles for better control when painting small details
  • Waterproof handles that resist peeling
  • Short handle length; Not ideal for easel work
This stunning paint brush kit highlights a diverse selection of brush sizes and shapes. Whether you need to create bold strokes or render detailed lines, you can have the right brushes for all your painting needs.

3. Rosmax Artist Paint Brush Set

Before we get into the details of this brush set, I must say that the black and gray bristles are aesthetically pleasing. They give off such elegance that resembles any other synthetic professional artist paint brushes.

But beyond these beautiful aesthetics are excellent performance backed by great quality nylon bristles that are easy to clean and use. I have come across different nylon or synthetic brushes, but this set stands out for its durability.

So far, the bristles have held up pretty well and have not shed. Because of this, every stroke looks clean and crisp without any bristle fallouts, and they do not spread or splay.

Moreover, they are flexible and very springy. Hence, the brushes are responsive and can revert to their original shape. These brushes are optimally absorptive, picking up enough acrylic paint and water.

Another factor that makes this set quite a steal is the combination of different brush types. There are liner, round, angled, flat, filbert, and fan brushes that are useful for certain applications.

I personally like the liner brushes because they are firm yet flexible and they can deliver super-fine strokes and outlines. On the contrary, the fan brush covers vast areas, filling every space with beautiful washes and brushstrokes.

Since you get to try every brush shape, I suggest this set for amateur acrylic painters who want to explore different brush shapes.

Aside from that, the black lacquer wood pen poles have ergonomic shapes and lengths for close-up and distant painting. They are comfortable to hold while painting.

When it comes to the ferrules, they are double-crimped and sturdy enough to secure the bristles. I also think the ferrules play a significant role in keeping the bristles from falling out. Unfortunately, some of the brushes have loose ferrules.
  • Made of high-quality nylon for long-lasting performance
  • Can absorb acrylic paint efficiently
  • Can produce road and fine lines
  • Suitable for different line widths and painting styles
  • Ideal for amateur painters
  • Some ferrules have loosened up
This acrylic paint brush set includes excellent brushes for novice and experienced acrylic painters. Besides the elegant features, each brush showcases the properties you need for a reliable acrylic brush.

4. Benicci Professional Artist Paint Brush Set

There is something about these Benicci acrylic paint brushes for professionals that makes painting a lot more enjoyable. I must admit that the sophisticated and attractive embellishments are among the factors, but it is more than that: they offer decent resiliency, absorptive properties, and durability.

This 12-piece set is a combination of high-quality artist brushes in different sizes and shapes. It comes with small to large brushes, and each of them can exhibit distinct line widths for detailed strokes or bold and solid lines.

The liner brushes can produce excellent lines and crisp strokes. Moreover, the larger brushes have wider painting capacities, covering and filling in larger areas. They can also create broad and medium brushstrokes and applications.

The soft yet durable nylon bristles make this possible. When used on acrylic, each brush can hold a good amount of paint and release the colors beautifully and smoothly. After every stroke, the brushes bounce nicely without deforming their shapes.

Besides that, the pigment layers look vivid and realistic. Thanks to the sturdy nylon bristles, presenting colors has never been easier. Aside from that, the aluminum ferrules do not feel flimsy and secure the bristles well.

Fortunately, the bristles do not seem to shed or fall out and they stay intact even when painting, leaving the surface clean without any messy bristle fallouts. Aside from that, cleaning is a breeze with these brushes.

There are no major issues with this brush set, except the ferrules are likely to get scratches easily.
  • A set of artist brushes in various sizes and shapes for variable painting techniques
  • Made of soft yet durable nylon bristles
  • Provides smooth and neat paint without shape deformation
  • Can create fine and broad strokes and lines
  • Elegant design
  • The ferrules are vulnerable to scratches
Despite that minor issue, this artist brush set has good acrylic paint brushes to get you started with acrylic painting. They have decent features, are easy to clean, and are suitable for versatile applications.

