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The Best Paint Pens for Wood for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Painting on wood is pretty trendy these days. I see it a lot on wedding signages. It can be used to write on coasters or place cards. As for me, I like using paint pens to write affirmations on wood and display it as a statement art piece at home. If you like calligraphy, you can do this and give your creations as gifts. To do this, you need the best paint pens for wood.

best paint pens for wood

Don’t just use an ordinary pen. It won’t look as stellar on wood. Plus, some markers tend to bleed on wood, the ink running through the grains of wood. You don’t want that to happen so make what you are buying is intended for usage on wood.


<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Paint Mark Quick-Dry


Top 2

Artistro Paint Pens


Top 3

Alerie Acrylic Paint Pens


Top 10 Paint Pen for Wood Reviews

1. Paint Mark Quick-Dry Paint Pens

Whether you need paint markers for wood or you are looking for versatile pens that will work on any kind of surface, be it a porous material like ceramics or a slippery one like glass, this paint is a good choice. I got these paint pens for wood crafts at a fairly reasonable price. For its price point, I think it is understandable considering I got 15 different colors of the pen to write on wood.

You are getting basic color options but they are all nice and vibrant. Nothing looks washed out or faded. I also like how they included a white one. That looks nice and pretty against the glass.

The paint consistency is thick but smooth. Because it is oil-based, it doesn’t get washed out easily. Moreover, it also sets quickly, so each stroke is precise and you are not left with streaky aftermath. That can happen if you use a regular pen. With pens that write on wood, the ink dries up faster, leaving no room for it to stray to the writing surface.

You can buy these paint markers with peace of mind because the manufacturer includes a 365-day warranty. They say that their warranty is even better than getting your money back. I have yet to test this out since my markers are fine but it’s nice to know I have this option in case I got a dud.

I like the tips of these markers for contouring better. I can still do some shading but since it can be one-dimensional, you need to angle it to get the results you like.

One thing I dislike about these paint pens for wood signs is that you need to close the cap after some time to shake it so that it will dispense a thicker consistency of ink. It can dry up when left open for a bit of time. That’s just a hassle if you are working on big projects. However, since I like the results, I think it is one compromise I am willing to make.

Having said all these though, I find the whole design of the markers comfortable to use. They are not thick and bulky like other markers, which makes working on bigger projects easier.

  • Affordable for this many markers
  • Great quality of ink
  • Vivid colors that don’t fade and get streaky
  • Can work on a variety of surfaces, not just wood
  • Easy to use on DIY projects
  • Can dry up when left open for too long
I think this is a great choice for those who are on a budget but would want more color options. The quality of these markers can exceed even some expensive brands.

2. Artistro Paint Pens

I thought the color choices of this wood paint pen set makes this such a steal. It’s hard to find some of the shades included in this in other brands. Moreover, one thing that makes this brand stands out from other is its color. They include gold and silver, which are a must-have if you decorate on glass or ceramic..

Each set comes with 12 different colors. Even though the ink is water-based, they actually look vivid when set on surfaces, even harder surfaces like wood. They have a glossy sheen to it that makes them a great option in creating elegant-looking calligraphy.

This comes with specific instructions on how to use it. Each pen has a plastic wrapping to prevent any possibility of leaking. Just remove the plastic first and then shake it to “activate” the ink inside. Remove the cap and press the tip of the pen on the small hole at the top of the paint pen cap. Now prime it down on a piece of paper to allow the ink to flow. Give it a test and see if it’s already dispensing ink. When storing it, just put the cap back on and keep it horizontally to prevent leaking.

What I like most about these paint pens for wood signs is how vivid they are. Even the white paint pen for wood stands out easily. I have tried these pens on various surfaces such as glass and ceramic and did not have issues with the colors. They all come out nicely. This particular set comes in fine point and medium point options.

I also just discovered that the manufacturer is a family-run business. I think it is worth noting because these are the companies worth supporting. You can also be assured that in case something is wrong with your purchase, they will be able to address it easily.

I have also been using these pens for a long of things, even doing writings on rocks, and they are still holding up well. The tips haven’t worn out despite friction against rough surfaces like wood. It also takes a long time to go through an entire set.

Just keep in mind that the points for this set are thinner than what you might be used to, so they are not great for bold letterings.
  • Vivid colors
  • Can last for a long time
  • Good color choices
  • Includes gold and silver
  • Affordable choice
  • Fine tips than other markers
Get this set if you are looking for markers with unique color options. It can be your ally in creating more striking art.

