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Best Pens for Rocketbook for Maximum Performance

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

best pens for rocketbook

The Rocketbook notebook’s smart technology unfolds an innovative design that allows everyone to jot down notes and scan them into an integrated app; digitize your notes and keep them forever.

Wipe them clean with a damp soft cloth to fix your errors, or start writing again on brand new pages.

Some call it the never-ending notebook.

However, these reusable pages should be used with specific pen types to ensure a smooth and efficient writing experience.

Thus, what are the best pens for Rocketbook? How should you pick the ones to use? You can kick it off with the following fundamental factors:

  • Compatibility with Rocketbook: The Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen comes with the Rocketbook notebooks. However, if you want to use other Rocketbook compatible pens, there are various options.

Find ones that write smoothly and erase neatly. The manufacturer’s specifications and customer feedback can help you determine the pen’s compatibility.

  • Ink Quality: The Rocketbook notebook features a special writing surface that presents solid and precise applications with the correct ink type. Hence, the ink quality should be special, too.

Since the writings should be dried completely, the best pen inks should be quick-drying to deter smudging or messy ink bleeds. It would be much better if you could find refillable inks to ensure a smooth writing experience and an extended lifespan.

  • Comfort and Design: How does the pen feel in your hand? Is it too heavy or too light for your preference? Consider the size, weight, and barrel design of the pen. Some pens are retractable, while others have ergonomic grips for enhanced comfort.

Using the Rocketbook notebook unravels a different level of writing experience – you may quickly get a hang of it or not. Thus, choosing a convenient pen design can make writing much more enjoyable and simpler to do.

With these factors in mind, you’re one step closer to your creative writing journey. But as you read on, you will find a detailed guide and roundup of reviews that will help you find the best choices.

Top Product name Color Selection Line Consistency Point Type  
1 Pilot FriXion Gel Pen 7 0.5mm Extra fine Details
2 Vanstek Retractable Gel Pens 22 0.7mm Fine Details
3 Hirsrian Erasable Pens 8 0.5mm Extra Fine Details

Top-Tier Pens for Rocketbook Reviews

1. Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable Gel Pen


  1. Ink Quality: Quick-drying and Thermo-sensitive Ink
  2. Line Consistency: 0.5mm
  3. Point Type: Extra fine
  4. Ergonomic Design: Refillable, retractable, and easy to hold
  5. Multicolored Selection: Available in 7 assorted colors

Since all Rocketbook notebooks come with Pilot FriXion pens, it’s a no-brainer why they are in our top spot. The manufacturer even recommended this brand for its excellent quality and performance.

But what sold me to these Rocketbook notebook pens are their seamless erasability, quick-drying and refillable ink, and smoothness of application.

When I have to correct mistakes and rewrite notes, the pages look brand new each time everything needs to be wiped clean—no erasure residues, messy ink stains, or blotches to worry about.

Besides that, the quick-drying thermo-sensitive ink ensures minimal to no smudges, more so, as the writings should be dried completely before moving to the next page.

The variety of colors is also a sweet treat for everyone who wants to sort out their notes systematically, like grocery lists or daily tasks.

Moreover, I like how these pens write smoothly whichever color one would use. The barrel design comes in the optimal size and weight, making it comfortable to hold, especially when used for long periods.

Not to mention the 0.5mm tip size that contributes to its convenient retractable design, ideal for detailed and precise handwritten notes.

However, I noticed that these pens can easily run out in less than a year when used regularly or daily. But since they are refillable, I think it is a crucial feature that outweighs its slight pitfall.

  • Formulated with quick-drying thermo-sensitive ink for smudge-free writing
  • Glides smoothly on paper
  • Rubber barrel and good design for comfortable hold
  • Refillable ink for a longer lifespan
  • Features 0.5mm tip for precise note-taking
  • Assorted color selection for organized writing
  • The ink can run out quickly when used regularly

2. Vanstek Retractable Erasable Clicker Gel Pens


  1. Ink Quality: Quick-drying and Thermo-sensitive Ink
  2. Line Consistency: 0.7mm
  3. Point Type: Fine
  4. Ergonomic Design: Retractable and Sleek barrel design
  5. Multicolored Selection: Available in 22 assorted colors

If I should pick an excellent Rocketbook FriXion pen alternative, it would have to be these Vanstek multicolor erasable gel pens.

Apart from the stunning color assortment, this pen set stands out for its collection of smooth writing pens that write effortlessly on every page of the Rocketbook.

The pens utilize premium quality thermo-sensitive ink to glide nicely across the surface. Impressively, it can mimic Pilot FriXion’s quick-drying ink formulation that writes neatly and wipes off clean without staining the Rocketbook’s pages.

