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Chalk Marker vs Regular Chalk: Similarities and Differences

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

chalk marker vs regular chalk

Whenever you visit your favorite coffee shop, you cannot help yourself but be amazed by the artwork they create on their menu boards. They exhibit different shapes, colors, styles to catch your attention and let you know about the best-seller coffee as well as the specials for the day.

Looking closely, perhaps you are wondering whether the writing tools used were regular chalk sticks or chalk markers. As their names imply, both chalk sticks and chalk markers give the effect and colors of chalks written on blackboards or chalkboards. Spotting the difference may take a while.

You will probably see that a lot of menus or art pieces use either a regular blackboard or glass with a black background. However, can you tell if a chalk marker or regular chalk was used on the menu or artwork? What is the difference?

It is time to get down to the pros and cons of chalk marker vs regular chalk. Knowing the difference will help us appreciate the beauty that these mediums create.

When Do We Use Regular Chalks


Many consider regular chalk sticks as an artistic crafting tool. Although they may seem to have been invented a long time ago, their use is still immeasurable. Not to mention that they are impressively affordable as some teachers and their students still use them at school.

In terms of arts and drawing, regular chalks can provide creative smudging effects on your artwork. Drawing feathers, cloudy mountains, and windy afternoon scenery in a prairie are much easier to write and draw with these types of chalks.

There are also tasks for adults and games for children that need temporary markings. Thus, they look for and use regular chalks as their primary medium. Since the markings do not last long and will probably wear off after a few moments, you can quickly erase them, or perhaps, you won’t have to erase them at all.

These are just some of the benefits of using regular chalks in our daily lives. But do chalk markers have more advantages? Let us find out.

What are Chalk Markers and Why Use Them


Chalk markers or modern chalks can mimic the writing and drawing effects of regular chalk in terms of color and vividness. Aside from that, these amazing tools also stand out with their excellent erasability and performance, particularly in creating designs and making decorative details. Some of them are replaceable as well.

Also, chalk markers are dust-free and dry quickly. You can choose from various points ranging from the finest to the widest. Moreover, they offer a vast array of vibrant colors and an impressive quality that lasts long on many writing surfaces.

You can write and draw almost anywhere and onto anything with these chalk markers. It is probably the most popular reason why we use them nowadays rather than regular chalk.

Chalk Marker vs Regular Chalk: A Brief Comparison

Color Options: Chalk markers have more vibrant colors to choose from. You may choose from various vivid fundamental colors to opaque and metallic ones like the 42-piece Arteza Liquid Chalk Markers. Regular chalks have several basic colors only.

Writing Surface: Chalkboard, blackboard or some rough to semi-rough surfaces are for regular chalks. As for chalk markers, writing surfaces are numerous. You can write on glass, metal, ceramic, plastic, whiteboards, and other non-porous materials.

Versatility: Based on the number of writing surfaces, chalk markers can maneuver in so many ways compared to regular chalks. Some brands like the Chalkola Chalk Markers also offer reversible nibs that allow users to produce broad and thin lines.

Writing Quality: Both are erasable, but chalk markers have no powdery residues. Aside from that, you can easily erase them on writing surfaces with a damp cloth or wet wipes.

On the other hand, regular chalks are dry and powdery. Although, markers utilize easy-dry liquid that can produce smoother and sharper lines compared to regular chalks.

Markers have pigment-based ink that immediately binds on the surface as they dry up. However, regular chalks are usually made of crushed gypsum or calcite that fades smoothly.

The Cost: Regular chalks are way cheaper than chalk markers. However, since chalk markers are replaceable and last longer than regular chalks, they have been deemed to be more economical in the long run.


In a nutshell, there are still many uses of regular chalk. Most factories, schools, and some offices still make use of them. Amazingly, regular sticks have evolved just like any other writing tool or media. They feature vibrant appearances, a vast range of colors, and various sizes for versatility.

The manufacturers of chalk markers have succeeded in making chalks to be versatile more than ever. Contrary to regular chalks, the compatibility with writing surfaces is not limited to chalkboards and blackboards.

Gone are the dust and messy erasing. Say hello to modern works of art with the use of chalk markers. Yes, we still call it chalk, use them like chalk, but chalk markers are far better and more unique than regular chalk sticks.

Hope you have found the difference between chalk marker vs regular chalk. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. We will be happy to hear from you!

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