Saturday, August 17, 2019

phoenix rising?

Funky and innovative, Downtown Phoenix remains a draw to artistic urban pioneers. But can it succeed in escaping the shadow of civic neglect and development?

master of modernism

In a body of work spanning over half a century, photographer Julius Shulman has created
some of architecture’s most memorable images and provided the definitive view of California’s Modernist legacy. He’s still going.

hard-edge, hard-won: karl benjamin

The remarkable career of one of The Abstract Classicists now on view…

seats of power

With her new video installation at the Getty Center’s decorative arts collection, Nicole Cohen creates a virtual link between the world of Versailles and the 21st century.

a mutable feast

In drawing, sculpture, video, and installation works, Santa Fe artist James Drake tackles difficult subjects with exquisite versatility.

Painting with Words

Emerging artist Alexandra Grant crafts elaborate webs of words in paint and wire to examine the ways we look at language.

mistress of satire

Balancing sarcasm and sweetness in her depictions of African American women, painter Loren Holland gleefully debunks stereotypes.

true believers

Seattle collectors Bill and Ruth True combine a taste for the cutting edge with an abiding commitment to their community.

a century of CCA

A sprawling exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the California College of the Arts provides a capsule history of the Bay Area art scene.

The Stellar Axis

California artist Lita Albuquerque journeyed to Antarctica to create an artwork rooted in the stars.

rebels with a lens

A new show of experimental photography from the Strauss Collection in San Diego provides a look back to a time when photographs were still handmade.

a painter’s journey

Shifting between pure abstraction and implied imagery, painter Frank Lobdell has spent nearly seven decades developing his own unique syntax. Now, still working in California, at 86 years old, he continues on his path toward a universal language of vision.