Monday, April 22, 2019

Texas Biennial

"TX13" takes place September 5 through November 9 at Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum in San Antonio.

Spotlight: Miami

Undergoing a notable Museum Boom, Miami's institutional art scene goes from sparse to spirited in just a few year.

On View: Miami

A quick round-up of museum exhibitions to see in Miami.


Critic Suzanne Beal on the Seattle art scene.


With EXPO Chicago as a magnet, and art centers old and new expanding their programs, Chicago’s art scene is attracting a gamut of adventurous partners this fall.

Report: Santa Monica

The 18th Street Arts Center celebrates 25 years.

REPORT: Black Mountain College

An examination of the mythic Black Mountain College reveals the process of discovery, choice and consequences that comprised its core philosophy.

alex couwenberg

Paintings created by Alex Couwenberg smudge the boundaries of modernist and post-modernist practice.

james richards

Creating abstract paintings within a rectilinear framework but without a canvas may not be an earth-shattering innovation, but in the capable hands of LA artist James Richards, it is certainly more than a gimmick.

REPORT: Portland

The Contemporary Northwest Art Awards spotlight regional talent and global concerns.

sara bright

In her beguiling new series of moveable frescoes, Los Angeles artist Sara Bright renders an abstract allusion to poetry.