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How Long is a Sharpie Marker? – Mystery Solved!

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how long is a sharpie marker

Did you know that the world’s largest marker is 2.74 meters long and 0.31 meters wide? If you can’t imagine how big it is, let’s compare it to the length of a Sharpie. But wait, how long is a Sharpie marker?

Sharpies had kept its image since the 1960s compared to when it was first introduced. Nowadays, their markers have become so popular that Sharpie is considered the representative of permanent markers.

However, little do you know that over these years, the company has been releasing a variety of Sharpie marker sizes and colors. Moreover, a Sharpie length can range from 3.5 to 7.62 inches, from approximately 9 to 20 centimeters.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the different lengths of Sharpie markers, including the mini, standard, and twin tips Sharpie markers. Although there are a lot of Sharpie markers, these three are the best for illustration, so we will focus on them.

Are you ready to find out the truth? Let’s get started with the smallest marker – the Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker!


How Long are Sharpie Markers?

1. Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker, Fine Point


I consider this marker to be one of the best innovations that Sharpie has ever introduced. The permanent marker is pocket-size so it is portable and convenient for people who use markers on a daily basis but struggle with carrying a full-size bulky marker.

The Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker is only 3.5 inches long and probably is the smallest among all Sharpie markers. Thanks to its tiny size, you can carry up to 72 of them all day long in just a little plastic container. How amazing is it?

If you are a careless person like me and would throw the mini marker in your bag only to never be able to find it again, don’t worry because it is accompanied by a small keychain for you to find it immediately when needed.

Additionally, these marker tips aren’t as tiny as their size might be. Their marker tips are 1mm, which is equal to a standard Sharpie tip!

Following this mini-sized marker, we will be exploring the standard Sharpie marker dimensions.

2. Sharpie Permanent Marker, Fine Point


Since this type of Sharpie has been so popular, it is undeniable that the image of black Sharpie markers is the first thing many people think of when talking about permanent markers.

Hence, it is not a surprise that nearly any office across the globe has at least one pack of these markers. Nonetheless, I bet that none of us would ever measure how long it is, even though we may use it every day.

Well, the answer is 5.5 inches, which is around 14cm. It is hard to believe that a 14cm long marker can be so helpful in many cases, right?

To better illustrate how long it is, I will describe some daily items in comparison. Take out your Apple iPhone 8 and place it parallel with the Sharpie pen. You will be astounded to see that they are almost the same length.

How about a Sharpie marker and the size of an iPhone 6 Plus screen? There is no doubt that they are exactly 5.5 inches.

Do you wonder how thick this permanent marker is? Your curiosity will be satisfied because I’ve looked it up, and its diameter is 1.5 inches – nearly 4cm. So, it is twice as big as a penny!

As we have known how long the mini and medium-sized Sharpie markers are, let’s head to the final, longest one – Sharpie Twin Tips Permanent Markers.

3. Sharpie Twin Tips Permanent Markers

This type of Sharpie permanent marker is one of the longest markers. The reason lies in the fact that it has two marker tips with different thicknesses for creating distinct lines.

The Sharpie Twin Tips Permanent Markers is measured to be about 7.62 inches, which is almost 20 cm long. It consists of a fine and an ultra-fine tip so users can flexibly change between the two tips to serve their purpose.

While the fine tip is 1 mm. as mentioned above, the remaining ultra-fine marker tip is 0.2 mm. Hence, instead of buying two different products, you can get a cost-effective 2-in-1 product for your drawings.

As there are two tips in a marker, there is a need to contain more ink. Therefore, the diameter of this marker is slightly larger than that of the previous marker. However, this slight difference will not affect your drawing ability.

So How Long are These Markers Compared to the Largest One

I know you have been reading the whole article to have the question in the beginning answered. Therefore, I’m not going to beat around the bush and go straight to it.

Let’s do a simple calculation here. 1 meter is approximately 39.37 inches. Consequently, a 2.74-meter marker will be almost 108 inches long! Therefore, it is fourteen times longer than a Sharpie Twin Tips marker.

Moreover, a standard Sharpie’s length is only one-twentieth compared to the world’s largest marker. Last but not least, the most sizable marker is over thirty times longer than a mini-sized Sharpie marker. Interesting to know, right?


So, how long is a Sharpie marker? There is no exact answer to this question as it depends on which type of Sharpie you have. Moreover, learning the various lengths of a Sharpie helps with choosing the most appropriate one for yourself.

I hope you have had a great time reading this article. Let me know what you think about the Sharpie’s sizes in the comment section. If you like this article, share it with your friends and family as well.

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