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The Best Erasers for Graphite for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Erasers are specifically made to help us correct our mistakes when writing, drawing, or painting. Are you aware that they could also be utilized to make all types of fascinating crafts?

If you are in the hunt for the best eraser for graphite that could tackle numerous erasing jobs, this article will help you pick the right model that will apply to your drawing and painting requirements.

best eraser for graphite

You can compare each product discussed below, examine their distinguished features, and note the good and bad aspects. This way, you can end up with a thoroughly considered final buying decision.

There are also shopping considerations shared in this article, and all these aim to help you enjoy a smart purchase that will cater to all your painting and drawing projects.


<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Acurit 4336950576


Top 2

Faber-Castell 127220-P4


Top 3

Tombow 57315


Best Eraser for Graphite Reviews

1. Acurit 4336950576 Vanish Artist Eraser

Most artists are very meticulous when it comes to choosing various types of erasers. If you are looking for a top-quality one that could work effectively in erasing graphite, this option can work wonders for you. It is designed as latex-free, safe to use, and won’t ruin your expensive drawing paper.

This eraser does not give me a hard time shaping it to my preferred form, so I could easily get into tight spots. Best of all, it is straightforward to clean up without making a mess. I can even instantly erase the lines underneath the ink with less effort.

This graphite eraser also works effectively as a blender that is meant to lift pastels from the ground. It is not prone to smearing, so I can be confident that my artwork remains clean and sleek. I noticed that this eraser is robust enough to erase sharp graphite lines from hard papers.

Indeed, it is subtle enough to eliminate charcoal strokes from soft papers. More importantly, it does not solely tidies drawing papers, but it also cleans up after itself. This item is manufactured with a flexible and unique composition that could erase almost anything.

However, I am not sure if I’m just unaware of the proper technique of using this eraser to eliminate colored pencil marks. When I tried to erase some colored pencil marks, I didn’t find it much useful in doing the job.
  • Safe to use and cause no damage to pricey artist papers
  • Allows effortless molding and get into tight areas
  • Designed as latex-free, easy cleanup, and less mess and crumbs
  • Works effectively as a blender that lifts pastels from the ground
  • Erases lines beneath the ink in a more efficient way
  • Seem not ideal to use for erasing colored pencils
Overall, I highly recommend this product for those who prefer an excellent blender for pastels, graphite, and charcoals without dealing with a huge mess.

2. Faber-Castell 127220-P4 Erasers

If you want a high-quality kneaded eraser that most artists pick, this brand is worth considering. This item is specifically ideal for lightening and correcting pastel, pencil, and charcoal works. Since I started using this eraser, I never had problems dealing with my final drawing touch-up and cleaning slides.

The kit comes with four packs of erasers and a plastic storage case. This feature is quite convenient since it can easily store and organize my erasers after use.

The erasers are super absorbent and kneadable. So, you can witness for yourself that these items are must-have tools for your art projects. The erasers are large enough, making them comfortable to use even for beginners.

If you work in charcoal, these erasers can work like a charm. Nonetheless, they are equally reliable to use with graphite. I have observed that they can execute a fantastic job without shredding my drawing paper. They are not pricey, so buyers with a limited budget will like this product.

On the other hand, I am a bit bothered by the sticky and soft texture of this eraser. It gets stuck on my nails and skin. Sometimes, it also sticks to the paper. Luckily, it is a good thing that it does not cause any more serious issues than that.
  • Great for lightening and correcting pastel, pencil, and charcoal works
  • Designed with a plastic storage case
  • The kit contains four kneadable erasers.
  • Ideal to use for final drawing touch-up and cleaning slides
  • Made with super absorbent and kneadable features
  • Comes with a too soft and sticky texture
To conclude, Faber-Castell is a trusted brand. It does not fail my expectations, and their erasers are reliable to use for my art projects.

3. Tombow 57315 Mono Zero Eraser

If you prefer an outstanding eraser drawing technique, take a closer look at this alternative. Personally, I find the pen-style with refill and precision tip feature of this product quite attractive. It comes with an eraser and refill, making it a value pack to invest in.

Besides, this eraser safeguards my artwork and erases only what needs to be erased with high quality. I am glad that I listened to my friend who recommended this product since I prefer a precision eraser that won’t ruin my costly sketch paper. This model is available in two tip sizes.

Since it comes with a pen-style design, it is smooth sailing to utilize and store after I finish working. It even has a clip that is intended for on-the-go corrections purposes.