5. Mont Marte BMSS0100 Art Paint Brush Set

The best thing about these Monte Marte paint brushes is their thick and soft bristles that can deliver a smooth flow rate and seamless applications. I guess that is what you can expect from Taklon hair.

Impressively, this material is innovatively designed to mimic the properties of natural sable. Compared to nylon, I can tell that these fibers are much thicker, more durable, and relatively softer. This durable brush is pretty much like natural bristles that are beautifully made for acrylics as well as oil paint and watercolor.

Moreover, each brush displays amazing features that can apply vivid acrylic paints effortlessly. Since the bristles do not shed, these synthetic acrylic brushes ensure crisp edges, solid paint layers, and smooth blending.

Aside from that, there is an assortment of shapes and sizes. You can find small brushes for super-fine lines and minute details and large flat brushes for washes and filling in vast areas. Some brushes have rounded tips that are ideal for versatile applications, whether broad or fine.

The golden ferrules are sleek and stylish. They are also double-crimped, enhancing the stability and durability of the bristles. So far, there are no wobbles, and the ferrules do not seem to loosen up. I can tell that these brushes are well-made.

When it comes to portability, these are probably one of the ideal brush sets to carry around. They are compact and best-suited acrylic painters who need to move places for Plein-air painting and more. Plus, they all come in a carry case for organized storage.

There is just one issue about these brushes: some of the wooden handles start to peel off.
  • Made from premium quality Taklon hair that resembles sable hair brushes
  • Soft and thick bristles that provide flexibility and precise applications
  • Includes assorted brush sizes and shapes for broad and fine lines
  • Features double-crimped ferrules to secure the bristles
  • Portable
  • The coating on some of the brush handles peel off quickly
Anyhow, if you need assorted types of paint brushes for acrylic without spending a massive outlay, I recommend going for this set. These Taklon hair brushes are all about versatility and excellent quality that feel like natural sable brushes.

6. conda Professional Artist Paint Brush Set

These Conda paint brushes are a treat for experienced amateur acrylic painters who yearn for excellent variety. This set includes different brush sizes and shapes for all your painting demands and techniques.

It has flat, round, rigger, filbert, angled, bright, mop, and purpose brushes that can cover small and vast areas. I personally like the filbert and bright brushes because they work great as an acrylic blending brush to exhibit colors and layers.

Besides the assortment, the brushes are made of high-grade nylon for durability and flexibility. The filaments are soft yet sturdy, letting you apply colors smoothly without leaving any residues or fallouts.

Amazingly, they pick up acrylic paint well and release them nicely without any skipping or leaving uneven layers of paint. The bristles are surprisingly durable and long-lasting even when you wash them frequently.

Moreover, every brush is innovatively crafted with a lightweight wood handle for added comfort, especially when working on tedious painting tasks. Thanks to the rigid ferrules, the bristles do not fall off; they keep the brushes stable at all times.

Beyond these advantages are slight pitfalls to watch out for: they do not hold as much paint as other nylon brushes I have tried. However, they are ideal for hobbyists and beginners in acrylic painting.
  • Has various shapes and sizes for versatile applications
  • Made of great quality nylon for durability
  • Soft and flexible filaments for effortless painting
  • Non-shedding bristles
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Not ideal for serious painting or professional painters
When it comes to a variety of sizes and shapes, this set is definitely a treat. They are not the best acrylic brushes out there, but they do what they are supposed to do: to showcase beautiful brushstrokes using acrylic paint.

7. Amazon Basics PBR-06 Detail Paint Brush Set

The first time I saw this Amazon Basics Detail paint brush set, it reminded me of the Grumbacher Goldenedge acrylic paint brush pieces for minute details and sharp edges. Impressively, these detail brushes have a variety of sizes that can accomplish artistic yet complex applications.

The brush sizes are flat and round, with models that vary from 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0, and 1. Although relatively smaller than other brushes, they feature ergonomic handles and contoured bodies for better comfort.

Aside from the handle shape, the length is a significant factor that makes painting more precise and hassle-free. Moreover, they feel sturdy and not wobbly.

