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The Best Markers for Black Foam Board for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Have you ever wondered what type of pen would perform best on black foam boards, or have already experienced many different markers before? Foam boards are non-porous surfaces, which are ideal for applying washable ink and erasing later to restart.

best markers for black foam board

These washable markers are often sold in a bundle with most traditional shades and sometimes, metallic ink. Their fine point tips do an awesome job in both writings and drawings at a high precision level. Therefore, we usually take them to make decorations on black foam boards for announcements or businesses.

If you are in the dark about which foam marker set is your suitable one on the market, I believe that this article will be helpful. All of the best markers for black foam boards here have been experienced by myself, along with a detailed buying guide and other fascinating shopping tips to accompany you.

<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Fibre-Craft Smart Foam Marker


Top 2

Kole Foam Markers


Top 3

Dyvicl Metallic Brush Marker Pens


Top 6 Marker for Black Foam Board Reviews

1. Fibre-Craft Smart Foam Marker

To become the most reliable markers for craft foam, these 6 packs of Fibre-Craft foam markers are filled with water-soluble ink to maintain their original colors. Whereas most other markers might fade out or be altered through time, so I am quite confident in using these markers on a foam board.

The foam markers are easy to use and handle, with a collection of 6 basic ink shades: pink, black, green, purple, blue, orange. These markers dry up fast and smear-free, making them helpful for different classroom activities, scrapbooking, art and craft projects, and on rainy days.

Since these creative markers for black foam boards are washable and not toxic at all, they are considered safe to be used by children ages above 3. I trust them to be so as they conform to the ASTM D-4236 safety requirements.

Although it is not common for these markers to run out quickly, it could still happen. In my case, I’m not fully satisfied that two of them have dried out just after a few uses. I wish they would come with more ink.
  • Water-soluble ink stays well on foam boards.
  • The package consists of 6 traditional ink shades.
  • Dries quickly and does not smear.
  • Suitable for a variety of creative art activities.
  • Recommended for kids ages 3 and up.
  • Proven to be highly safe with no toxicity rate.
  • Ink gets dried out after several uses.
From my perspective, there is nothing to be afraid of when you can get true color on black foam boards with these Fibre-Craft Creative Hands foam board markers, even on rainy days. And the good thing is, these pigmented ink can be washed off.

2. Kole Foam Markers

I am impressed at first sight that these 2 craft foam markers from Kole are well collected in a blister pack, making sure not to be affected on the delivery. There are only 2 pieces of foam markers, so you can experience them and decide whether to buy again.

I love that these markers are truly mess-free products. Their ink dries up quickly and washable afterward, which means it offers a simple clean-up from foam boards surfaces and hands. I also noticed that the soft tip of these markers is really easy to use, especially when you apply it on foam boards. I can indicate the thin and bold lines by simply adjusting the markers’ angle and hand pressure.

The marker colors come in assorted, and the colors received might vary in different purchases. I would prefer it more if I can pick the color options. I may get the same package on the next purchase, while I want to try all the colors. I get my first pack with red and green markers, so I guess they often come with pop colors. Hence, it’s suitable for school, business, and office activities.

However, the marker has done a pretty good job to please a majority of its users. I highly recommend you to try them once to see its creative results.
  • Packed inside a blister pack for protection.
  • Provides 2 individual markers in a purchase.
  • Mess-free, easily washable ink away from most surfaces.
  • Soft-tipped foam markers to be used easier.
  • Pop colors to fit with various uses.
  • More convenient if color options are available.
A few people may think that getting only 2 counts of foam markers is a waste of time, but I see this as an opportunity to experience them in a cost-saving way. Instead of buying a bundle of low-quality pens, these 2 premium Kole pens are exactly what you ask for perfect foam markers.

3. Dyvicl Metallic Brush Marker Pens

If you are looking for a unique and eye-catching way to refresh your work of art on black foam boards, I believe the metallic foam markers from Dyvicl will be useful. These 10 vivid metallic markers are extremely shiny when applied, creating a sparkling effect to your artwork.

I must say that I feel safe using these markers while working with craft foam. It’s because their ink formula is completely water-based; therefore, it is free from xylene and other toxic substances. Not only is the metallic ink odorless, but it can also resist fading. These pens ink provide full coverage, ensuring a wonderful result.

As the metallic foam markers are equipped with a medium bullet tip, it allows you to create much larger details. They are absolutely ideal to be used for drawing, DIY crafts, art projects, rock painting, adult coloring activities, gift making, or customized mugs. Getting this opaque metallic finish to have eye-catching artworks.

