art ltd. magazine has ceased publication.

We want to thank all our friends, supporters and contributors for over a decade of art and dialogue. In closing, we are pleased to offer digital archives of art ltd. magazine.

From the start, it was our goal to deliver a West Coast-based contemporary art magazine that examined the US art scene in breadth and depth, from our perch here in Los Angeles, and especially to serve those cities and parts of the country that had traditionally been overlooked by the bulk of international and NY-based art magazines.

Over the last decade, art ltd. continued to evolve, yet we always put an emphasis on presenting engaging, intelligent, insightful, and accessible art criticism and analysis from a range of writers, including some of the top art journalists around the country.

We’re grateful for the chance to have served this community for so long in such depth, and are thankful to our readers, for your loyalty and support. We look forward to continuing to support this community, and to continuing the dialogue, as individuals, in the days and years ahead. Our deepest gratitude to those whose friendship and support evolved with us over the years.

— art ltd.

Download the archived digital issue of art ltd.

To download, click on the image on the archive pages and a pdf version of the edition will open in a separate tab. This may be downloaded to your desktop, iBooks bookshelf or pdf viewer.