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How Long Do Ohuhu Markers Last? – Ohuhu Marker Lifespan

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how long do ohuhu markers last

If you’ve been using Ohuhu markers for your creative and colorful art projects, you’re probably wondering how long they will last. After all, longevity is a significant factor that defines the quality and performance of markers.

How long do Ohuhu markers last, then? Although the average lifespan of Ohuhu markers is around 6 months to a year, their longevity is dependent on various factors.

Read further for tips to maximize their lifespan, whether with Ohuhu brush markers or alcohol markers.

The Average Lifespan of Ohuhu Markers

How long do alcohol markers last, particularly the ones from Ohuhu? What about water-based options? The following sections unravel the average lifespan of Ohuhu markers:

  • When Left Opened


Prolonged exposure to air can expedite the process of evaporation in the alcohol content of Ohuhu markers, thereby causing a desiccated effect on the tip and leaving the marker unusable.

In general, the specific duration of how long an Ohuhu marker can last when left open is not definite, as it depends on various factors such as environmental conditions and usage patterns.

Thus, it is recommended to put the cap back on tightly after each use to maximize the marker’s longevity.

  • When Left Unopened


Proper storage practices such as constantly keeping the pens capped greatly extend the longevity of Ohuhu markers, preventing them from quickly degrading. When placed in a cool, dry location, these markers may last up to 2 years.

Despite that, keep in mind that storing them in high-temperature areas will negatively affect their quality and usability.

It may cause the plastic barrels to undergo deformation and the ink to dry out, which may also accompany evaporation or leakage.

Overall, the lifespan of Ohuhu markers may differ depending on how they are managed, more so if unopened or opened for extended periods.

Factors That Affect the Longevity of Ohuhu Markers

  • Usage Frequency


If a marker is used frequently, the nib may fray and eventually wear out quickly, resulting in a shorter lifespan.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to only use your Ohuhu markers when necessary. You may also switch between your Ohuhu marker sets to avoid premature wear.

  • Storage Conditions

Prolonged exposure of Ohuhu markers to the ravages of sunlight, heat, or frigid temperatures can potentially trigger a withering process.

When stored improperly, the markers may become excessively dry, which leads to a loss of ink and color vibrancy, thereby leaving the markers useless.

To optimize the longevity of Ohuhu markers, always put them in a cool and dry location.

Moreover, positioning the markers horizontally (if they’re alcohol-based) rather than vertically guarantees that the ink is uniformly diffused throughout the marker, thus promoting overall longevity.

Water-based products can be stored either horizontally or vertically, depending on whether you have a dual-tip or single-tip pen.

  • Maintenance

Proper maintenance is key to an extended lifespan.

One vital practice is to cleanse the nib using a gentle solvent, for instance, rubbing alcohol, when you notice ink residues on the body of the marker and around the nib.

This technique will help prevent clogging and skipping, factors that can shorten the markers’ duration of use.

Moreover, abrasive surfaces such as rough paper or cardboard could cause abrasion, which may lead to nib damage. Hence, make sure not to use your Ohuhu markers on these surfaces.

  • Paper Selection


It is important to select the best paper type that is compatible with Ohuhu markers to avoid any premature fading or smudging.

Unsuitable paper types such as those that are too thin or overly absorbent can cause unsightly bleed-throughs or smears. This may lead to the ink being absorbed by the paper and henceforth shortening the markers’ lifespan.

You can use Ohuhu markers with 200 gsm acid-free paper. This type of medium is ideal for blending and preventing color bleeds.

Comparison of the Lifespan of Ohuhu Markers With Other Popular Marker Brands

  • Ohuhu vs Crayola Markers


In terms of longevity, Ohuhu markers demonstrate a similar shelf life to Crayola markers when used under standard conditions, with both remaining functional for about a year.

  • Ohuhu vs Prismacolor Markers


When it comes to the lifespan of these markers, it largely depends on how often they are used. With frequent usage, Prismacolor markers can last around 5 months to a year.

This estimate may vary depending on the storage practice. On the other hand, Ohuhu markers can last between 6 months to a year, making the two extremely similar options in terms of lifespan.

  • Ohuhu vs Copic Markers


Ohuhu markers manifest a relatively limited longevity when compared with Copic markers, with the latter lasting for up to 1.5 years while the former can last for approximately 6 months to a year under standard usage conditions.

Ohuhu markers are also not refillable, which is why they are generally outclassed by Copic markers in terms of longevity.

  • Ohuhu vs Sharpie Markers


Sharpie is vastly recognized for manufacturing long lasting markers. They utilize ink formulations that can withstand harsh conditions, including exposure to sunlight and water.

Indeed, Ohuhu alcohol markers may not have the same level of durability as Sharpie markers. In comparison, Ohuhu markers may only last around 6 months to a year, whereas Sharpie markers can last for 2-3 years with casual use.

Common Issues That May Affect the Lifespan of Ohuhu Markers and Solutions

Issue 1: Ink Drying Out


Ohuhu markers may be susceptible to drying out, specifically if their cap is not securely fastened or if the pens are left uncapped for a long period.

Solution: To revive a dried-out marker, a straightforward solution is to submerge the tip in rubbing alcohol for about 10-15 minutes.

Thereafter, replace the marker’s cap and let it rest in a vertical position for a day or two, allowing the alcohol to rehydrate the ink and restore the marker’s performance.

Issue 2: Bleeding Ink


Ink bleeding occurs when the ink permeates through the paper fibers, making it challenging to control the ink’s flow and ultimately resulting in color bleeding. Excess bleeding can also cause the marker to run dry faster, reducing its lifespan.

Solution: Always use a permeable substrate below the paper, like blotting paper or newspaper to effectively absorb excess ink.

Doing this technique can regulate the ink’s flow, preventing it from seeping into the paper fibers. It also aids in maintaining optimal color quality.

Issue 3: Clogged Nib


In the event that the ink in your Ohuhu brush tip alcohol markers is not flowing seamlessly, the underlying cause could be a clogged nib.

Solution: Ccarefully extract the nib and immerse it in a glass of water or rinse it under a tap to dislodge the clog. After that, put the nib back into the marker and scribble it on scratch paper.

Initially, the ink may appear watery when applied to the surface, but over time, its viscosity will improve, ultimately restoring its optimal quality.

Tips to Make Ohuhu Markers Last Longer


  • Ensure Firm Cap Placement. The longevity of Ohuhu markers can be significantly impacted by drying out, which can be prevented by ensuring that the caps are always securely fastened after every usage.
  • Store them Correctly. To preserve the ink quality of your Ohuhu markers, always store them in a cool, dry place that is distant from direct sunlight or any heat sources.
  • Use Marker Paper Only. It’s essential to use only marker paper with Ohuhu markers. Never use porous paper as your primary surface as they tend to absorb ink more quickly and may lead to faster ink depletion.


With proper upkeep, Ohuhu markers can last up to two years if unopened and even up to a year when used regularly, depending on several factors.

However, it is crucial to take into account the necessary tips, techniques, and other details we discussed to maximize the lifespan of your Ohuhu markers.

In a nutshell, if we are going to answer the question “How long do Ohuhu markers last”, it ultimately depends on how they are handled and used.

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