3. Alerie Acrylic Paint Pens

Although this set of paint markers on wood is slightly more expensive, I think it’s a must-have even if you are on a budget because you are getting a total of 24 pens. The 12 pens have a fine tip with a measurement of 0.7 mm while the rest have reversible tips with 2-6 mm of measurement.

I think these are the top-rated paint markers for wood because they are so versatile. You can perform different techniques, especially in calligraphy because you have more tip options. I even recommend these markers for professional artists looking for the right pens for writing on wood. The quality of the ink does not disappoint.

The ink it dispenses is very opaque and has an even consistency. I did not experience problems with fading or with drying up. It has a water base, which makes it easier to dispense, unlike oil-based paints that tend to dry up quickly.

If you have kids, you can also share these markers for wood. It is safe for them to use since the ink does not emit a nauseating odor and has a non-toxic formulation. It is also free from acids and xylene so they can have a lot of fun using this to write on rocks they have collected in the backyard or pieces of wood for home art.

The versatility of these best pens for writing on wood knows no boundaries. I’ve had a lot of success using this for materials like ceramic, plastic, canvas and metal. You can even label your terracotta planters with these markers.

The staying power of these paint pens is impressive. The actual test of its staying power is if you write it on glass or plastic and it doesn’t rub off. So far, I have not experienced smearing. It stays on the writing surface, not on your hands. You just need to shake it vigorously first to allow the ink to fill up the tip.

These pens come with a warranty. If you have issues with your pens such as leaks or the pens not working at all, you can just contact their customer service and they will refund your money.
  • More options for the tips
  • Versatile choice for newbie and professional artists alike
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Has vivid colors
  • Doesn’t smear or get streaky
  • It needs a couple of seconds to “start up”
These markers are versatile enough to cater to the needs of different users. So whether you are a professional artist or a hobbyist, you will like this set.

4. Asani Paint Pens Acrylic Markers

If you are looking for an affordable set of acrylic paint pens for wood, get this. They are versatile and great for all sorts of surfaces, not just wood. You can use it even on non-porous surfaces like metal, plastic, glass, and ceramic.

This paint set has all the colors you might need to get started in doing calligraphy or artwork. Aside from the basic colors, it also comes with a gold and silver one for those projects that need jazzing up.

These are fine-tipped pens. They have 0.7mm tips made from nylon material, so you can create those intricate details that you want or use this for writing.

Most of the colors are great. They are vivid and the ink dispenses without issues. It was just a struggle to get the white one to dispense the color. It might have been a dud but since it comes with a warranty, it can be rectified if you experience the same problem.

The black one was a little too vivid for my preferences when you write it down at first. I had to write down the excess on an extra sheet of paper to even out the flow of ink.

The tips, although fine, have good coverage. I can do shading with these pens without issues. The nylon tips are also long-lasting. However, they tend to snag a little on rough surfaces like canvas or rough type of wood. You might want to sand down the wood you are using first before writing these pens on it to prevent streaks.

One annoying thing about this though is the packaging. Each pen has a plastic wrapping on it that clings too tightly on the pen. It’s hard to remove the plastic wrapping if you have short nails. It’s not a deal-breaker but that can be frustrating.

The best part about these paint pens for wood hobby lobby is how smoothly they dispense ink. You might need to blot it out initially on a paper but once that is out of the way, you will be happy with its ink results and quality. The formula is also safe and non-toxic, making this a good choice for children as well.

  • Highly pigmented ink
  • Doesn’t run out of ink fast
  • Won’t break the bank
  • Color choices are great
  • Tends to dispense too much ink at first
These markers are long-lasting, making them a great buy for people who use wood markers a lot.

5. Morfone Metallic Marker Pens

If you need metallic marker pens, you should get Morfone brand. The metallic sheen really comes through especially when you write it down on a dark surface. I had no issues with its color quality when used on wood but it is particularly vivid when used on a black paper.

The set only comes with 10 colors but the color options are pretty. If you prefer something lighter and borderline pastel, these would come handy. I think this is the top-rated pen for writing on wooden plaques because of their special metallic colors.

Interestingly, the white one comes off transparent when you use it at first. Let it dry and then it darkens. It’s not the best for other non-porous surfaces but works well on paper materials.

The tip of these pens is on the medium side. If you find the fine tip markers out there too thin, you will like these ones. They are thicker but not too thick that they are too bold. You can still make delicate writings with these.

