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The Best Spray Paints for Guitar for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Customizing a new guitar or reviving an old one’s look can be a fun task to do. With a little patience, care, and the right accessories, you can give your instrument a glossy or beautiful matte finish, whichever look you prefer. Also, worry not about how repainting a guitar will affect its tone.

best spray paint for guitar

If you want to opt for the easiest and most comfortable way to repaint your instrument, picking the best spray paint for guitar is advisable. There are top-rated models in the list below, in case you are confused among numerous models in the market. Check them out and make your call!


<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Minwax 15200


Top 2

Deft 37125015138


Top 3

Rust-Oleum 1906830


Best Spray Paint for Guitar Reviews

1. Minwax 15200 Lacquer Spray

For a shiny look on your instrument, do not miss out on trying the Minwax 15200 Gloss Brushing Lacquer Spray. Its durability is superb, so I doubt we would need another coating anytime soon.

This product works best on wooden surfaces, just right for any guitar body made of bare or stained wood. As the paint goes well on your instrument, you might also want to redo the guitar cabinet to make them the perfect match. In that case, as long as the cabinet is metal or wooden, this product can adhere well.

Furthermore, such a unique formula forms a glossy finish that will leave a deep impression on you and anyone seeing your new-looking guitar. It is hard to tell such a shiny coat is from an affordable spray paint like this one.

More importantly, the finish is going to stick with your guitar for a long time. As this lacquer spray leaves an ultra-hard, factory-made layer, it will ensure no dust and discoloration over time.

The problem with multiple coats is that they might not blend well to produce a satisfyingly even surface. Yet, that’s not an issue with this lacquer spray. All four layers I put on the guitar practically melted together and looked very smooth.

Thus, as long as you follow the instructions about the drying period between coatings, the final look is no doubt beautiful.

  • Ideal for guitar body made of bare or stained wood
  • Sticks well on metal and wooden guitar cabinet
  • Offers a glossy finish like an expensive spray coat
  • Long-lasting and ultra-hard coating that avoids dust and discoloration
  • Multiple layers blend well for an even surface
  • Requires following the instructions about drying period
Overall, with a little work put in, you can enjoy a glossy-looking guitar that has long-lasting beauty. Not to mention, your guitar cabinet can feature the same finish if you want.

2. Deft 37125015138 Lacquer Spray

The Deft 37125015138 Guitar Lacquer Spray stands out among other sanding sealers with its quick-drying formula. Plus, this product, as I found out later, is such a breeze to use.

You can expect from this quality spray incredible compatibility with softwood, hardwood, plywood, chipboard, and MDI — a lightweight wood fibre insulation product. That means it can form a resilient seal on these surfaces without peeling and scratching too soon.

Furthermore, this lacquer spray paint is made from 100% nitrocellulose. For your information, it is a popular substance used on acoustic instruments and saxophones. Such a liquid ensures all layers melting together, allowing a straightforward application with minimal sanding.

What speeds up the coating process is this solution’s ability to dry faster than standard products. You only need to spend 30 minutes waiting for each coating to be ready for the next layer. In the end, the result is smooth and clear yet solid to protect your guitar body.

Since this spray paint is of high quality, you can utilize the product for a long time. That means the amount left in the can will not be damaged due to yellowing or hardening issues.

However, after applying multiple layers, some users want to see a bit thicker coating, yet this product produces quite a thin seal.
  • Compatible with softwood, hardwood, plywood, chipboard, and MDI surfaces
  • 100% nitrocellulose formula, allowing total melting with minimal sanding
  • Quick-to-dry spray paint for a time-saving application
  • Creates a smooth, clean, yet solid coating
  • High-quality for long-lasting use without yellowing or hardening
  • Produces a thinner coating than expected
All in all, such a top-rated nitrocellulose spray paint is what we need for hassle-free application and durable coating for our guitars.

3. Rust-Oleum 1906830 Lacquer Spray

With the Rust-Oleum 1906830 Lacquer Spray, we are offered three options, which are black, white, and clear. You can explore the use of the other two some time, yet the clear one remains superior for a glossy guitar coating.

