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REPORT: Montana

Big Sky Country is home to a surprisingly robust, tenacious contemporary art community.

Chinese Lessons

A range of exhibitions of Chinese contemporary art in Southern California provides a veritable history lesson on the emergence of Chinese art in the last half century.

Building a Biennial

A renowned hub for architecture girds for forward thinking inquiry and international attention, in the inaugural edition of the Chicago Architecture Biennial.


Curator dialogues will be highlighted at the Greater Midwest Curatorial Forum.

Texas Abstract

A Brief History of Abstraction in the Lone Star State

brian bress

Equally attracted to structure and unpredictability, Bress strategically employs both to create his unique works, which are at once strangely off-kilter and genially appealing.

robb putnam

Everyone is a shambles every once in a while. Robb Putnam’s oddly endearing sculptures, by contrast, are almost always a shambles; they seem barely to hold themselves together.

REPORT: San Francisco

The 1915 Panama - Pacific International Exposition, one hundred years later

Oakland: Mark Dion's "Marvelous Museum"

"Art" according to Ambrose Bierce, "is expansive and open for interpretation."