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How Long is a Bic Pen? (Inches and Centimeters)

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how long is a bic pen

Among thousands of office staple brands, Bic pens stand out as the best-selling writing instruments in the world. It’s not hard to see why—these items are affordable without compromising overall performance. As such, their iconic hexagonal design and plastic caps can be spotted in almost any office.

Nonetheless, many people usually skip checking pen measurements, especially how long is a Bic pen.

The common length of pen is around 14.9 cm, or 5.87 inches, including the cap. That said, the length of the uncapped pen will be shorter, which is around 14.5 centimeters (or 5.6 inches).

Overview About a Bic Pen


The first Bic pens were produced by Societe BIC, a company located in France and founded by Edouard Buffard and Marcel Bich in 1944.

Their smart design may be the first thing that captures your attention—it features a hexagonal shape and transparent barrel. Hence, these pens can’t slide off your hands, and you can easily gauge the ink level inside the barrel.

Since the first days, Bic company has improved their ink formula to bring you pens with stable quality. On top of that, the changes in ink also result in the arrival of different types of pens, including gel-based ones.

Average Length, Longest, and Shortest Bic Pens

1. How Long is the Average Pen


The best-selling product of Bic company is the Bic Cristal pen, which measures 5.87 x 0.5 in inches (or 14.9 x 1.3 in cm). If you’re to calculate this pen mm sizes, it would be around 149 x 13 mm.

Once you remove its cap, this Bic pen length and width would decrease to 5.6 x 0.3 inches (14.5 x 0.7 cm).

2. The Longest Pens


The longest Bic pen dimensions should be a Bic Round Stic pen with a length of 6.10 inches (15.5 cm). Due to their remarkable length, they contain more ink, which translates to longer writing time.

How wide is a Bic pen within this product line? To answer the question, the Bic Round Stic pen measures 2.8 inches in width.

Marginally shorter than the Round Stic line is the Bic Cristal Large. Most people wouldn’t notice the height differences, considering how the latter measures 6 inches —only 0.1 inch shorter than the longest Bic pen.

3. The Shortest Pens


The shortest among the Bic pen sizes is the Bic Grip Roller pen, measuring 5.45 inches (or 13.9 cm) in length. This is also the pen with a distinctly different design than others from the same brand, featuring a non-transparent barrel and rubber grip.

Dimensions Depend On Types Of Bic Pens

4. Bic Ballpoint Pen


A Bic ballpoint pen is designed with transparent barrels and multi-colored caps. Besides aesthetic purposes, the caps protect the nib from drying and ensure the consistency of ink flow. Moreover, attaching or detaching the lid will impact Bic pens’ dimensions.

With the cap, the pen’s measurements are around 14.9 x 1.3 cm. The dimensions will be decreased to 14.5 x 0.7 cm without it. You can check the chart below to see the average length of Bic ballpoint pens compared to others.


5. Rollerball/Gel Pens


Bic company also offers a wide range of rollerball pens in various colors. They are also designed with a rubber grip so you can hold and write comfortably.

Slightly shorter than their average ballpoint counterparts, Bic rollerball pens have a dimension of 5.7 x 2.8 inches or 14.5 x 7.1 cm.

Tips to Choose the Right Bic Pens for You

1. Type of Bic Pens


Choosing suitable Bic pens will help you improve your penmanship. Bic pens offer you 2 options.

  • Ballpoint pens: These are the best-selling products of the Bic company. They feature oil-based ink, which guarantees consistent ink flow on any paper surface. And as their ink dries fast, they’re suitable for left-handed writers.

One downside is that ballpoint pens require more pressure when writing.

  • Rollerball/gel pens: Featuring gel-based ink, these pens offer a smooth writing experience that doesn’t require excessive pressure. They can create sharp lines with vibrant ink colors.

2. Width and Length

The size of a pen can have a big impact on your writing experience, hence why you need to pay attention to its dimensions.

  • A big pen tends to result in a more comfortable writing experience, whereas a too-thin pen may cause the writer to grip it too tightly. As such, pick a pen that doesn’t require you to squeeze too hard.
  • A larger hand will do well with longer pens and vice versa. Try gripping the pen and see if its length feels unbalanced in your hand, in which case you’d have to switch to a shorter one.


After reading this post, you surely know a lot of information relating to how long is a Bic pen. This length also implies how long you can write with a pen since the longer the pen is, the more ink it holds.

Moreover, each Bic pen is produced in different lengths; hence, don’t forget to check the dimensions on the packages to see how many inches its dimensions are.

If you have any questions about Bic pens, don’t be shy to leave some words in the comment box, we will reply to you soon.

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