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Art and culture are part of our lives, as they inspire and light up a whole new world in us. Art is also the way to explore ourselves, help us to know ourselves a little better. Humans are brought up, surrounded and cherished by art. And we believe that any among us can become an artist to communicate our thoughts and love in a unique language. With that, Art Ltd Magazine wishes to bring you into the art world to help you follow your creativity and inspiration. Life is too short for hesitation, just go with your passions and see where it brings you! 

Who We Are

Molly Enholm


Art has always been a part of my life; it influences my upbringing and later my career choice. The remarkable thing I notice in this digital age, that everybody can spread their stories in the form of art, and they can reach and touch many people’s lives with the help of social media. Such a significant change has inspired numerous people to follow this path and make it their careers. 

If you are not looking to become a professional artist or not, it is always my advice to you and other people around me: create. Art helps us express ourselves in a way that words might not be able to. So for me, art is also therapy. For anyone that does not have the confidence to start drawing and painting, it is okay to start from the basics. You might find yourself indulging in creating. Art is also a way to escape our hectic life, which turns us into a bundle of worries.

You can also use art to teach your children and help them explore their creativity. For me, it is always a part of my parenting technique. So for whichever purpose that you come to art, you can start here with us.     

George Melrod


I am a former art teacher, so it is evident to me the importance of art in educating the new generation. In our first conversations about Artltd, Molly and I were very excited to think that we can quickly share our experiences and passions with people who want to create. We also want to help parents who plan to teach their children and desire the best tools and tips for them. 

Teaching art is a long process that requires patience and much love. And the same goes with creating artwork for the first time. Another thing that we need is the right artwork accessory. With a whole challenge ahead, it is understandable that many of us feel overwhelmed and even intimidated by the process. A hectic lifestyle also gets in the way, preventing you from exploring a massive part of life. 

But I promise you that once you start and befriend it, the journey will be worthwhile. And that is the reason we opened the Art Ltd Magazine. So this is where I want to show you the first step that marks the beginning of your journey. 

Why you should trust us

Our team is formed based on our utmost desire to help people get familiar and be confident in approaching art for the first time. We know how confused parents get when deciding on safe and suitable accessories for their little ones to start paintings. Furthermore, we understand the dilemma of selecting the quality items that support ourselves in creating the first piece of art ever. 

While considering all your concerns, we also gather our knowledge and search for more information to suffice your need. Here, you can find truthful reviews and detailed guides, from how to choose your pens and paper to how to start painting with your brush pens. We also equip parents with helpful tips to enjoy creating artwork with their children. You can find all the best quality contents here, so trust yourself and us together to start!  

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Welcome to  Art Ltd Magazine. And please know that our journeys can only continue with your love and support. So, any suggestions and feedback, do not hesitate to contact us at: Artltd.com 

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