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Can You Use Dry Erase Markers on a Mirror?

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

can you use dry erase markers on a mirror

Let us say that your kid made some doodles on your mirror with a dry erase marker. Perhaps, you simply want to use it to jot down notes and messages on your mirror to remind or inspire you for the day. However, you are contemplating whether the writings would stain forever.

But can you use dry erase markers on a mirror? The answer is, YES!

How is that so? Well, this will lead us to the nitty-gritty of dry erase markers and why they are usable on mirrors apart from whiteboards. But don’t worry, this article will get down to the details and unravel the reasons why you can use dry erase markers on mirrors as well as the other tips for their uses.

Why You Can Use Dry Erase Markers on Mirror


Do dry erase markers work on mirrors? There are two primary reasons why they do.

1. Compatible with Non-Porous Surfaces

Dry erase markers are specially formulated to work on non-porous surfaces, including mirrors, glass, metals, and even laminated sheets. Therefore, you can easily write on a mirror with dry erase markers for decorations, inspiring notes, greetings, or teaching purposes. You can even use dry erase markers on glass or write on windows with your kids for the same reasons.

2. Unique Erasable Ink

Truly, it is a mystery for some why dry erase markers (also known as whiteboard markers) write well on smooth surfaces like typical markers yet come off effortlessly like magic!

Apparently, a dry erase marker uses erasable ink, but the secret lies within its unique formula. It usually contains color pigments and a chemical solvent, which is typically alcohol to help the ink dry instantly.

Other than that, dry erase markers utilize a different kind of polymer, which is oily silicone, contrary to the acrylic polymer that permanent markers use.

Moreover, this substance is pivotal to the erasability of dry erase markers, making the ink slippery so it would adhere to the surface only. At the same time, it keeps the colored pigments from being absorbed by the surface.

This allows you to write on a mirror temporarily and wipe them off so easily. However, keep in mind that dry erase markers will act as permanent markers on porous or rough surfaces, resulting in permanent stains or markings. So, be careful!

Will Dry Erase Markers Stain Mirrors?


No, it won’t. As mentioned, dry erase markers, including mirrors, are made for non-porous surfaces. That is why you can use dry erase on mirror surfaces and effortlessly remove them using a rag, cloth, or even a paper towel. No stains and simply leave your mirrors as squeaky clean as they should be.

The Best Uses of Dry Erase Markers on Mirrors


Now that you have learned that dry erase markers are suitable for mirrors, what else can you do with them? Here are some ideas to try.

1. Inspire yourself every day

When you feel like every day is just the same and you do not seem to have any motivation to do anything, what can you do? Write inspiring quotes and messages on your mirror.

Just head on to your dry erase markers for mirrors and write motivational messages on a bathroom or bedroom mirror. Some words like “You can do it!”, or “Today is your day!” might seem hackneyed phrases, but they can simply jumpstart the day.

2. Leave reminders, tasks, and information

Others go for fridge notes or cork boards to write reminders. Others go to mirrors and use dry erase markers to leave information and remind everyone at home with some tasks! This is a clever idea since one usually looks at a mirror before leaving the house.

Thus, this is something you can do to give your family members or everyone at home a heads-up with some important things to do for the day or perhaps, an appointment that needs to be attended.

3. Decorative mirror details

When your bathroom or bedroom mirror looks a bit mundane, you can always add some color or decorative details to spruce it up. I usually use Expo markers on mirror decorations simply because they are one of the best brands for dry erase markers. They have beautiful colored dry erase markers that you can also use to revamp your mirror and give it a colorful or stylish look!

4. Greetings and congratulatory messages

Isn’t it one of the best feelings in the world to wake up in the morning with warm greetings or congratulatory messages? Why not surprise a loved one with any of these?

It could be for an anniversary, holidays, birthdays, or other special events with recognitions or call for celebrations. These messages are even more fun to see first thing in the morning on a bedroom or bathroom mirror!

5. Fun and creative teaching

Mirrors could be a space to teach your kids Math or other fun activities. You can go with the classic black or white dry erase markers or make the markings more playful with different colors. Just make sure to stay on the mirror surface and off the rough edges to prevent any permanent stains!

6. Make messy doodles with kids!

If your kids love to make any messy doodles, one easy and effective solution is to hand them dry erase markers and let them doodle on the mirrors! At least you can simply wipe the mirror clean, keep the surface messy-free, and need not worry about messy stains!


Therefore, can you use dry erase markers on a mirror? Yes!

In a nutshell, you can use dry erase markers on a mirror and wipe them off easily whenever you should. You can also try different ideas to use dry erase markers on mirrors to inspire yourself, write reminders, decorate, teach, doodle, or greet someone. No need to worry about stains or messy ink residues as long as you use these dry markers on mirrors or other non-porous surfaces like glass, windows, or metals.

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