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The Best Brushes for Chalk Paint Project

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

best brushes for chalk paint

Chalk paint has been a popular choice for a rustic and shabby chic style. This must be the ultimate option if you fancy DIY projects and refurbish your home and furniture with artistic hues and vintage features. Contrary to regular paint, chalk paint gives off a matte finish and chalky exterior on clean, dry, and even on painted surfaces.

If these characteristics speak for your personality and preferences, this must be the perfect decorative paint to restore your old cabinets, tables, walls, and more. But here’s what you should do next: find the right brush to use with chalk paint.

One of the first things to consider is the compatibility of the brush with chalk paint to achieve great results. The bristle type is also a significant factor when choosing brushes. For this paint, a natural bristle brush is a right option due to its maximum absorption and paint retention.

Aside from that, using the best brushes for chalk paint in various shapes allows you to exhibit exquisite brushstrokes, a natural hand-painted appearance, and a sleek and sophisticated chalky look that complement your desired interiors. Thus, you can freely work on your style and achieve the best results.

In this article, we are going to explore different high-quality chalk paint brushes, which can help you narrow down the options, compare their key features, and figure out the one that perfectly suits your needs and liking. Furthermore, it includes an in-depth buying guide to help you determine the features to focus on.


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Top 10 Brush for Chalk Paint Reviews

1. INFINITI ELEMENTZ NOVASAT-0414-1728-109 Chalk Brush

When it comes to the top-rated paint brush for chalk paint, one of the first brands that come to mind is INFINITI ELEMENTZ. It includes two round brushes in different sizes, maximizing the versatility and coverage.

The large brush lets you cover wide areas in a breeze, especially if you are renovating and repainting walls or huge kitchen cabinets. The smaller round brush can make its way to narrower areas or beveled edges, crevices, or dents of your furniture and provide precise applications.

These may not have a good reputation as Annie Sloan chalk paint brushes, but these brushes highlight their natural bristles, not to mention that these are more affordable. Therefore, they can provide smooth and sophisticated brushstrokes and optimum absorption, allowing you to wrap up the paint job quickly.

One more thing, these brushes are specifically designed for chalk paint. Thus, you can expect superb performance and efficient applications without worrying about uneven patches or streaky paint appearances.

Moreover, the brushes feature ergonomic and lightweight wooden handles that help reduce hand fatigue or strain on your wrists. This provides better comfort and control even when you have to paint for long periods.

Since they are crafted with durable SRT filament bristles, it ensures a nice finish without leaving messy hairs that may ruin your work. However, I am just a bit disappointed that the smaller brush starts shedding after several uses.
  • A set of two sizes of natural bristle brush types for versatile applications
  • Can cover large areas for quick and easy painting
  • Includes a smaller brush that can work on narrow spaces and small details
  • Designed with strong, lightweight, and ergonomic wooden handles
  • Provides optimum comfort and control for hassle-free painting
  • The smaller round brush sheds sometimes
In case it is all about precision and vast coverage, this brush set has two round brush sizes to provide versatile applications. As they are designed with premium quality natural bristles, you can enjoy smooth traditional finishes and brush strokes.

2. Tatler & Tatum N.7 Pure Bristle Chalk Paint Brush

Round brushes are the ideal shapes for chalk paint due to their versatile and durable body. With that in mind, this N.7 Tatler & Tatum pure bristle round brush has never missed my list of favorite chalk painting brushes.

It may resemble the larger brush from INFINITI ELEMENTZ, but what makes this special is the low-shedding design. Impressively, it boasts rigid epoxy glue that densely holds the bristles together, maintaining the quality and integrity of the bristles.

In addition to that, this larger brush uses pure natural bristles as what its label says. I am not sure which animal hair the bristles come from, but I assure you it is one of the best ones I have tried.

The durability and flexibility of the bristles absorb paint well and lay the colors down effortlessly. As it glides smoothly like butter, you can indulge in seamless matte finishes and showcase modern and vintage styles as well as a rustic look.

