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The Best Pens for Bible Journaling for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Have you ever thought of the reason why your precious bible is often soaked up in ink and the pages keep sticking into each other after you write into it? It is probably because you have not reached out to purchase bible pens that don’t bleed. Regular gel pens are not as beneficial as bible journaling pens in this case.

best pens for bible journaling

Whether it is your intention or not, I know you cannot wait to get access to the best pens for bible journaling, right inside one informative article. They come with loads of useful tips from my experience.


Top-Rated Products

Top 1

Mr. Pen Bible Pens


Top 2

Tanmit Dual Tip 0.4


Top 3

Pigma Micron 01 Fine


Top 10 Pen for Bible Journaling Reviews

1. Mr. Pen Colored Bible Pens

The brand Mr. Pen has manufactured 6 vibrant colors in one pack to enhance the best color coding experience for its users. I can see that the pen head tip of 0.7mm is considered as a fine measurement to do relevant journaling on your bible. It avoids smearing so the lettering task would be much easier.

I like how the ink in this pen does not bleed through any kind of paper and also dries out quickly. You may relate this item to a normal gel pen regard to its smooth ink writing, but the quality it delivers is as high as a ballpoint pen.

More than just a bible study pen, you can use the pen for writing in personal diaries or make plans on the calendar. It is certainly possible to underline or circle important data and appointments with its versatile ink color options. It can be your helpful assistant to memorize the bible in the most hassle-free way.

I can guarantee that skip lines are no longer nightmares thanks to the consistent ink which produces. Right now, there are great sale-off deals online for you to grab a pack of these 6 brilliant bible pens and try them.

It is sad to know that this bible journaling pen is not recommended for coloring books because the head tip is not large enough to fill colors in. From what I can tell, you would need a much bigger pen tip to occupy a coloring book.
  • A pack of 6 different colored pens.
  • 7mm non-smearing small head tip.
  • A high-quality anti-bleeding pen.
  • Ideal for studying the bible.
  • Smooth gel ink. Cheap online deals.
  • Cannot be used for coloring books.
Although Mr. Pen has not been a strong brand on the market yet, I believe that the previous users of their pens would definitely refer to them as one of the best bible pens in basic and vibrant ink colors to help you out in lettering.

2. Tanmit Dual Tip 0.4 Fine Tip Markers & Brush

I can assure you that its dual point tip of only 0.4mm is the perfect tool to shade and outline small details. This Tanmit pen would be awesome to be one of the finest bible journaling highlighters. As you can combine colored markers and liner pens into one, consequently save time and money studying the bible.

There is a series of 36 different colorful pen ink. I see the solid cap outside to protect the head tip and it is a bonus point. The pen is suitable for calligraphy, sketchbooks, bible journaling notes and school planner, etc. It can support both professional and recreational uses due to your personal requirements.

One nice feature about this set of 36 pens is that a plastic case is provided for you to store them in order and avoids losing some at a time. It has the closure type of fold snapping, which can be put inside large backpacks without worrying that the pens will fall out of that case. You can bring this pen set anywhere.

The pen prevents the issue of skipping lines while making bible notes. It is proved from past users that its pen ink flows well enough and does not take much time to dry. You would be glad like me to know that this pen for bible journaling does not smudge or bleed through thin paper of every kind.

I appreciate that the brand is fully opened up to any problems related to this product that occur to you and they offer fast customer service internationally.

I am a bit disappointed that the head tip is dried out beforehand when being first unpacked by the latest customers. It is probably because it has been stored and not being used for a long time. You should dip the tip into warm water for around a minute to fix this and the pen will do just fine afterward.
  • Small 0.4mm head tip for outlining.
  • A combination of markers and liner pens.
  • 36 pens in different ink colors.
  • The ink is anti-smudge and quick-drying.
  • Fast and dedicated customer service.
  • Its head tip is not wet and hard to use.
I know you cannot deny the fact that this set of 36 Tanmit bible journaling markers is a pleasant and practical gift for artists, designers and craft makers, etc. They can always be stored at ease with a firm plastic case.