Unlike other erasers I’ve used before, this model does not give me a tough time getting into the small areas that need to be fixed. I can also easily create crisp lines and erase small details with much ease.

Moreover, whenever I use it, it becomes a cinch for me to zero in on the precise spot I need. I am amazed by its ability to erase perfectly and effectively with a light touch. Since this item is made with several unique features, I always make sure that I have it in my supply box.

Nevertheless, the only downside of this eraser is that it feels rigid or stiff. It is not as soft as other options. This isn’t a deal-breaker, though.
  • Refillable, pen-style, and erases with great precision
  • Erases perfectly and effectively with a light touch
  • Allows users to form crisp lines and erase small details
  • Safeguard my artwork as it does not damage my drawing paper
  • Straightforward to utilize and store
  • A bit rigid compared to other options
Ultimately, the Tombow brand always satisfies my expectations. I find this refillable eraser a sterling product and consider it my primary source of erasing with great accuracy.

4. Pentel ZEH10BP4 Hi-Polymer Block Eraser

Are you tired of dealing with smudges, ghosting, and damaged papers because of poor quality eraser? Then, you can finally end your problem by getting this block eraser. It is designed as latex-free that erases lead faster and neatly with merely light pressure. I like this item because it is easy and always ready to use.

Furthermore, it is manufactured with a protective shield that helps keep users and the eraser tidy. If you’re frequently troubled when erasing large spots and getting into tiny corners, this eraser is the right pick for your needs. It does its job quickly and more accurately. It is not susceptible to cracks and does not harden with age.

Best of all, this product is one of the most reasonably priced options sold on the market nowadays. Since I don’t have huge money for my artwork projects, this item helps me enjoy an excellent eraser without ruining my budget. When I discovered and started using this eraser, I make sure that I always have it on my art supply box.

The minor gripe I’ve encountered with this eraser is that they shed a lot. Anyhow, this does not affect the way these erasers execute their erasing jobs.
  • Designed as latex-free that erases lead quickly and neatly with light pressure
  • Does not damage papers, no smudges, and ghosting
  • Made with a protective shield that keeps users and the eraser clean
  • Easy and ready to utilize and not prone to cracks
  • Recommended for erasing large spots faster and accurately get into tiny corners
  • Tend to shed a lot
To sum up, this block eraser does a great job. It erases more precisely and effectively without smear. It is also one of the most affordable choices available these days.

5. Prismacolor Magic Rub 73201 Eraser

Admittedly, it can be challenging to search for the best eraser for graphite pencils. There are lots of factors to consider, especially for first-timers.

To ease your stress, check out what this eraser can do for your needs. This item is a premium quality vinyl eraser that can effectively erase India ink, absorbs graphite well, and is designed as latex-free.

In the same way, I particularly adore the peel-off pencil tip feature of this model. Such a feature is quite convenient in that it allows me to manage tight spots, and erase tiny details of delicate drawings. Since this eraser offers me maximum control, I can erase what needs to be fixed cleanly and without ruining my sketch paper.

Additionally, the eraser comes with a slim body, so it is a lot easier to hold. I prefer this model because it could execute its job effectively, quickly, and leave the page ready for rework. I highly recommend this option because of that aspect. This product can also serve as a must-have art supply for children. My mother got one for my younger siblings too.

Regardless, the drawback I have uncovered about this eraser is that it is susceptible to crumbling more than other vinyl erasers of a different brand. So, expect a lot of eraser crumbs after erasing.
  • Effectively erases India ink, absorbs graphite well, and made as latex-free
  • Crafted with a peel-off pencil tip that is ideal for erasing tiny spots
  • Easy to hold, offers more control and effortless erasing
  • Features a slim body and does not rip drawing papers
  • Leave the paper ready for rework
  • Tend to crumble more compared to other vinyl erasers
As a whole, these erasers are a great catch. They are adept at erasing mechanical pencil graphite neatly and offer me maximum control when erasing what needs to be fixed.

6. STAEDTLER STD52650BK4 Mars Plastic

I was looking for a first-rate eraser for colored pencils, and my friend recommended this option. I was skeptical at first, but when I began using this eraser, I could say that they are reliable when it comes to ensuring satisfying erasing performance. This product is latex-free, and the kit already contains four erasers once bought.