What is also great about this brush is that you can give your furniture a distressed finish, which can complement your rustic and shabby chic interior designs. But if you are all set for clean and minimalist matte finishes, you are all good with this round brush.

I also want to highlight the nickel-plated ferrule that ramps up the rigidity of the brush, preventing corrosion and rusting. Plus, it gives off an elegant and natural look. Made from beechwood, the handle offers long-lasting quality that can withstand pressure and provide comfort at the same time.

Although its large size provides countless benefits, some may find it uncomfortable to use and not ideal for smaller DIY chalk paint projects.
  • Made of high-quality natural brushes for smooth finishes and effortless applications
  • Features a low-shedding design that keeps the bristles intact at all times
  • Designed with a nickel-plated ferrule for reinforced durability
  • Allows you to achieve various chalk painting techniques
  • Ergonomic and sturdy wooden handle
  • Some may find the bulky size uncomfortable to use
Despite the limited size, the durability and premium quality natural bristles provide superb performance to handle chalk paint efficiently. This lets you achieve various finishes and brush techniques for all your furniture painting projects.

3. SMARTVISION CO 4336965642 Chalk and Wax Paint Set

For novice chalk painters, it can be a bit challenging when applying chalk paint with optimum coverage. Therefore, I always think it is better to have two different brush sizes for versatile applications – one large and one small. That is why this brush set from Modern Art Supplies is a perfect combo.

This includes large and small round brushes. Both brushes feature premium quality natural bristles that can absorb paint well. I am sure this is a significant factor to consider since this type of paint is thicker than regular paint. Hence, it needs a natural brush that has high absorption properties.

Fortunately, these brushes did not fail to impress with their quality and performance. Besides that, their sizes promote versatility, allowing you to cover areas whether they are vast or narrow.


I found the small brush is quite useful for tight spaces such as door or window panels, cabinet dents, and crevices. It is reliable for applying chalk paint and solid colors without leaving uneven patches or streaks.

The same thing goes with the large round brush that is only more reliable for covering wide areas. But because of that, it can quickly finish off the painting job, allowing you to work on to the next and take delight in rustic matte finishes.

Moreover, the wooden handles feature contoured shapes that provide a comfortable grip. This enables you to control the brush easily while reducing hand fatigue even when using it for long periods.

Both brushes feature nickel-plated ferrules, keeping the bristles from falling out. Plus, it has a hanging rope on the handle for hassle-free storage. But here is a caveat: they tend to fray after several uses. Whenever this happens, I just trim the bristles sticking out.
  • Two natural bristle brushes in different sizes for versatility
  • Absorbs paint well and lays down the colors smoothly
  • Designed with durable wooden handles for enhanced comfort and control
  • Features nickel-plated ferrules to prevent bristle fallouts
  • Some bristles stick out after several uses
If you are looking for versatile brush sizes to start with chalk paint, I recommend this set. It includes one large and one small round natural brush that can flourish your painting project with beautiful matte finishes.

4. DIYARTZ Chalk & Wax Paint Natural Brushes

This DIYARTZ brush set includes 6 chalk and clear wax brushes for chalk paint. Amazingly, they come in various sizes and shapes, which I believe will suffice when working on small to large-scale chalk paint projects.

Since the ones in the set have 6 sizes in different brush shapes, working on tight corners and vast surfaces is no trouble. My favorite would probably be the wide flat brush that resembles chip brushes. It works amazingly to cover wide spaces and render solid colors.

Moreover, the oval-shaped brush delivers great results on narrow spaces, especially in creating accent bars or highlighting beveled edges on a cabinet with another bold color. Fortunately, all the brushes glide amazingly smooth whenever I go for intricate details or blocks of colors.

The versatility of these brushes is not limited to chalk paint since you can also use them with clear chalk paint wax. In this way, you can give your furniture, home decors, or various DIY projects a sleek matte finish.

Thanks to their natural bristles, these brushes provide superb performance in terms of absorption properties and flexibility. The bristles are derived from natural boar hair bristles that ensure maximum paint retention.

