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How to Use Gundam Markers Like a Pro? – 5 Tricks

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how to use gundam markers

Hey, fellow Gundam fans! I know most of you would agree that playing with colors to highlight model details is a fun way to make your Gundam plastic models or Gunpla more attractive.

That’s where Gundam markers came to play. Are you starting a Gunpla or planning to upgrade it? Painting your piece using Gundam markers is your way to go.

Using markers to paint Gundams requires less effort and produces awesome results. Come, let’s take your Gunpla to the next level using these tricks on how to use Gundam markers.

Ways to Use Gundam Markers


What to prepare

  • Gundam Markers (choose one type for each method below)

Fine point, felt tip, oil-based paint pen.

Brush Type, water-based paint pen.

Pour Type, flat core, oil-based paint pen.


  • Erasing and cleaning tools:

Gundam markers eraser

Tissue paper, towel, or cotton buds

Rubbing alcohol or acetone

Rubber eraser

Trick No. 1: Gunpla panel lining using fine point Gundam marker

In this Gundam marker tutorial, you’ll learn panel lining tricks using the basic Gundam markers guide.

Panel lining is a basic trick you can do with a Gunpla which makes it more realistic. This method can emphasize parts and add details to the grooves.

Use a fine point Gundam marker for this Gundam panel lining trick. It is available in 3 colors (black, gray, and brown).

Follow this Guide:

  • Prepare the piece of Gunpla. Choose a piece with grooves, depths, or accents.
  • Check the part of your piece that has a panel line.
  • Make it a habit to shake your Gundam marker before applying it, especially if they are new or have not been used for a while. Shake it well with the cap on.
  • Test your marker before using it. You can use a tissue to test if the color comes out consistently.
  • Find the groove and start drawing a line from edge to edge. Check if the ink is seeping well and producing solid lines as you go along.
  • Remove excess inks or smudges with a Gundam marker eraser or rubber eraser.
  • Leave it overnight, then it’s done.

Trick No. 2: Gunpla Detailing with Brush Gundam Marker


Nothing is more enjoyable than putting details on your gunpla. Detailing is easier done with a brush Gundam marker. It is available in 2 colors (brown and black).

They have soft brush tips and produce bolder lines than the ones with fine tips. This marker can also use this for quick touch-ups.

Follow this Guide:

  • Gundam marker application for brush type is similar to using a fine point Gundam marker. Remember to shake your marker well and test before actual application.
  • Take the same or another plastic part and enhance the panel lines. Make a more solid line or simply apply it along the hollows.
  • Ink could be runny, but it’s normal. It allows ink to seep and flow into the panel lines nicely.
  • If you are not pleased with the thickness, make another run to get a bolder width.
  • If you notice, the lines are a bit messier. That is because the brush type tip is larger. Remove excess ink with the use of a regular rubber eraser or other eraser alternative like rubbing alcohol using cotton buds. The lines created this time are sharper.
  • Let it sit undisturbed and dry.

Trick No. 3: Wicking using Pour Type or Flat core Gundam Markers

To create a great contrast to accentuate your Gundam details, wicking using pour type Gundam marker is a great way to do it. Do note that you can do this trick on unpainted pieces or before painting, to avoid damaging your paint.

Unlike fine point and brush types which have soft tips, the pour type tips are made of hard plastic. The brush type is available in 3 colors (black, gray, and brown).

The application is also quite different. This trick is called wicking as the pour type markers exhibit a wicking effect on your lining.

In a single blot, the ink flows and follows the direction of the panel line or mold.

Follow this Guide:

  • After shaking the marker, carefully press the marker into the chosen plastic part. Observe that from the blot, the ink that draws from the pen flows and fills in the hollows readily.
  • Apply several blots along hollows until all parts are covered.
  • Wipe off the excess ink and blotches with rubbing alcohol and cotton buds. After cleaning, notice the effect is similar to panel line washing.
  • Let it sit to dry.



How do you set up Gundam markers?

Unlike other painting tools, Gundam markers are designed ready to use.

As mentioned in the step-by-step guide, what you have to do to activate it is to give it a good shake and test it by pressing the tip on a tissue or paint palette before use.

For metallic-colored markers, you have to give more effort to shaking these types to ensure that the metallic layer in the formulation blends with the other components inside the tube.

Are Gundam markers safe to use?

Just like any marker, Gundam markers are made of different types of colorants, pigments, and solvents. These markers are safe as long as you use them as per intended use.

Moreover, though fumes are minimal, when doing painting works, always find a well-ventilated working area or wear a mask regardless of the paint type you are using.

As for the safety of using Gundam markers on your Gunpla, it is generally safe to use on any plastic. However, do not use them on the ABS plastic type that could go brittle when painted with this type of marker.

Are Gundam markers worth it?

Gundam markers do not just make Gundam drawing easy on plastic models, but it also makes your detailing more affordable. From its price point, yes, it’s worth it!

You can buy several color variations without breaking the bank, and the marker can be used several times.

What is the best Gundam marker and plastic part color combination to create more contrast?

  • For dark-colored parts, it is best to use black Gundam markers.
  • Gray-colored Gundam markers are mostly used in white parts.
  • Brown Gundam markers work well on parts with red and yellow colors.

What are the other tricks that can make my Gundam more realistic?

  • Other than panel lining, another trick is dry brushing Gundam battle accessories to give it a real weathering effect.
  • Add some Gundam LED lights to make it look more realistically impressive, flashy, and interactive.
  • Panel line wash using Gundam markers’ acrylic paint and paintbrush is another way to pop up the details making it more realistic.
  • If you have made all these painting tricks, it’s time to invest in a Gundam pedestal. This will make your Gundam plastic model collections sleeker on display.


Take your passion for Gundams plastic models to greater heights, make them more unique and customize them using Gundam markers.

Gundam plastic model upgrades and painting works can be costly and demanding. However, it is not always the case once you have learned the tricks on how to use Gundam markers.

So simply apply these tricks and your Gundam plastic model is ready to rock in no time!

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