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5 Easy Ways on How to Remove Spray Paint from Glass?

Written by Robert S. Brown / Fact checked by Helen B. Harris

how to remove spray paint from glass

Graffiti work that goes wrong can leave unwanted spray paint on our glass. Or, the incidents might happen when we create artwork, and the spray paint cans nozzle suddenly bursts scattered paint spots. Well, the troubles are plenty, and luckily, solutions for them are various, too.

So, if your DIY project becomes messy and gets out of hand, here’re several easy methods on how to remove spray paint from glass. You can either use a razor blade, vinegar, alcohol, mineral spirits, cooking spray, steel wool to clean off the stubborn marks.

5 Methods to Remove Spray Paint from Glass

Preparation Before We Start Cleaning

As there are multiple ways to get rid of paint marks, you can choose among the convenient methods listed in the detailed guide below. But first, here’re some protective items to prepare. They should be gathered to protect yourself, the house floor, and the glass items you are about to work on.

  • A large piece of plastic wrap. I often use a piece of plastic drop cloth or tarp. This item is necessary to spread on the floor to protect the floor from stains and potent agents you want to use.
  • Thick rubber gloves and safety glasses. Anything to do with paint and cleaning solution is likely to hurt your skin and eye upon direct exposure. So, wearing rubber gloves is required to cover your fingers and nails. Also, don’t forget to wear the safety pair of specs when painting or doing graffiti to remove the stains.
  • Mask and clean rag. You should handle this project in a well-ventilated area to avoid bad odors and harmful fumes. On top of that, please wear a mask. And the cleaning cloth is for the tasks later; just prepare some paper towels and microfiber cloth pieces.

Method 1: Using Vinegar


Other than those protective items above, here’re what you should put together to clean the glass surface with vinegar:

  • White vinegar: a small cup
  • Blue or dish soap: 2-3 tablespoons
  • Warm water: a bucket

This method of removing spray paint from glass is a breeze; you can follow the following steps for the best result:

Step 1- Pour the small cup of white vinegar solution in a microwave-safe cup and set it for 4 minutes for the liquid to boil. Afterward, carefully take it out using your oven mitt.

Step 2- Put the cleaning cloth into the white vinegar white it is still hot. Make sure you have your protective gloves on while pressing the cloth dampened in hot vinegar onto the glass surfaces with paints. After some minutes have passed, scrub the surface thoroughly with force to eliminate all stains.

Step 3- Finally, use the dish or blue soap dissolved in the warm water bucket to clean the vinegar and paint stains off the glass surfaces. You can put the warm, soapy water in a spray bottle or just soak the microfiber cleaning cloth into the liquid, whichever way is more convenient for you.

Notably, you can use vinegar to remove all the paint from different surface materials, including fiberglass and wood. I once tried to get the dried paint off a wooden window frame, and the cleaning rag soaked in hot vinegar dissolved paint dried well and eliminated it.

Method 2: with Alcohol


Rubbing alcohol is another great way to remove spray paint from glasses. Here’re the necessary things to prepare:

  • Microfiber cleaning cloths and cotton ball: 2 -3 pieces
  • Glass measuring cup: 1 cup
  • Rubbing alcohol: 1 cup
  • Denatured alcohol: 1 cup
  • Blue or dish soap: 2-3 tablespoons
  • Warm water: a big bottle

We have two types of alcohol, rubbing alcohol and denatured one. When choosing between the two, please know that the latter is much stronger, thus ideal for stubborn spray paint. And the former is suitable for fresh paint thinner than usual. Now, here are the steps:

Step 1- Make a mixture of rubbing alcohol and water. The ratio can be 80:20 or 90: 10, and of course, a more potent agent will dissolve fresh paint stripper and old stains better. Please use the measuring cup to get the ratio right.

If you use denatured alcohol, there is no need to mix it with water.

Step 2- After the cleaning agent to remove spray paint is ready, you can dip the cleaning rag into the liquid. Now, press the dampened cloth on the marks as the paint begins to soften. Then, you can start scrubbing them off to remove spray paint no longer clinging onto the surface.

Step 3- Finally, mix the soap with water again, and dip the second cloth in it. Use the wet cloth or the cotton ball to remove all the residues left.

When you use denatured alcohol, please use a paper towel to test it first to ensure it does not damage the glass surfaces.

Method 3: with a Pressure Washer


To clean paint stuck on your window glasses using a washer is safe and convenient. This method is viable as you want to clean the outside of your window, where the pressure washers can reach it.

Just make sure you turn on the water at low pressure, as paint removal should not be why we break our glass. Now, after adjusting the right level of pressure for the nozzle, we can spray it at an angle of 35 to 45°.

And do not just point it in one spot but move it gently across the surface to remove the paint from glass. You can actually see the paint starting to peel off bit by bit.

Method 4: Using a Paint Scraper or a Razor Blade


When different agents above help remove parts of your spray painting marks yet leave some more stubborn ones, it’s time to rely on a sharp tool. A window scraper proves feasible for fiberglass cleaning, as it proves to eliminate all the hardest stains.

It is better to wet the glass surface first before we carry on with scrubbing with the blade. This step is to avoid unwanted scratches. After edging the sharp razor at an angle of 35 to 45 degrees to stroking away the smallest marks, we should wash the surfaces with soapy water again. Then, it is recommended to use a clean rag to dry the surfaces.

Method 5: with a Scouring Pad or a Fine Steel Wool


These two cleaning pieces are actually gentle on the glass surfaces as they barely leave any marks or scratches. All we need is soap, water, and paper towels. Let’s start to remove the spray paint by mixing soapy water.

Next, we will use the mixture to spread on the surface to prepare it. Then, it is time to scrub the steel wool or scouring pad on the glass until all paint marks come off. Now, reach for the dry cloth to wipe the liquid and residues off the surface. And, you are done!

Some people try to remove paint by using nail polish remover and commercial glass cleaner, but those methods are not viable. Such an agent does not suffice in spray paint removal tasks. Yet, a little elbow grease can be a good solution for removing paint on glass.


Please do not feel too frustrated as you accidentally leave paints on glass windows or mirrors, as there are easy solutions to remove them. Just start with our guide and choose the right method on how to remove spray paint from glass, whichever way is the most convenient. Besides, you also can refer to ways to remove dry erase marker on all surfaces by search above of this article.

Also, please share with us the joy when you finish scrubbing all the unwanted spots off and leaving with a sparkly glass mirror!

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