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The Best Markers for Shrinky Dinks for 2023

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

Permanent colored markers encourage young artists to express themselvesFor your information, these markers are also widely applied, not just non-porous surfaces but also to plastic surfaces such as shrinky dinks to create beautiful, eye-popping art.

best markers for shrinky dinks

The best markers for shrinky dinks ought to include optimal features like quick-drying, smear-free, waterproof and fade-resistant, to last for a long time on this surface.

In case you are unaware of which marker package is the most suitable one to design your shrinky dinks, I believe this article would be extra helpful. I would recommend a list of reliable brands and their high-quality markers for you to consider.

<strong>Top-Rated Products</strong>

Top 1

Sharpie Color Markers


Top 2

Crayola Take Note Markers


Top 3

Shuttle Permanent Markers


Top 7 Marker for Shrinky Dinks Reviews

1. Sharpie Color Burst Markers

I must say that these shrinky dink markers of 24 counts can put an end to dull and boring colored lines. Their fine point tip allows you to create intense and bold strokes while ensuring careful details with high integrated precision.

Wherever you would like to apply these markers, I can ensure that their performance will exceed your expectations. Its versatility is worth mentioning as it can be used anywhere, at home, school or office, and can be written on most surfaces from wood, plastic, paper to other surfaces.

Plus, the resilience level of these markers is remarkable with extra features of both water and fade resistance, making the ink become permanent. Their quick-drying ink settles down fast with the ability to stand against long-time UV rays and has been entirely AP certified. Hence, these pens would be ideal for boosting your inner creative self-expression.

24 markers for shrinky dinks in the package provide you with 24 different ink shades to choose from and also help you achieve the energetic visuals you aim for. For convenience, each of their caps represents accurately the pigmented hue of the permanent ink.

Unfortunately, as far as I am concerned, the permanent fine point markers are still likely to bleed through certain surfaces and cause a mess. Of course, this problem does not occur to all included markers but I hope the brand will take it into consideration soon.
  • Enables bold & vibrant marks with precision.
  • Versatile uses
  • Great water, UV rays and fade-resistant.
  • Works for most surfaces
  • Quick-drying ink
  • Might bleed through surfaces in a messy way.
If I were you, I would not hesitate to select this Sharpie package of 24 permanent markers to get creative right away. Not only the marker ink is water and fade-resistant, but it also can stay on drawn surfaces under the bright sun.

2. Crayola Take Note Markers

The comfort level that you can achieve when using these Crayola fine tip permanent markers is mind-blowing. Though their tips may sound loud on paper, these pens are really comfortable to grip and handle.

The set includes 12 traditional colors with fine point tips to create smooth, fine details. With these 12 shades, you can utilise them in any art-related activities: writing, drawing, crafting, labeling, coloring, etc.

The nibs produce vivid and bright ink on paper, which is perfect for impressive and eye popping art. The ink is also fade-free and water resistant, ensuring your art work can last for a long period. Furthermore, with low-odor ink, it is highly recommended for adults and teens from 14 years old.

My answer to “Can you use Crayola markers on shrinky dinks?” is certainly a big yes as they perform brilliantly on a wide range of surfaces including plastic, fabric, foam core, paper, etc. On the marker barrel, each color has been carefully named to help you identify them quickly in the middle of your work.

I have no idea whether this issue happens to other users, but my marker tip has a tendency of fraying after several uses. They should find another way to produce better tips for longer-lasting. You should also pay attention to close the cap tightly since the ink dries out faster than expected.
  • Comfortable in hand.
  • Fine point tip allows creating smooth lines.
  • Works like a dream on varied surfaces.
  • Completes a bunch of activities related to art.
  • Vivid, bright colors and fade-free ink
  • The marker tip tends to fray.
  • Ink dries too fast with opened caps.
These permanent colored markers from Crayola are among the most suggested markers for adults and teenagers. Besides shrinky dinks, you can use them on different surfaces.

3. Shuttle Art Permanent Markers

There are a total of 30 diverse markers provided in the Shuttle Art fine point pen package. They are the perfect tools for all types of artistic tasks, including sketching, book coloring, highlighting and doodling.

Bold strokes are produced at ease by using the durable marker fine point tip. This nib shape with vibrant inks enable young artists to create more bold, eye-popping impressions for their artworks.

Their ink is guaranteed to be smear-free, something that I am really pleased about. These markers also have ASTM D-4236 and EN71 qualifications, so they are completely non-toxic and acid-free. That makes them entirely safe to use near childrens, in offices or schools.

No matter where you choose to write or draw with these permanent pens, the vivid and colorful ink will be long-lasting. It’s because the ink dries quickly and features waterproof and fade-resistant.

Most of the cap colors, disappointingly, do not match with the actual ink shades. I do not receive any coral marker and the lightest yellow and orange ones appear to be more of neon highlighters.
  • Verstible markers to most art activities of creativity.
  • A durable fine tip delivers smear-free ink.
  • Safe to use.
  • Long-lasting vibrant ink.
  • Water and fade-resistant ink.
  • Unmatched marker caps with the actual ink.
It is perfectly alright for you to use this set of 30 fine point colored markers from Shuttle Art, if you do not need any strong colors. With its vibrant and bright colors, creating eye-popping art is just a breeze.