3. Pigma Micron 01 Fine & 05 Medium Point Inductive Bible Study Kit

I love the diversity in this Sakura set of 8 micron bible pens including 6 medium point pens with head tips in 0.45mm coded as 05, plus 2 smaller 01 ones of 0.25mm. With the number of pens in this kit, you can let your creativity be free and work better on the bible journaling with multiple lettering actions proceeded.

The ink colors throughout these pens are variable and enhances much pigment while being used. It cannot bleed easily through bible pages and being totally fade-proof so the ink will stay for long on your paperwork.

This is basically one excellent bible journaling tool that delivers a wonderful performance of underlining and taking notes, thanks to its fine sophisticated head tip. It can support you in a wide range of writing tasks like bullet journaling, calendar planner, studying notes, calligraphy and bible marking.

I do not think that many people notice this but the pen ink has received important ACMI AP-certified non-toxic qualifications. It is a secure factor for customers to rely on and get the 8-pen kit for their loved ones, especially for kids and art students. It would not be a big deal to make frequent contact with it.

I had experienced this situation for once as the pen itself may leak out of the blue with big ink blobs and cause horrible stains on delicate bible pages. The brand should try to repair the ink flow of this bible pen soon because I believe no one would expect to have their books filled with dirty colored ink.
  • Two types of head tips with 8 pens.
  • The ink is anti-fading and bleed-proof.
  • Serve a variety of lettering tasks.
  • A safe and non-toxic certified pen.
  • Prone to mass ink leakage on paper.
I am pretty sure that if it was not for the easy-leaking ink, the splendid Sakura set of 8 micron pens would have gained much better popularity among users worldwide. The brand ought to figure a smart way to handle the problem, or else they will lose a large group of potential users because of this sudden leakage.

4. Faber-Castell Bible Journaling Kit

This is one of the top-rated bible journaling supplies for a complete kit of 47 pieces in total. It contains 16 die-cuts, 2 sheets mache paper, 46-page illustrated design guide, 16 stickers, 2 Gelatos highlighters colors, 2 Gelatos colors, 2 Pitt artist pens, 2 mixed media stencils together with 4 bible journaling stencils.

I do not know about you but I certainly cannot visualize myself using up all of the included accessories in this bible journaling kit. It comprises such a shocking quantity of different craft supplies and from my viewpoint, the set will become a precious and useful gift for both amateur and professional artists.

There are 4 Gelatos twisted crayons with large head tips for you to highlight essential parts of the bible at ease, excluding the forever common trouble of wrinkling and bleeding through its pages. Their paint formula is quite smooth and creamy, it is claimed by the brand to be free from acid and dries out for permanent.

The following are 2 other slim pens, which are mainly designed for Pitt artists, with much thinner head tips to underline valuable words in the bible during your journaling progress. They are equipped with premium Indian-based ink that also lasts permanently and barely creates unwanted odors on your documents.

Furthermore, you are absolutely capable of getting creative to the most extent by adding the stencils to bible journaling as a beautiful extra spice. The brand made them in 4 different designs and they all fit snug into the 2-inch side margin of your bible. How good does that feel to have paintings in it?

In fact, most people expect the stencils to be made out of plastic and not the heavy sandpaper so that is a minus point for the art accessories set from Faber-Castell. I can relate to this since I know that plastic is far more durable than paper, which can turn useless if it gets wet. I hope the brand will consider it.
  • A large series of effective art tools.
  • A nice present for artists.
  • Acid-free Gelatos vibrant crayons.
  • 2 Pitt artist pens with India ink.
  • Paper stencils are in 4 beautiful designs.
  • It is better to have plastic stencils.
You can undoubtedly acquire brand new art techniques with the illustrated design guide contained inside this brilliant bible journaling kit. With the wide variation of equipment like this, I believe that the set has a reasonable price.

5. Mr. Pen Bible No Bleed Dry Gel Highlighter

This product is different from the first one produced by Mr. Pen on my list. There are 8 gel highlighters being stored inside a compact light plastic case, with multiple vibrant ink shades for a complete highlighting task on the bible and your important notebooks. It is easy to carry them around to study.

