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How to Organize Crayons and Markers in 7 Easy Ways

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how to organize crayons and markers

Crayons and markers are some of the art supplies that are hard to keep. It’s either they get lost or sit all over the place. As a result, it can be frustratingly difficult to locate the markers and crayons necessary for your art project.

In this article, we will learn different ways how to organize crayons and markers so that you can keep your art supplies in place. Even better, these storage ideas are affordable and simple – even little kids can try these methods.

Ways To Organize Crayons and Markers

1. Small Transparent Plastic Drawers


If you have a lot of art supplies and you need more space to organize pens, pencils, markers, and crayons, then this option is for you. Consider getting transparent plastic drawers small enough so that you can easily put them on the shelves.

Have each drawer labeled and organize coloring supplies by color and/or by type. Drawers are also the best storage to keep art supplies cool and dry.

Furthermore, you can put plastic trays or dividers inside the drawer to further organize other art supplies inside each drawer.

2. Door Pocket Organizer

This option is the perfect crayon and marker organizer if you have limited space. You can hang it right at the back of the door or wall.

Choose one with clear pockets so you can see through it and find the colors you want. Opt for pocket organizers with black or dark colors when storing crayons – you know how messy these coloring pens can get.

Door pocket organizers are designed with several pockets – usually 24. This makes it possible to organize the crayons and markers by color, type, or frequency of use. As the pockets are quite large, you can also store bigger art supplies, such as paintbrushes, watercolors, etc.

3. Photo Storage Box


Photo storage boxes are another excellent way to keep your art supplies, markers and crayons handy. They are compact, lightweight, and designed with a handle. Some even have built-in dividers, separating the box into smaller sections that usually fit crayons and markers.

You should get a transparent photo storage box so that it’ll be easier for you to see through. Again, you’d want to pick a crayon holder box with dividers and then organize the coloring pens by type (e.g., water-based or alcohol-based markers).

Afterward, label each small box according to the type of art supplies. Position the labels on the side or in front depending on the orientation of your photo storage box.

4. Hanging Cups


Another option you can use for crayon and marker storage is hanging cups. You can mount them on peg boards or hanging hooks on the wall. 

Do not be afraid to experiment. You can use any tall cups available at home that you can bore holes into. Then, loop a strong wire into the holes and use it to hang the cup.

Alternatively, you can also use magnetic cups, which can be easily attached to a metal rail, peg boards, or any magnetic surface without boring holes. Another possible option is to fix the cups into place with adhesives, such as Command strips.

5. Buckets


As much as we want to keep things organized at home or school, kids just don’t cooperate. When all other options fail, buckets could save you from all the clutter.

This crayon organizer is simple and practical. No need to segregate or label. You just have to teach children to keep and put back the crayons or markers after using them in one place – the bucket.

However, you might want to use smaller metal buckets as crayon holders for classroom or for your kid’s activity table at home.

6. Metal Lunch Box

If you are looking for a less complicated solution that can hold a large number of crayons, then a metal lunch box would be up your alley. Designs are children-friendly, so you can choose one that fits your children’s interests, such as their favorite superheroes, as a crayon storage box.

Adding that simple touch creates a sense of belongingness that can help encourage your children to keep their crayons and markers on the metal lunch box. You can consider adding dividers into the lunch boxes to keep the crayons and markers separated.

7. DIY Milk Jug Organizer

Why throw away empty milk jugs when you can repurpose them into an organizer for crayons and markers? The steps to make these storage box are quite simple as well; just follow the instructions below:

  • Use a pen to outline your desired opening on the milk jug’s upper body. Note that the opening should be large enough so that you can comfortably put or take pens out of the jug.
  • Cut the milk jug according to the marked outline with a pair of scissors or a box cutter. If you want to hang the jug, be sure to leave the handle intact.
  • Now, they are ready to be used as DIY marker organizer or as crayon storage containers.


There are plenty of ways regarding how to organize crayons and markers. Use plastic drawers to have more space and freedom to get things organized.

For classrooms and limited spaces, use hanging organizer ideas like the door pocket organizer, hanging cups, and DIY milk jug organizer.

If you want to have your art supplies handy, choose between a photo organizer and a metal lunch box option. Another effortless way to keep things organized is to use metal trays and buckets.

Get your kids involved along the process, that way they’ll learn to appreciate and be motivated to organize their stuff too.

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