4. Sharpie Fine Electro Pop Marker

The reason why this package from Sharpie is called Electro Pop is due to their bold, and high pigmented colors. This set is filled with limited edition colors in unique 24 hues, including special colors like Techno Blue, Electric Pink, and Optic Orange.

I love how these pens can be used as watercolor shrinky dinks markers. Their fine point tips are durable to enable more sophisticated lines when writing on non-porous and hard-to-mark surfaces. I’m also happy to know these markers are specifically designed for both children and grownups who are interested in art.

The best news for art creators is that its eye-popping colored ink will dry up quickly after application. Plus, it is fully fade-free, water-resistant and smear-proof.

Although the brand has emphasized that this marker package may vary in different purchases, most people are happy with what they receive. We cannot deny its great performance just because of the differences in packaging.

These Electro Pop colors are kind of redundant and too bright; therefore, they are not a good choice for labeling tasks. Instead, I would recommend you to use these permanent markers with sketching, doodling and artistic drawing activities.
  • Vibrant ink colors named after electro music types.
  • Great for drawing and decorating shrinky dinks.
  • Can produce detailed lines on varied surfaces.
  • High-quality packaging.
  • Quick-drying, water and fade-resistant ink.
  • Ink colors are too bright
With these vivid markers, you will be able to create artworks that exactly match your imagination. The fine point tips are efficient in producing crisp and detailed lines for your shrinky drinks.

5. Copic Marker SB12 Sketch Basic Set

Being manufactured with an alcohol-based ink, the Copic SB12 basic markers do not ruin paper fibers like most water-based markers. That way, you can re-wet the ink years later.

Other than being permanent, this marker ink is also chemical-free and produces no odors. Compatible with such ink, these markers are safe to use at home, school or the office.

With conventional markers, you always have to purchase new marker packages when they run out. But these markers can last so much longer because of their refillable feature. You only need to refill them with appropriate ink or replace damaged tips to utilise the rest ink.

These sketch markers are meant for comic book (manga) artists. In case you asked Can you use Copic markers on shrinky dinks?”, the answer is yes. Their unique brush head of Copic airbrush system enables a smooth blend of ink that are incredibly comfortable to work along.

I enjoy holding these markers in my hand because they are easy to control and handle throughout an entire artwork. They perform well for multiple tasks of crafts, design and illustration. 12 different markers available are well-packed inside a clear, lightweight and travel-friendly case.

However, I am quite disappointed with the leaving blobs on paper when using these markers.. I hope the brand manages to fix this defection soon.
  • Alcohol-based ink for all papers.
  • Chemicals and odor-free.
  • Refillable marker inks and replaceable tips.
  • Easy to hold and write
  • Well-packed in a clear lightweight case.
  • Sometimes leaves ink blobs.
As I have said before, This alcohol base does not do any harm to your paper surface so you can feel free to apply their vibrant ink on. Furthermore, their clear case is suitable for use in travel or field-art, which allows you to get creative even when going on holiday. Plus, you can refill the ink easily if it runs out.

6. ParKoo Permanent Markers

ParKoo has done an awesome job manufacturing these permanent fine point markers with 36 diverse ink colors. Their ink base is made from alcohol and truly long-lasting.

It’s remarkable that each of the markers contains a larger ink capacity than the market’s average to extend your usage time. The permanent ink is proof to be low-odor, toxic-free, waterproof, smear-free and fade-resistant.

According to the common shrinky dink instructions, I know that you are able to apply these highly pigmented markers on non-porous surfaces. Other suitable surfaces include photos, stones, metal, glass and CDs.

I like how their durable fine point tip creates bold and detailed strokes, which is absolutely great for fans of coloring books, teachers, students and artists. They can complete a wide range of art-related works with these markers, such as sketching, coloring, drawing, designing, shading, rendering, doodling, etc.

Personally, I have a habit of fitting the marker caps on their ends whenever I use them to avoid missing. But these fine point pens have failed me since the cap falls off for being too big to fit the other marker end.
  • 36 different ink colors with a large capacity.
  • Has a long-lasting alcohol-based ink.
  • Applicable to most non-porous surfaces.
  • Low-odor, non-toxic & fade-resistant ink.
  • Suitable for different ages users.
  • Perform the best with art-related activities.
  • The marker cap does not fit onto one end.
It is always a nice thing to hear that these markers contain larger ink capacity. Both kids and adults can freely create their piece of art. Get the ParKoo marker set now.

7. Sharpie Fine Point Markers

In order to achieve ultimate precision for your art pieces, you might want to look at these ultra fine point Electro Pop Sharpie markers. They are claimed to be one of the top-rated markers for shrink plastic for their ability to stay on most surfaces. The permanent markers are widely known to leave a bold mark.

There are many package choices for you to select, from 1 to 4 marker sets of 24 counts at once, so your whole class or office can share and use. You will be happy to know this set includes rare and eye-popping unique ink shades such as Nano Blue, Ultra Violet, Optic Orange and Electric Pink.