What’s more, the erasers are individually packed with a sliding sleeve and protective cellophane wrapper. Compared to other erasers I purchased before, this eraser does not produce lots of crumbs that I need to clean up after erasing. Surprisingly, it does not bring about any discoloration of an eraser on my drawing papers.

Fundamentally, this eraser’s sharp corners are meant to ensure that users can clean up tiny spots with slight wear. Meanwhile, the plastic sleeve shields the eraser from getting filthy.

I find these erasers a savior because they don’t smear and erase well for things that need to be corrected. I unveiled that they are ideal to use for colored mechanical pencils.

For all that, I sometimes find this item difficult to find in local art supply stores in our area. I don’t know if it is because they are the best-selling options or the other way around. Fortunately, this product is always available online.
  • Individually packed with sliding sleeve and protective cellophane wrapper
  • Latex-free, and the kit contains four erasers
  • Does not produce a considerable amount of crumbs
  • Guarantee second to none erasing performance
  • Does not cause any discoloration of an eraser on sketch papers
  • Sometimes not available in local art supply stores
Lastly, if you don’t wish to deal with a dirt smudge, this eraser is the solution. It can neatly erase even the darkest sketch lines, and you’ll be stunned at how it executes its erasing job.

7. Faber-Castell 127220 Kneaded Eraser

Since I often deal with pastel, pencil, and charcoal work, I purchased this kneadable eraser because I heard that it is one of the chart-topping options of most artists. I am glad to share that it is indeed a great art supply item that artists of all levels should invest in. This eraser is crafted as absorbent and kneadable.

I am impressed by the ergonomic shape of this eraser. I find it quite practical in terms of working on soft corrections. It performs a great erasing job and can guarantee PVC and smudge-free performance. This option does not disappoint me when working on the final drawing touch-up and cleaning slides.

Aside from these, it is also dependable to utilize for colored and graphite pencils. Since I purchased this eraser, I always made sure that I always have it available in my art supply box. I can rest assured that I can quickly fix and erase what needs to be taken care of when working on my art project.

Be that as it may, the minor glitch I have with this eraser is that the storage case provided seems a bit frail. It would have been better if it was designed for rugged use. Thankfully, it can still be used for storing the eraser. I just probably need to handle it with extra care.
  • Ensures PVC and smudge-free erasing performance
  • Manufactured with very absorbent and kneadable feature
  • Designed with an ergonomic shape that’s ideal for gentle corrections
  • Highly recommended to use for colored and graphite pencils
  • Packaged in a plastic case for easy storage
  • The case is slightly flimsy.
In summary, this item is a must-have tool for various artists and drawing works. You won’t regret your purchase because it works outstandingly for its purpose.

8. Ohuhu OH917-82003-87 Electric Eraser

This electric eraser for colored pencils features a compact, lightweight, and cordless design. The kit contains 20 refillable erasers, plus a portable brush that is meant for tidying up the residues after erasing. It provides accurate control, and it is practical for painting, arts and crafts, drawing, architectural plans, and drafting.

In my opinion, what makes this electric auto eraser a great deal is its powerful erasing capability. It is designed as battery-powered that requires 2 AAA batteries.

I am happy to purchase this model because it appears built to last, refillable, and it’s easy and convenient to use. If you prefer an eraser that can erase excellently, accurately, and more effectively, this is one of the best bets.

The refills are effortless to remove and replace. To erase the marks, all you need to do is to push the button, and a light touch will do the job. The powerful motor and circular movement enable me to erase the targeted spots accurately and more effectively. As you can see, this alternative is loaded with beneficial features that are too hard to resist.

The major disadvantage that I noticed on this electric eraser is the flimsy battery compartment. I need to wrap an elastic band around the cover of the battery compartment just to ensure that it does not fall off. I wish the manufacturer can consider making a slight improvement on this issue.
  • Comes with compact, lightweight, and cordless design
  • Designed as battery-powered that requires 2 AAA batteries
  • Features easy and convenient electric auto eraser design
  • Refillable and built to last
  • Erases excellently, accurately, and more effectively
  • The battery compartment appears frail.
To wrap up, this electric eraser absolutely works wonderfully on colored pencils. More importantly, it does not in any way ruin my expensive drawing papers. I also love that it comes with a generous supply of refills.

9. AFMAT Electric Drawing Erasers

The device itself is undoubtedly sleek and comfortable to hold, although it is much thicker than standard pencils. It helps me release my hands while working on my drafting and drawing projects. In addition to this, it requires 2 AAA batteries, but these are not included in the kit yet once purchased.