Besides that, it is among the decent Rocket book pens with a 0.7mm tip size for sharp and precise lines that one can use for everyday writing. It’s also good to know that the tip doesn’t feel scratchy or rough against the pages.

If the users also go for color-coded notes, they would enjoy the bold and vibrant colors these pens deliver. If their Rocketbook notebooks are used as a planner or journal, they can customize the pages and create a colorful or decorative layout.

These erasable pens also highlight their practical retractable design for easy and quick writing. I also find the barrel design slim but comfortable enough to be held for extended periods.

My only issue is the ink’s quality over time. It seems to skip and become less saturated after a couple of months.

  • Produces bold and vibrant colors for a decorative and colorful layout
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Retractable design for convenient writing
  • Glides smoothly across the pages without scratchy or rough marks
  • Dries quickly to avoid smudges
  • Slim barrel for easy holding
  • Tends to skip and become less saturated over time

3. Hirsrian Erasable Pens


  1. Ink Quality: Special thermo-sensitive ink for vibrancy and clean erasability
  2. Line Consistency: 0.5mm
  3. Point Type: Extra Fine
  4. Featured Design: Refillable; Stainless steel tips for a smooth and comfortable writing experience
  5. Multicolored Selection: Available in 8 assorted colors

Besides the variety of colors, these Hirsrian erasable pens highlight their stainless steel tips, ensuring a smooth and effortless writing experience. Thus, I knew I had to try it with my Rocketbook notebook.

Fortunately, these pens were not a letdown. The pens dispense ink smoothly, providing solid hues to ramp up one’s daily writing activities.

Thanks to their special and quick-drying thermo-sensitive ink, the colors stay vibrant without staining or smudging. They can be erased seamlessly and quickly when wiped off with a damp cloth.

These pens to use with Rocketbook are gel rollerballs designed with 0.5mm tip sizes for fine and detailed writing. I also like how they write nicely across the notebook page, allowing the users to take down notes without any hassle.

Furthermore, its ink is acid-free, safe for long-term use, and ensures no bleeding.

My only concern is that they don’t last as long as I hoped. It’s a good thing they’re refillable, although the refills need to be purchased separately.

  • Features stainless steel tips for effortless and scratchy-free writing
  • Designed with extra fine tips for precision and neat note-taking
  • Excellent erasability without leaving stains or smudges
  • Refillable pens for long-term use
  • Quick-drying and acid-free ink for safe and clean use
  • Runs out of ink quickly

4. PILOT FriXion Light Pastel Collection Erasable Highlighters


  1. Ink Quality: Formulated with unique thermo-sensitive ink for excellent erasability
  2. Versatile Consistency: Ideal for thick and thin lines
  3. Point Type: Chisel
  4. Hassle-free Application: Smooth and effortless highlighting
  5. Multicolored Selection: 5 Pastel colors for light highlighting

Coming from the lineup of Pilot FriXion pens is this highlighter pen set that you can use with the brand’s erasable pens.

They’re all about soft pastel tones to keep your notes neat and legible, especially when emphasizing the important ones. Like most non-bleeding pens, these ones are formulated with unique thermo-sensitive ink. Furthermore, they disappear completely as you wipe the ink away.

Therefore, students, teachers, and professionals alike can highlight, erase mistakes, and re-highlight notes without worrying about stains and messy marks.

Plus, the barrel design is slim and sleek enough, making it much easier to control and highlight over notes.

But do these pens work with Rocketbook Fusion? Yes, they do!

In fact, users may expect smudge-free applications, good erasability, and line consistencies since these highlighters fall under the same lineup as the Pilot FriXion erasable pens, which are compatible pens for Rocketbook notebooks.

Designed with versatile chisel tips, these pastel highlighters can create thick or thin lines. I love how the colors stay saturated and vibrant but light enough to keep the passages and notes readable.

When scanned into the app, the highlighted parts are visible as well. However, I suggest highlighting the words on your Rocketbook notebook once and very carefully; otherwise, they will smudge.

  • Can be removed easily to rectify mistakes and apply neat highlights
  • Produces soft pastel tones to keep notes legible
  • Ergonomic barrel design for better hand control and comfort
  • Versatile chisel tips to create thick and thin strokes
  • Does not leave stains
  • May smudge when applied more than once

5. Lineon Erasable Gel Pens


  1. Ink Quality: Premium quality ink for neat applications and smooth erasability
  2. Line Consistency: 0.5mm
  3. Point Type: Fine
  4. Ergonomic Design: Retractable; Soft rubber grip for enhanced comfort
  5. Multicolored Selection: 26 vibrant colors

What makes these Lineon erasable gel pens Rocketbook-friendly is their premium quality ink that can write smoothly across the pages without smudging.

