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How Many Prismacolor Markers Are There? Not Everybody Knows!

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how many prismacolor markers are there

Berol Prismacolor markers have built their reputation for such great quality and amazing features. There are reasons why every artist, regardless professional or beginner, owns at least a Prismacolor art marker in their tool set.

How many Prismacolor markers are there? Well, it can be confusing reading online information to answer this interesting question. However, I will do you a favor and describe the various types of Prismacolor markers in this article regarding the tips and ink.

Moreover, I will talk about how many colors they offer, their drawing quality, how long you can use Prismacolor markers, and some tricks to better use your markers. Now, let’s get started with the first category of Prismacolor Markers.

Categories of Prismacolor Markers – Types of Ink


Generally, Prismacolor marker ink is divided into two primary categories: water-based and alcohol-based. In the case of alcohol-based ink, the Prismacolor Premier markers are a great representative.

One outstanding feature of Premier markers is that they are relatively low in odor, which gives their users more comfortable working with these products over a long time. As safety issues might be raised, it has been assured that their ink is non-toxic and safe for use.

Moreover, Prismacolor alcohol markers dry out pretty quick once the ink comes out of the marker. For this reason, ALWAYS put the cap back on whenever you are done with the markers to prevent the evaporation of alcohol.

Nextly, the Scholar Prismacolor marker set contains water-based ink, which is absolutely environmentally friendly and odorless. In addition, it has been praised for its ability to be blended smoothly without leaving any obvious traces of the mixed colors. Yet, make sure they have dried completely as water-based ink takes longer than alcohol-based.

Categories of Prismacolor Markers – Types of Tips

Sometimes, you may feel like the color is perfect, but something’s not quite there. Well, it might be which kind of marker tip you are using that is causing the difference in your drawing.

From what I could find, there are four types of Prismacolor marker tips, including chisel tip, fine tip, bullet tip, and brush tip. Chisel tip markers can be found in the Premier set of Prismacolor markers. A marker with a chisel tip will leave quite broad strokes that are super convenient for coloring a large area within a short time. Big as it may be, Prismacolor chisel tip markers are easy to work with.

Secondly is the Prismacolor fine line marker, whose tip is thin and sharp that bears a resemblance to the tip of a pen. Thus, anyone who does a lot of detailed and precise drawings can consider buying one of these markers and you will not be disappointed.

Thirdly, another kind of tip that Prismacolor markers have is called bullet tip and it is something between the two tips above. That is, their width is neither too broad nor too thin. The Scholar Prismacolor set is a great illustration for having the bullet tip, which can be used for coloring as well as fixing the outline of your drawing.

Last but not least, the fourth type of Prismacolor marker tip is the brush tip, and it is the most common one among the four tips, which explains why both the Premier and the Scholar marker offer this tip. The brush tip is particularly popular due to its flexibility which makes people comfortable while using it. You can simply create thick strokes by applying more pressure on the tip, and release to produce thinner lines without worrying that you will cause any damage to your pen.

Moreover, the Prismacolor company offers their customer the dual-ended markers, which comprise two of the aforementioned tips according to the customer’s need. Additionally, both the Premier and Scholar Prismacolor have these two-end markers.

Some Facts About Prismacolor Markers That You Have Not Known


This is an extra part for those interested in buying Prismacolor markers. Moreover, for those who have already owned at least one, here are some tips that I hope will make your drawing process easier.

1. Choosing the right paper

You might not notice this, but the color of your painting might differ depending on the type of art paper you are using. AVOID using paper with oily texture, which is the worst paper for drawing of any kinds. Instead, choose lightly rough and relatively thick paper so that your color will be most exposed and the ink is not bleeding through the paper.

2. Chisel tip can replace brush tip

Odd as it may sound, you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the brush tip marker. Chisel tips are softer than the casual ones, so we can move them in such a smooth and effortless manner. In order to do so, try to angle your chisel properly until you can produce strokes that are relatively similar to those from a brush tip. Yet, you shouldn’t hold high expectations since a 100% replication is kind of impossible.

3. How Many Colors Do Prismacolor Markers Have?

This sounds a bit shocking, but there are over 200 shades of color that the Prismacolor company offers to their buyers. In fact, there are color shades that range from lighter, neutral, and darker tones, which means that there is almost no way that you want to find a color and Prismacolor markers do not have it. Additionally, if you are not confident with your blending skill, there is even a Prismacolor markers 200 set that is super convenient to use with all colors.

4. How Long Can You Use a Prisma Marker for?

There is no exact answer to this question as it mostly depends on the frequency of you using the markers. That is, the marker will definitely run out of ink pretty fast if you use it on a daily basis, but it can last for months if you use it once in a while. However, make sure you have the cap back on and leave them either horizontally or vertically with the tips down to keep the consistent ink flow. Additionally, their ink is refillable and will save you some money on purchasing a completely new Prismacolor marker.


This is the end of our article today on answering the question of “How many Prismacolor markers are there?”, and I hope my explanation satisfies your curiosity. Furthermore, try to apply some of the tips at the end of this article and tell me how it works!

Let me know what you think about this article and whether it is helpful or not. If you think it is informative, share this with your friends as well.

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