I think the strongest suit of these pens is how consistently they dispense ink. There are no faded spots that you need to go over once more. When using these pens, I did not find the need to make a second coating.

The manufacturer includes a 12-month free replacement on top of a full refund if you have issues with your markers. I have not seen a guarantee this good, so if you have doubts about getting these for quality reasons, the warranty might just sway you.

On fabric, the color tends to get duller. I wish they are a bit more pigmented so you can appreciate the metallic sheen even more. Having said that, I do like the ink consistency. It is water-based but it’s not runny. If you get it on your hands, it’s easy to clean. However, it takes a bit more time to dry up though so be careful not to run your hands over the ink or else you will smear it all over your work surface.

The colors are not depicted accurately on the cap though. I think it’s a problem with many pens. The colors can look different on paper. This is why before using it, always give it a test run to make sure it’s the color you are looking for.
  • Great for people looking for lighter shades
  • Dispenses ink easily
  • Easy to hold and write with
  • Can work on various surfaces
  • Metallic sheen is interesting
  • Can get streaky
These are beginner-friendly markers for wood because of how easy they are to use. You won’t find yourself struggling with the ink flow.

6. Niutop Acrylic Paint Pens

I felt like a real artist using these pens. I thought this set was a steal. You get a total of 24 different colors at a price that won’t break the bank. If you are on a tight budget but you are looking for paint pen markers that will give you more unique colors, this brand is coming as a great choice.

I like that there are more color options with these pens. Other sets only have silver and gold as their metallic offerings but for this one, you also get green, turquoise, pink, red, violet and blue in metallic hues. It also has pastel colors, which I love using on paper.

It can be used on wood but works well on non-porous surfaces as well. You can paint it on ceramic mugs and it will stay on since it is dishwasher-safe.

Another great thing about this set is that they have a unique valve action. Just push down the tip on the surface you are writing town to allow the ink to flow. After a few seconds, the ink will already dispense smoothly. After some use, the ink does take a bit more time to dispense but if you just give it a shake, it will flow right out. Just be careful not to let kids shake these pens too much or paint will come exploding out.

The fine tips of these pens allow you to make more intricate detailing on your craft. For those who will use this on wood, you just need to be picky about the wood you are using. It will bleed on low-quality, highly porous wood.

I have had no issues with the drying time. It dried up quite nicely and if you get some of it on your hands, you won’t have trouble getting it out.

They are a tad small though. I haven’t gone through all of the ink yet but I reckon if you are an avid artist and you use your paint pens a lot, you will run out of ink faster than other markers.

It would help if you also were careful about putting the cap back on. Make sure they seal tightly or else the tips can dry up, leading to dried-up clumps of paint that can be annoying to clean.
  • More color options than other markers
  • Vivid hues that don’t get washed off easily
  • Easy to dispense ink
  • Safe to use even for children
  • Reasonable price
  • Can get clumpy over time
Long-lasting and affordable, buying these pens is a good step. You won’t regret your purchase.

7. Flymax White Paint Pen

I suggest getting a specific white paint pen rather than getting this paint color from the other sets. Most of the time, the white one included in the sets is not as good as the colored ones. This is a permanent marker that will work on various surfaces, not just wood. You can use it on surfaces such as chalkboard, canvas, leather, ceramic, stone, and glass.

I like these pens because they dry up quickly. I can write comfortably without worrying that if I touch the fresh paint, it will smear everywhere. It also dispenses ink evenly, no need to blot it out first on a piece of paper.

It has a chemical-free formulation, making this safe to share with your little ones. It’s foolproof as well since it doesn’t leak.

Keep in mind though that these have extra-fine tips. The pens have 0.7mm of tips which are better for projects that require intricate details. The tips are durable and flexible so I was able to achieve the results I want.

It doesn’t work seamlessly on bumpy wood though. If it snags, some of the paint splatters, leaving you with a fine mist of white dust all over your writing surface. You need to sand the wood you are working on first to make sure that it doesn’t happen.

Also, if you have white paint at home, this will come handy in fixing small scratches or hiding visible screws and nails. I also suggest these pens if you often wear out your paint pens. The tips of these paint pens are durable and can withstand going over rough wood surfaces over and over again.

The price is also just right for a set of 6 paints. The thickness of the body of the marker is also just right. I did not have problems holding it even when using it for a long time. It doesn’t wear out my hands.
  • Vivid white color
  • Has a good staying power
  • Durable tips
  • Good consistency of ink
  • Dries up quickly
  • Can spatter on rough surfaces
If you love ergonomic pens that last for a long time, get this pen set. You won’t be disappointed.

8. Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers

I suggest getting oil-based paint markers if you want a long lasting result. The oil formulation of these paints from Sharpie is incredible because they can withstand all sorts of wear and tear. If you have not had much success in keeping paint marks on surfaces of wood, ceramics, glass and whatever else medium you are working on, get these.

I like using these even on porous wood but I think the oil-based formulation shines the most when used on ceramic mugs. If you like doing artwork or calligraphy on ceramic mugs but hate how other markers tend to get washed out when placed in the dishwasher, you will like this because it stays no matter what you do to it.

These markers come with a medium tip, fine tip and extra fine tip. Choose the one that you think will be the most versatile in your projects. This set has limited color options though. It only offers 5 basic colors. I think that’s just fine for occasional writing projects but if you are an artist, you might find the color choices restricting.

It is entirely leak-proof. Even if you stash it in your bag without putting it in a case first, you won’t have to worry that it will get everywhere in your pocket.

Here is a trick I learned if you forget to put the cap on and left a tip to air out for hours: pour a little bit of alcohol in a small container and dip the tip of the pen in it. This will help reactivate the ink. I don’t suggest making a habit of leaving the cap on but for emergency cases, this will work.

It’s actually one of the excellent oil paint pens I have used. Water-based paint pens are usually my go-to options but if you need a trusty set of oil paint pen, you will like this set. It’s harder to find good oil-based paints because the consistency tends to vary.

Store these pens tip-side down. Since this is an oil-based paint, it does tend to dry up over time. If you store it tip-side down, the oil will moisten the tip of the pen to prevent clumping or drying up.
  • Vivid colors
  • Can last for a long time
  • Works best on ceramic mugs
  • Has good staying power even on porous surfaces
  • The ink consistency is easy to work with
  • Color choice is limited
You can rely on these pens to give you the vivid-colored markers that you need for various woodworking projects.

9. Artistro Paint Pens

I love me some bold-tipped pens. They’re just great in making statement designs and getting the most out of the vivid colors of the paint pens. They are also my go-to pens for filling in and for shading. If you are after the same look, give these paint pens a try.

I think it’s a little pricey for 12 markers. But after a swipe, I quickly understood why these are more expensive than your regular 12-piece paint pen set. These are impressive, particularly with how bold and vivid the ink is. It is very opaque and has a noticeably glossy finish to it that will make your calligraphy work look more elegant.

I have had much success using this on wood projects but it also showed its versatility on other materials such as terra-cotta, fabric, rocks, plastic, clay, and canvas. It does need to be “activated” first before using it. Each pen comes with a plastic cover that you can easily remove by twisting the cap. Give the pen a shake and then press the tip to remove some of the air. Now press it down on paper to prime it and allow the ink to gush down to the tips. Please give it a test run.

I love all the colors in this paint pen set. They are all vivid. Nothing disappoints, so I get a lot of use for all of them. I like the ink consistency as well. It still gives you some room to correct minor errors but sets just fast enough so that it doesn’t get streaky or doesn’t smudge all over the surface.

The flow of paint is consistent and smooth. Some pens tend to clog up but I haven’t had such an issue with this one.

The pens came neatly packaged. As for the actual pen, I think these are well-designed. You can see how much ink you still have left inside, which is nice so you will know if you are running out.
  • Vivid colors for all the pens included
  • Even the pastel colors are vibrant
  • Thick pens that are easy to work with
  • Thick tips good for shading
  • Ink lasts for a long time
  • Slightly more expensive than others
If you love pastel colors, you will find this set one of the best choices out there mainly because of their selection of reliable pastel hues.

10. White Arylic Paint Pens

It’s hard not to fall in love with these paint pens! The colors remind me of the summer season due to its fun and gorgeous. I love even the lighter colors such as the pink and the yellow. They also look vibrant fun even when used on paper.

I love how these paint pens are packaged. The pen itself looks beautiful. You can see the vibrant ink inside. It helps me know if I am running out of paint. The paint ink formulation is non-toxic, making this safe even for children to us.

It’s a medium-sized tip. The pens have 2mm tips so they are fun to use for shading and they are easier to write on porous surfaces like wood. I do like how it looks on other materials such as canvas and rock. The color of the paint still shines through.

The tips of the bed have been used and abused but they are still holding up well. They are also flexible enough to create some more intricate drawings.

I did not experience any smearing. I also like that even though it dispenses ink evenly, the ink doesn’t gush out too much. It allows for better control, especially if children are the ones using this. You should also occasionally shake it if it dries out.