Moreover, you needn’t be afraid about your targeted surface. The ink always be bright and glittery whether on dark or colored paper. These metallic markers offer great versatility as can be applied on various surfaces, from cardstock, paper, metal, ceramics, rock, glass, fabric, foam board, plastic and wood.

These markers do not need to be active before use, and the ink flows smoothly on first applying. I’m also happy that the brand gives us a full refund and replacement if we’re not satisfied with the product.

However, I see that this metallic marker ink might take a few seconds to dry completely on non-porous surfaces. Be particularly careful during that process, since it gets smudged easily.
  • Perfect for creating a shiny sparkling and metallic hue effect.
  • Water-based, acid-free, fade-resistant ink.
  • Medium bullet tip for multiple art activities.
  • Offers great application on lots of surfaces.
  • Their ink might get smudged.
There are not many markers for black foam boards on the current market that can deliver such vivid and eye-catching metallic shades of ink as these pens. The Dyvicl metallic foam marker is an optimal choice for grownups to get creative and apply their shiny ink on most surfaces.

4. Chalky Crown Bold Chalk Markers

In case you want to replace your old dusty and tedious chalks, investing in these neon-colored markers is a wise decision. They are quite versatile and perform similarly to regular chalk but in bolder shades. It does not matter if you are a student, a parent, teacher, artist or business owner since you can freely use the chalk markers on glass, plastic, metal, foam boards, etc.

These colorful markers are easy to use with reversible tips for various lines and drawing styles. They are perfect for pop-arts and eye-catching decorations for delivering vibrant, bold, and opaque neon inks. If you’re not satisfied with the product for whatever reason, directly contact the seller to get support.

I consider every single eva foam marker inside this Chalky Crown set is a safe art supply for small kids to take advantage of. These liquid chalk markers for foam boards are dustless and toxic-free in comparison to normal chalks. They are completely environmentally-friendly and safe for home use.

Formulated as water-based markers, these chalk pens can easily come off non-porous surfaces. As long as you write the ink on those surfaces, it could be cleaned out with a mere wipe of a wet cloth or paper towel without leaving any marks.

Though it’s versatile to work on non-porous surfaces, I find these liquid chalk markers not usable on glossy boards. I have to rewrite over and over again due to the vaporization of their water-based ink. Consequently, glossy boards are not ideal for the pen application.
  • Bolder neon colors for pop-arts.
  • Dustless, non-toxic & environmental-friendly.
  • Easily wipe-out from non-porous surfaces.
  • Works for everyone and most surface types.
  • Can create various lines and drawing styles with reversible tips
  • Does not last for long on glossy boards.
Being an excellent alternative for your old and dusty regular chalks, the Chalky Crown’s Bold Chalk Markers are perfect for all kinds of art activities you need to deal with. Their neon inks deliver much bolder and vibrant hues while being absolutely safe and eco-friendly.

5. Sharpie Metallic Permanent Markers

I cannot miss out on mentioning these permanent pens with a fine point tip from Sharpie. Each of them is seen as the top-rated marker to write on foam with a brilliant metallic finish and available in 6 metallic markers with some new colors.

While plenty of markers require some shaking to activate their ink flow before use, I am satisfied that these Sharpie fine point markers do not. Furthermore, their versatile fine point tip is highly durable and provides great precision level for writing and drawing.

Though you may think that this type of glittery ink is only visible on dark surfaces like a black foam board, it can create the same impression on lighter ones. Besides the popular assorted color package on silver, gold and bronze, other available options on this 6-count are rare colors of ruby, sapphire, emerald.

Reaching the gold standards of most permanent markers on the market, these pens produce quick-drying and fade-resistant ink on your desired surface. I also love that their plastic marker body is really lightweight and easy to control, giving me more flexibility in creating bold marks. I think that they are perfect for your metallic collection.

Unfortunately, I do not fancy its packaging since it is not sturdy. The marker packaging might get torn apart easily during the shipping process due to its thin cardboard material.
  • Produces an eye-catching, metallic finish.
  • Does not need shaking to get the ink-flow.
  • Delivers vibrant colors on dark & bright surfaces.
  • Versatile fine point tip for drawing and writing.
  • The ink can dry up quickly & resists to fading.
  • Flimsy packaging can tear apart easily.
Their flexible point tip is a major highlight feature as it can perform any tasks of writing and drawing with a high level of precision. With various colors options, these metallic markers are great to spice-up your dark-colored surfaces.

6. GOTIDEAL Liquid Chalk Markers

I believe you would want to consult another liquid chalk marker set in a larger fluorescent colors selection to apply on black foam boards. The GOTIDEAL liquid chalk of 30 dynamic colors are certain to spice-up your artworks and keep them in perfect condition.

