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The Best Permanent Markers for Plastic for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Permanent markers are absolutely among the most favorite essential art supplies worldwide as people fancy to preserve their writing and artworks for a long period of time. The advanced technology applied to permanent markers makes sure ink would stay on and does not fade out or wash off easily with water.

best permanent marker for plastic

Due to a great number of creators who would like to create personal art and writing on plastic surfaces, lots of brands have strived to produce the best permanent marker for plastic. This marker can be used to write on other surfaces as well, but it needs to perform smoothly and stick on plastic the most. So to make sure you can select right markers for your references, the provided information below will help you.


Top-Rated Products

Top 1

Sharpie Permanent Markers


Top 2

PHOSEA 0.7mm Markers


Top 3

Shuttle Permanent Markers


Top 10 Permanent Marker for Plastic Reviews of 2021

1. Sharpie Extreme Permanent Markers

Without a doubt, Sharpie has long been a famous and reliable brand name in the art supplies industry with their original merchandise distributed around the world. Their fine point tip permanent marker is approved of being one of the finest markers that write on plastic, which is sold in 4 counts per package.

The marker performs brilliantly on most plastic items like water bottles, sports equipment, playground toys and camping gear, etc. More than that, if you are tend to use this market on other surfaces such as wood, paper, canvas and glass, its nib has been upgraded for better porosity to deliver more ink that is fade-resistant over time.

Not all permanent markers can endure over 96 hours of sunlight exposure and different intense weather conditions, but this pen is of the few rare ones. It is able to create fine bold lines at an impressive range of precisely 0.9 to 1.1mm. In addition, except black color, the brand also provides customer three colors choices (blue, green and red) to choose from.

Unfortunately, I once read negative customer reviews on the permanent pen for plastic to have a shorter body length than its prior statement. The specific user expected it to be accurately 16 inches due to what this brand claims at first.
  • Reaches peak performance on plastic.
  • Upgraded nib produces more bold ink.
  • Completely fade and weather-resistant.
  • Ensures line width from 0.9 to 1.1mm.
  • Its length is shorter than earlier stated.
This permanent marker is definitely beneficial for more than plastic surfaces due to its high level of endurance throughout different weather events without fading. Being manufactured and sold by a famous brand at an inexpensive cost explains why this pen attracts a lot of customers worldwide.

2. PHOSEA 0.7mm Acrylic White Permanent Markers

This permanent marker set is equipped with an extra fine point tip of 0.7mm, which enables users to write smooth lines of precise control. I believe its tip will be ideal for detailed working.

Not only does the pen from PHOSEA function as a durable white permanent marker for plastic, but it also obtains a wide range of applicable surfaces like stone, glass, metal, fabric, canvas, ceramic, paper and rock, etc. This brand has been able to confirm their marker to the non-toxic qualification of ASTM D-4236.

The pen ink is acrylic-based, so it is certain to dry up quickly while producing a glossy finish at the same time. Moreover, the good thing about its acrylic ink is it does not leave unwanted odors on any written exteriors. I can guarantee that this pack would become a wonderful present for artists and art students, thanks to its flexibility and vivid white shade. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee available for it.

Nevertheless, it is not suggested for the marker to be continuously written by a large group of users for decoration. This permanent ink cannot be refilled at ease because it has been exclusively manufactured for the marker. That is why this pack includes 6 identical permanent pens to provide a quick replacement of each other.
  • 7mm fine tip enables high precision.
  • Can work on lots of variable surfaces.
  • Toxic-free ink meets crucial standards.
  • Produces an odorless & vibrant color.
  • Cannot hold up well for lots of users.
In conclusion, it works well for most art projects since the PHOSEA permanent marker extra fine tip is highly sophisticated and this white acrylic ink is actually more opaque than common doubts. I see this as a great opportunity for you to acquire a rare white permanent marker to help create fine lines in your art projects.

3. Shuttle Art 30 Colors Permanent Markers

In order to solve the question of how to write on plastic tumblers, the brand Shuttle Art offers their customers a large package of 30 permanent markers in assorted colors. The pigmented ink each of these pens produces is both water and smear-resistant, so it is highly unlikely to fade off the applied surfaces soon.

Most parents are fond of this marker because it has already responded to the ASTM D-4236 and EN71 for being completely acid-free. You can purchase the package for children from 3 years old without any worries of inner toxicants. Additionally, its vivid ink is formulated to dry up quickly and lasts for a long time.

All of the customers’ dissatisfaction will be handled at ease with its provided guarantee for a product return or money refund. Furthermore, this permanent marker is an excellent selection involving detailed works such as writing, coloring, doodling and drawing, on multiple surfaces including wood, paper, glass and stone, etc.

