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How to Make Beaded Pens? – The Ultimate DIY Tutorial

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how to make beaded pens

In a world filled with screens and keyboards, there’s something special about the feeling of writing with a pen on paper. But why settle for a plain pen when you can make it extraordinary?

If you’re looking for a fun and creative way to jazz up your writing tools, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll show you how to make beaded pens with a few simple materials and a touch of imagination.

These captivating creations will transform ordinary pens into stunning works of beauty. Get ready to make pens with beads!

Ways to Make Beaded Pens

What to Prepare


  • Pen blanks made for beads or solid pen blanks
  • Bubblegum beads or other beads for beaded pens of your choice
  • Spacers
  • Charms or tassels
  • Jump rings
  • E6000 glue
  • Pliers
  • Jewelry boxes (optional)
  • Tulle (optional)

Step 1: Choose the pen blanks, beads, and spacers


  • Choose beads that suit your design preference. You can choose between pearl, crystal, geometric, alphabet, floral, character beads, etc. Remember to consider size, shape, and colors that work well together.
  • Bubblegum beads are popular for their larger size, but you can choose any beads you like.
  • Select spacers that complement your chosen beads. The spacers in different shapes and styles will be placed between each bead to add visual interest and create a harmonious design.
  • Also, make sure to choose charms or tassels to add extra flair to your pens. Charms can range from small decorative pieces to meaningful symbols. You may need jump rings on hand to attach the charms.

Step 2: Prepare the pen base


Twist off the end of the pen in a counterclockwise direction. Some pens may have a removable cap or a twist mechanism at the end. This will expose the inside of the pen where the refill is located.

Now, squeeze a small amount of E6000 glue onto the base of the pen where the refill is inserted.


  • Be careful not to use too much glue, which can overflow and make the assembly messy.
  • Also, E6000 glue is recommended for its strong adhesive properties.

Step 3: Thread the first bead, add spacers and beads


  • Begin beading by threading the first chosen bead onto the pen. Ensure the bead is snug against the glued base.
  • Alternate between adding spacers and beads onto the pen. Create a pattern of bead-spacer-bead-spacer.
  • Continue this pattern until reaching the desired length or the end of the pen.

You can take your time arranging the beads and spacers to create an appealing design. Experiment with different color combinations, alternate bead sizes, or create patterns with the beads.

Step 4: Add the final spacer and looped spacer


After reaching the end of the pen, add one final spacer.

Make sure to attach a spacer with a loop that will allow you to add charms or tassels later. Ensure the spacer is securely placed and aligned with the other beads and spacers.

Step 5: Secure the end of the pen and attach the charm


  • Apply a small amount of E6000 glue at the end of the pen to ensure a secure hold.
  • Twist on the cap piece tightly to hold everything in place. Check that the pen feels sturdy and the beads are secure.
  • Using pliers, open a jump ring and attach it to the charm or tassel. Connect another jump ring to the looped spacer on the pen.
  • Close the jump ring securely using the pliers to attach the charm to the pen.

Step 6: Test and adjust


Twist the pen to ensure it writes smoothly. And make any adjustments if needed to ensure the beads don’t interfere with the pen’s operation.

You can package the beaded pens in jewelry boxes for gifting or presentation purposes.

Place each pen in a jewelry box and wrap the tulle around the box. Tie a bow with the tulle for an elegant and charming packaging option.


What Size Beads For Beadable Pens?

Beadable pens can accommodate various bead sizes to create unique designs. Here are the different sizes and their corresponding quantities:

  • 9mm round/ 12mm lentil beads: 8 beads
  • 12mm round beads: 6 beads
  • 14mm Abacus: 7 beads
  • 15mm round beads: 5 beads
  • Beehive: 4 beads
  • Polygon/ 17mm hexagon/ 19mm round beads: 3 beads
  • Saucer beads: 10 beads

You can mix and match the sizes based on your preferences, adding visual interest and creating a unique and personalized pen. For mixed bead design, it’s best to use the 12mm round beads or larger in diameter for the first bead.

Can I Refill The Ink Cartridges In Beaded Pens?

Yes, you can refill the ink cartridges in some DIY beaded pens. Here are the steps to replace the ink in your refillable beaded pen:

  • Grasp the metal middle section located at the writing end of the pen. This component allows you to rotate the pen tip in and out.
  • Pull apart the tapered side near the tip to separate the two pieces without twisting.
  • Find the small black end opposite the writing tip. Twist this black end to release the ink and pen tip.
  • Take the new ink refill and carefully slide it into the open end of the pen where the old refill was removed. Twist it slightly to secure it in place.


In conclusion, learning how to make beaded pens is an enjoyable and creative activity. You can make your own unique bubble pens by following the steps outlined in this guide.

After gathering your essential beaded pen supplies, choose a bead size and shapes to add depth and texture to your design. Thread the beads onto the pen, secure them, and customize them with your favorite silicone beads.

With creativity and experimentation, you can create personalized and stunning beaded pens that reflect your style. So, get inspired and start making your own beaded pens today!

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