With brushes as small as these, it can be a little difficult to determine the quality of the fibers or hairs. However, I can tell that the bristles are derived from high-quality nylon and this is because the brushes lend precise, seamless, and neat pigment quality after every stroke.

Besides that, the bristles do not fall off even when you wash them frequently. They maintain their shapes, allowing you to paint comfortably and showcase your techniques in detailed work.

On the other hand, the problem is the limited selection; this is ideal for small details or miniature painting only.
  • A set of detail acrylic brushes for intricate details
  • Has contoured bodies to let you paint comfortably
  • Made of high-quality nylon for seamless applications
  • Can create clean and crisp lines and complex strokes
  • The bristles do not fall out
  • Limited shape and size selection
I recommend this set if you need to emphasize sharp edges or intricate outlines on your acrylic paint. It is a good brush set to start and practice for detail work.

8. Mont Marte Acrylic Paint Brush Set

Acrylic painting becomes more enjoyable and easier when you have the right brush shapes and sizes to use. That is quite true with this Mont Marte art paint brush set for acrylic.

This 10-piece set does not have as much as other acrylic brush sets, but the excellent variety gets the job done. Whether you are an experienced acrylic painter or a hobbyist, you can have proper brush shapes and sizes with this set to complete an art piece.

If you look closely at the features, the brushes are made of the finest Taklon bristles, my favorite synthetic brush material. Nylon bristles are great, but Taklon hairs are quite exceptional for their flexibility and softness, making them perfectly suitable for acrylics.

These synthetic Taklon hair bristles lend a similar feel to sable brushes. Therefore, they are incredibly soft and efficient when picking up paint. They release paint nicely and bounce beautifully after every stroke without any deformation.

Aside from that, the wooden handles feature ergonomic shapes for added comfort when painting for extended periods. The black ferrules look elegant while keeping the bristles from falling off or sticking out.

Moreover, the brushes are portable and compact, making them suitable for traveling.

I think the only issue is the durability of the handles as they feel a little flimsy.
  • Made of Taklon hairs for smooth finishes and optimum absorption
  • Soft and flexible hairs for hassle-free applications
  • Offers excellent bounce; Maintains the form after every stroke
  • Ergonomic handle design for comfortable painting
  • Portable and compact brushes
  • The handles feel flimsy
If you want to experience the exquisite performance of Taklon hair brushes, I suggest trying this set. It includes a nice variety that allows you to flourish acrylic paintings with clean and beautiful strokes.

9. AROIC PaintBrush-60p Acrylic Paint Brush Set

If you have just gotten into acrylic painting, spending a massive outlay on paintbrushes is a no-no. With that in mind, I consider this Aroic acrylic paint brush set among the practical options for novice painters.

Besides the affordable price, this set offers good quality acrylic paint brushes that can lay down colors seamlessly. Plus, these synthetic hair brushes highlight their soft and flexible filaments derived from premium-grade nylon.

Mind you, this affordable flat acrylic brush set includes 6 packs of 10 art brushes. Thus, you will have more than enough for 60 acrylic brushes should you ever need to combine colors or create various art commissions.

Although there aren’t too many large brushes in every pack, the flat, filbert, round, and liner brushes are enough to produce different line widths. The flat brushes are reliable for washes and vast areas, while the round and liner details are for intricate outlines.

Each brush features soft and flexible nylon hairs. I can’t say they have the best quality, but they are good enough to absorb and release acrylic paint. Impressively, the bristles do not shed, allowing you to paint smoothly without any residues or fallouts.

The only drawback is the overall quality of the brushes. They sometimes feel flimsy so I would not recommend them for professional use. However, if you need brushes to practice acrylic painting or simply use them for your hobby, you are good with this set.
  • Comes with 6 packs of 10 brush sets for practicing and hobby acrylic painting
  • Features soft and flexible nylon hairs for smooth blending and layering
  • Can create sharp edges, fine lines, or broad strokes
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Very affordable
  • Not for professional use
  • Cheap quality brushes for hobby painting or practicing only
This is an affordable and practical option for amateur acrylic painters. Although these are not professional quality brushes, these brushes showcase the essential features for practicing acrylic painting.