Furthermore, it can be quite a bummer to see bristle fallouts on a painting job. Fortunately, that is not the case with these brushes due to their sturdy rust-resistant ferrules, not to mention that the bristles are glued with strong epoxy glue to reinforce adhesion.

Aside from that, the brushes are carefully crafted with ergonomic wooden handles, so you can paint effortlessly and achieve the best results with ease.

Everything seems to be on point with these brushes. However, they seem to be heavier compared to the brushes I have owned before.
  • A set of 6 brushes in different shapes and sizes for custom and precise applications
  • Made of natural hair boars for ample absorption and paint retention
  • Includes chip brushes to cover tight corners and vast spaces
  • Designed with durable rust-resistant ferrules to prevent bristle shedding
  • Features ergonomic handles for a hassle-free painting project
  • The brushes feel heavy
The size and shape variation in this set spruces up the performance of the brushes. There is a lot to accomplish with this brush set whether you are working with small or large-scale DIY projects.

5. MAXMAN MRB004-2setBlue-DE Chalk & Wax Paint Brush

It is easier to reach small and narrow surfaces if you have the right brush sizes. With that in mind, this set of paint brushes for chalk paint from MAXMAN must be the ideal pick for painstaking painting tasks.

This set includes a small round brush and a small flat brush, which are both perfect for detailed and precision painting. Between the two, I found the round brush to provide more paint due to its versatility. It can handle surfaces and crevices or tight spaces at the same time.

Furthermore, the flat brush does not fall short of its performance. The main advantage of its size and shape is that you can get into nicks, crannies, and even the narrowest spaces in painting furniture or DIY projects.

In this way, you can get every spot in your space or chalk paint project covered. You can revel in polished surfaces without any uneven paint patches. But of course, what makes these brushes excellent and reliable is the bristle design.

Both brushes have premium quality natural bristles, which are twice-boiled for maximum absorption and paint retention. Impressively, they pick up paint efficiently and lay it down the surfaces seamlessly, revealing solid and smooth color brush strokes.

Aside from their compatibility with chalk paint, you can also use these brushes with clear wax for finishing touches. Good thing they are easy to clean, so you can use them for various applications.

Since the wooden handles are derived from sycamore wood, they ensure long-lasting and sturdy quality. Moreover, the clear varnish enhances the aesthetic features for a more classic and clean look. Plus, they are comfortable to hold due to their ergonomic contours.

It is also nice that the brushes have stainless steel ferrules for enhanced durability. Besides that, they can keep the bristles from falling out.

However, since the brushes are small, the coverage is limited. It might be hard to use it on large-scale projects.
  • Small round and flat brushes for painting narrow and small surfaces
  • Provides accurate and detailed applications
  • Made of high-quality natural bristles that pick up paint well
  • Designed with durable stainless steel ferrules to prevent bristle shedding
  • Ergonomic and sturdy wood handles for added comfort
  • Not ideal for large-scale projects
For painting furniture and revamping home spaces that call for detailed and accurate applications, I recommend this set. These brushes feature the ideal sizes for meticulous yet hassle-free painting.

6. New Renaissance 4336890327_SML Chalk Paint Brush

For multiple surfaces and dual-use, this 2-in-1 tool from New Renaissance is a wax and chalk paint brush for cabinets, DIY projects, artistic crafts, and painted furniture pieces. I know it may not seem an attractive deal since you will get only one brush for all the work you need to accomplish.

Surprisingly, this large round brush has exceeded my expectations, as good as the Annie Sloan chalk paint brushes. Of course, this is a viable option for its affordable price, and more is its professional-quality performance.

As I delve into its features, I can tell that the bristles are pure and of premium quality, making them ideal for chalk paint. They deliver natural textures and brushstrokes that create an authentic chalky appearance, exactly what you need for a shabby-chic or rustic theme.

Moreover, the natural bristle design elevates the absorption properties, allowing it to pick up more chalk paint. This lets you work continuously since you do not have to dip as frequently as you should.