The gel pen ink inside is formulated to be acid-free; therefore, it is absolutely safe for small kids and art students to take advantage of. A good thing about these highlighter bible pens is that it does not smudge out or bleed through thin paper. There will be no worries left for you to write into magazines.

I like how the ink does not dry out even when this pen is left uncapped for a while, but just during a short amount of time because no type of gel ink can endure air exposure for too long. The pen design of a twist-up stick provides further protection of its head tip, so it will not break down easily from the pen.

I think that this pen is perfect for serving your bible journaling, sketchbooks, color coding and daily planner, etc. It reduces the struggle of using a regular pen with a large head tip, which may rip the paper, and the amazing collection of 8 highlighters is colorful. The crayon-like tip is able to be sharpened for a finer size.

The only obvious shortcoming of this gel pen is that it cannot stay together when being put in an environment with intense high heat as its head tip will melt. I believe you can already foresee the scenario of lettering with a melted gel tip, it is possible to damage an entire essential document.
  • 8 gel highlighters in a plastic case.
  • A safe, acid-free and smear-proof pen.
  • Free to be uncapped. Twist-up pen design.
  • The convenient sharpenable tip.
  • Stands a chance to meltdown.
It is understandable that it may melt because the pen head tip is structured as a crayon-like one. This issue happens to almost all kinds of crayons and this item is not an exception. It would be best if you stored it at normal room temperature.

6. Sharpie Art Pens

Sharpie is one of the most well-known brands in the world in making premium craft supplies, especially highlighter pens. I would like to review their art pens with assorted vivid colors and a wide range of package options from 8, 12, 16 to 24 counts per one purchase. You can pick the pack based on your personal requirements.

The slim head tip of these Sharpie pens for bible journaling provides thin and precise lines for wonderful drawings and brilliant handwriting, such as doing calligraphy in colorful ink shades. The whole pen is designed to be slim as well, so it will not become a burden to hold this pen to underline the bible for long.

It is good to know that this Sharpie ink dries up quickly and does not bleed through books, even if you accidentally press its tip down a bit hard. Plus, this is also an acid-free type of pen ink that is water-resistant, along with being fade-proof and anti-smear. In my opinion, I highly trust in its overall quality.

A hard storage case is attached with the pen counts, so you can see that this brand concentrates on small details to offer the highest level of convenience for their customers. It is durable and can be flipped quickly into a compact easel, in order for you to get access to the Sharpie kit easier and store it better.

I only have one problem with this set , that sometimes it brings up a terrible smell which may disturb sensitive noses. There is a possibility that the light amount of chemicals inside its ink formula causes the problem. Sharpie should work to fix it in the near future.
  • A variety of package selections.
  • A fine point tip and a slim pen design.
  • Water-resistant, quick-drying and anti-fading ink.
  • The hard case can turn into an easel.
  • May have a slightly bad smell.
From what I can tell about Sharpie, it is technically one of the biggest and most reliable brands to manufacture bible journaling pens. However, nothing is perfect and the awful fume coming from the art pen in this set is not that much of an emergency. I know the brand will strive to give out better products soon.

7. iBayam Smart Colored Pens for Bible Journaling

I am truly in love with the 36 ink colors of 30 normal ones and 6 neon shades in this set from iBayam to diversify your lettering and drawing tasks. The pens work as great bible journaling tools and office supplies, which are most suitable for versatile applications at work, college, school, art clubs or the church.

It has a strong fine point metal head tip with a slim measurement of 0.38mm to deliver precise lines and details. This can enhance smooth writing on most paper surfaces to achieve the best results in bible journaling, architecture, calendar planner, sketching, art projects and note-taking, etc.

The pen set is well-packed in a durable plastic case that has a folded snap type of closure to make sure all of these effective pens stay inside. Do not worry, the case is lightweight and compact enough to be carried in your bags, and I highly recommended for you to bring it along for travel.

Its safe and natural water-based pen ink helps prevent the pen from bleeding through books. 36 different colored pens make a stunning kit for your friends and family on their birthdays and holidays, who specifically enjoys studying the bible or being enthusiastic in creating art from vibrant shades.

