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Why are Copic Markers So Expensive? Here is the Reason

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

why are copic markers so expensive

It is probably the same question you kept asking yourself every time you stroll around an art supply shop or browse the best types of markers online. You know Copics are quite a popular choice among many artists, and you want to give it a try for your next art project. However, the price tag is the only thing that holds you back.

You might be here because you are wondering why Copic markers are relatively pricier than most types of marker brands. Therefore, how do Copic markers differ from other types of markers? Are they really worth the investment?

Here is what you should know first: Copic markers are expensive because they do not skimp on quality. Many artists highly regard them as high-quality, exceptionally versatile, and the most reliable alcohol markers that can last for an incredibly long time.

Copic markers offer countless merits that some marker brands cannot compete with. However, these remarkable features and benefits are the reasons behind their high cost.

But why are Copic markers so expensive? What makes them special? Let us delve into these aspects.

Why are Copic Markers So Expensive

1. Refillable Inks and Long-lasting Quality

Copic markers are not disposable like other marker brands. They are innovatively designed with refillable inks that can extend their lifespan for years or even decades! As a result, many artists use these markers for the longest time possible without worrying about their inks running out.

2. Premium Quality Ink

Copics use alcohol-based inks that provide highly pigmented colors and render effortless applications. Aside from that, their vibrant permanent inks offer multiple layering and seamless blending that allow you to achieve custom hues and color depths.

3. Extensive Array of Colors

No other brands can probably beat the massive color range of Copic markers. With over 350 colors available, you can indulge in a beautiful spectrum of colors and maximize your palette for boundless and artistic creations.

Impressively, they provide a systematic color arrangement known as the Copic Color System, allowing artists to choose and customize their desired colors without any hassle. Furthermore, it is pretty amazing that every shade is carefully labeled with codes and names. Hence, this enables artists to find and customize the exact colors they are looking for.

4. Innovative Design and Variant Selection

Copic markers offer professional quality performance and design, making them a popular and favorite choice among advanced and experienced artists. While this seems to be slightly intimidating for beginners, Copics thoughtfully curated different variants to accommodate artists of all levels and ages.

Copic markers come into 3 types: Copic Classic, Copic Sketch, and Copic Ciao.

  • Copic Classic: Also known as the Copic Original, this type features a large barrel that can provide more ink than other variants. It maximizes its versatility with 9 different replaceable nibs as well.

Moreover, if you need a wide range of colors, these markers are available in 214 shades and a variety of color sets. You may opt for a 12-piece Copic Classic Basic set for the least color count, a 32-piece set, or a 72-piece set for the maximum color count.

  • Copic Sketch: The most popular type of Copic marker that offers a massive color range in 358 shades! It is available in chisel, brush, and bullet nibs that render versatile applications and various line widths.

Although it does not hold as much ink as Copic Classic, the rich and brilliant array of colors does not fall short of its quality and performance. Besides that, it showcases an oval-shaped barrel that lends a comfortable feeling.

Furthermore, you may purchase them according to color count and classification. For example, the 72-piece Copic Sketch Set A showcases basic vivid colors for design and illustration.

  • Copic Ciao: This type is the most affordable and beginner-friendly Copic marker variant that is suitable for teenagers, kids, and aspiring young artists.

It presents 180 colors that deliver similar quality and performance as the Sketch and Classic markers despite its fewer color range. It also has the smallest barrel size that promotes better comfort and portability.

The availability of color sets depends on the count and combination of colors. Some of these are specialized color sets such as Copic Ciao Skin for skin tones and Copic Ciao pastels.

5. Exceptional Versatility

Among the primary benefits of Copic markers is their versatile performance, exhibiting consistent strokes and various line widths. Although they mainly use bullet and chisel nibs, these markers highlight their replaceable nib designs.

You can easily work on different nib styles and render broad and fine lines whenever you need to. Not to mention that most of their markers are double-ended; all it takes is a quick switch to the opposite end for the other nib design.

Copic markers deliver superb ink quality that layers and blends seamlessly. Plus, it dries quickly. You can also mix it with other art media such as pens, gel pens, pencils, and many more to achieve the artistic effects, custom colors, and line appearances that you want.

Lastly, if you work on large-scale art projects that require vast and efficient coverage, these markers can also be used with the Copic airbrush system.

6. Safe Formulation

Above all, Copic markers offer a safe and enjoyable drawing and coloring experience with their non-toxic and acid-free alcohol-based ink.

Are Copic Markers the Best


I can consider them the best as many artists would probably agree with excellent performance, versatile applications, consistent ink flow, and long-lasting quality. It is not easy to find markers that can present outstanding merits and characteristics that can last for a long time.

The impressive lineup of benefits, as mentioned, makes Copic markers a favorite among many artists. However, not everyone considers Copic markers the best as it will greatly depend on personal needs and preferences.

Are There Any Drawbacks


With all the amazing features and benefits mentioned, you might be wondering whether they fail at some point. Like most types and brands of markers, Copics also has their share of pitfalls aside from their high price.

One of the first drawbacks is the mild odor. I do not find it terrible, but some artists may find the smell unpleasant. Aside from that, Copics that come with brush tips tend to fray easily when used on rough surfaces or other paper types that are not compatible with Copics.

In terms of their ink quality, Copics tend to bleed on some paper types. That is why it is important to use these markers on compatible surfaces or types of paper to deter any messy ink pooling, smears, bleeding, or ink spills.

Should You Invest in Copic Markers/ Is It Worth It

The quick answer is yes! The cost might be relatively higher than other brands, but the variety of features and benefits tremendously outweigh the price tag as well as their drawbacks. However, it is imperative to evaluate your needs and skills before you invest in Copic markers.

If you are a beginner or a hobbyist, I recommend trying cheaper brands. But if you are eager to learn how to use Copics, the suitable marker type for beginners and young artists are Copic Ciao markers. Plus, they are more affordable than the other Copic marker types.

On the other hand, if you are a professional artist, colorist, or illustrator, I definitely suggest trying Copic markers; they are worth every penny.


For many artists, Copic markers can be considered a luxury in the world of markers. They stand out with their impeccable longevity, versatility, and performance. They may fall under a high pricing mark, but they guarantee promising benefits and results that counterbalance or even beat the price you have paid for.

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