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How to Remove Dry Erase Marker from Plastic: 4 Simple Ways

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how to remove dry erase marker from plastic

Despite the development of technology, hand-writing remains to be a vital tool in our daily life. In various meetings, it is not unfamiliar to see people use a white board and markers to present their ideas thoroughly.

Without a doubt, dry erase markers are the most popular writing utensil because of its convenience and temporariness. People also use these markers to take note on plastic surfaces.

Yet, after a while, the marker would stick on that plastic and become tremendously hard to remove. Hence, this article will introduce you to different methods on how to remove dry erase marker from plastic, regardless of whether the marker ink is new or not.

Remove New Dry Erase Marker Ink

It is extremely easy to remove dry erase markers from plastic surfaces when the ink stain is still fresh because all you need is a clean cloth.

Start by wiping off the markers in any pattern you like until there are no markers left on your plastic item. Rubbing circular motions might make the work easier.

Alternatively, you can use a cleaning sponge or whiteboard eraser so that the task is less challenging. In addition, you should wash that sponge or whiteboard eraser once in a while for better operation.

In order to wash your whiteboard eraser, dissolve a moderate amount of dish soap into warm water. Then, soak the eraser into the mixture for at least twenty minutes.

After that, rinse with clean water until all ink is removed, and dry it under the sun.

How to Remove Dry Erase Marker from Plastic (Old Stains)


Removing markers from plastic becomes a much more difficult task if you have left the marker on the surface for too long. However, nothing is impossible, and I’m going to show you three methods on how to remove marker from plastic:

  • Use Bathroom Cleaning Products: Utilize the cleaning products in your bathroom to get rid of the marker stains.
  • Use Other Dry Erase Markers: Draw new dry erase markers on top of the old marker marks and simply wipe them off afterward.
  • Make Your DIY Cleaning Products: Create your own cleaning mixtures and apply them to the stains. Remove the residue with a clean cloth to see the outcome.

In general, you have to prepare some paper towel or a clean cloth to remove dry erase markers from your plastic item. Other necessary materials will be listed in each section below.

Now, let’s get started with the first cleaning method!

Use Bathroom Cleaning Products

This method uses bathroom cleaning powder, which I assume nearly every house will have some readily available.

Any type of cleaning powder works, such as Ajax, Domex, Comet, etc. Additionally, you will need a damp sponge to rub the marker stain.

  • Sprinkle some bathroom cleaning powder on the plastic surface where the dry erase marker stain is.
  • Use the damp sponge to scrub the surface until all ink is removed.
  • Wipe off the excess powder using your paper towel and rinse the plastic with clean water.

Here is an alternative that you can try:

  • Put a small amount of cleaning products on the sponge and scrub the plastic with that sponge.
  • As the ink stops coming out, continue to add more solution onto your sponge and repeat the scrubbing until your plastic is completely clean.
  • Follow step 3 above, and your plastic is ready to be used again.

If bathroom cleaning products aren’t available at your home, you can use nail polish remover, neutral (no color) shoe polish, hairspray, or hand sanitizer.

Use Other Dry Erase Markers


If, unfortunately, you don’t have any products mentioned above, take advantage of the same dry erase marker to remove your old marker stain. This trick will work better with darker shade markers. However, light-colored ones will also be fine.

  • Use a dry erase marker to draw over the old marker marks that you would like to get rid of. Do it carefully, area by area. Otherwise, you will create another mess that is difficult to clean up.
  • Instantly use a paper towel or a cloth to wipe the part you have just drawn.
  • If the marker ink doesn’t come off totally, draw on top of it one more time and wipe it off again.
  • Repeat the steps until your plastic is completely clean.

This trick can be applicable to permanent marker stains that stick on your plastic. Follow the same procedure and you will be able to remove Sharpie from plastic in no time. So wonderful, right?

Make Your DIY Cleaning Products

If neither of the two aforementioned methods works for you, you might have to create your own cleaning products as a last resort. Don’t worry because there are two different recipes you can choose from, and both of them are easy to make.

The first mixture I want to introduce is baking soda and water:

  • Pour a good amount of baking soda into a bowl.
  • Add approximately half a teaspoon of water into the same bowl and mix it well. If the mixture is too dry, gradually add a couple drops of water until you get a paste-like mixture.
  • Use a paper towel to pick up the paste and dab it onto the marker stain. Leave it there for a couple minutes to get the best result.
  • Rub the paste into the marker marks on the plastic item until the ink fades away.
  • Wipe off the residue paste with a damp cloth.

Vinegar and water is the second combination that you can consider:

  • Combine a teaspoon of vinegar and about one cup of water into a spray bottle or container.
  • Spray the combination onto the plastic surface and leave it there for a few minutes.
  • Refer to step 4 and 5 above to proceed with the next steps.


It can be frustrating to desperately clean your plastic for hours without seeing the marker ink fading. So, I hope the next time you are in this situation, you can rely on the support from this article.

Has this article been helpful? Let me know what you think in the comment section. If you like this tutorial on how to remove dry erase marker from plastic, please share it with your friends and family as well.

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