This battery-operated eraser is a very convenient art tool. The dynamic motor and circular movement enables users to instantly, precisely, and efficiently erase the targeted areas. It features the latest design and comes in 2 eraser sizes. There are two eraser holders for users to hold both sizes of the erasers.

I use the small size for erasing small parts like hair. On the other hand, I use the larger one to come up with thick highlights. I chose this alternative because I heard that it is one of the most recommended options for professionals and artists. Its circular shape makes this auto eraser more comfortable to hold.

All the same, there is no denying that this electric eraser is designed with unique and beneficial features. In my viewpoint, these are the reasons why this model is regarded as one of the priciest options sold on the market today. It is still a cost-effective investment considering its quality and superior performance.
  • Made with the latest design that features two eraser sizes
  • Battery-operated with a robust erasing capability
  • Features a comfortable grip design
  • One of the most recommended options for professionals and artists
  • Priced higher than other available alternatives
All things pondered on, I think this auto eraser is a worthwhile investment even if it means initially spending more. It is unrivaled in terms of practical features and thumbs-up performance.

10. Prismacolor 73318 Kneaded, ArtGum and Plastic Erasers

This product is an economical option considering it comes with three premium quality erasers for tackling various erasing tasks. The plastic eraser is specifically designed to erase with minimal mess.

The eraser is ideal for absorbing graphite and tidying up dry media, while the kneader rubber eraser is intended for shaping easily into the space and size of what you’re erasing.

Apart from these, this item serves as a practical eraser assortment for artists of all levels. It is user-friendly and convenient for beginners like me. I adore the art gum eraser as I can fully rely on it when eliminating liquid masking fluid from watercolor paper.

As for affordability, this alternative won’t spoil your limited budget. As a beginner, this eraser satisfies all my drawing requirements. The kit is a cost-effective value as it covers what is required for pencil, charcoal, watercolors, and ink, all in a single set!

The only complaint I have about this product is the plastic eraser that usually leaves a gummy leftover on the paper and eraser. Sometimes, if not handled with care, the leftover can smear on the sketch paper, so I need to re-erase.
  • The kit contains three premium quality erasers for tackling numerous erasing tasks.
  • Serve as a practical eraser assortment for artist of all levels
  • Kneader rubber eraser shapes easily into the space and size of what you’re erasing
  • Plastic eraser erases with minimal mess
  • Gum eraser is for absorbing graphite and tidying up dry media
  • The plastic eraser tends to leave a gummy leftover.
In essence, if you want an eraser that can guarantee great value and variety, then there is no reason to further your search. I am sure that you will also find this item a good catch for the money.

What to Look for When Buying Eraser for Graphite


As you can see, there are plenty of erasers available on the market at present. That is why it is vital to learn more about the features and functionality of the product you are planning to buy.

What are the essential considerations you need to inspect when purchasing an eraser for graphite?

  • Brand

Always go for manufacturers that have been proven in manufacturing premium quality products. That alone can help you save more in the process. They are generally priced more expensively; however, they can offer sure value.

  • Quality and Performance

When you say quality, this refers to the durability, reliability, and functionality of the product. Check out if the eraser is capable of executing what it was designed for. Do not just focus on affordable alternatives if the quality is not guaranteed.

There is nothing wrong with spending a bit more in exchange for high-quality features and performance.

  • Practicality, Ease and Convenience of Use

Of course, we opt for practical and straightforward options, which is why it is critical to examine if the product can offer more convenience. Carefully check if they are built with convenient and unique features that make them beneficial to use for the long term.

How Do Erasers Remove Graphite from Paper

When you stroke an eraser across a pencil mark, the abrasives in the eraser subtly break off the surface fibers of the paper to alleviate the graphite particles.

The eraser’s softeners assist in inhibiting the paper from getting damaged. Meanwhile, the gummy rubber in the eraser clutches and clings onto the graphite particles.


In this post, you have learned that there are numerous options when searching for the best eraser for graphite. However, sometimes it could be overwhelming to pick the right alternative to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.

The product reviews and buying cues tackled above are meant to help shoppers choose premium quality and superbly performing erasers to depend on for their drawing, painting, and writing projects.

Please make sure to go over the shopping tips before spending on a specific item. Be reminded that it is advantageous to be well-informed before shopping.

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