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ON VIEW: Forays into Abstract Painting

Richard Wilson - Britton Tolliver - Michael Mancari

Richard Bruland, “Peripheries” at Lora Schlesinger Gallery

An aura of serenity pervades Richard Bruland’s most recent series of paintings: mysterious surfaces characterized by soft, modulated gradations built of complex textures and a palette paradoxically vibrant and muted at once...

Elise Ferguson: “Citron” at Romer Young Gallery

In her second solo show at Romer Young Gallery, Elise Ferguson continues her exploration of Op-esque architectural abstractions rendered in a magnetically attractive palette...

Emily Gherard: “Making Presence Known” at Bridge Productions

Emily Gherard’s process is comparable to an archeologist’s: excavating texture and meaning from layers built up gradually with the drift of pencil, brush and...

Jeffrey Simmons: “Open Work: Recent Watercolors” at Greg Kucera Gallery

Since the death last fall of Seattle painter Francis Celentano, one of the original, 1965 “Responsive Eye” artists at the Museum of Modern Art...

Clark Richert: “Close Packed Structures” at Gildar Gallery

Denver artist Clark Richert’s career stretches back over fifty years, and today he is regarded as an acknowledged master of contemporary art in Colorado....

Gary Lang: “WANDERWONDER” at McClain Gallery

Gary Lang’s tondos vibrate with optical intensity. They are powerful, hypnotic, exuberant and psychedelic. Lang is a superb colorist who has been creating these...

John McLaughlin

John McLaughlin is where it starts. He is the austere fountain from which sprang the “LA Look,” the cooler-than-school-of-New York sensibility that predominated in...

John Chang and Carol Gove