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How to Remove Permanent Marker From Dryer? – 4 Ways

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how to remove permanent marker from dryer

Did a marker or pen busted in dryer? Now, the ink is all over the dryer drum and you’re left horrified thinking how you can clean it or do not know where to start.

If you are experiencing this problem, then reading this article is the best way to start. Here, will give you the top 4 surefire ways on how to remove permanent marker from dryer.

For now, put all your ink worries away, take a deep breath, and go on reading to learn the best options to deal with the problem.

Ways to Remove Permanent Marker From Dryer


Before you start, get all of the laundry out of the appliance and look for the culprit. Remove the marker or get pen out of the dryer.

1. Nail Polish Remover Method

Get a nail polish remover at a local drugstore. Many products of this type contain at least 90% acetone, an effective solvent. This is why it can erase blue ink stains.

What to prepare

  • Acetone or nail polish remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Laundry soap and water
  1. Unplug the dryer.
  2. Open and inspect the dryer barrel with ink.
  3. Wet a piece of cotton ball with nail polish remover.
  4. Rub the ball onto the affected area. That should clean ink out of a dryer.
  5. Wash and rinse the surface with soap and water.
  6. Air out and leave the doors open until it’s totally dry to make sure all fumes are dissipated.


  • Acetone is highly volatile and flammable at high heat. It is a must to wipe off the polish remover as instructed.
  • Wear a mask when you get ink stains out of dryer.
  • Acetone in dryer could produce fumes. To avoid suffocation, do not put your head inside the dryer while working. If possible, work outside or in a well-ventilated area.

2. Vegetable Shortening and Alcohol Method

This oily baking essential can help loosen up the marker stain. After that, it will be easy for the alcohol to remove ink from a dryer.

What to prepare

  • Vegetable shortening
  • Clean towels
  • Alcohol
  • All-purpose cleaner
  1. Make sure to unplug the dryer before you start cleaning.
  2. With a clean towel, scoop up a small amount of vegetable shortening.
  3. Scrub it on the metal dryer drum with permanent marker stains.
  4. Remove the extra oil using another towel.
  5. Apply a generous amount of alcohol on a clean towel and rub it on the area where you have applied the shortening; this will remove stains from dryer completely.
  6. After completing ink in dryer removal, clean the appliance using an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of the excess oil and alcohol residues.
  7. Let the machine while keeping the doors open.

3. Orange Oil and Magic Eraser Method

Using a magic eraser in dryer for ink stain removal might not work very well. But if you use it after the stain is pretreated with some orange oil, that is where the magic starts.

Aside from orange oil, you can also use mint oil. Both are less hazardous options as compared to acetone.

In addition to their ability to remove dried ink from dryer, their scents are really nice. Thus, leave your dryer smelling fresh after cleaning.

What to prepare

  • Orange oil
  • Paper towel
  • Magic eraser
  • Clean rag
  1. Keep the dryer unplugged while working on the drum.
  2. Fold the paper towel and pour some orange oil.
  3. Wipe it on the stained area to remove most of the ink layers.
  4. Repeat the process until all stains are pretreated with orange oil.
  5. Then, scrub any marks left with the magic eraser to permanently get ink out of dryer.
  6. Remove the excess with a damp rag.
  7. Let the machine dry with the doors open.

4. Mosquito Repellent Method

I know you might be wondering how this one would remove marker ink, but yes, it works. The ingredients list for mosquito repellents includes ethanol, which is a strong solvent and an ink buster. Better try it to see for yourself.

This method is pretty straightforward, but just a reminder, aerosol repellent contains chemicals like DEET and propane, which can pose health and fire hazards.

Same with the acetone method, perform this one with great caution. Wearing a mask is highly recommended.

  • Tip: This method can also remove crayon stains from the dryer.

What to prepare

  • Mosquito repellent (an aerosol type like Cutter Backwoods or OFF Deep Woods)
  • Clean rag
  • Laundry soap and water
  1. Unplug the dryer before you start cleaning.
  2. Open the dryer and spray the mosquito repellent right on the ink stains. While spraying, keep your distance, do not put your head inside the dyer, and keep the area well-ventilated.
  3. Rub the surface vigorously with the towel.
  4. Spray and rub again as needed until all ink is removed.
  5. Rinse the dryer with soap and water.
  6. Allow it to dry and keep the door open.


Permanent marker ink stains in the dryer could be your worst nightmare, but the solutions are not that complicated.

Acetone is the most effective among all the methods on how to remove permanent marker from dryer mentioned.

But, always put safety first. Follow the warnings on how to handle acetone while cleaning to protect yourself and avoid any accidents.

If you are not comfortable working with strong and hazardous chemicals, better skip those and go with the vegetable shortening or orange oil method.

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