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How to Draw a Fountain Pen? A Step-by-Step Guide

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how to draw a fountain pen

Learning how to draw a fountain pen is not as difficult as it may seem. In fact, drawing an illustration of a fountain pen lets you explore a composition of easy and basic strokes.

Thus, you’re off to a good start with our in-depth drawing tutorial, especially if you’re a beginner in realistic drawing.

As you study and sketch the features of a fountain pen, you can also practice your skills as well as determine the right tools to use for your future sketches and drawing projects.

Steps to Draw a Fountain Pen for Beginners

1. What to Prepare


  • A drawing pencil
  • A graphic fineliner pen
  • Art markers
  • An art eraser
  • A bleed-proof paper or sketch pad

2. Study the Subject


Choose a fountain pen design that has straightforward features and strokes. Take note that simplified details will help you draw the image more easily.

3. Decide on a Fountain Pen’s Length and Draw a Line


Decide on your fountain pen’s length by drawing a straight line. This serves as your guide for the pen’s barrel and all the other supplemental details.

4. Draw the Nib and the Surrounding Part

Start drawing the details for the grip section, which holds the nib, the feed, and the surrounding parts.

  • Sketch an oval shape and draw two straight lines from the tops of the oval to depict the grip


  • Then, draw several parallel curve lines to portray the screw that attaches the grip to the upper barrel.


  • Afterward, slowly and lightly draw outward and inward curves to create the pen’s feed and nib.


5. Proceed to the Barrel

  • When you’re all done with the nib details, proceed to the pen’s barrel, which is typically in a bulbous shape.


  • Add a few details, like a cap clip, to refine the shape and features of the fountain pen.


Don’t worry if you make some mistakes. Remember that you are simply making quick and loose sketches with pencil, so they don’t need to be perfect. We will restructure the shapes and sketches later.

6. Highlight Detail and Contrast Using a Graphic Fineliner Pen

  • Using a graphic fineliner pen, darken the lines to define the details, refine the structure, and create contrast.

Keep your hand’s pressure light and gentle as you draw with a fineliner pen, so you can easily move and adjust the pen accordingly without ink bleeding or feathering.


  • Draw some lines underneath the fountain pen and on the barrel, which will serve as shading that refines the dark and light values in your drawing.


7. Add Depth and Colors Using Art Markers


The final phase is adding colors and depth to your drawing using art markers. You may decide which colors to use and fill in the shapes with different hues.

To elevate the shadows and highlights, you may color the bottom part of the fountain pen with a darker or more intense shade.


Learning how to draw a fountain pen may seem challenging, but never too difficult. All you need is the essential drawing tools and a few practice sessions to get started with your art. Just remember to go for the simple details and strokes to draw the image easily.

The guidelines in this article provide the basics of drawing a fountain pen, which you may follow and try as you embark on new ways to showcase your art.

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