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How to Store Dry Erase Markers? – 5 Most Effective Method

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how to store dry erase markers

One of the things that you would find annoying is getting streaks instead of bold lines while writing on a whiteboard. Techniques on how to store dry erase markers can eliminate this experience. When doing it properly, you’ll be able to preserve the ink for a longer life span.

When storing a dry erase marker, it should be tipped down so that gravity directs the ink to the tip. This is a way to avoid the need to revive dry erase markers early. Aside from this technique, you need objects like a holder rack, storage pocket, marker case, organizer, and more if you continue reading.

The Life Span of Dry Erase Markers

The life span of your dry erase markers depends on how you take care of them. Proper storage plays a big role in this concern. You can let it lie down horizontally or vertically with the lid facing down.

It’s also essential to ensure that the caps are tightly closed when not in use. This will prevent the markers from drying out quickly. It’s good to keep extra caps that can replace the broken ones any time. Keeping the lid on is a way to extend the lifespan of a dry erase marker.

When you follow these steps, you can expect the markers to last for years.

Apart from storage, you should know how to revive or refresh dry erase markers. It’s a way to bring dry erase markers back to life. Ink can get stuck at times and there are some methods to guide it through the tip. You can use warm or hot water, vinegar, and alcohol, or other similar substances like acetone.

When the marker suddenly stops working, don’t throw it away. You can inject, dab, or soak it with the substances that I mentioned. Don’t put too much liquid and make sure the tip is dry before writing something.

I also tried taking the marker tip and putting it back the other way around. What a great surprise to see that the other end works. The other tip is chiseled but I like it. You can use centrifugal force by swinging the marker. Before doing it, you have to tie a string or tape at the marker’s bottom.

Various Ways in Storing Dry Erase Markers


1. Wall-mounted holder rack

This is the storage solution for those who have limited working space. It helps you curtail clutter. Apart from saving some space, it gives you easy access to the markers whenever you need them.

I like the sleek design of MyGift’s Clear Acrylic Wall Mountable Marker & Eraser Holder. It’s durable as it lets me store Expo markers with no issues. Moreover, it lasts for years as it’s made of metal. The round dots on the surface fit perfectly on the tip of the marker’s cap. Hence, the markers are stable when placed with the tip side down. This rack has a rectangular slot where I can also keep an eraser.

2. Canvas marker case

You may not be able to go through all of your dry erase markers if you have a lot of them. Get a canvas marker case to organize and avoid misplacing them. You may even put things that have the same shape with markers, like lipstick.

I like the strap for portability and you can find it in Arteza Art Markers Organizer and BTSKY Slots Marker Case. You don’t have to worry about the weight of your dry erase markers as this case is made of tough canvas and the zipper is sturdy as well.

With these parts, secure storage is guaranteed! You may also find two buckles in these cases for additional security for numerous slots that you can use.

3. Magnetic whiteboard storage pocket

This storage pocket adheres to metal surfaces including the file cabinet. There are partitions to let you organize your dry erase markers and other whiteboard accessories. You can get this if your markers are stationed in a single place and you don’t carry them around with you.

You can choose from Learning Resources Magnetic Whiteboard Storage, ZINNCO Magnetic Pencil Holder, and Officemate Magnet Plus Magnetic Organizer. Any of these would help you keep your markers properly.

4. Portable organizer

An organizer is not only for dry erase markers but for other office supplies as well. You may use it at home or for kids’ art items. Marbrasse produces various organizer designs such as the rotating one. Rectangular organizer is also fine and both have a transparent body so you can see things clearly and pick them with ease. There’s a rotating version that is made of bamboo and I find it cute!

5. Plastic zip bag

Placing the dry erase markers inside a plastic zip bag is a clever way of storing things. Moisture is trapped inside the bag while the air is blocked from getting in it. Without realizing it, it’s also a way to fix dry erase markers. It prolongs the life span of the markers and you will only let go of them when the ink has run out.

Tips in Storing Dry Erase Markers


1. The right position of the marker when in storage

You can either let the marker lie horizontally or vertically with the tip facing down. Well, it will depend on what storage item you have. Based on the above list, a holder rack is designed to hold the markers vertically. When you use a plastic zip bag, you can expect the markers to be in a horizontal position. By keeping the lids facing down, you ensure that the ink is contained in the tip.

2. Putting the cap on

You can keep your dry erase markers fresh by always putting their caps on even when they’re in storage. Despite this objective, you can still lose the caps on a busy day. Since it’s inevitable, you can keep the caps of the markers that no longer have ink. When the unexpected happens, you can get a cap replacement from your collection.


It’s important to practice the correct ways on how to store dry erase markers as it has a big role in extending their life span. Pick a reliable storage item depending on how you use the markers. For example, you’d get a canvas case or an organizer with a strap if you need to frequently carry the markers around.

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