I am deeply impressed with how the brand manages to equip these markers with upgraded ink to be long lasting and deliver more fluorescent shades. The produced liquid ink is pigmented, vibrant and creates a chalk-like effect on your desired area. In addition, the ink can be erased from the surface by wet wiping.

Thanks to their premium reversible tip, I can easily create bold and thin lines while able to do different jobs from coloring to dotting without bringing the whole collection. I cannot forget to mention that there are 24 extra chalkboard labels and 3 other tips for no charge. This means you will have a lot of diversity and alternatives for broken tips when purchasing just 1 package.

These pens can instantly give brilliant looks on multiple surfaces. Plastic, ceramic, metal, chalkboard paper, window, styrofoam, chalkboard labels, and vinyl are ideal for you to use these liquid chalk colors on. I would recommend you to try them as styrofoam markers for colorful and gratifying prints.

It seems that the chalk markers are quite watery but since I like to make water-color effects, it works for me.. These markers require to be shaken for the better first ink flow. It just takes up a little bit of time at the beginning to use these foam chalkboard markers.
  • Able to work on a styrofoam board for extraordinary prints.
  • Equipped with upgraded ink for fade-free artworks.
  • Suitable for all art tasks with a reversible tip.
  • Delivers a chalk-like effect with highly pigmented ink.
  • Performs well on different surfaces.
  • Can create water-color effects.
  • Tends to be quite watery.
  • Needs shaking to activate the first ink-flow.
The 30 GOTIDEAL chalk markers should be on the top of your list as it would be more beneficial for your artwork if you buy a colorful and versatile set. I believe that the pigmentation of their upgraded ink will live up to your expectations.

What to Look for When Buying Markers for Black Foam Board


Applicable surfaces – It is common sense to know if the markers are applicable for foam boards, while it’s also good that they can be applied to various surfaces possible.

They can be used on non-porous surfaces such as plastic, glass, metal, foam, and varnished wood so you can wash the ink away later. Just remember these types of surfaces will require a little time for the marker inks to dry completely.

Carpet, untreated wood, cardboard, and drapes, etc. are popular examples of porous surfaces that let your marker ink flow through them more readily. This means the ink will settle down really fast right after the application, making your drawing permanent and cannot be wiped out to restart.

The markers on this list work best on black foam boards. Still, I would like to remind you to test the markers on small areas before placing them on any surface to make sure things go the way you want.

Smudge-proof – It appears that most people rely too much on the washable factor that you might not notice their leaving smudges behind. While some markers for black foam boards tend to dry up quickly, others might leave large ink blobs after the application because of uneven ink flow.

This is the main reason why you should choose smudge-proof markers to avoid running ink all over the place. Even when this marker ink is washable from that non-porous surface, no one would be pleased to see their drawings ruined by ink blobs.

No toxicity included – Erasable markers are usually certified as suitable for small kids from at least 3 years old; therefore, they have to be made with a safe ink formula. This means the ink needs to be free from strong odor, xylene and other acid substances to guarantee the highest safety level.

You can also check for certain labels on the foam marker package such as ASTM D-4236 or the ACMI AP certification. Without a doubt, they are solid proof of the non-toxic feature in your targeted set of markers.

No toxicity should be one of your foremost priorities when buying a marker package, especially if you plan to give it to kids.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted markers for black foam board brands?

In case you are searching for the most reliable marker manufactures for black foam board, I would highly recommend you check out brands: Sharpie, Dyvicl, Fibre-Craft, Kole, GOTIDEAL, and Chalky Crown Store. They have long been famous for creating high-quality products.

If you need a styrofoam pen or a marker for EVA foam, check the markers from these brands for the most satisfied results.

Will chalk markers work on foam boards?

Yes, chalk markers work on most surfaces so they can be used smoothly on a foam board like the set of neon chalk pens from the brand Chalky Crown Store.

Can you use Sharpie on foam boards?

Of course, permanent Sharpie markers can easily apply to foam boards because they have oil-based ink inside. Therefore, Sharpie markers not only work well on black foam boards but also most available surfaces. All you need to remember is that Sharpie markers are permanent & cannot be erased.


Above are the best markers for black foam board that I have found and experienced to give you clear insights. I hope that you can rely on my reviews and buying guides to purchase your best marker sets for foam boards.

If you have more experiences on these markers, leave some comments below to let me know as well. In case you find this guide is helpful, do not forget to spread the word about this article to your friends and family so they can find the perfect tool for foam drawing just like you! Thank you for reading.

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