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Why Use a Fountain Pen? – Top 7 Reasons

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

why use a fountain pen

Writing enthusiasts normally ask: Why use a fountain pen?

This elegant writing instrument, with its fluid lines and effortless glide, beckons not just pen aficionados but anyone seeking a more refined writing experience.

With fountain pens, the act of writing becomes a genuine pleasure. No need to press down hard or fret about hand fatigue. Through capillary action, these pens gracefully dance on paper, rendering each stroke with precision and grace.

Let’s explore in greater detail why using a fountain pen elevates the art of writing.

Reasons Why You Should Use a Fountain Pen

Fountain pens, often seen as relics of the past, are far more than just writing instruments. They offer an array of benefits and pleasures that extend beyond mere functionality.

However, are fountain pens worth it? Well, there are quite a lot of reasons why a fountain pen is a must have for every pen collector, artist, or art enthusiast.

1. Helps You Perform a Vast Array of Writing Styles


What makes a fountain pen good for writing? With their diverse shapes and nib sizes, they are not just good for note taking but for experimenting with various fonts as well.

Whether you prefer fine nibs for precision or broad nibs for bold, striking lines, these satisfying pens allow you to infuse character into your writing.

2. Helps Enhance The Writing Experience


The smooth and effortless glide of a fountain pen over paper requires minimal pressure, resulting in more graceful strokes and less writing fatigue.

The enhanced writing experience is one of the best benefits of fountain pen, and it’s due to the thick, grippy barrel and water-based, flowy ink.

3. Available in a Broad Selection of Ink Colors


Fountain pens invite you to explore an exciting ink selection, each with its unique color and characteristics. The sheer variety of inks available allows you to curate your writing experience.

You can choose inks that reflect your mood, convey a specific tone, or simply delight in the beauty of diverse hues.

With fountain pens, you may bid farewell to the monotony of standard blue and black ink and make your journal or notebooks more colorful with purple, turquoise, and green pigments, to name a few.

Writing with a fountain pen in various ink colors becomes an enjoyable and personal aspect of using fountain pens, turning the act of writing into a multisensory experience, especially for students seeking creativity.

The archival quality of certain ink formulations also makes fountain pens a great tool to record important information or events in your life.

4. A Prized Collection


Fountain pens are not only used for writing or note-taking, but they are also collectible treasures that bridge artistry and craftsmanship. Both vintage and modern fountain pens hold immense appeal to collectors.

Limited editions and unique color releases by renowned manufacturers can become valuable additions to your collection. Each pen tells a story, blending history, design, and functionality.

Collecting fountain pens allows you to appreciate the artistry of penmanship and the evolution of writing instruments, while owning rare pieces can accrue both sentimental and monetary value over time.

5. A Fountain Pen Embodies the Olden Days.

Using a fountain pen is like stepping into a time machine that transports you to an era when the act of filling a converter using an ink bottle or signing documents with a fountain pen was a customary practice.

This tangible connection to the past imbues each stroke of your pen with a sense of history and tradition that’s increasingly rare in our fast-paced, technology-dependent world.

Embracing fountain pens allows you to be part of this historical continuum, bridging the gap between generations through the timeless art of writing.

6. Fountain Pens are Environmentally-friendly Writing Tools.


Disposable ballpoint pens contribute to waste, but with fountain pens, it is an entirely different story. A well-maintained fountain pen can survive for decades, which helps you minimize the need for persistent replacements.

The ink pistons, converters, or eyedroppers designed for fountain pens are not just cost-effective but also environment-friendly, as they generate less plastic waste in comparison to their disposable cartridge counterparts.

By purchasing and using these types of fountain pens, not only do you save your finances in the long run but also adopt a more sustainable and eco-friendly writing practice that is both beneficial to your wallet as well as the planet.

7. A Sense of Community


You can find communities of people who enjoy using fountain pens, both online and in-person.

As with other hobbies, using fountain pens is an excellent way to make friends, broaden your knowledge, or simply elevate your writing skills and experience.

Many people attend fountain pen shows to trade, sell, or buy modern and vintage items related to fountain pens. These events are also a wonderful way to try out inks and pens you would not otherwise have the opportunities to use.


Why use a fountain pen? Simply because utilizing these pens paves the way for a more exciting, ruminative, and creative way of writing, not to mention their economical merits and innovative features that can elevate your writing experience.

Besides that, we have learned that fountain pens can create a significant link between function and artistry, offering a wealth of versatility, expression, and community beyond this digital age full of disposable conveniences.

Therefore, using a fountain pen is giving yourself the opportunity to try one of the world’s remarkable writing implements — they’re convenient, flexible, and timeless.

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