Tuesday, December 11, 2018

mistress of satire

Balancing sarcasm and sweetness in her depictions of African American women, painter Loren Holland gleefully debunks stereotypes.

Collecting: Lester Marks

The enthusiastic Houston collector has made his collection, and passion for contemporary art, into a regional resource.

true believers

Seattle collectors Bill and Ruth True combine a taste for the cutting edge with an abiding commitment to their community.

Land Art Pioneers: Mel Chin

Chin is and has always been a conceptual artist, who over the last four decades has created a startlingly diverse body of work...

Made in LA 2016: a, the, though, only

This year's edition of the Hammer biennial luxuriates in the de-materialized,
the ephemeral, and the transitory.

Richard Diebenkorn’s MFA

although widely associated with the bay area, it was in New Mexico that the famed landscape painter came of age

a century of CCA

A sprawling exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the California College of the Arts provides a capsule history of the Bay Area art scene.


Eschewing notions of permanence, the prolific Seattle sculptor looks to nature for his works’ forms and inspiration, often leaving them to decay in their outdoor settings.

LACMA’s broad and winding road

Completing phase I of its grand transformation, LACMA unveils its new broad contemporary art museum and welcomes a major modern art collection that isn't really theirs.

The Stellar Axis

California artist Lita Albuquerque journeyed to Antarctica to create an artwork rooted in the stars.

Wallace Berman

A new show on California artist Wallace Berman (1926-1976) makes the case for his enduring significance as a seminal cultural figure and numinous conduit of his times.

Blurring the Lines: Todd Schorr & Jeff Soto

With recent solo shows at regional museums, illustrative artists such as Todd Schorr and Jeff Soto are crossing over into the mainstream.