Every stroke leaves a nice color that appears nicely when scanned into the integrated app, even the light ones like yellow and sky blue. The 0.5mm tip size also ensures precise and sharp lines, suitable for neat and effortless writing.

Since there are 26 colors in this set, one can expect a burst of colors in their notes, which can be useful for organization and adding decorative details.

When wiped off to rectify mistakes or clear the pages, the ink can easily be erased without staining the notebook. I love how the pages look good as new and all set for the next handwritten notes.

Besides the color assortment, these pens are ergonomically designed with a retractable mechanism and a soft rubber grip for enhanced comfort and accessibility.

Unfortunately, there’s minimal skipping with some colors.

  • Excellent erasability and smudge-free
  • Ideal for precise and sharp lines
  • Offers a vast spectrum of vibrant colors
  • Works well with Rocketbook’s integrated app
  • Ergonomic retractable mechanism and barrel design
  • Minimal skipping with some colors

6. Pilot FriXion Colors Erasable Marker Pen


  1. Ink Quality: Solid and vibrant erasable ink
  2. Excellent Erasability: Can be erased easily without staining the pages
  3. Point Type: Medium to broad; Ideal for thick and solid lines
  4. Ergonomic Design: Slim and sleek barrel design for enhanced comfort
  5. Multicolored Selection: 24 bright and vivid colors

Do all FriXion pens work with Rocketbook? Fortunately, they do, including these erasable marker pens. They dispense seamless ink flow that works excellent for rendering thick and solid lines. Compared to the erasable gel pens, I think these marker pens are easier to hold and control.

With such consistency, these marker pens can be used to write headings, emphasize notes, or simply add colorful embellishments to their journal.

As expected with this brand and variant, these marker pens are erased neatly and effortlessly with a damp cloth. There are no stains or any messy ink marks to worry about.

The bright and vivid color selection is quite a treat for Rocketbook users, more so as they stay true to their hues even when scanned into the app. Thus, they can preserve their notes with the color of their choice.

Besides the color assortment, I believe many would enjoy using these pens for their sleek and slim barrel design. They are easy to hold and use, making them suitable for everyday writing.

On a different note, users should watch out for the pen’s drying time to prevent smudging. Unfortunately, it may take a little time to completely dry.

  • Delivers medium to broad lines suitable for solid line consistencies
  • Vibrant color selection that appears correctly when scanned into the app
  • Smooth and effortless erasability
  • Leaves pages messy-free
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Longer drying time

What to Look for When Buying Pens for Rocketbook


  • Compatibility with Rocketbook

The first thing to do is check the pen’s compatibility with Rocketbook notebooks.

Since there are many options for pens, you can narrow them down according to their erasability, smoothness of application, and ink quality.

It is also important to check how they appear when scanned into the integrated app. The pens are probably not working well if the colors or lines seem blurred or illegible.

These pens should write nicely and effortlessly across the notebook’s page and can be easily erased without leaving any stains, smudges, or messy ink marks. Some brands are refillable for an extended lifespan.

While many opt for gel pens, you may also consider your needs and preferences to determine the best pen type or variant. Erasable marker pens and highlighters are also available.

  • Ink Quality

The pen’s ink should be quick-drying to prevent smudges or ink pooling. Keep in mind that Rocketbook notebooks are designed with special writing surfaces.

Without the correct application and compatible ink formulation, pens might smear easily on the notebook, especially when not dried completely.

Look for erasable pens that feature thermo-sensitive and fast-drying ink formulation, which ensures smooth application and effortless erasability.

  • Comfort and Design

The most comfortable pens allow you to write efficiently and accomplish your tasks on time. This matters greatly when working with Rocketbook notebooks since they provide another level of writing experience.

That’s why the size and the feel of the pen are significant factors to consider to make writing much more enjoyable. Some pens feature retractable mechanisms, soft ergonomic rubber grips, or slim barrel designs for enhanced comfort.

If you’re planning to avail of Rocketbook accessories like folio covers or pen holders, also make sure they provide the utmost convenience to your writing experience.

  • Color Options

The color selection all goes down to your preferences and needs. Some prefer the primary colors or the classic black for writing while others may go for a wide range of colors for note organizations and multicolored embellishments.

Whichever color selections you choose, make sure they’re vibrant, saturated, and reflect vividly and correctly on the notebook’s integrated app when scanned.


Finding the best pens for Rocketbook involves careful research, particularly when exploring other brands and variants that will work with your smart notebook effectively.

While Pilot FriXion pens are deemed to be the top option for these innovative notebooks, the brands and pen types mentioned in this guide would be great alternatives to try.

They are compatible with Rocketbook notebooks, offer premium quality ink, are erasable, and are comfortable to use. Should you look beyond the brands above and pen sets, make sure to consider these significant factors for the best writing experience.

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