As it absorbs and retains paint effectively, the bristles release the paint effortlessly, leaving solid and pigmented layers of paint. Aside from that, the bristles are not overly soft or rigid, which contributes greatly to the brush’s superb performance.

This item comes in a round shape – one of my favorite shapes due to its versatility. Impressively, this tool does a great job covering and painting furniture surfaces and wide areas. Plus, the sleek and convenient wood handle makes it easier to paint while reducing hand fatigue.

Another feature is the nickel-plated ferrule that secures the bristles. However, I still notice some bristle shedding, although it is not as bad as the other brushes I have used before. The size might also be a downside if you need to cover small surfaces or narrow areas.
  • Features high-quality natural bristles for smooth flow rate and ample absorption
  • Can be used for chalk paint and wax
  • Leaves natural brush marks and textures for rustic and shabby-chic styles
  • A large round brush for versatile applications and wide coverage
  • Ergonomic wood handle for enhanced comfort while painting
  • Not ideal for narrow or small surfaces
  • Sheds sometimes
Nevertheless, this is an excellent and affordable alternative for the expensive Annie Sloan brushes. It highlights a premium quality bristle design that can provide optimum coverage and natural chalky textures.

7. Vintage Tonality Pro Chalk and Wax Paint Set

The advantage of having a complete brush set is to wrap up the paint job easily. You also do not need to find and buy the brushes and accessories individually. Hence, it saves time, money, and effort. With that in mind, this 12-piece set from Vintage Tonality is truly a sweet treat for artistic chalk painters or hobbyists like me.

Just imagine you have 3 paint brushes and 9 other tools to work on various DIY projects, so the preparation is hassle-free. That is why the palette knife, stir stick, and sand or distress block provided in this set are immensely helpful. Plus, it comes with soap for an easy or cheap way of bristle cleaning.

But when it comes to the chalk paint brushes, the first thing I noticed is the variety in sizes and shapes. It includes a large round brush that picks up a lot of paint and spreads it evenly on large surfaces for maximum coverage.

The medium size features pointed and tapered bristles that are suitable for painting hard-to-reach areas and narrow spaces. I also find it useful in making a thin coat, delicate applications as well as stenciling.

The third one is the smallest and comes in a round shape. This shape and size are perfect for stamping, stenciling, and painting tight areas. This can also accomplish dainty and detailed applications, especially painted furniture pieces that have complex edges and designs.

Although the variety in the set spruces up the value and quality, its highlight lies in the natural brushes. Since they are derived from natural boar hair, allowing the paint to spread seamlessly over wood and other surface types.

They are soft and flexible to help you achieve smooth and clean-looking chalk paint. Moreover, all the brushes are comfortable to hold, thanks to their ergonomic handles. Plus, they are made of birchwood, which ensures sturdy and long-lasting quality.

When it comes to bristle’s quality, I must say that they come in excellent quality. The nickel-plated ferrules are also a nice addition to the design. However, the bristles fall out sometimes.
  • A 12-piece set for trouble-free painting jobs
  • Includes 3 natural chalk paint brushes for versatile applications
  • Suitable for precision and detailed painting as well as maximum coverage
  • The brushes are made of natural animal hair for flexibility and ample absorption
  • Features ergonomic and durable handles
  • Some loose bristles fall out sometimes
For an experienced artist or a beginner looking for a complete starter brush set, this one is a great deal. It includes great quality brushes and essential tools for hassle-free chalk painting, preparation, and cleaning.

8. Brossum 6057034 Round Chalk and Wax Paint Brush

A large round brush is all you need for maximum coverage and smooth chalk paint brush strokes. This Brossum 2-in-1 wax and chalk paint brush is one of the handmade natural bristle brush brands that promises amazing results.

The brush is made of high-quality natural boar hair bristles. It lends optimum softness and flexibility that can spruce up your furniture, entire wall, fireplace, or any DIY chalk paint project and turn into an artistic piece with aesthetic features.

It absorbs paint efficiently and spreads it over the surface seamlessly. Amazingly, I did not notice any clumps or messy streaks when laying the paint down. Since the bristles are natural, they can also create brush marks and distressed features.