It is sad to learn that there is a great possibility for this marker to bleed excess ink while using. In fact, they are not supposed to bleed since it will waste more time to use alcohol solutions for cleaning on plastic. However, some of the pens might contain inconsistent ink flows by accident and cause this.
  • Smear, water and fade-resistant ink.
  • Safe acid-free material for children.
  • Goes with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Suitable for making detailed works.
  • May bleed an excessive ink amount.
This brand has strived their best to balance all factors to become an effective art tool for customers. Moreover, it is not easy to find another pen with waterproof ink that provides safety for kids. Hence, you should give yourself a try.

4. Sharpie Box of 12 King Size Chisel Tip Permanent Markers

Instead of the regular fine point tip for most permanent markers, this box from Sharpie includes 12 markers with a chisel tip. The marker is also in king size to make it less hassle in filling colors on broad surfaces and hardly ever runs out of ink. Customers can purchase from 1 to 5 packs at one time.

Being a waterproof marker pen for plastic, this permanent ink can prevent premature fading after drying rapidly on the applied surfaces such as stone, wood, leather, foil, paper, glass and metal. It even performs the same on wet and oily coverings, which not many permanent markers are capable of. Besides, its chisel tip is an accurate bevel to produce impressively thick lines but still of great subtle.

You can either choose to get a box of blue, black or assorted shades of this pen regarding your personal requirements. The general price is considered a nice bargain since there is a total of 12 counts in one marker box.

I see that a majority of customers complained about its barrel not being aluminum as advertised. The pen body is actually made from plastic and people did not expect to receive this kind of cover material as they believe aluminum is more durable. I hope the brand improves this detail soon.
  • King size and large chisel pen tip.
  • Fade-proof and quick-drying ink.
  • Performs on wet and oily surfaces.
  • Inexpensive price for a box of 12.
  • The barrel is not true to advertise.
Above all, this permanent marker e is able to tackle big tasks without effort and it has been making lots of good impressions until now. A large chisel tip like this is also favored by most customers to create permanent ink.

5. STAEDTLER Permanent Outdoor Garden Marker

Among the global top leading companies of optimal art supplies, I cannot forget to mention STAEDTLER, a strong competitor that has been leaving other brands far behind. The brand sells a humble set of 2 permanent markers that are engineered to have a medium 1mm point tip, both in a vibrant black hue.

This marker is indeed a pen that can write on plastic since it is specialized for outdoor writing on plastic plant labels. You can use the pen to mark signs and flower pots as well, its permanent ink is able to battle against most harsh weather conditions. I bet gardeners would truly appreciate owning this marker.

A piece of precious advice that I recently collected from its past customers is that we should not press the pen tip down too hard on a surface. They felt this tip is quite mushy (for not being made of metal) and so small writing will be illegible under such heavy force. This permanent marker requires a delicate application.
  • Portable pen set with medium tips.
  • Exclusively made for the gardens.
  • Outstanding weatherproof feature.
  • Should not press the tip with force.
I am fascinated by the fact that people are keen on using this permanent marker specifically for their outdoor gardens. So you should consider it as a thoughtful gift for all gardeners.

6. Bongdou Oil-Based Waterproof Paint Marker Pen Set

Differs from most of the markers being presented here, this Bongdou product is an oil based permanent marker that normally enables a smooth ink flow and wide coverage on selected surfaces.

Moreover, in order to prevent ink from leaking in both delivery and storage, each marker is packaged separately in a heat shrink film. This is really impressive.

Alongside regular basic colors, this 12-count set also includes a few glitter shades that are extremely helpful for decoration and DIY crafts. My personal suggested surfaces to apply the marker would be glass jars, stones, Easter plastic eggs, canvas shoes, wood crafts, clay pots with Christmas balls, etc.

Its medium 2mm point tip size creates permanent oil-based ink in 12 different shades that are environmental, waterproof, chemical-free and odorless. From amateur students to professional artists, I have faith that they will all perceive the advantages this marker delivers. It is an effective option for art-related matters.

Though this is not a rare concern with markers in general, I still need to speak up about the marker cap being difficult to get on and off. If this permanent pen had not spilled ink all over a customer’s hand while dealing with its cap, this case would not have been troublesome. The manufacturer should better take this into account.
  • Leak-resistant individual package.
  • Includes special glitter ink shades.
  • Perfect for crafting and decoration.
  • Chemical-free and waterproof ink.
  • The cap is difficult to get on and off.
Regardless of having an oily ink base, this beautiful permanent marker does not create smudges on most surfaces to ensure a stable and quick-drying application. I would recommend using the marker for crafting and decorating in small spaces

7. ARTEZA Permanent Markers

The brand ARTEZA provides customers with bundle of permanent black pens – which are up to 60 markers in one single box. Hence, customers do not have to be concerned about running out of supplies in urgent situations. Moreover, the pigmented ink of these markers is guaranteed not to smear or fade out afterward.

