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How Long Do FriXion Pens Last? – FriXion Pen Lifespan

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how long do frixion pens last

Since Pilot debuted this unique product in 2006, FriXion pens have taken the writing world by storm and become a favorite of many.

Now the question is, how long do FriXion pens last? These FriXion erasable pens are quite extraordinary but they can only do so much.

According to users, FriXion pens last 4 times less than Pilot G2. That means it could last for 2 weeks up to months, but of course, that would depend on the usage and other factors which I will elaborate on later.

Longevity of Frixion Pens

1. What Can the Formulation Say About Its Lasting?


FriXion pen is a gel pen infused with a proprietary thermo-sensitive ink, specially formulated to be heat erasable.

This means when it’s exposed to heat or rubbed with the special eraser that comes with it, the ink can instantly be erased or technically disappear to the naked eye.

This phenomenon is called thermochromism, the same technology used in color-changing cups and many others.

Being a gel pen with a specialized formulation, this pen gets consumed faster than any ordinary pen. With that, you could expect them to last only a short time, about 2 weeks of constant use.

2. Ink Capacity: How Far Can a Frixion Pen Go?


On an actual test, a FriXion pen can write up to 285 meters, far behind a regular gel pen that can typically write up to 800 meters.

Now let’s talk about the pens lasting compared to the frequency of use.

  • If you use them extensively daily, it could last no longer than a week.
  • For an average student, it could last for 2 to 3 months and would not last for a wholesemester.
  • For teachers and professionals alike, due to the volume of work that has to be done daily, you can expect to use more or less 35 pens per school year.

3. Other Factors

Aside from the ink formulation and frequency of use, another factor that greatly affects a Pilot Frixion pen’s longevity is how you store your pens.

  • Heat – In some cases, your FriXion pen is not working, go back to your storage and check if the pens are exposed to any form of heat.

Since these pens are heat-sensitive, you cannot store them anywhere with a temperature above 60°C. Exposure to heat would affect the pen’s performance and longevity.

Apart from its thermo-sensitive ink, it’s still a gel pen, so it’s water-based. High temperatures would ultimately cause a higher rate of ink evaporation, even if it’s not in use.

  • Clogging and leaking – Wrong storage can also be a significant cause of common gel pen mishaps like air bubble accumulation, skipping, clogging, and leaking.

To avoid such problems, I will give you some storage and maintenance tips later so you can make your FriXion pens last longer.

Do Frixion Pens Fade Over Time?


Again, FriXion pens are designed to be erasable. The ink quality is not archival and tends to disappear over time or when exposed to heat.

These pens are not advisable to be used in place of a permanent pen or for signing official documents. Instead, they are suitable for journaling, doodling, answering crossword puzzles, and regular note-taking.

They are best for listing items and scheduling where you can correct and change your format or inputs anytime.

Durability of the Pilot Frixion Eraser


The Pilot FriXion eraser that comes with every single Pilot FriXion pen is made with hard rubber. Thus, it does not get consumed easily as ordinary rubber erasers do.

FriXion pen has erasable ink that is heat sensitive, and what a FriXion eraser does is that it generate heat to raise the temperature to 60°C upon rubbing. The heat produced is enough to activate the ink and make it disappear.

A regular FriXion eraser with every single FriXion pen is well crafted. It’s durable enough to outlast several refills. Also, there is the Pilot FriXion stick eraser coming in a slick rectangular design with a slotted casing that allows you to hang them on a string for safekeeping.

Relationship of Nib Width and Longevity


The FriXion pen is available in different formats and nib sizes. The FriXion Ball and Clicker have 1.0, 0.7, and 0.5 nib size options.

The FriXion pen lifespan or lasting would relate to these nib sizes regarding the amount of ink dispensed.

  • The larger the nib size, the more ink is displaced and consumed faster, but the trade-off is that larger nibs often give you a smoother ink flow.
  • Meanwhile, fine nibs give off very little ink each time you write. With that, the consumption rate is lower, and thus, gel pens with fine nibs last longer.

Moreover, you do not have to worry that much as these pens are designed to be sustainable, and you can always have the option to refill the Frixion pen with the exact nib size it came with

Other than erasable pens, they are also available in formats like erasable multi-liners, stamps, highlighters, markers, and colored pencils.

Tips for Making FriXion Pens Last Longer

  • Store FriXion pens in a cool, dry place. The storage temperature should be around 20°C to 23°C.
  • Do not lay them near any heat or light source. If your desk is near the window or lighting, keep them under the drawers.
  • Store them horizontally, preventing the tip from drying and being ready when needed.
  • If you accidentally left them in your car or out under the sun’s heat for a while and you notice that it stopped working, just cool it off by putting it in the fridge or giving it an ice bath for a few minutes.


How long do FriXion pens last is quite an interesting topic for most erasable pen enthusiasts. In general, they can go on for a week or months, but then again, that depends on several factors, like ink formulation, frequency of use, storage, and nib sizes.

However, FriXion pens are too adorable not to be enjoyed because you worry more about the ink running out too soon.

Keep a few refills handy so you do not have to limit yourself and just indulge in writing with your FriXion pens.

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