Saturday, August 17, 2019
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Elise Ferguson: “Citron” at Romer Young Gallery

In her second solo show at Romer Young Gallery, Elise Ferguson continues her exploration of Op-esque architectural abstractions rendered in a magnetically attractive palette...

Freddy Chandra: “Slipstream” at Brian Gross Fine Art

Finish Fetish artists of the 1960s, such as Billy Al Bengston, Craig Kauffman and Larry Bell, attained notoriety for their innovations with plastics, automotive...

Gary Lang: “WANDERWONDER” at McClain Gallery

Gary Lang’s tondos vibrate with optical intensity. They are powerful, hypnotic, exuberant and psychedelic. Lang is a superb colorist who has been creating these...

brian wills

In Kentucky, he was influenced by the minimalist aesthetic of Quaker villages, and his grandmother, whom he describes as “a master quilt-maker” and to whom he attributes his notable “sense of color.”


Confounding easy labels, the pioneering SoCal abstractionist delights in illusionistic sleight-of-hand.