This lacquer paint comes in a bottle of 11 ounces, enough for covering several electric guitars with multiple layers. Such a capacity translates to 7 square feet of coating, thus making it ideal for various instruments such as drums.

As long as it is plaster, wooden, metal, masonry, or unglazed ceramic surface, this spray paint can provide reliable adhesion. Remarkably, the beautiful pigment stays well for a long while despite frequent use.

In this product, Acrylic is the main component, known for its water-based and fast-drying properties. Hence, we are guaranteed a quick applying session of within around an hour for three coatings.

After the paint dries completely, you can use grit sandpaper to further smoothen the finish for an ultra-gloss look. Yet, that step can be unnecessary if you find those layers already blend well to result in an even and shiny surface.

Just a heads up, you should apply this Rustoleum spray paint in a well-ventilated area, in case it smells a bit weird when fresh out of the can. Also, wearing a mask is recommendable if you are sensitive to paint scents.
  • Comes in back, white, and especially clear paint
  • 11-ounce bottle translating to 7 square feet of coating
  • Adheres well on plaster, wood, metal, masonry, and unglazed ceramic surface
  • Stays on the instrument for a long time
  • Acrylic paint formula with fast-drying property
  • Produces an ultra-gloss look with either grit sandpaper or not
  • Requires applying in a well-ventilated area due to its smell
Despite the minor flaw, this product proves to be durable and shiny on a wooden guitar. In my opinion, it is among the best guitar paints and finishes available.

4. ColorTone Tinted Guitar Lacquer

The ColorTone Tinted Aerosol Guitar Paint might not be as well-known as other options on this list. Yet, its smooth coverage and beautiful tint will meet or even exceed your expectations.

To be honest, I was wary when trying the product for the first time, as there were not many reviews on the model. But after seeing first-hand the stunning finish it leaves on my guitar, I have to admit this ColorTone lacquer paint can afford an even and bright look for any wooden instrument.

If you dream of a vintage look for your acoustic guitar, picking this agent makes excellent sense. Its amber tint will be gorgeous either for your touch-up on the maple guitar neck or a DIY repainting of the whole instrument.

Packed in a can of 13 ounces, this spray paint can be used among you and your friends. The whole application will only take your team an hour for several layers since its formula allows quick drying.

After the coating cures completely, you are granted a protectant finish that resists alcohol and water. According to the brand’s claim, such a beautiful shield will last a lifetime. They are willing to offer a replacement in cases of product breaking, wearing out, or disappointing quality.

This is not a complaint, more like a small warning about its deep shade. You should spray the paint from a distance to make sure you get the yellowish color you want.
  • Affords an even and bright look for wooden instruments
  • Gorgeous amber tint on maple surfaces
  • 13-ounce can, ideal for group use
  • A quick application within an hour for several layers
  • Leaves a protective finish that resists alcohol and water
  • Replacement available for product breaking, wearing, or disappointing quality
  • Not a very popular product
  • Recommendable to spray from a distance due to the deep yellow shade
All in all, still new in the market, this ColorTone guitar paint will someday gain more recognition from users for its unique tint. I see no reason why you are not among the first to enjoy such a look.

5. Krylon K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint

We are now back to a famous name in the industry — Krylon, and one of their best guitar touch-ups — the K01303007 Acrylic Spray Paint. Living up to the brand’s reputation, the model does its trick on different materials.

Formulated to work with various surfaces, this glossy pigment can adhere and stay well on the wooden guitar body for a long time. This spray paint versatility is unparalleled as it is ideal for glass, paper, metal, ceramic, and even plaster objects. Such a wide-ranging product should be in every DIY-er’s starter pack.

As an acrylic spray paint, its selling point is the fast-drying formula. In detail, a light coating of this solution only takes 10 to 15 minutes to dry to your touch and 2 hours to cure. Notably, when in the can, the liquid will not harden and lose its adhesion any time soon.