10. Artify Expert Series Enhanced Synthetic Brush Set

If I could think of professional acrylic brushes that can create different painting techniques, there are probably too many to mention. However, this Artify Enhanced Synthetic brush set is worth mentioning.

At a first glance, the variety of brush shapes and sizes can be a little intimidating. But if the acrylic artwork calls for various brushstrokes, every shape in this set would be useful. It includes liner, flat, filbert, angular or angled, round, fan, and comb brushes.

Since the sizes vary from small to large, showcasing your creativity and techniques is endless. The liner brushes or the smaller brushes are ideal for fine lines and medium strokes. Moreover, the larger brushes are great for washes and filling in large areas.

Besides the stunning brush collection, this is one of the best acrylic paint brushes sets for professionals and beginners can take advantage of the synthetic design. They are made from high-quality nylon hairs that are derived from Korea.

Each brush lends smooth applications and neat brushstrokes, allowing you to achieve precise colors and paint layers. These synthetic nylon hairs provide excellent elasticity and absorption for optimum performance.

Furthermore, the ergonomic handles deliver added comfort when painting, even for long periods. Plus, the ferrules keep the bristles intact, preventing any wobbles and bristles from sticking out.

Unfortunately, the brushes do not seem anti-shedding, as some bristles fall out sometimes.
  • Offers a diverse collection of brush shapes for versatility
  • Can produce fine and broad strokes
  • Made from high-quality nylon hair for smooth finishes
  • Ergonomic handles for added comfort while painting
  • Sturdy ferrules for stability
  • The bristles shed sometimes
Whether you are a professional acrylic painter or a beginner, this massive set can help you make acrylic painting a lot more enjoyable. There are a variety of brush sizes and shapes that can unleash your creativity and flourish your skills.

11. TRANSON Premium Brush Set

This premium acrylic paint brush set is probably what beginners and experienced painters would want to have. Not only are they available in multiple brush types and sizes, but also made of premium quality nylon for excellent performance.

The selection of brushes is useful for washes and detail work. But if it were me, my favorite would be the Transon flat brush because you can achieve precision over intricate strokes. At the same time, keeping these brushes lying flat allows you to cover wider areas and exhibit solid colors.

Aside from that, the round one is a good acrylic brush for blending and creating fine strokes. Moreover, the smaller round brushes are reliable for highlighting minute details and complex outlines.

With all these fascinating features, I can consider them affordable professional paint brushes for artists, though beginners can also try them. It is all thanks to their premium quality nylon hairs that do not deform after every stroke.

Aside from that, the durable bristles pick up acrylic paint efficiently and release them nicely on the surface as you apply colors. Hence, you can expect smooth finishes and effortless applications without much shedding.

Furthermore, the brush handles are short, allowing you to work closely at the littlest details on your art with better control. But although this Transon flat brush set may seem an advantage, the handles may not be long enough for easel work.
  • Made from high-grade nylon for durability and flexibility
  • Delivers effortless applications and smooth finishes without shape deformation
  • Non-shedding bristles for clean and crisp lines
  • Can fill in large areas and produce detailed strokes
  • Short handles for close-up painting
  • Short handles; not the best option for easel work
This premium acrylic brush set is all about flexibility and precision in every stroke. The assorted brushes boast sturdy nylon bristles to help you achieve promising results.

12. Adkwse Paint Brush Set

For beginners looking for more than just good paint brushes for acrylic paint but a complete set to start with, I would suggest this Adkwse paint brush set. It has 15 different paint brushes, a paint tray, two palette knives, and two sponges.

It has the essentials for acrylic painting, particularly the variety of brush sizes and shapes. The set includes angled, flat, fan, round, filbert, and liner brushes that can provide versatile applications. Moreover, the diverse selection lets you explore different painting techniques as you progress with acrylic paint.