For 12 colors, the price is quite affordable. The colors really pop out even when used on rocks.
  • Great color options
  • Can see how much ink is left
  • Ink consistency is one of the best
  • Great for shading or filling in
  • Affordable
  • Comes in packaging that has Chinese printing and instructions
I think these are some of the most affordable paint pens to buy if you are looking for even and consistent results and you don’t want to mess up your projects with occasional clogging of ink.

What to Look for When Buying Paint Pens for Wood


What to use to write on wood? Use the right paint pens. Here are some of the things you should look for when buying:

Paint Quality and Consistency

It’s all about how well it dispenses paint. You have two basic options when it comes to painting type: oil-based and water-based. Water-based paints are generally problem-free, meaning, you are unlikely to have issues with ink clogging or clumping. They also easily come out from the pen and do not require vigorous shaking. The consistency is also thinner, so you can enjoy shading and other coloring techniques better.

However, if you are looking for more opacity and more extended staying power, oil-based paints are better for your needs. They are just a little bit finicky, in my opinion, and the consistency can greatly vary from brand to brand. Some oil-based paints dry up more and are more unforgiving compared to others. It’s a good idea to compare brands when it comes to oil-based paint pens rather than just randomly selecting to avoid those that are difficult to work with.

Size of the Tip

Fine tip paint pens are great for all-around lettering and artwork. They are good on different surfaces including wood and rocks. If you are looking for a pen that will allow you to do more intricate artwork, you should get those with a fine tip. Otherwise, getting something bigger.

A medium tip paint pen is more capable of covering a bigger surface, which makes it better for filling in or shading. They are also easier to control, so if you plan on sharing this type of pen with your little ones, a medium tip paint pen might be a better option.

Number of Colors Included

Also, check out the selection of colors provided for you. It really depends on your needs. If you are only going to need these paint pens for one or two projects, a more basic set with 6-12 colors will suffice. However, if you are a professional artist or a hobbyist, getting a more extensive set will be a better choice.

It’s important to know what kind of colors are included. Some also include metallic and pastel colors, offering a more extensive range of options so you can be as creative as you want. If you need something to label glass jars, make sure it comes with basic colors like black or white.

Drying Time

It should dry up quickly. It’s hard to write or do art when the paint settles on the surface for a long time. There is a big chance you will smear the paint and get it all over the surface and all over your hands. Go for those that have an even consistency but still dries up well. If you plan on using it on other surfaces such as ceramic, make sure it doesn’t get washed out. Oil-based paints tend to dry up faster and have a longer staying power compared to water-based ones.

Durability of the Tip

Since you will be using this on wood and other rough surfaces, you need the tip to be resistant to damage. Go for the high-quality ones that don’t deteriorate easily. Check out the reviews of other people to find out which ones are long-lasting.

Ease of Use

What kind of steps do you need to take just to activate the ink? Does the ink flow out easily or does it have to be shaken multiple times before you get a nice drop of ink?

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a Paint Pen for Wood?

A paint pen for wood is a kind of pen that has a paint-like ink type. It is more permanent than your regular pen or marker and generally has a bolder and more vivid color that pops out against wood materials. These paint pens can also be used on a variety of surfaces such as rocks, ceramics, glass, fabric, canvas, and blackboard, making them a versatile option for those who do a lot of lettering projects.

Paint pens can either be water-based or oil-based. Water-based paint pens have a thinner consistency and can be absorbed by the wood more. They can be less opaque compared to their oil-based counterparts. Oil-based paint pens are thicker and are resistant to smudges and abrasions although they can be quite notorious when it comes to their difficulty to work with.

How Does it Work?

Paint pens usually need to be activated first. Most paint pens require that they air out the tip first by pressing down your finger on it. After that, point the tip down on a piece of paper and press it down to let the ink run down to the tip. Give it a try on the paper and repeat as necessary.

Some paint pens will also need to be shaken before usage. The ink might have run down to the body of the pen. This is why paint pens should be stored with their tips pointing downwards.

It would help if you also made sure the cap is placed on the pen every after use. That will help prevent it from drying out.

Who is This For?

It can be for anyone. Most paint pens are non-toxic, which makes them safe to use even for kids. It can be used by DIY enthusiasts to make signages on wood. It can be used by novice and professional artists alike.

This can also be used by people who make ceramic art. Oil-based paint pens are better for writing on ceramic pots as they can be baked and washed without the paint coming off.