This product is among the best choices when you want a glossy finish for your guitar neck or body. After drying completely, it creates a gorgeous and shiny look that makes the instrument look like new.

Best of all, this spray paint does not just serve the aesthetic purpose, as it also shields the underneath surface from moisture intrusion. And the plus point is that you can clean the instrument more easily, thanks to this smooth and protective coating.

Just a side note, you should wear a mask and perform this DIY task in an open area to avoid inhaling the paint smell.
  • Versatile product that works on wood, paper, metal, etc
  • Acrylic paint with a fast-drying formula
  • Preserves its liquid form for a long time when in the can
  • Produces glossy and new-looking finish for wooden guitars
  • Shields the underneath surface from moisture instruction
  • Easy to clean due to the smooth coating
  • Paint smell requires wearing a mask and performing in open areas
I think we can expect such a smell from most spray paint products. Other than that, this DIY guitar paint can provide the shiny coating and excellent use for your various tasks.

6. Rust-Oleum 254860 Specialty Spray

Rust-Oleum convinces users to switch to an exotic and beautiful color instead of the old look that their guitars wear for too long. And, the brand’s 254860 Specialty Spray will provide such a change in style.

Trying this shade for my electric guitar is among the best things I have done. I could not believe my eyes when seeing all the colors appear on the guitar body, from blue, green to red hues.

In just a slight change of angle, you can notice the color shifts along with your movement. Imagine the magical moment when your audience listens to your songs and is mesmerized by your rainbow-looking instrument!

As expected, this spray paint comes with a convenient and stable tip for comfortable use. In truth, you can burst the pigment from any angle without worrying about the liquid pooling or running. Make sure you apply it over a black base-coat to enjoy the best color-changing effects.

Other than a guitar body, this product is widely loved for its application on bikes, skateboards, helmets, and the list goes on. The reason for such broad uses is its gorgeous blue sky shade and its compatibility with wooden, metal, and plastic surfaces.

Beyond that, this specialty spray can cost you more than other competing products. Yet, I think all those incredible features can somehow justify its price tag.
  • Offers a change in style for old guitars
  • Different colors appear, including blue, green, red, etc
  • Comes with a convenient and solid tip
  • Allows spraying from all angles without paint pooling and running
  • Wide application on wooden, metal, and plastic surfaces
  • Requires a black base coat
  • Costs a bit higher than other competing products
It is hard to resist such an aesthetically-pleasing and convenient product. From my experience, this one is the best paint for guitars with an old and dull look that needs changing completely.

7. AMY HOWARD AT HOME Lacquer Spray

Finding a Nitro spray paint is not tricky, as such an effective formula is a popular choice for various labels. This next product allows us to experience a professional paint that lives up to Nitrocellulose Lacquer’s quality.

Created for home furniture, this pigment proves to adhere well to different household stuff’s surface. You can make a quick tour around your house and find out that this paint works well on almost any piece, from wooden tables, masonry walls, metal sinks, ceramic cooktop to anything made of glass.

Hence, you can rest assured that this formula comes with a superb adhesion that works wonders on a guitar body. Just wait for around two hours for the paint to dry and stick, then you can have a brand-new looking instrument ready for new tunes.

Anyone familiar with nitrocellulose lacquer paint might know that it promotes the ultimate melting of multiple layers. That means all the light coatings you apply will blend well with each other for a smooth and even surface.

Some users want the ultra-gloss look on their electronic guitar, as they love how it shines under stage lights. If that is the case for you, this paint is your ideal pick. In a short time, it leaves a thick and glossy finish that reflects colorful lights. If needed, you can sand and reapply for more glossy effects.

However, this model can irritate our eyes. Hence, do not forget to wear clear glasses when applying the paint to ensure no direct contact.
  • Adheres well to household furniture made of various materials
  • Works fantastic on wooden guitars
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer paint promoting complete melting of different coatings
  • Ensures a smooth and even surface
  • Leaves a thick and glossy finish
  • Will irritate eyes, thus requiring clear glasses
As long as you are careful about covering your eyes, it is safe and convenient to apply this spray paint. If you are a fan of Nitrocellulose lacquer, give this quality product a try.