Nonetheless, its ink runs out quickly after being used for a short span of time and this is a matter that concerns a lot of customers. Perhaps the brand needs to focus more on the volume of this pen for bible journaling. Even with a high-quality pen, people would not go for it if the amount of ink is too low.
  • A set of 36 vivid pen ink shades.
  • 38mm point tip improves fine writing.
  • Durable fold snapped storage case.
  • Avoid bleeding with water-based ink.
  • Great for both adults and kids.
  • May run out of ink fast.
I think this iBayam set of 36 colored bible journaling pens is definitely potential in making its name on the global market. The outer shell of this pen is elegant in black with a color-matching cap to recognize which one you need for your bible studying or daily planning on the calendar. It would be perfect with a higher volume.

8. U.S. Office Supply Bible Safe Gel Highlighters

The brand U.S. Office Supply offers us a pack of 6 smooth gel highlighters in stunning neon shades to deliver peak performance in color-coding the bible. It ensures better results in your bible journaling progress by highlighting across multiple book pages. To me, this is a completely risk-free purchase from this manufacturer.

The twist-up pen stick design is certainly great for protecting its head tip while not using and enables smooth length adjustment; therefore, you do not have to struggle much. Its large head tip glides easily on most paper surfaces and as a result, you can apply the pen on legal and textbooks without any worries.

There is a combo of a clear storage pouch and a helpful study guide included in this gel pen set. Its plastic pouch is transparent with a snap button closure to safely store all of them in place and bring the kit with you while you travel.

One particularly good thing about this pen for bible journaling is it does not bleed ink through thin paper and mess up the book. Moreover, it is both fade and smear-proof over other types of previously applied ink. If being left uncapped, it is still able to function the same afterward.

I can see a small downside of this bible journaling pen that it tends to leave a light waxy film on the paper after being used. It is not a huge problem but it surely annoys some users since they want their bible and other books to stay clean and the ink does not smudge out of targeted zones.
  • A package of 6 gel highlighter pens.
  • Twistable stick design. Glide smoothly.
  • Plastic pouch and study guide attached.
  • Not bleed through paper.
  • Anti-fading and smudge-resistant ink.
  • May leave a wax-like film on surfaces.
Although this item is not the most excellent pen for bible journaling, it is still among premium ones on the market that can benefit a lot to your daily activities.

9. GTL 10 Piece Inductive Bible Study Pen/Pencil Set

I particularly enjoy the GTL bible study set due to its 3 diverse types of pens inside, including a mechanical pencil to mark things temporarily before adding permanent ink on. And 3 other pens with fine tips to take quick notes in the bible and 6 vivid ones for colorful underlining – all of which makes a great kit of 10 pieces.

Did you know that this mechanical pencil and 3 note-taking pens are engineered to have the functional iTouch universal touch screen stylus on? This feature helps you to extend and retract ballpoint head tips by pulling down and clicking on the cross shield zone, so it is perfect for safe tip protection.

6 underliner pens have 1.0mm point tips, which is the medium size to enhance a clear vision of the lines you create under relevant data. Other than that, 3 bible pens for note-taking have smaller head tips of 0.7mm so your lettering is finer and more sophisticated. This set can serve multiple different purposes at once.

There is a clear plastic case provided that holds all of the 10 pieces in this kit. It is really convenient to carry around for such a variety of pen types, which can support a lot of activities and the most important one is memorizing and studying the bible.

One disadvantage of these pens for bible journaling, in which their head tips are extendable and retractable, is that they stand a high possibility to get jammed and those actions cannot continue to proceed later. I think you should always be more careful with this type of pen by pressing it slowly and not too harshly.
  • 10 different beneficial pen types.
  • Include iTouch universal touch screen stylus.
  • Medium and fine point tips available.
  • A plastic storage case attached.
  • Tips may get stuck and dysfunction.
The easiest method to avoid having a jammed GTL bible journaling pen that I usually applied is to be gentle with it from the start. All of your actions should be done in a slow and careful way to extend and retract this pen since it does not hurt to be tender with your art supplies, right? I believe the brand will fix this soon.

