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How Many Copic Markers are There?

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how many copic markers are there

Everyone loves to let out their creativity when doing artwork. But don’t you find it tedious to start with almost nothing at all? Well, let us say that you have a few colors of your favorite Copic markers, and you want to enhance your work more.

In that case, you must be curious how many Copic markers are there to complete your set and which type suits you best? Learn more about Copic markers by reading this article.

If You are Dedicated, Why Not

Most artists love to have a complete set of art tools like paintbrushes and watercolors. And this is not an exception for Copic markers that portrait artists and calligraphers love to use for their work.

No one’s stopping you from collecting all 358 colors of Copic markers if you want to put excellent details in your artwork. Everyone can do it.

What are Copic Markers


For those who don’t know anything about Copic Markers, let me tell you what exactly this product is about and why everyone is going nuts over them.

Copic Markers are high-quality markers that professionals commonly use. These markers are famous for their smooth application that comes in a broad range of vivid colors.

A Copic marker is also known to be double-sided, so it comes with a quill or nib at each point. This product has a container in the center, which is filled with a fine, alcohol-based ink. The ink has a low odor and is not toxic to humans, so you can use it safely.

There are many tricks you can do with a Copic marker, such as layering and blending. Plus, these permanent markers do not streak, making them a wonderfully ideal tool for all your artworks.

Next, we’ll talk about the marker’s purpose.

As an artist, I have done coloring and illustrating with a handful of various marker brands. But I can truly say that Copic markers are one of a kind.

I settled for Copic Sketch Markers and have been using them for over six years now because of their quality. I even have all 358 colors.

My fellow artists and coloring book authors also love to use Copic markers to color and illustrate their artwork.

What Makes a Copic Marker Unique from Other Brands

Unlike cheap marking pens that you dispose of when their ink dries up, a Copic Marker is built to last for ages. They are refillable, and the nibs are replaceable, too! This means you can easily change the nibs or tips when they wear out.

Because of their excellent quality and durability, Copic markers tend to be pricier than other marker pens. Copic prioritizes quality so well that every marker undergoes manual quality testing and color stability test before being put on the market.

The brand comes with highly meticulous quality control that ensures its inks remain consistent in every batch. This allows you to get a new refillable bottle without worries.

Different Types of Copic Markers


Now, let us talk about the different types of Copics on sale.

Copic comes with three different types of markers you can choose from. These are the Copic Classic or Copic original, the Copic Sketch, and the Copic Ciao.

Copic Classic or Original Markers have square containers that hold more ink, so you do not have to refill them as often as other markers.

A Copic Classic usually comes with bullet and chisel tips. However, you can also select from seven additional nib shapes. This feature fills in the gaps of your art style! As good as it seems, these tips have to be bought separately.

Classic markers cost as much as Sketch markers, but only come in 214 colors, which is fewer than the latter.

Next is the most popular product from Copic, the Sketch Markers. This type is definitely every artist’s favorite due to its vast range of 358 colors. No other markers can come close to this color range.

Plus, Sketch markers are also available with a brush tip aside from the chisel one. I love the brush tip because its great versatility is very useful when creating artwork.

You can also purchase a bullet tip solely for the Sketch marker. However, the chisel, brush, and bullet are the only nibs available for Sketch markers, which is way different from the broad nib choices of Copic Classic Markers.

Sketch markers are pricier than Copic Ciao markers. But if you are not particular about pricing, the sketch markers fully represent the combo of Copic’s finest features.

Ciao markers were made to be more affordable compared to the previous products. This type is usually marketed to art beginners like children and teens.

However, just like Copic Sketch and Copic Classic markers, this type still possesses all the handy features of the brand. Copic Ciao markers are refillable; the tips are also replaceable, and the ink is the same high-quality as the sketch and classic.

The main reason this type costs less is because of the fewer color options of 180. However, this is still great if you compare it to other brands. On the downside, you have to constantly refill the small ink storage.

One thing I love about Ciao markers is the small-holed lid that is ideal for children. This style is way safer for kids because the tiny holes for ventilation can prevent choking.

Because of it, I can rest easy when my kids use the Copic markers, even when I’m not around.

A Bit of History

It’s always interesting to know a thing or two about a brand’s history. As for Copic, these markers originated in Japan to fill in the designer’s need for markers that are safe for photocopy use. The product was originally released in 1987 in 71 colors initially.

A Summary of Colors

A full set of Copic Markers is available in 358 unique colors. However, this number changes depending on the type of Copic Marker.

  • A Refill comes in 358 colors.
  • Sketch markers are available in 358 colors.
  • The classic ones have 214 colors.
  • Copic Ciao markers come in 180 colors.

Interested? You can cop your very first 72-Piece Copic Marker Sketch Set to spark some artistry! Or watch this video about the products of Copic Markers. The video introduced all the amazing colors being manufactured by Copic.

It will really leave you in awe!


Have you made up your mind on what type of Copic marker you want to work with? You can start having your own 72-Piece Copic Marker Sketch Set. Just remember each type’s features that I introduced.

  • If you are a beginner, try out the Copic Ciao Markers.
  • For the complete color set, go for Copic Sketch Markers that offer all 358 colors.
  • If you are focused on calligraphy, the Copic Classic Marker is a good option as it comes with nine different nibs to choose from.
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