8. Krylon K07030 Lacquer Spray

Another highly-recommended product from Krylon that can be your ideal guitar redo tool is the K07030 Lacquer Spray Paint. It is a wide-ranging solution that breathes new life into various instruments, furniture, and even home decorative objects.

Like many high-quality paints from the same brand, this model works best on metal, wrought iron, glass, plaster, ceramic, etc. Most importantly, wood is among those compatible materials; thus, you can rely on this product to retouch your guitar body and neck with ease.

What I love about the paint must be its different shades, including black, white, clear, and exotic red. While the two first choices are perfect for furniture painting, the other two are widely loved by guitarists. The clear one can give a high-gloss look; meanwhile, the red one offers a glossy, bright, and unique coating for your guitar.

Notably, such a shiny finish is ultra-hard, ensuring long-lasting protection for the wooden surfaces underneath. You should know that it can resist moisture to prevent shrinkage, expansion, and other damaging effects.

Besides, the can measures 12 ounces of Aerosol paint, enough for repainting more than one guitar body with multiple layers. Since this one features a spray tip, the application is a breeze. Yet, a little effort is required in the surface preparation process, as you might need to sand the wood to ensure a smooth coating afterward.
  • Wide-ranging paint, ideal for instruments, furniture, etc
  • This spray paint works best on metal, wrought iron, glass, plaster, ceramic, and wood
  • Different glossy shades: black, white, clear, and exotic red
  • Ultra-hard and long-lasting coating that resists moisture
  • 12 ounces of Aerosol paint in a can with an easy-spraying tip
  • Sanding effort required for a smooth coating
Knowing Krylon’s reputation among paint manufacturers, you would not be surprised how this best spray paint for guitar body leaves such an ultra-hard and high-gloss coating.

9. Rust-Oleum 249058 Painter’s Touch

Do you want a superb primer that does an excellent job on wooden parts? If yes, look no further than the Rust-Oleum 249058 Painter’s Touch, as it boasts a durable and incredibly smooth result.

With this product, you are offered four basic color options: flat red, flat gray, flat black, and flat white. Whichever you pick, your guitar will be guaranteed an even coverage that feels smooth to the touch. Hence, the wooden surfaces of your instrument can be ready for colorful paintings afterward.

I appreciate that the whole application is hassle-free and time-saving. In detail, it only takes 20 minutes for the coating to dry and ready for the next layer if necessary. Furthermore, the can features a convenient tip that is solid enough to spray from all angles.

Like most spray paint products, this liquid is packed in a 12-ounce can. Yet, with this effective formula, it can cover an area of 12 square feet, instead of only 6 or 7 square feet like other models available. More importantly, its coating is resilient and thick enough for long-lasting preservation.

Another thing that steals attention from most buyers is its low-odor oil-based formula. It will not emit an unpleasant scent or irritating vapor that requires us to cover our eyes and nose throughout the application.

Still, the white shade of this paint might carry a slightly blue tint. So, if you wish for a pure white, this one might not be the perfect option.
  • A superb primer in flat red, flat gray, flat black, and flat white
  • Prepares a smooth surface for colorful paintings
  • Takes 20 minutes to dry and features a convenient tip to spray from all angles
  • 12-ounce of an effective formula for broader coverage
  • Thick and resilient coverage for long-lasting protection
  • Low-odor oil-based formula
  • Not pure white but with a slightly blue tint
In the end, the subtle difference in its white shade did not stop me from enjoying this decent-quality primer for my guitar.

10. Krylon K01010A07 Spray Paint

This final entry completes our list with its beautiful chrome metallic sheen. If you desire such a look for your guitar neck, the Krylon K01010A07 Spray Paint should be in your DIY package.