Sifting through their features, the manufacturer claims that these acrylic paint brushes for beginners are made of non-shedding nylon bristles. That seems true because the synthetic bristles held their form pretty well even after cleaning.

The nylon filaments are soft and flexible, rendering ample fluid retention and flow rate. When being used on acrylic paint, these synthetic hair brushes create smooth layers of paint, showcasing clean and vivid colors.

Apart from that, the flat and filbert brushes can fill in vast areas and produce colorful washes. The liners and round brushes work great in rendering small and sharp edges.

Since the synthetic filaments are durable and flexible, it is a lot easier to achieve smooth finishes without worrying about bristle fallouts.

One more thing, these brushes are portable, making them travel-friendly and suitable for painters who like to move places. This brush set also includes a compact carry case that provides neat storage and serves as a pop-up paint holder.

My only concern is the overall durability of these paint brushes. The nylon bristles are not the best but good for a variety of applications. The ferrules feel wobbly at times and some of them have already loosened up.
  • A great starter kit; Includes different types of synthetic brushes and accessories
  • Made from non-shedding nylon bristles
  • Lends smooth finishes as well as broad and fine lines
  • Cleans very well without shedding
  • Includes a carry case for storage and portability
  • Wobbly ferrules
  • Not the best quality of nylon bristles
Therefore, this paint brush set offers decent synthetic nylon brushes that can give you a kick-start in acrylic painting. They may not be the best out there but they have the essential shapes and sizes for various painting techniques.

What to Look for When Buying Acrylic Paint Brushes


Bristle Type: Natural VS Synthetic Brushes

There has been a debate whether the type of brush for acrylic paint should be synthetic or natural hair brushes. Although brushes with natural hairs seem to be the preferred option due to their exceptional durability and fluid retention, they are not. Thus, I suggest going for synthetic brushes (made from Taklon hair, nylon, or polyester).

Acrylic paint contains alkali or a type of binder that sticks to the hairs. When the paint sits too long in the natural fibers, it can damage and break them down. As a result, natural hair brushes become more difficult to clean. Therefore, acrylic paint could ruin your precious sable or hog brushes eventually.

Contrary to natural hair brushes, synthetic brushes can accommodate acrylic paint incredibly well. When used with acrylic paint, you can simply wipe the wet paint off, and you are all good. A lot of professional and experienced acrylic painters on Reddit reviews and various platforms also agree on this, suggesting synthetic bristles are the best material for acrylic brushes.

Although synthetic bristles are not as durable as natural bristles, they can still last long with proper upkeep. Fortunately, many manufacturers offer synthetic brushes that can mimic the feel and performance of natural bristles. Hence, you can choose among a wide selection of sturdy, easy-to-clean, and compatible brushes for acrylics.

Brush Shape

The painting brushes for acrylics are primarily available in 8 shapes: round, pointed round, flat, bright, filbert, angular flat or angled, fan, and detail round. But to make your choices much simpler, these brush shapes can either be round and pointed or flat and rectangular.

Choosing the best brush shapes depends on your painting techniques, precision level, and preferred applications. Flat or rectangular brushes are suitable for blending large areas or producing long and solid strokes. The edges can also be used for intricate touches and detailed lines.

Round and pointed brushes highlight their flexible shapes that can produce washes, fill in large areas, and create fine lines and small details at the same time.

It can be not very comforting to decide which shapes to purchase, especially if you have just started with acrylics. However, it is easier to start with medium flat brushes and medium round acrylic brushes because of their versatility. As you develop your painting styles and get a hang of your brushes, you can gradually expand your brush selection and explore different techniques.

Brush Size

Whether you need to use brushes for acrylic painting on canvas or on paper, there is always a suitable brush size for it. If you look into different acrylic brushes, the size labels are displayed on their handles. The size range usually varies from 0000 up to 24. Typically, the larger the number, the bigger the brush.

