Friday, May 26, 2017
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Jason Rhoades: Everything is Everything

The taboo-shattering LA installation artist is the subject of a major gallery retrospective, and striking a chord with a new generation, a decade after his death.

Chris Thorson: “Tabula Rasa” at Quint Gallery

Currently on view at Quint’s new industrial space, San Francisco Bay Area-artist Chris Thorson’s “Tabula Rasa” waxes nostalgic on 1980s Pop culture while critiquing...

Annabelle Arlie, “Chlorophylle” at Jonathan Hopson Gallery

Chlorophylle, French artist Annabelle Arlie’s first solo exhibition in the United States, predominantly features the color green in 2- and 3-D works as a...

Jim Shaw

The apocalypse is coming! At least it is in JIM SHAW’s feverishly epic artwork, which freely intermixes mythic creatures and pop culture superheroes, the strange and the banal, the personal, the political, and the prophetic.

David Adey

Merging elements of sculpture and design, the San Diego-based artist examines the seductiveness of images via witty conceptualism, rigorous measurement, and dramatic visual effect.