In addition to being a great permanent marker on plastic, it is advised to use the pen on cardboard, paper, glass and metal, etc. as well. Because this marker has been certified by ACMI for health safety, both kids and adults can take advantage of the package.

One existing problem of this permanent marker which I am not pleased about is how a majority of the box arrived with vaporized ink from the very beginning. It is probably because it has been on the shelf for long before the purchase and unused marker ink tends to dry up quickly, even with a protected pen cap.
  • Great number of 60 black markers.
  • Smear-proof and fade-resistant ink.
  • ACMI certified to be safe for health.
  • Leak-proof application dries quickly.
  • Its pen ink evaporates upon arriving.
No matter if you plan to use the permanent marker at home, school or the office, this marker will multi-functioned to be suitable for all. A safety qualified pen like this one always intrigues customers.

8. AmazonBasics Fine Point Tip Permanent Markers

Although people purchase a bunch of goods from different global brands on the popular shopping website Amazon, this company itself also manufactures art supplies of their own name. These tools are black waterproof markers for plastic with durable fine tips and can be purchased in 12 or 24 counts per package.

It is said that this permanent black ink would display in the most manifest condition on white and light-colored canvas. Apart from working well on plastic, the list of its applicable surfaces also includes cellophane, wood, glass, metal, stone and photos, etc. The permanent marker can get the job done for writing and drawing.

As a non-toxic permanent marker, this pen successfully conforms to ASTM D-4236 which means it is qualified to be safe even around small kids. The fine tip marker makes sure its produced ink is both smear and fade-resistant to stand time and external impacts. On the other hand, its cap design can be clipped on the top of a notebook.

Considering the assorted colors box of this permanent marker, the brand has made a mistake not to label each marker color name on their bodies. It causes confusion for most customers because these pens are not the same as what their caps indicate. I think it does not cost much to have a shade label on the marker.
  • Waterproof ink from a durable tip.
  • Appears best on a white canvas.
  • ASTM D-4236 safety confirmed.
  • Includes a cap with a clip design.
  • There is no color label on the pen.
This black permanent marker from AmazonBasics is going to be functional for a whole office department due to its fine quantity in a pack that can be shared with your co-workers. Its non-toxic certified ink material is unquestionably safe for people’s health to use on a regular basis. I highly recommend this for office purposes.

9. ParKoo 36 Colors Permanent Markers

I believe that an excellent pack of 36 assorted permanent plastic markers would be the most beneficial for daily illustrating, writing, coloring, rendering and drawing. This ParKoo permanent marker contains an alcohol-based ink that delivers a vibrant odorless color performance with no toxic chemicals inside.

It combines all of the top-rated permanent marker features in one, including being waterproof, fade-resistant and anti-smearing on a variety of surfaces such as plastic, wood, CDs, metal and stone, etc. I consider this set as a brilliant marker set to complete an entire drawing thanks to its versatile and pigmented ink color chart.

On the other hand, I once saw how a customer was annoyed by its poor cap design, which is larger than needed, for most markers and fell off from their other ends. There is a great possibility that users will lose those marker caps when they do not pay attention to them. The marker brand should better fix this issue.
  • Various ink colors for art activities.
  • Low-odor and opaque ink material.
  • Does not fade on many surfaces.
  • BThe pen cap is poorly constructed.
A lot of users who are interested in making art would be delighted to have this permanent marker from this brand. It is helpful to have a marker like this one around to accomplish a bunch of diverse applications. 36 vivid shades are promised to never fail your anticipation.

10. Iris & Olivia Acrylic Permanent Paint Markers

Last but not least, the product list ends with a colorful collection of permanent paint markers for plastic that has a safe and environmental-friendly water base. The permanent ink of this marker produces is completely free from harmful acid and odorless on ceramic, rubber, wood, stone, boards, fabric and glass, etc.

This Iris & Olivia permanent pen is manufactured in 12 different basic hues with a large round tip but still provides precise painting lines. I love how all of its shades are richly pigmented to appear clearly on mentioned surfaces. In spite of being water-based, the pen ink cannot be solvent to remain its peak performance.

Both of the permanent marker cover and cap are solid to protect and preserve the internal parts at their best conditions. Its opaque acrylic ink also dries out fast and promotes a high level of resistance against water and UV radiation. This set of markers would be ideal for teenagers and adults to make great art with.