What Kind of Paint Pen to Use for Woods?

You can use either oil-based or water-based paint pens. Water-based paint pens are easier to work with. Many have good quality and they look vivid even on wood. Just make sure you sand down your wood first to get a smoother surface. If it is rough, the paint pen tip can snag and this can cause some of the ink to spatter.

Oil-based paints are more vivid and tend to last longer. Look for a good quality oil-based paint pen that will not easily clump up or dry up.

Why Do You Need Paint Markers for Wood?

You specifically need paint markers for wood rather than just a regular marker because the latter tends to bleed. If you use a regular marker on wood, it can bleed on the grains of the wood, making your writing look dirty. If you want consistent and smooth results, use paint markers specifically for wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Most Trusted Paint Pen for Wood Brands?

This really depends on what you are looking for and your budget. If you are looking for affordable ones Sharpie, Paint Mark and Aristro are some of the most recognizable names in the paint mark industry. For the more expensive ones, Konker is a favorite.

Do Sharpies Work on Wood?

Yes, Sharpies make paint pens specifically for wood. However, not all Sharpies will work on wood. If you use the regular Sharpie, you might not get the same result as the paint pens that are intended for woods. If you want to get the best results, use the ones that are supposed to work on wood.

Oil-based Sharpies can also work on wood, so make sure you know what you are buying.

What Paint Pen Works Best on Wood?

Most of the water-based paint pens work just great for wood. I find that they are easier to work with and they are great even for beginners. Because they are water-based, they are more forgiving and they dispense ink more effectively.

Oil-based paints, on the other hand, offer longevity. If you expect the writings to get scratched up a lot, these paint pens will work better for you. They have a better staying power compared to just regular wood. You can choose these paint pens but be sure to get the ones that have a good flow of ink.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on Wood Crafts?

Acrylic paint pens, oil-based paint pens, and water-based paint pens are good for wood crafts. Choose those paint pens that have a sturdier tip as well such as those made from nylon. Since you will be working on a rough surface like wood, felt marker tips could wear out easily. Plastic, on the other hand, might have a better staying power.

What Should You Use to Write on Wood?

Try using water-based paint pens first. They are beginner-friendly. If you are doing more detailed work, make sure the paint pen tip you get is a fine one. Medium tips are great for shading and extra fine tips are helpful when making more intricate designs and adding finer details.

How to Keep Paint Pens from Bleeding on Wood?

To keep paint pens from bleeding on wood, use the right paint pen. You should also pick the wood you will work with. Some types of woods are more porous than others. That means even if you use a good paint pen set, there might still be bleeding involved.

Don’t immediately write down on the wood after opening the paint pen. Try blotting it out on a piece of paper first to remove the excess and allow the ink to flow more smoothly.

How Do You Get Paint Pen Off Of Wood?

Pour rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth. Dab it on the stain until the stain is removed. After you have completely removed the paint marks, rinse the area with water and then use a clean and dry cloth to dry it up.

Another method you can use is the toothpaste method. Put toothpaste on a spare brush and apply it to the stain. Gently scrub it until the paint comes off. Rinse the area you just cleaned and then let it dry.

If the tips mentioned above did not work, try a nail polish remover. Just apply it directly on the stain and use a clean cloth to transfer the paint.

How to Use?

During your first use, try to bring your paint pen to life first by pressing down the tips to air out and then pressing it down on paper to let the ink run down. Practice writing on a piece of paper first before using it. Every time you use it, shake the paint pen to allow the ink to run effectively.

Where to Buy?

You can buy these paint pens anywhere where there are writing materials offered. They are available at dollar stores, Target, Walmart, and many other big groceries. You can also buy them on Amazon and have them delivered to your home.

What is the Warranty?

Many manufacturers include a warranty where they will replace the product or refund your money if you experience problems with them. Just contact their customer service and you should get a response.

How to Care and Clean?

Just keep the cap on to prevent the tips from drying out. Also, when storing the paint pens, put them in a vertical position with the tips facing downwards to allow the ink to flow out easily. If you get some of the ink on the body of the paint pent, just wipe it clean with a tissue. Don’t let it dry up or it will be more challenging to clean.


It’s a good idea to have the best paint pens for wood in your art arsenal. You never know when you need this type of pen for different art activities like wood and rock painting. They surely come handy as well when designing canvas bags or ceramic mugs. Let these suggestions guide you in finding the right paint pen that will work for your specific needs. Choose the ones with the colors that will help you explore your artsy side.

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