I like how the round shape ramps up its versatility, especially when working on vast surfaces. It glides smoothly on small surfaces as well.

One more thing, the bristles do not fall out too quickly. Apart from their professional-quality design, the sturdy ferrules do a great job keeping the bristles in place. Thus, there is no wobbly feeling, and painting across all directions is

no trouble.

Similar to most natural bristle brushes I have tried, this one also has a sleek and comfortable handle. You can sit your fingers close to the ferrules for precise applications or hold the handle for wide and smooth coverage.

Just some heads up, this comes in a large size. Therefore, it is suitable only for wide surfaces and might be difficult to use for detailed painting and stenciling.
  • Delivers maximum coverage
  • Made of natural animal hair bristles for flexibility and smooth painting
  • Designed with a sturdy ferrule that keeps the bristles intact
  • Features a sleek and comfortable handle for hassle-free painting
  • Compatible with chalk paint and wax
  • Suitable only for large surfaces
Whether for chalk paint wax or just the paint, this Brossum brush is all about smooth and easy applications. The high-quality natural animal hair can polish the surfaces with aesthetic chalk paint features and give them a brand new look.

9. Colorantic 3849 Professional Synthetic Brushes

I always use a natural bristle brush with chalk paint. Besides, it is the best option for this type of paint. However, I thought I would give it a shot and use synthetic brushes and see how it works. Impressively, this Colorantic synthetic bristle brush did not fall behind in terms of performance.

The bristles are derived from twice-boiled synthetic bristles that can work on various surfaces. Surprisingly, the bristles feel softer and more flexible than I expected. I initially thought that they would be stiff, but they were not.

With such softness and flexibility, picking up chalk paint is smooth and easy. I am surprised how it glides seamlessly on a wooden surface and spreads the paint without streaks or brushstrokes.

Since it is a large oval brush, covering wide cabinet surfaces or large wooden doors is no big deal. The bristles are soft and versatile enough to provide optimum coverage.

Furthermore, the ferrule feels tight and snug, which keeps the bristles from falling out. So far, there hasn’t been any shedding although I notice some bristles sticking. Nonetheless, they all still stick together, leaving the surface messy-free.

The wooden handle looks quite sturdy and feels lightweight. However, I feel that it is slimmer than the brushes I have used before. It looks nice and sleek, yet it is not as comfortable as the other brushes.
  • A synthetic brush that can work as a natural bristle brush
  • Top-grade synthetic bristle brushes for smooth finishes
  • Features a large oval shape for optimum coverage
  • Designed with a durable ferrule to prevent shedding
  • Lightweight and sturdy handle
  • The handle is not very comfortable
If you prefer using synthetic brushes over natural ones, I recommend trying this one. The premium quality bristles feature excellent properties that deliver smooth and beautiful chalk paint finishes similar to what a natural type does.

10. MAXMAN MAXMAN-ORBRUSH-1 Chalk & Wax Paint Set

A set of two brush types can make a huge difference in speeding up the painting process. At the same time, the shape variety can also broaden the coverage and produce versatile layers and widths of colors. That is definitely what these Maxman brushes can accomplish.

Mind you, both brushes in the set are small. But the dual of a round and a flat brush would be perfect if you need to work on precise applications and solid layering at the same time.

The round one does the job of covering a larger portion of the surface, while the flat brush can get into the crevices or tight areas. These brushes are very useful, especially in revamping your door, cabinets, and other furniture pieces with some complex details.

However, the highlight of these brushes is their superior quality bristle design. These are brushes with natural pig bristles that offer effortless applications and sturdy quality. Moreover, they pick up paint well and deliver a nice flow rate.

Aside from their durability, the ferrules are anti-rust as well. This promotes long-lasting quality while ensuring bristle retention. In this way, you can paint freely without worrying about bristle fallouts.

Another impressive feature is their lightweight and comfortable wooden handles. They might be small, but they are surprisingly convenient to hold and use. They feel nice in the hand, allowing you to paint for long periods with better control and comfort.