Krylon once again amazes me with its diversity of gorgeous colors. I saw a friend of mine use this shade, which is deemed her favorite fender guitar spray paint. It took me a while to find the product since it is often unavailable on many e-commerce websites.

Yet, the long search is worthy since its sleek and lustrous look is beyond my expectations. You can choose among the original chrome, which is the most popular, copper brilliance, gold foil, plum purple, and five more exotic options. You can rest assured that all the paints adhere well on wooden surfaces.

The resemblance to metallic plating is not this paint’s only charm, as it offers a quick-drying formula. After 10 minutes of the first spray, you can touch the guitar body and feel its smooth and even coverage.

Notably, we can achieve such a deep and quality coating for our guitars without paying for high-end products. Settling for this affordable yet trendy spray paint makes excellent sense for buyers with a tight budget.
  • Gorgeous metallic paint offering a lustrous and sleek guitar look
  • Available in 9 shades, including original chrome, gold foil, plum purple, etc
  • The quick-drying formula allows touching within 10 minutes
  • Results in a smooth and even coverage
  • Affordable price offering deep and premium result
  • Often unavailable due to high demand
If you are a fan of Krylon paints and metallic looks at the same time, there is no better choice than this model. For me, it is among the most stylish and gorgeous guitar paints available.

What to Look for When Buying Spray Paints for Guitar


Numerous beautiful paints on the market might leave you huge expectations for retouching your guitars in the shiniest shade. In the fun searching process, you can consider some essential factors to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

First of all, make sure your chosen guitar spray paint is compatible with wooden surfaces, as most guitars are made of mahogany, maple, basswood, walnut, ash, etc. Among numerous picks, the most popular formulas with incredible adhesion are Acrylic, Nitrocellulose, and Aerosol.

Due to the variety of colors in the market, it is no longer tricky to find the exact shade that you have in mind. Just make sure you read the chosen model’s reviews first to see if other users could achieve the true shade as advertised. Different brands offer colors from black, white, and clear ones to exotic metallic sheens, color-shift paint, etc.

If you are still in the dark about which sources to check out, you can explore well-established manufacturers like Krylon and Rust-Oleum. They have a wide collection of spray paints that will amaze you with their quality and effects. Small businesses can also offer decent products too, such as ColorTone, Minwax, and more.

Can You Paint a Guitar with Spray Paints

Yes, of course, you can. Some users with a meticulous nature love painting a guitar with a brush. But most of us prefer spraying, as the method is effortless and much quicker while offering smooth and even surfaces.

What Kind of Paint to Use on a Guitar

As stated before, a guitar, either acoustic or electric, is often made of different wood types. Hence, you should go for the paint that is compatible with wooden surfaces. In such cases, spray paint formulated of Acrylic, Nitrocellulose, and Aerosol will ensure excellent adhesion, durability, and quick application.

How to Spray Paint a Guitar


Spraying your guitar takes more time in the preparation process rather than the actual application. So, make sure you follow those steps thoroughly to avoid messing up parts of your precious instrument with paints.

  • Disassemble all guitar parts – This step requires carefully detaching the guitar strings and clipping them away gently with wire strippers. Then, take the guitar neck off the body, and remove all hardware from the body part.
  • Sanding and Priming – You can prepare sandpaper to carefully remove the old finish on your instrument, making way for a primer layer, if necessary. Do not forget to vacuum all tiny dirt left on the guitar surface after this step.
  • Paint your guitar – You should always read the product’s instructions before applying it, as different paints might require specific processes. Make sure you know how many minutes it takes to dry and ready for the next layer. Be careful while applying the paint on the surfaces, coating after coating to achieve a smooth surface.

This is just a quick guide on spraying paint a guitar to let you know the basic steps. For detailed application, you can find youtube videos that lead you through every preparation and spraying stage.


Hopefully, after checking our shortlist of the best spray paint for guitar, you already have in mind your perfect choice. After all, repainting your precious instrument can be an enjoyable experience, as long as you have in hand the right tools. You can leave comments to share your creative DIY task with us. Have fun!

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