However, one of the permanent marker boxes arrived damage to a customer in the past and they were definitely unhappy about it. Furthermore, two pens had been missing from that package as well. I am not sure whether the fault belongs to this brand or the delivery unit, but I hope it will never happen again.
  • Acid-free & odorless permanent ink.
  • Pigmented colors with medium tips.
  • Strong marker cover for protection.
  • Provides defense from water & UV.
  • Its pack came ruined & unsufficient.
Since it is able to function on a wide range of surfaces, this permanent marker is flexible for both outdoor and indoor applications. It has a medium tip size that would be perfect for large coverage and thicker lines on applicable surfaces. Water and UV protection preserve this marker to last.

What to Look for When Buying Permanent Markers for Plastic


People may assume that buying art supplies are not difficult but it is clearly not the truth. For example, I constantly have to weigh the pros and cons between a fine point tip and a chisel one to choose which is more effective. One might not work for me but it will definitely benefit others.

Therefore, I would like to conduct my personal experience and knowledge in purchasing permanent markers for plastic into a detailed buying guide to your advantage. Underneath are the top factors that I prioritize when evaluating a certain permanent pen set. I believe these basic criteria are helpful to follow.

Fine plastic application – This is one fundamental feature to decide whether a permanent marker would genuinely be effective with writing on plastic or not. It might sound inappropriate for some people but in fact, not all permanent markers are able to write directly on plastic without smearing or fading later on.

It is best advised to confirm proof related to the reliable plastic application of a permanent pen. Most of the time, we cannot blindly trust the advertisements. Not only does the marker need to successfully write on plastic, but its ink also needs to actually stick to that surface and cannot be wiped in the blink of an eye.

You can test the plastic writing ability of a permanent marker on these items: water bottles, silicone pacifiers, playground toys, camping gear, sports equipment and drinking cups, etc. This list is a versatile mixture of both indoor and outdoor objects made from plastic, so the results will be the most accurate.

Stable marker ink flow – I understand the awful pain of using a permanent marker with interrupted ink flow, which drives users insane for getting stuck or bleeding too much. Such a paint marker should be able to promote sufficient ink flow to avoid wasting time by making users rewrite multiple times or clean the leakage.

The most essential requirement in this circumstance is that its permanent ink does not leave odors. Although users can wipe the ink off the plastic with a certain alcohol solution, it will require preparation for a quick response and makes things inconvenient. Both ink bleeding and lots of re-writing can lead to smearing.

To sum up, a permanent marker should be built to have stable ink flow to write on and keep clean for multiple other surfaces and not only plastic. The hassle to clean a mess of permanent ink would cause a majority of customers to lose interest in it. You should check its ink flow somewhere else before the official application.

Convenient storage case – No matter your target is permanent markers for glass, canvas or plastic, the most optimal container would be a bag or case to hold them in place after use. Without proper storage, I assure you that things are much harder to collect a whole collection and carry it around.

As far as I am concerned, preserving permanent markers to be at their best condition usually underestimate and result in a series of pen ink defects. So it is not so strange when there are brands that are so careful to wrap each marker with individual packages in heat shrink films

By mentioning this detail, a normal paper package that can be torn apart upon opening is not the best solution. You need to obtain a decent container, whether in a hard or soft material is fine, as long as there is room to hold the pens. In order to save money, I recommend marker brands with provided cases.

How to Write on Plastic Permanently


Recently, there have been a lot of rising questions concerning how to write on plastic cups permanently and likewise on other plastic items. Plastic is not as absorbent as canvas or paper, so it will take time for the permanent ink to dry out completely. That explains why you need a comprehensive guide for this.

You never should rush to allow the written plastic surface to be exposed to external impacts (weather, pressure, etc.) a few seconds after the application. I am pretty sure the ink has not settled down yet and making instant contact with pressure only causes it to smear. The initial rule in this process is to wait.

Subsequently, use a hairdryer or let the plastic surface dry naturally under mild sunlight for a certain time period. By providing an extra drying process, you will be more likely to keep the writing and artwork in place. Still, I suggest that you should re-write on that surface after a while, especially with outdoor applications.


From my perspective, it is not challenging to filter out the best permanent marker for plastic among thousands of others if you concentrate on the small details. Since the marker has to perform well without smearing or fading on a plastic surface, you should not randomly pick a pen with permanent ink for this purpose.

I hope that my detailed shopping guide works out for your permanent marker purchase in the near future. You ought to consider all of the presented pens in this article as well, because who knows if one of them is going to satisfy your needs of making permanent art on plastic. Have fun shopping and thank you for reading.

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