Although their sizes make them suitable for detail work, their small size can also be a disadvantage. Honestly, I found them much smaller than the brushes I have tried before. I recommend this only for small areas, thin coat, and delicate painting applications.
  • A set of mini round and flat brushes for thin coats or delicate painting
  • Made of natural pig hair bristles for ample softness and flexibility
  • Lays down the paint smoothly without brushstrokes
  • Features anti-rust ferrules for enhanced durability
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold
  • Only suitable for small work or detail painting
When you need to elevate your DIY project or furniture with sleek and dainty chalk paint aesthetics, I suggest going for this set. They might be small but they can accomplish amazing results.

What to Look for When Buying Brushes for Chalk Paint


Compatibility with Chalk Paint

One of the easiest ways to determine which brush to use for chalk paint is to check its compatibility. Although it may seem acceptable to use cheap brushes or any kind, remember that the results may vary and sometimes, might even turn out worse than you expected. Thus, using a compatible and right brush type for chalk paint is imperative.

Fortunately, the market cradles a vast lineup of brushes that specifies their compatibility with chalk paint. The brushes and sets mentioned above are the top-notch options to consider when working with chalk paint.

Bristle Type

The bristle design or type can either be synthetic or natural.

When it comes to chalk paint, the top-tier brushes are the ones with natural bristles. Unlike regular paint, chalk paint is much thicker. This means that chalk paint retains and blends well with brushes with maximum absorption properties and paint retention, which natural brushes can do. Otherwise, you will end up with clumps of paint and uneven layers.

Natural bristle brushes are usually derived from animals such as goat, hog, sable, pony, and ox hair. These hairs render optimum softness that can deal with thick paint such as oil paint or chalk paint. It picks up paint efficiently and distributes it smoothly and evenly.

How about using a synthetic brush for chalk paint? Can it be the right brush type? Will it work? It won’t hurt to try as long as you are using a premium quality product that can accommodate chalk paint. Most of them are cheap brushes and made of nylon bristles. The good news is that a lot of brands nowadays make innovative synthetic brushes that can mimic the properties of natural bristle brushes.

Brush Size and Shape

Some artists work with chalk paint brushes, the range of sizes and shapes off and go with the brushes brands they want. Unfortunately, settling with incorrect sizes and shapes may not give you the best results. Therefore, considering the shape and size is crucial.

For versatile applications, round brushes are the popular choice among many artists. They can work on small and large surfaces and provide optimum paint coverage. Some sets include flat brushes or small round brushes that are reliable for crisp edges and detailed strokes, especially when painting narrow areas such as crevices or beveled edges of a cabinet or door.

No matter which shape or size you choose, it is a prerequisite to determine the project scale, type of furniture, or areas you are going to paint. If you need to cover a vast space like walls or huge cabinets, you should consider large round brushes or chip brushes.

Ergonomic Handle Design

It usually takes hours to finish a painting job. Therefore, using a brush with an ergonomic handle can make a huge difference as you can paint for hours while reducing hand fatigue. Most of the available brushes feature contoured wood handles that provide a comfortable grip. Such designs also allow you to control and maneuver the tool more easily.

Durability and Overall Design

When evaluating what kind of brush to use with chalk paint and which type is your money’s worth, you must consider the long-term performance. Besides the bristle design, it is imperative to check the overall durability of the brush.

This includes the ferrules and handles. What are they made of? Are the ferrules rigid enough to secure the bristles? Are they rust-resistant? Do the handles feel sturdy and steady? You may consider these questions to check whether or not you are investing in great quality brush sets.


Whether you are in the US sifting through the towering shelves of Home Depot or in the UK, taking your pick among the chalk paint brushes B&Q and Screwfix offer, the price matters.

However, natural bristle brushes are expensive brushes, just like the Annie Sloan brushes. The cost might seem relatively higher than synthetic bristle brushes.

That is why you should consider how much you are willing to spend on expensive brushes or how many you need. You can buy them individually but some brands offer quality brush sets that you can buy for a much cheaper rate.

