Saturday, March 25, 2017

thomas pathé

Thomas Pathé’s paintings strike an electric balance between the technological and the sublime.

kimberly brooks

The paintings in “Technicolor Summer,” Kimberly Brooks’ latest solo show at Taylor de Cordoba, are shot through with vibrant bolts of color: jade, ultramarine and magenta course through the highlights and support the shadows in these paintings that feel like pages from a family album.

Spotlight: Pasadena

The City of Roses boasts a longstanding tradition of innovation


Acknowledging the city’s challenging but inspiring infrastructure, Houston artists are reflecting the city’s streets and houses -along with their histories-in their work.


The trio of artists is proving that, taken in small enough doses, what doesn’t kill you might just make you stronger.

Critic’s Picks: Houston

Latest from the Houston Art Scene

REPORT: San Jose

ZERO1 Expands its footprint

Wura-Natasha Ogunji

Wura-Natasha Ogunji is an artist based in Austin, Texas, and Lagos, Nigeria, who does work on paper, video and performances. Her performances are very...

Innovative Denver

Pulling back while moving forward, Denver offers a variety of burgeoning galleries and ambitious new institutions.

“Alexander de Cadenet”

"Alexander de Cadenet," "Sarah Sze," & "Julie Blackmon: "Homegrown"

robb putnam

Everyone is a shambles every once in a while. Robb Putnam’s oddly endearing sculptures, by contrast, are almost always a shambles; they seem barely to hold themselves together.

c. bernardi

When it comes to integrating art and human rights, Berkeley-based printmaker/installation artist Claudia Bernardi has few peers.