10. Sakura Pigma Micron PN Line Drawing 8 Color Pens Set

Last but not least, I feel the urge to introduce to you an excellent set of pens for bible journaling with the current highest quality right now. It is the famous brand Sakura, which has been manufacturing and producing art supplies for a long time around the globe. Their reliability is high.

The Sakura Pigma Micron PN kit includes 8 colored bible journaling pens with firm plastic head tips that are equivalent to the Micron 05, indicating that they are all in 0.5mm. Based on my previous experience, this is a great tip measurement for you to engage in a bunch of creative art and writing work.

It is safe to know that this pen for bible journaling contains ACMI AP-certified non-toxic ink, which is the strict and necessary qualification that not all craft supplies can achieve. This pen ink is the water-based archival type and it is both water and fade-resistant with no toxic chemicals included.

This pen is completely suitable for creative tasks that require fine lines, for instance illustrating, bullet journal, designing, cartoon drawing, card making and sketching, etc. A clipped closure case from soft plastic is available to hold 8 pens so you can store the entire set inside backpacks to bring to work and school.

I am afraid that the pen is indeed a little bit stiff to write, mostly because of its strong metal tip that is not really ideal for drawing wavy lines. However, this feature enables better durability for the pen in general, so I think it is worth a shot to be tried out by yourself soon.
  • Manufactured by a reliable brand.
  • 8 slim pens with 0.5mm head tips.
  • Meet anti-toxic standards for art tools.
  • Its thin tip works well with lines.
  • Sometimes the metal tip is rigid.
You can see that Sakura has been an experienced bible journaling pen brand with fame and reliability across the globe, and so is the rest of the awesome pens which I have reviewed earlier. Selecting one item from this list is not going to be a silly decision that you would regret later.

What to Look for When Buying Pens for Bible Journaling


Tip size – The head tip is one of the most important factors to define what makes a beneficial bible journaling pen. It decides the main function of that pen, for example, people would use large pen tips to highlight multiple lines and fill in gaps in coloring books, whilst small ones handle detailed drawings and lettering.

There are a couple of common bible pen tip sizes presented in this article, ranging from 0.25mm to a maximum of 0.7mm. Each tip size is compatible with specific purposes as I have mentioned above; therefore, I advise you to consider choosing bible journaling pens due to their head tip measurements.

Bleeding through paper – No matter what happens while you go shopping, you ought to prioritize bible journaling pens that won’t bleed through bible pages because it is the most crucial feature that belongs to this specialized pen. All of those that bleed will cause a horrible scene of messed up pages.

A quick sign to find out whether bible journaling pens bleed through is that highlighted and underlined areas should not be visible when you flip to the next page. You should give them a test in advance on regular thin paper since rough surfaces like sandpaper or carton are too thick for an actual qualitative assessment.

Storage case – Once you own a series of bible art journaling supplies especially a large set of multiple bible pens, you ought to take into account the relevance of a sustainable storage case. Not only does it help you to keep the pens in place and order, but it is also made in a compact size to be carried at ease.

Two popular types of pen containers on the current market are soft plastic pouches and hard cases, which might be able to turn into an easel with convenience. They can have different closure such as snap buttons and soft clips; nevertheless, this feature does not affect much to the case’s overall performance.

Other Important Factors to Consider


What is a bible journaling pen?

A bible journaling pen can be understood as a specific type of pen, which is designed and manufactured to support users in learning the bible and other lettering tasks. This pen normally has a suitable head tip with pigmented ink colors that are anti-fading and dry out rapidly for effective note-taking in the bible.

How does it work?

This multi-purpose pen can work as a highlighter pen or marker for bible journaling, school planner, color coding, sketching, note-taking, doodling, architecture, writing diaries and designing on paper, etc. It depends on how large the head tip is and what your personal needs are for you to determine its main role.

A pen for bible journaling can also help to embellish your regular drawings and lettering to a whole new level of creativity and vibrancy, thanks to its multiple ink shades from normal colors to neon ones. In brief, it is incredibly valuable.

Who is this for?