Why Do You Need a Special Brush for Chalk Paint


This is because chalk paint is thicker than regular paint. With such consistency, it needs a brushing tool that can absorb chalk paint efficiently and lay down smoothly, which is what natural chalk paint brushes can do. They are typically designed with natural bristles due to their excellent absorption, paint retention, and smooth application.

Moreover, using a brush that is specifically designed for chalk paint lets you achieve the best results and the certain textured brush marks that chalk paint exhibits. As you know, chalk paint renders a smooth finish that gives off a rustic and shabby chic style. Without using a special type of brush, it would be difficult to present these characteristics and sometimes, you might end up with a substandard outcome.

Is It Better to Brush or Roll Chalk Paint

It depends on the texture or coverage you want to achieve. If you are working on vast surfaces, a brush roller might work better. However, you may use a brushing tool on chalk paint if you need to cover small areas, narrow edges, crevices, or dents. A chalk paintbrush also gives you more paint control, allowing you to reach and cover particular areas in your chalk paint projects.

Therefore, there is a significant difference in terms of comfort and coverage. But when it comes to textures, these paint tools also offer various artistic results.

Chalk paint brushes, particularly the ones with natural bristles, can lay down a much thinner paint. Thus, you may need to apply the first coat and second coat for a smooth finish. There are times when you can also use a flat or round brush to create natural brush strokes, revealing distressed paint or rustic paint aesthetics.

On the other hand, a roller, such as a velour roller, can also produce some textured brush marks on your chalk paint. If you need a smooth and even paint finish, foam rollers work great. However, remember that most rollers are highly absorbent. This means that they require a massive load of paint before they can cover the surface.

How Do You Get a Smooth Finish With Chalk Paint

There are five (5) things you can do to achieve a neat and smooth finish with chalk paint:

  • Add a small amount of water to your chalk paint and mix it well.
  • You can dampen your brushes before dipping them into the paint. A few spritzes of water to the bristles will do.
  • Dampen the surface you are painting. However, be extra careful when doing this, as you do not want to flood the surface with too much water. Otherwise, it will cause runs, blotches, and uneven paint patches.
  • Sand the painted areas lightly. It is an easy or cheap way to get the desired smoothness.
  • Always double-check the lid of the paint. Make sure to cover your chalk paint every time you do not use it. Keep the lid tight and secure. When the lid is off and the paint is exposed, the consistency of chalk paint becomes thicker, which may result in clumps and uneven applications.

How Do You Clean Brushes After Using Chalk Paint

You can clean your chalk paint brushes in three (3) easy steps:

  • Wring the bristles out to remove paint as much as possible.
  • Wash your brushes using warm water. You may use a mild detergent or grease-cutting cleaner or dish soap to clean the bristles.
  • Rinse the brushes again with water. Let them dry.

Just a few reminders when cleaning and drying your brush:

  • Do not use harsh detergents or soap when cleaning your chalk paint brushes. Doing this will result in quality deterioration, which will damage the bristles eventually.
  • Do not soak or submerge the brushes in the water for long periods. Some do this to fully wring the paint out. However, this will affect and impair the adhesive properties of the ferrules, leaving the bristles to fall out. Some brush ferrules are also not resistant to water and rust, and leaving them underwater for a long time might lead to damages.
  • When drying your brush, you should hang them upside down and allow them to dry overnight. If you need to use the brush right away, just wrap a dry and clean cloth around it and squeeze the bristles out for any excess water.


In a nutshell, it is imperative to invest in the best brushes for chalk paint. In this way, you can achieve the matte and chalky yet smooth finish of chalk paints, showcasing the sleek, rustic, and vintage features of your home and furniture.

Although it may seem considerable to use any kind of brush, the chalk paint brush is the one with natural bristles. But whether they are natural or synthetic bristle brushes, make sure you are settling for a premium quality brush. Thus, you can give your DIY projects the aesthetic elements of chalk paint. Besides, you also can refer to more types of brushes such as watercolor brushes or brush for oil based paint. They are worth to refer and buy.

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