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How to Refill Posca Markers? – 2 Easy Ways

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how to refill posca markers

Posca markers are cherished for their ability to bring colors to life on various surfaces. Yet, like all artistic tools, they eventually run out of ink.

While Posca markers aren’t designed to be refillable, there are ingenious methods to breathe new life into them. This article will guide you through the process of how to refill Posca markers with water-based or acrylic paint.

Although no Posca markers refill can be found on the market, you can always replenish your pens with tried and true techniques. Let’s dive into this colorful mission!

Refill Posca Markers Using Water-Based Paint

1. Things You Will Need for the Refilling Procedure

  • Water-based paint
  • Depleted Posca markers that need refilling
  • A mini funnel or eye-dropper for added precision
  • A mixing container or palette for crafting custom colors

2. Refilling and Reassembling Instructions

Select Your Water-Based Paint. Choose the water-based paint colors you want to infuse into your Posca markers.


Disassemble with Care.


Remove the nib, pump action component, and ink stopper from your marker. To open a Posca pen, unscrew the Posca ink barrel by turning it counterclockwise using your hand.

Fill the Empty Posca Marker with Water-Based Paint.


If you’re mixing colors, this is the point where you can blend them to perfection in your mixing palette or container.

Pour the selected water-based paint into the barrel. Don’t fill it up all the way. Leave about 25% of the barrel empty.

Reassemble and Activate.

Do the reverse of the second step to reattach the marker components. Shake the pen before drawing and test it on scrap paper first to ensure ink comes smoothly out of the nib.

Refill Posca Markers Using Acrylic Paint

1. Things You Will Need for the Refilling Procedure


  • Depleted Posca markers
  • Acrylic refill paint markers in your chosen color
  • A pipette or dropper
  • A rubber band
  • Warm water

2. Refilling and Reassembling Instructions

Prepare Your Paint Mixture.

Aside from water-based paint, another kind of paint in Posca pens that also works is acrylic. All you have to do is mix acrylic paint with water until it reaches a thick consistency.

Note: You can also use fluid acrylic paint directly without adding extra water. This ensures that your refill paint flows smoothly.

Access the Pen.


To access the interiors of the Posca pen, start by trying to unscrew the barrel from the top. Before doing this step, gently extract the nib using your fingertips.

Note: A rubber band wrapped around the top can provide extra grip if it’s challenging to unscrew.

Fill the Pen.


Employ a pipette or dropper to infuse the pen with your acrylic paint blend. You may channel it directly into the marker barrel.

Fill the pen adequately. Leave a slight gap at the upper end for air circulation.

Replace the Nib.

Once the pen is filled with paint, replace the nib or screw the pen back together, depending on how you accessed the interior. Make sure all components are securely in place.

Shake and Test.


Shake the pen vigorously to mix the paint. Testing the pen is essential, especially if it has been dry for a while. You may need to start pumping the pen to initiate a smooth ink flow. The paint must flow seamlessly before usage.

Prevent Drying.

To keep the paint from drying in the nib and causing clogs, avoid letting the pen empty completely.


Learning how to refill Posca markers is an invaluable skill for any artist. These versatile markers deserve a second life, and with the techniques outlined in this guide, you can keep your creative juices flowing.

Whether you choose water-based or acrylic paint, the process is both rewarding and cost-effective. Don’t let your Posca markers run dry and halt your artistic journey; always make an effort to refill them!

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