Monday, October 14, 2019

richard rezac

One of the works... an untitled, wall-bound bronze, resembles the surface of glazed ceramic, though the metal is practically untouched from the way it emerged from the foundry-somewhat unusual for an artist known for his painstaking finish work.

sara bright

In her beguiling new series of moveable frescoes, Los Angeles artist Sara Bright renders an abstract allusion to poetry.

brian mains

The figures in Brian Mains’ paintings don’t have faces. That is, they do actually have faces, but the artist never lets us see them.

james boulton

Painter James Boulton’s restless, irreverent abstractions are the product of a peripatetic life and wide-ranging artistic influences.

dario robleto

Robleto continues the thread of ephemera with The Half-Life of Light vitrine of vintage embossed Mason jars encapsulating audiotape of the first and last musical recordings by various musicians...

siddarth parasnis

Contemporary artists have a complex, fraught relationship with art history...

Roland Bernier

"Ideas can be re-used for a thousand variations supplying the framework for a whole body of work rather than just a single piece..."

rex ray

If “he who dies with the best resume” is true, then Rex Ray has already won, and he’s only 51.

david middlebrook

Common threads that run through the work are a direct link to artists and art history...

marie thibeault

Thibeault works on 10-15 pieces at once; the length of time spent on each work varies from as short as five days to "about a year, or until somebody takes it away from me."


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