Though a lot of people think that this special type of pen is somewhat limited to a certain group of users, I have to tell you that they are wrong. All bible journaling supplies for beginners and professionals are available from thousands of global brands, not to mention how they work so well with artistic kids.

Most of the ink formula in pens for bible journaling is completely acid-free and non-toxic, in order to be safely used by children and adults for learning the bible or other craft-making activities. This is a nice intention from their brands.

What are the different types of bible journaling pens?

Metal gel tips – Most bible journaling pens engineered with strong metal head tips are slim and perform a high level of precision in calligraphy and drawing details. Their common tip size would be under 0.5mm with safe water-based ink to enhance smooth lines. This kind of head tip barely breaks down even in extended uses.

Wax-based tips – You can imagine the pen having this tip is as similar to a Crayola twistables bible journaling pen with wax-based paint. It would usually be a large head tip to fill in big gaps on paper surfaces or highlight relevant impressions inside the bible. Wax tips are sharpenable but tend to melt.

Why do you need bible journaling pens?

In terms of making art and memorizing the bible, even if it is for professional or recreational purposes, a bible journaling pen cannot be lacking out of this process. It plays a major role in emphasizing valuable ideas, meaningful words, significant meetings and important dates, etc. on your bible and journal planners.

A bible journaling pen is not only effective to be used for casual sketching and doodling, but it also can be a great marker with pigmented ink shades for you to highlight special notes and plans. You can accomplish multiple tasks with just one compact kit of colored bible pens; hence, that is the reason why it is relevant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted bible pen brands?

Around the world, there are thousands of different brands that build premium craft supplies but not all of them can create the right markers for bible journaling. The most trusted bible pen brands are already collected and mentioned in this article, such as Mr. Pen, Sakura, Sharpie, Tanmit and GTL, etc.

These international brands concentrate on both of the pen’s appearance and functionality, thus you can rely on the overall quality that their bible journaling pens will not be attracting tools yet only work for a short time period then turn inoperable. In a nutshell, all of their produced pens live up to most customer expectations.

How do you use bible journaling pens?

Due to its refined point tip structure that does not usually reach above 0.7mm, a bible journaling pen is used without effort on delicate paper such as the bible and essential works. You just need to press the pen tip onto desired paper surfaces and it will automatically produce a smooth ink flow to create writings.

Do Sharpie pens bleed through Bible pages?

No, they do not. At least the Sharpie kit being presented in this article does not bleed through precious bible pages. Its produced ink is vibrant enough to become an effective highlighter, yet it is impossible to view previous colored areas on the next page so as the book is kept clean all the time. You can trust this brand.

Are Sakura Pigma Micron pens good?

Yes, they definitely are. The Sakura Pigma Micron items are ideal to be used as Inspire bible pens thanks to their fine metal point tips to underline, write and draw minor details in the bible without effort or to bleed through pages. They are made to have vibrant gel ink so your lettering and doodling will be fascinating.

How to take care and clean them?

As to preserve all bible journaling accessories, you should obtain a durable storage case to keep a hold of the whole set of pens for bible journaling. I have already explained some major details about the pen containers above. Remember to log its cap back to protect the head tip from external dirt and pressure.

In case a bible journaling pen gets ink stains on, you need to wipe them off with an alcohol wipe and the item will be good as new in no time. It is also not suggested to store this pen in deep corners because it can attain pretty much dust.

What is the warranty policy?

As far as I am concerned, most bible journaling pen brands allow customers to return the product and demand a money refund in 30 days after the purchase. Personally, I approve of this time period since a month is adequate for you to fully experience the pen in multiple activities like lettering, bible studying and drawing, etc.

Where to buy bible journaling pens?

Besides famous US chain stores such as Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes and Best Buy, international customers can always reach out to convenient online shopping sites for bible journaling pens Hobby Lobby, Amazon and eBay. Just pick which method suits your conditions (location, budget, etc.) the most.


What is your opinion on the best pens for bible journaling being reviewed with specific details in this article? This product is truly a helpful assistant in helping you to learn the bible, design and make daily plans. Let’s make your life more colorful with a marvelous bible journaling pen! Thank you for reading.

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