However, keep in mind these brushes do not have standard sizes for every manufacturer has its respective size chart that corresponds to each brush. Thus, it is important to refer to the brand’s size chart for accurate measurements.

Another challenge is choosing the correct brush size. The labels or numbers can be a bit confusing, especially for a beginner acrylic painter.

With that said, you may consider these references: small sizes for detail work or intricate details, medium or mid-size brushes for versatile applications, and large acrylic brushes for washes and covering vast areas. Moreover, I would recommend medium brushes (sizes 6 to 8) for beginners because they are much easier to control and provide both small and large coverages.

Handle Length

Acrylic brushes can either have short or long handles. The ideal length depends on whether you are distant from or close to your art when painting. Those acrylic brushes with long handles let you paint comfortably for easel work and allow you to see and visualize your art as a whole.

Brushes with short handles are the other way around. They let you work closely at your work and render intricate details comfortable and with more control.


When you sift through different acrylic brushes in the US, the UK, Australia, or wherever it may be, you will come across a vast lineup of brands that offer premium quality acrylic brushes. Some of these are Monte Marte, Benicci, Artify, da Vinci and Princeton paint brush.

Although these are popular brush brands for acrylic paint and have been pioneers in the art industry, you can also start with the recommended brush brands in this list. They offer a variety of reasonably-priced paint brush sets for acrylic that provide great performance.

Do I Need Special Brushes for Acrylic Painting


Yes, you do. You should go for synthetic brushes for acrylic painting. With these brushes, you can paint seamlessly with acrylics and wipe them clean easily. They are usually made from nylon or polyester, a sturdy material that can handle acrylics better than natural hair brushes.

Remember that acrylic paint contains binders that can damage natural fibers; thus, ruining your hog and sable brushes ultimately.

What Are Acrylic Professional Brushes Made From

They are typically made from high-quality nylon or polyester or both to provide impeccable resilience that can be as good as natural bristle brushes. Nowadays, many brands offer synthetic or nylon brushes that can imitate the properties of natural hairs, making them much more compatible with acrylic since natural hairs can’t handle acrylic paint well.

How to Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes

Proper cleaning and maintenance will help your acrylic paint brushes last longer and deter damages in the long run. Consider the following cleaning tips:

When painting:

  • Rinse your brush in a small jar or container of water. Make sure to keep an eye on the ferrules and do not let them sit in the water for too long. Otherwise, it may loosen the adhesion that holds the bristles intact and compromise the durability of your brush.
  • After rinsing, blot your brush in a piece of paper towel.
  • You can do the rinsing and wiping as you paint to preserve the quality of your brushes.
  • If ever the paint gets into the ferrules, wash or wipe it immediately.
  • To clean dried acrylic paint, submerge the brush in rubbing alcohol or acetone. But do not leave them for too long to prevent any damages.

After your painting session:

  • When you are all done painting, gather your acrylic paint brushes and clean any paint residues using a paper towel. Gently squeeze the bristles to get as much pigment or paint off the bristles.
  • Clean each brush under cold water. You can use a mild soap to remove any pigment residues thoroughly. Rub the brush hairs gently between your fingers and wiggle the brush handle to get rid of any stubborn paint remnants.
  • Rinse them again using cold water until the water turns clean and clear. Blot them gently on a piece of paper towel.
  • Do not use hot water because it will not help remove the paint but rather help it set.
  • Lay the brushes down on a clean cloth to dry them. Some suggest drying them upright, but it is not ideal as the water can get into the ferrules.


The best acrylic paint brushes are synthetic bristle brushes because of their resilience and ability to hold acrylic paint very well. These acrylic brushes allow you to paint smoothly and render accurate applications without the fear of damaging your brushes.

Besides that, various brush shapes and sizes will help you beautifully showcase your painting techniques beautifully according to what you can do. You can always start with a few brushes and expand your collection to develop your acrylic painting skills.

In this article, we have covered everything you need to know about different painting brushes for acrylics. Hope this information will help you find suitable paint brushes for your needs!

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