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Five Shows: Dallas/Fort Worth

Timed to the Dallas Art Fair, the City of Dallas declared the month of April as Dallas Arts Month. Here are five shows to check out to start out the month: Simeen Farhat at Cris Worley Fine Arts - Elise Eeraerts at Cydonia Gallery - Nic Nicosia at Erin Cluley Gallery - John Pomara at Barry Whistler Gallery - "PARIS TEXAS" at galerie frank elbaz

Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann: “Alloy” at Laura Korman Gallery

In conceiving her recent complex, layered, vibrant multi-media works, DC-based artist Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann might have embarked from the enticingly oxymoronic premise expressed by...

Claire Falkenstein

From Venezia to Venice, California, Claire Falkenstein (1908-1997) proved herself to be a versatile and pioneering artist, in three and more dimensions.


A trio of female Chicago artists-Barbara Rossi, Phyllis Bramson, and Diane Simpson-are hitting their stride and attracting new fans, well into their careers.

Texas Abstract

A Brief History of Abstraction in the Lone Star State