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Can You Use Chalk Markers on Chalkboard Paint? & Why?

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

can you use chalk markers on chalkboard paint

Chalk markers are excellent writing tools to use on chalkboards or blackboards. They have very pigmented inks that appear bright and a lot less grainy than ordinary chalks. However, you are probably one of those wondering about this question: Can you use chalk markers on chalkboard paint?

Take note of this: chalkboard paint mimics the surface and finish of chalkboards. As chalk markers write well on chalkboards, you may also expect that they also write well on chalkboard paint. But how so?

In this article, we will dig deeper into why chalkboard paint is a suitable surface for chalk markers. As you read, we will also learn other types of markers that you can use on chalkboard paint.

Can Chalk Markers Be Used on Chalkboard Paint?


First of all, what is chalkboard paint?

The name simply suggests that it is a type of paint that helps us transform any smooth surface or wall into a chalkboard, imitating a chalkboard’s flat finish and scratch-resistant surface.

However, do chalk markers work on chalkboard paint? Yes, they do.

Keep in mind that any writing tool, including chalk markers or liquid chalk markers, that you can write with on chalkboards would also provide similar results on chalkboard paint.

But should chalk markers be used on chalkboards and chalkboard paint surfaces?

Yes, of course! Here are the reasons why:

How Do They Work?

1. Less Grainy and Dusty

Unlike regular chalks, chalk markers use pigmented liquid inks that do not leave dust and powdery residues, making them messy-free and a lot less grainy. Since they also look and feel like regular pens, they are very convenient to use.

2. Highly Pigmented Ink and Vast Color Selection

Chalkboard paint markers utilize high-quality pigmented ink that produces more solid and beautifully vibrant colors than regular chalks.

Therefore, a lot of manufacturers create a vast array of colors that can range from 16, 20, 40 shades, and more, contrary to the limited selection of regular chalks.

3. Versatile Performance and Surface Compatibility

Liquid chalk markers are versatile writing tools. Besides chalkboard paint and chalkboards, they can be used on many non-porous surface types, including glass, metal, ceramic, whiteboards or dry erase boards, and plastics.

For example, you can use Bistro chalk markers on chalkboards to embellish restaurant menus or kitchen walls, and also on car windows to write congratulatory messages or on dry-erase boards to jot down tasks.

Moreover, chalk markers offer features that make them flexible and user-friendly. Unlike regular chalks, some chalk markers have interchangeable nibs and various tip sizes for customized writing styles.

4. Excellent Writing Quality

When you use chalk pens on chalkboard paint, you can easily tell that the strokes, words, and colors look much sharper and more vivid than the ones written with regular chalk.

Since they are dustless, less grainy, and messy-free, chalk markers render excellent quality, comprehensible, and clear writings.

5. Erasability

One of the best things about chalk markers for chalkboard paint and chalkboards is their smooth erasability.

You can seamlessly wipe chalk marker writings off with a damp cloth or paper towel when you need to make corrections or erasures.


What kind of markers can be used on chalkboard paint?

Apart from chalk markers, you can also use a variety of erasable markers, including chalk ink, glass markers, liquid chalk pens, and poster markers to create decorative writings or removable marks.

You may also use colorful and vibrant regular markers if you wish to write permanently on your chalkboard paint.

Can I use liquid chalk markers on chalkboard paint?

Yes, you can. As mentioned, you can use liquid chalk markers in place of regular chalk markers. Besides their excellent writing quality and vibrant colors, liquid chalk markers stand out for their versatile performance, dustless and messy-free writing, and smooth erasability.

Is chalkboard paint the same as a chalkboard?


No, it is not. However, chalkboard paint provides a similar surface finish to chalkboards or blackboards. You can either use regular chalk or liquid chalk markers with chalkboard paint.

Is chalkboard paint the same as chalk paint?

No, chalkboard paint and chalk paint are completely different. Chalkboard paint is a type of paint that you can apply on a wall or any flat surface to imitate a chalkboard’s finish, making it available for writing.

Chalk paint is not intended for writing. It is a type of paint used on furniture to achieve shabby chic or antique features, presenting a matte and chalky appearance.

Can you remove chalk markers on chalkboard paint?

Yes, you can. Chalk markers work like regular chalks but are relatively better in many different ways. You can quickly and smoothly erase chalk marker writings on chalkboard paint using a damp cloth or wipes, allowing you to make corrections or erasures without smearing or ghosting.

Keep this in mind: the surface of your chalkboard paint is a crucial factor for the erasability of your chalk markers.

Chalk markers tend to leave faint marks or ghosting on porous surfaces like textured walls or wood. Since porous surfaces absorb liquid chalk ink, some marks and writings become permanent. However, chalk markers come off completely on non-porous surfaces.


Overall, can you use chalk markers on chalkboard paint? Yes, definitely.

Chalk markers use liquid inks that appear sharper, more readable, and more vivid than regular chalks. They also offer excellent erasability on various surface types like chalkboards, leaving no faint marks, dust, or chalk particles.

Having said that, chalkboard paint revamps surfaces and makes them writable like chalkboards. Therefore, chalk markers are suitable for chalkboard paint surfaces as well.

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