I am in love with its permanent resilient ink as it dries up quickly and has the ability to resist both water and fading. Even better, this brand always makes sure their markers are fully AP certified – evaluated to be perfectly safe for children’s use.

This marker package can help you create visually-igniting works of art with a high level of depth and details. Their ultra fine point tips deliver vibrant strokes for rendering or more sophisticated tasks like illustrating.

I am not 100% sure why, but this marker cap does not fit right on the body. I have a hard time pulling them off and putting them back on. Some of them even resort to using my teeth.
  • Leaves bold marks that stay on for long.
  • Offers purchase options from 1 to 4 packages.
  • 19 classic shades besides special ones.
  • Resilient, water and fade-resistant ink.
  • Fully AP certified for great safety in use.
  • Suitable for details in rendering, sketching.
  • Hardship in pulling the cap & putting it on.
I have little doubts about the high quality of their 24 permanent fine point markers in this package. Both children and grownups are good to go with the markers thanks to their full AP certification.

What to Look for When Buying Markers for Shrinky Dinks

best markers for shrinky dinks

Shrinky dinks application – The most important thing is that the marker ink needs to be permanent because some inks can be removed easily from plastic surfaces with a slight wipe. Fortunately, all colored markers presented in this article are equipped with waterproof, fade-resistant, smear-free, and quick-drying ink.

From my perspective, a marker ink ought to include those mentioned features to stay permanently and fade-free on plastic surfaces like shrinky dinks. You can easily check this list out prior to know the best package of markers most suited to you. That way, your wonderful shrinky dink ideas can be completed and last for a long time.

Applying a marker ink on a plastic surface for shrinky dinks is not difficult if you know how to choose the appropriate type of ink to use. Aside from that, such ink is suitable for application on other surfaces such as wood, paper, glass, metal, CDs, etc. Permanent ink is truly optimal.

Consistent ink flow – A consistent ink flow depends largely on the marker itself and your proper storage as well. I understand the irritation people get when their markers suddenly stop working just after some quick uses.

The smooth ink flow first requires a sufficient ink capacity so that the drawing process is not interrupted. Next up is to have a high-quality tip to make sure its ink is delivered out constantly at an adequate level, not too watery, especially on plastic for shrinky dink art. These two details play a huge role in ensuring good flow of ink.

A consistent ink flow should not create huge ink blobs out of the blue, or dry out the tips and cannot be used (though there is still a lot of ink inside). Remember to test the marker ink in advance, if possible to see whether it performs alright.

Matching cap colors – This is considered a major disadvantage for all users is that they cannot check before-hand to ensure having their desirable ink color. It might be a bit lighter or darker, or even delivering totally different shades compared to the cap.

There are many art creators who require precise ink hues to complete their work and just a slight difference will cause the art piece to go visually wrong. This is why marker brands have to try their best to make the markers’ ink colors match with its cap.

Besides these factors, you would probably want to know more about the following objects when buying markers for shrinky dinks. For example, the glue for shrinky dinks or what shrinky dinks without oven would turn out. Getting tips on how to seal shrinky dinks and how to uncurl shrinky dinks as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most trusted shrinky dink marker brands?

In case you want to create the most excellent kit of shrinky dinks, you need to have an equal permanent marker package to support this process. These are the most trusted shrinky dink marker brands for you to consult: Shuttle Art, Crayola, Copic, Sharpie and ParKoo. Their products are genuinely worth your money.

When you buy permanent markers for shrinky dinks manufactured by these brands, I guarantee that you will be pleased with their high-quality features. The number of included markers is variable and their ink colors are diverse. All of them are well-packed with plenty of functions to help you in making art.

I recommend these brands because if you’re not happy with the product, you can return and exchange for new packs.

How to use it?

Permanent markers for shrinky dinks are designed for using and handling at ease, even by young children. To begin, remove the cap and fit it onto the marker end to avoid missing. Gently press the tip on your desired surface to test its flow, then continue writing/drawing as it automatically delivers the ink out.

After you are done using a pen, never forget to recap it properly since this will affect the marker tip quality later on, causing its ink to dry out. It would be great if you can make use of the original package to store markers in place. These are the simple steps for everyone to use these markers.

Where to buy it?

There are many places to consider like Home Depot, Lowes, Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, or eBay.

How to take care and clean it?

As I have mentioned earlier, any uncapped or poorly capped marker after use will lead to defection over time, especially with its ink flow. That is why you should pay more attention to your marker caps to provide better care. Fitting them onto the marker ends or keeping them close is a good way to avoid missing.

If a marker ever gets permanent ink stains on its body, wipe them away with a damp cloth of alcohol for the best results. Other dirt stains can be removed with plain water to keep the pens clean. Collect the entire markers and store them back properly after use.


I bet that a wide variety of options available in this article can help you choose suitable art tools. You should always look for high-quality supplies like the reviewed ones here to complete your artworks in the finest way.

So what are your own opinions on my best markers for shrinky dinks? I would like to know more about them in the comment section. And if you find the information provided here also helpful for others, do not hesitate to share it via Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for reading.

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